Cellphone Radiation Is A Real Thing. Here Are 6 Ways To Protect Yourself

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CellphoneradiationWe all know it by now, cell phones emit radio-frequency energy. The one thing still up for debate is whether or not this radio-frequency energy is harmful to the human body, and if it is to what extent.

Here is what we do know, radio-frequency is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR is a wave-like energy that is emitted and absorbed by charged particles. In the case of a cell phone, the phone emits the EMR (in the form of radio-frequency) and the human operating it absorbs it. EMR can be classified into one of two categories: (1) Ionizing – the more powerful of the two, (2) Non-Ionizing – the less powerful and lower frequency. Radio-frequency has been identified as being a part of the non-ionizing variety. That being the case, the harm it may or may not inflict cannot be as detrimental as certain ionizing EMR’s such as x-rays and radiation therapy -both of which are recognized by the National Cancer Institute as being capable of increasing the risk of cancer.

Despite being non-ionizing, several studies have arisen further examining the impact radio-frequency can have on us. One particular study conducted in May 2011 by 31 scientists from 14 different countries at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded that radio-frequency was possibly carcinogenic to humans. Despite only receiving a ‘possible’ conclusion, several of the scientists involved admitted that the evidence was strong enough to warrant that a close watch be kept between cell phone usage and cancer risk. You can read the entire press release from the study HERE.

In the case that cell phones are ever concluded to in fact be carcinogenic then the unwanted effects they could have on the human body would be near endless. Cardiovascular, dermal, developmental and immunological are just the beginning of the areas in the human body drastically effected by the intake of carcinogens.

In another series of studies, radio-frequency has also been linked to aiding in the development of brain tumors, particularly in children. One particular study conducted at the Örebro Hospita in Sweden identified that 10 years of cell phone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. Children in particular were identified as being the greatest at risk because they have smaller brains, a lower skull bone density, a less effective blood brain barrier and more connective tissue making them capable of absorbing up to 3 times as much radiation as an adult.

These conclusions however have not gone without opposition. One particular study that researchers released in the July 2011 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute concluded that they had found no link between cell phone use and the development of brain tumors in children. Shortly after these results had been published though, another group from the Environmental Health Trust  jumped to make it known that the July study was filled with a number of statistical flaws, making the conclusion inaccurate. They even went as far as to state that if analyzed correctly the study actually proved a 115% greater risk of brain tumors in children with a cell phone versus those without one.

How To Protect Yourself

Whether cell phone radiation is severely harmful to us or not, there are several precautionary measures that we can take to either limit or combat the impact. Here are some of the ones that I came across, be sure to add any others that you may know in the comment section of the article:

Use A Headset Or Earphones
The logic behind this suggestion is quite simple, keep the device (cell phone) emitting the radio-frequency as far away from your head and other vital organs as possible. This can be particularly helpful for those whose livelihood/ work simply depends on the regular use of a cell phone.

Keep Distance Between You & Your Phone

Whether you are on your phone or have it sitting in your pocket, you are exposed to radiation. So, when not using your phone, leave it on a table or somewhere else close by but not on you. Also, put on your speaker phone when you are talking on your phone.

Make Calls Under Stronger Signals

You know when you only have a couple bars of service? Not the best time to make a call. Research has shown that radiation increases dramatically when cell signals are weak as the phone is working harder to broadcast a signal.

Text More & Talk Less

Cell phones emit much less radiation when they are not receiving or transmitting calls. Texting it a good way to stay in touch without the increased radiation.

Add a Proven Radiation Mitigating Substance to Your Diet
Bee propolis, melatonin, green tea polyphenol and ginkgo biloba are just a number of the supplements/ substances recognized to help mitigate the effects of radiation on the human body. Before incorporating any of these into your regular diet I of course suggest consulting with a health care professional to discover the best way for you.

Sacred Geometry
An alternative approach is the placement of a Sacred Geometry EMF protector on your phone. These protectors use sacred geometric mandalas that vibrate in resonance with universal systems of healing to mitigate electro magnetic field radiation. These can even be found and printed for free at home by simply googling ‘sacred geometry.’

As of 2010 there were over 300 million cell phone subscribers in the United States alone, so whether you find the above information conclusive enough or not it is definitely worth looking into. Let this article be the starting point for your own research into the effects of radio-frequency.

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  1. Hell-O

    Living under cellphone antenna can bring you a whole array of troubles!

  2. Tony Cato

    wait wait wait wait wait. You absolutely need to go into more detail about how sacred geometry mandalas attached to our phones can protect us from radiation. How can you just say “print one and put it on your phone.” This begs for further details. Your idea also has much, much further implications such as mandalas in homes mitigating Wi-Fi radiation. I want you to write an entire article on this topic now. Right now. Thank you.

  3. pointBlake

    I too want you to write an entire article on how sacred geometry can help.. thanks

  4. how headset is not causing any health problems. It’s most of the times a bluetooth, wireless connection. Are this wireless connection harmless? Some people carry those headsets for most of the day, on their ear, right next to their brain. I read wireless phone for phone line, is sending waves as harmful to human, as mobile phones. But everywhere I read, headsets are the alternative to reduce the influence.

    • Kirk Halgren

      Bluetooth headsets and earpieces also broadcast the signal using radio waves, but the power level is much lower since the signal path is a few feet, not all the way out to the cell tower. Speaker phone is even better, but often hard to understand.

  5. Albert Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, not for his theory of relativity, but for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. In the photoelectric effect, electrons are emitted from solids, liquids or gases when they absorb energy from light (electromagnetic radiation). Photocells are based on this principle.

    The remarkable fact that Einstein was able to explain is that NO electrons are emitted when the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation is less than a certain value (dependent on the material), no matter how intense the incident radiation is.

    In other words, electromagnetic radiation has NO ionizing effect unless its frequency is high enough. That is why epidemiological studies consistently fail to find any conclusive link between cell phone radiation and cancer. (Epidemiological studies can only find statistical correlations; cause and effect has to be explained separately.) Since medical science has never found that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancer, there is no reason to think that cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

    As for the IARC finding that cell phone radiation may possibly be carcinogenic, there is a footnote to that sentence: “Limited evidence of carcinogenicity’: A positive association has been observed between exposure to the agent and cancer for which a causal interpretation is considered by the Working Group to be credible, but chance, bias or confounding could not be ruled out with reasonable confidence.” Chance, bias, or confounding could not be ruled out.

    In other words, it may be nothing more than a statistical fluctuation (remember, it’s only an epidemiological study). And there is NO known causal link between non-ionizing radiation and cancer. None.

    • Kirk Halgren

      I had an experience that convinced me. I was carrying my phone in my left front pants pocket because I had some callbacks of a medical nature, which were urgent. After about two weeks, my left quad got so weak and that knee got so sore that I had to use a cane just to limp around. I had been lifting weights twice or thrice weekly for months and had just added 45 minutes of aerobic dance to my routine. When I suspected the phone, I started carrying it in the same pocket on the other side, and sure enough, the symptoms switched. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that some of us are sensitive to RF poisoning. As an electrical engineer I can explain how the wave of RF energy induces a smaller copy of itself whenever it hits any conducting surface as it propagates through space. If you connect an amplifier and demodulation circuitry to that conductor, you have what’s called a radio. The details of the demodulator vary among AM, FM or other kinds of encoding, but the RF propagation is the same.

  6. Marcie

    Can you give examples of sacred geometry that helps. I couldn’t find them. Thank you!


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