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How can we engineer a single building to empower an entire community with limited resources? Here’s a solution: A Community Center Earthship. (Here are 10 reasons why Earthships are f!#%ing awesome)

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Michael Reynolds and the Earthship Biotecture crew will be working together with a team of volunteers to construct the Earthship Flower design to function as a community center in Malawi. The Earthship Flower design is a self-reliant community center complete with a school, library, bank, administration offices, medical center, and food store. How awesome is that? But that’s not all, Michael Reynolds and his team will be teaching the people of Malawi to construct this design themselves, which will greatly empower them to become self-reliant.

Community Center Earthship in Sierra Leone

There are 3 ways you can help!

  1. You can back this project by donating money
  2. You can come with them to Malawi to help build the Earthship!
  3. You can spread the word by sharing their Kickstarter page!

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page for all the information! Click HERE

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