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vietnam vaccine deathVietnam has decided to discontinue two Hepatitis B vaccines after three newborn babies died from a routine jab in the Huong Hoa District in the central province of Quang Tri. The provincial department of health made the decision in late July to halt the two vaccine lots all over the country in order to protect other babies from similar consequences.

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The nation’s health minister, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, sent her condolences to the families and has ordered vaccine experts to investigate the tragedy. Health representatives also compensated (although you cannot compensate for a loss of life) the families by paying each one approximately $400 and offering free medical care to the mothers at the hospital where their babies received the deadly vaccinations.

This isn’t the first time in 2013 that vietnam suspended a vaccination. On May 4th, the Ministry of Health suspended the Quinvaxem, a combination vaccine that allegedly protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type b infections. A number of complications arose as a result of this vaccine, including death(0).

Newborn babies are injected with as many as 30+ vaccines before the age of three. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Hepatitis B vaccine cause problems.   In 2001, a United States court sided with the estate of Tambra Harris who died as a result of an auto-immune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus, (SLE) which resulted from the vaccination(1). Despite all of the information available, the Hepatitis B vaccine has been approved for all U.S. infants at birth. A $475,000 payment was given after her death when the hepatitis vaccine was determined to cause her injury in the form of an SLE. Despite this case, it is not enough to prevent the administration of the vaccine to infants nor is the danger risk disclosed to parents before hand.

The science behind the Hepatitis B vaccine seems to be pretty definitive. It’s also associated with liver disease. Low doses of the hepatitis B vaccine with aluminum adjuvant results in loss of mitochondrial integrity, cell death, and apoptosis, particularly in liver cells.

We conclude that exposure of Hepa1-6 cells to a low dose of  adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine leads to loss of mitochondrial integrity, apoptosis induction, and cell death, apoptosis effect was observed also in C2C12 mouse myoblast cell line after treated with low dose of vaccine. In addition in vivo apoptotic effect of hepatitis B vaccine was observed in mouse liver (2)

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The Hepatitis B vaccine is responsible for killing liver cells, this study joins a growing body of evidence demonstrating that liver disease, along with many others are resulting from hepatitis B vaccinations and aluminum adjuvant. Below is the evidence from the study.

In this study, we applied a new technique of gene expression analysis to detect the inflammation and metabolism genes that might be affected by hepatitis B vaccine in mouse liver. Mice were used and divided into three groups: the first and second groups were treated with one or two human doses of vaccine, respectively, and the third group was used as a control. A microarray test showed that expression of 144 genes in the liver was significantly changed after 1 day of vaccination. Seven of these genes, which were related to inflammation and metabolism, were chosen and confirmed by quantitative real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) at 1, 4 and 7 days. The expression level of these genes can be considered as a biomarker for the effects of the vaccine (3)

Hepatitis B vaccine, a highly purified, genetically engineered, single antigen vaccine, has generally been accepted as a safe vaccine. In 2000, the Institute of Medicine noted that few vaccines for any disease have been actively monitored for adverse effects over long periods and encouraged evaluation of active long-term monitoring studies of large populations to further evaluate the relative safety of vaccines. The aim of this study was to accept the charge of the 2000 Institute of Medicine Report and extend our own work to determine the frequency of gastrointestinal adverse reactions after hepatitis B vaccination and determine if this frequency was increased over the background rate of gastrointestinal conditions in the U.S. adult population.  Our analysis shows that the 40-year-old female population between four to eight days after hepatitis B vaccination was at increased risk for developing gastrointestinal reactions. CONCLUSIONS: Hepatitis B vaccination was statistically associated by chi 2 analysis with gastrointestinal reactions including: hepatitis, gastrointestinal disease and liver function test abnormalities in comparison to our vaccine control groups. The reaction rate observed is outweighed by the benefits of the vaccine. Further analysis is needed to determine the mechanisms by which hepatitis B vaccine is associated with gastrointestinal reactions(4)

This study addressed the problem of external validity found in previous studies of high risk populations by evaluating the benefit of hepatitis B vaccination for the general population of American children. We calculated the risk of liver problems among hepatitis B vaccinated and non-hepatitis B vaccinated children using logistic regression. Hepatitis B vaccinated children had an unadjusted odds ratio of 2.94 and age-adjusted odds ratio of 2.35 for liver problems compared with non-hepatitis B vaccinated children in the 1993 National Health Interview Survey. Hepatitis B vaccinated children had an unadjusted odds ratio of 2.57 and age-adjusted odds ratio of 1.53 for liver problems compared with non-hepatitis B vaccinated children in the 1994 National Health(5)

Aluminum hydroxide injections leads to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Above is a list of study abstracts with links included so further research can be done by those interested. We must critically ask ourselves, what benefit can be gained from giving these vaccinations to newborn babies? They are clearly at a critical time in their development, and administering all of these vaccines could have permanent health consequences. The disease that these babies are being protected from can be transferred only through blood transmission or sexual contact. Babies can only acquire hepatitis B when their mothers are infected, so why not screen mothers to be for hepatitis B?

What’s even more questionable is that the maximum length the vaccine lasts is 20 years(5). Just when a child is entering the age of greatest sexual activity, the vaccination provides no benefit.

If all of these complications can arise from the hepatitis B vaccine, why are they being pushed so hard in the United States? Why are they virtually mandatory? Why aren’t the health hazards of the vaccination addressed?








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