The Dark Side Of The Moon: What Is It? What’s On It?

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moonHave you ever heard about the “dark side” of the Moon? It’s the portion of the Moon that is permanently turned away from the Earth. Obviously it still receives sunlight, the name is not meant to imply that it doesn’t. The reason why we can never view this side of the Moon from Earth is because the time it takes for the Moon to rotate once is the same amount of time it takes for it to orbit around the Earth, approximately 27 days(5). The Moons rotation and revolution speeds are exactly synchronized, so from Earth’s point of view we always see the same side of our rotating Moon. Coincidence? Maybe not.

It’s also reasonable to note that the theories about  the Moon’s existence are highly questionable, given the physics alone it’s impossible to know how it came to be. Theories regarding the creation of the Moon have very little evidence to back them. Theories of planetary collisions giving birth to objects with such characteristics and perfect placements are highly unlikely given what we know about physics. Many scientists have pointed this out over the years and many of them agree that how the Moon came to be is a complete mystery. Members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Vasin and Shcherbakov, 1970), run by the Russian Government, published an article titled “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?” This article offered another explanation for how the moon may have been created. This seems to be a better hypothesis, because there is actually a considerable amount of evidence that points towards something suspicious happening on the Moon.

We cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Moon, by rights, ought not to be there. The fact that it is, is one of those strokes of luck almost to good to accept – Isaac Asimov, Russian Professor of Biochemistry

It’s easier to explain the non existence for the Moon, than its existence – NASA scientist Robin Brett

The best explanation for the Moon is observational error – the Moon doesn’t exist – Irwin Shapiro, Harvard Astrophysicist

Is there something on the dark side of the Moon?

When more people started to ask questions about some sort of presence on the Moon, the most common response was the fact that it would be impossible. That amateur astronomers, given the technology today, would be able to identify such claims with ease. This response is only half valid, given the fact that they would only be able to observe one side of the Moon!  A lot of information is available to suggest that there are some sort of structures on the moon and also some type of operation occurring that’s unknown to the majority of people on planet Earth. They could be human operations, extraterrestrial operations, or joint human and extraterrestrial operations. If you are going to hide something from the eyes of astronomers, the “dark side” of the Moon is the perfect place to do it.  Let’s take a look at some of the evidence that suggests something is going on up there.

Research conducted by Stanford university was successfully able to identify the rings around Jupiter before science could confirm them. Before the NASA pioneer 10 was about to flyby Jupiter, remote viewer Ingo Swann was able to describe the same characteristics illustrated by NASA’s pioneer 10 by remote viewing the planet (2)Remote viewing is the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location of up to several hundred thousand kilometres (even more) away. It’s like projecting your consciousness to another place outside of your body.  This phenomenon has been confirmed by multiple studies(1)(0). The interesting thing about remote viewing is that it gained a high level of interest from the intelligence community and the programs have been wrapped with secrecy in the classified world within the department of defence for years. (0)(1)(2).

It’s one thing to read about UFOs and stuff in the papers or in books. It is another to hear rumors which say they have captured extraterrestrials and downed alien space craft. But it’s quite another matter to find oneself in a situation which confirms everything. I found towers, machinery, lights, buildings, humanoids busy at work on something I couldn’t figure out – Ingo Swann  (3)

Ingo wrote plenty about the Moon and his findings on it, the fact that this man was closely connected and often used by the intelligence community (2)(3) should sound some alarms in realizing the importance of his work. Also, the fact that he successfully remote viewed Jupiter before modern science could is astonishing. These findings were published by Stanford University (2). You can find out more about Ingo’s findings on the Moon in his book, Penetration. He describes large structures, lights, buildings and some type of humanoid presence.

Ingo’s case isn’t the only one that holds a great deal of credibility. Not to long ago, Gary McKinnon performed the greatest military computer hack of all time. In 2002, he was charged and arrested for hacking US Army, Navy, Air Force as well as 16 NASA computers.

What did Gary find? He found a list on “non-terrestrial off world officers” that had a rank. He was unable to tell if they represent the Air Force, Navy, Army, or neither. He also found multiple pictures of UFOs and lists of “fleet to fleet” transfers of materials from “ship to ship.” To watch a full interview with Gary McKinnon and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, right before he started making headlines, you can click here. This interview became extremely popular and it led to Gary’s appearance on major mainstream news networks. Could they have been trying to divert attention away from this interview? I am glad to report that Gary has been recently cleared of all charges.

Not many people know that the United States Air Force has a space command(4), they are responsible for conducting “cyber operations” that the general public knows nothing about. Could Gary McKinnon have shed some light on these operations? How are we to ever know about these operations? All of them remain classified for the sake of “national security.”

The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify them. There is a very grave danger, that an announced need for an increased need for security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of censorship and official secrecy. This is not what I intend to permit, to the extent that it is in my control – JFK

Given that the above information is highly credible and verifiable, meaning that there actually was a remote viewing experiment conducted by Stanford University (and many others) involving Ingo Swann (2), and that Gary McKinnon did indeed perform one of the greatest military computer hacks of all time, it made sense to continuing exploring this topic.

Here is testimony given in 2001 at the National Press Club. As part of the disclosure project created by Dr. Steven Greer, hundreds of high ranking military personnel came forward to share their stories. Below are a couple of whistle-blowers that speak about the Moon. I urge you to check out  Dr Greer’s and Amardeep Kaleka’s recent film, the The Sirius Documentary. It touches upon some very important information.

So what do you think rests on the dark side of the Moon? For some to say that we never went to the Moon is ridiculous. Sure, some of the Moon landings that were televised could have been faked, but the fact remains, we have been to the Moon and the real thing probably wasn’t televised.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ve presented enough information for you to further your interest if interested. It’s a very fascinating subject with a lot more information on it than what is presented in this article.

I don’t know if this is real, but it fits in perfectly with the article. Regardless, it engages the imagination, especially for skeptics, which isn’t a bad thing.








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  1. Jesus Christ

    I’ve got a super telescope in my observatory that I developed and what I see on the Moon sometimes is beyond belief. If I published the photos and facts I’d probably get arrested on this fascist planet called Htrae Arret.


      show me

  2. Jon

    There is no way to know if the UFO Fleet Landing video is real because it could easily be made with anyone familiar with CG and animations. But even if someone legitimately filmed UFOs landing, it would be immediately discredited because of all the hoaxes nowadays, which is somewhat depressing. In regards to the other information, I totally believe it 100 percent. It has always baffled me how the moon has exactly the same rotation as the orbit of our Earth, and it is also somewhat puzzling as to why the moon is almost the exact same size as the sun from our viewpoint (think of a lunar eclipse). Ive seen other documentations of Astronauts coming forward and saying that the astronauts on the Apollo 11 moon landing were “warded off” the moon by the current inhabitants. The first moon landing was not faked, and the footage was legit, but it wasnt ALL the footage, but all the other moon landings that happened later were all fake, because we were not allowed to return, at least for purposes of public knowledge. There is also theories that state that the inhabitants on the moon are from early Earth history, back when the planet was more advanced. It states that they colonized and made bases on the moon, and after Earth was destroyed in some cataclysm, the colonizers were the last remaining civilization of Earths advanced early history. They refrained from alerting the new Earth due to the fact that they had already begun making their own civilization and the new Earth peoples had forgotten all they used to know. Trying to understand that the moon had people on it would terrify them.

    • Jay

      great story bro

  3. - Collective Evolution

    read the comment moderation section at the bottom of the page. We dont moderate every 2 minutes. PLease read before make rash comments.

  4. John

    LOL. The dark side of the moon is just that, the dark side of the moon, the side that sunlight doesn’t shine upon. It is NOT the side that doesn’t face the earth (which constantly changes as evidenced by the phases of the moon).

    • Josh

      LOL ^

    • John…Im sorry but that response sounds very simple…very very simple. Have you asked yourself WHY this “planet” does not rotate? have u asked yourself WHY its the only planet that does not rotate? Arthur C Clarke sure wondered. He’s an incredibly intelligent man. Think about that maybe and learn to ask questions…or not,…as you wish! evidenced, eh? our evidence is a bunch of propaganda given to us by the system that we never question.

      • lukas

        the moon does rotate. btw Wikipedia states: “Tidal forces from Earth have slowed down the moon’s rotation so that the same side is always facing the Earth.” this is not uncommun and occurs with moons of many other planets

    • The Sun does shine on the Far Side of the Moon. Think about an eclipse, the Sun is behind the Moon, right John…and does so many times throughout every month it cycles. You probably believe the televised moon landings as well…man has landed on the moon, but you will never see that video in your lifetime, earthling.

    • John

      Hi John, it’s still exposed to sunlight. And one side is never exposed to our planet :)

  5. This IS one of the BEST “posts” i have ever come across! I did as you said, and “clicked” on some of the links. “Ingo Swann!”…WOW! He has been, researching the different properties of “Psi” for more than, forty years. AND, he gives a very plausible, explanation for “Why” ET’s and the Governments of this World, keep it secret!

    Anyway, read the book!

  6. Bogderas

    Nice article. But it would be good to summarize why many scientists think the moon is artificial.

  7. The dark side of the moon (btw the Moon is a husk of a planet..pushed here by the Orion group) contains all the necessary machinery and has e.t.s working alongside humanoids and HUMANS that are working to keep t this planet at a LOW VIBRATION. TO KEEP US AT A LOW VIBRATION. Why? CONTROL CONTROL..LACK OF ASCENSION…LACK OF PROGRESS SPIRITUALLY. ITS WORKING.!!..LOOK AT ALL THE HUMANS REJECTING THE VERY NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE AND THEMSELVES..REJECTING THE VERY IDEA OF OTHER LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE….TO ME THAT SAYS “DUMBED DOWN”. Think of all the ways they say the moon affects us…and if you don’t believe that readers, ask any policeman who works at night during a full moon…or any female who has a menstruation cycle. hell, ask the sea…!!! An Incredible book written in the late 1800’s entitled “Who Made the Moon?” I forget authors name. Another great person to refer to for moon theory is DAVID ICKE. DON’T BE SCARED OF ICKE…don’t attempt to discredit or put down Icke…….He has this planet’s number.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Icke gives a great talk about the moon :)

  8. lukas

    1. sorry but the video doesn’t proof anything it’s very easy to fake.
    2. link #0 shows a study with 8 participants….please! link #1 shows a study which concludes that a proof for remote viewing could not be achieved
    3. there actually are fotos of the back side of the moon. please don’t tell me, that they are fake and that the remote viewers are right!!!

  9. The synchronization of rotation rate and revolution rate is due to tidal locking — it is a very common phenomenon (all of Jupiter’s large moons are similarly locked.) The evidence is very strong that the moon formed from a collision of a planet-sized body with the early Earth. There is not much debate about this any more among scientists, except about the details of the collision. You should take a course, or read a book, in introductory astronomy before you write an article about it. Otherwise, the article will be full of nonsense, as this one is, I’m sorry to say.

    • “REALLY? Read propaganda from a book distributing misinformation!” RIGHT!

      LOCKED IN BY “WHAT?” “…tidal locking…” Very cool! So, the Moon, which is, according to your “scientists” is 11 billion years old, collided with the Earth, which is 10 billion years old…RIGHT! AT what point in time did this collision take place?

      AND, exactly “How does water LOCK a planetoid (satellite) into place? Especially when there are asteroids smashing into the moon and other objects which would certainly alter it’s orbit not to mention it’s rotation? Hmmm…???

      “Tidal Locking.,..:” give me a break! The “Moon” IS “HOLLOW!!!”…PERIOD!!!

      “IF” it has collided with ANYTHING…it would no longer exist!

      Never mind…YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

      • I have a PhD in astrophysics, and teach introductory astronomy, and I assure you there is no conspiracy. SCIENTISTS ARE TOO ENTHUSIASTIC TO KEEP SECRETS FOR LONG. And why would they, about the freaking moon??

        • Your patience is amazing :)

        • “…And why would they, about the freaking moon??…” Well, at least you have the right attitude! So, you ARE aware of the Moon being “HOLLOW”…right!

          • ‘Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.’ —Friedrich Nietzsche …. And now you get to figure out who that was for.. Best of luck!

            • Obviously, you’re just “talking to yourself!”

          • R.L. Ermey

            I’m going to go with the guy who can form complete sentences.

          • The moon is physically, demonstrably, irrefutably NOT HOLLOW. Your first comment betrays a shocking ignorance of even the most basic facts about planet formation, physics, and sheer common sense. Your “theories” were rightly thrown into the dustbin of history, along with astrology, numerology, and alchemy, centuries ago.

            • “Oh REALLY???” This came from “scientists” at NASA and astrophysicist’s! NOT ME! The article I read it in said that when that recent impact on the moon “hit”…that the Moon reverberated for four hours. “Reverberated?” ONLY “HOLLOW” bodies “reverberate!” BUT, go ahead, you’re entitled to your opinions based on the “theories” based on “hypothesis”, you learned through “your” academia!

            • Only hollow bodies reverberate? Tell that to a percussionist. Or, maybe, go and do an experiment for yourself and learn something about how the world *actually* works. Pick up a fork. Pick up another fork. Strike one against the other. Do you hear something? That’s a solid body reverberating. (I know it’s a very modern concept, but this principle has been known for some time. The mysterious technology of “tuning forks” is based on it. Wise up and get rational, Dear Bobby.)

            • Like I said, “Believe what you want, you’re going to anyways!”

              Eventually, the truth WILL come out and you’ll be “eatin’ CROW”

              “…’nuff said!”

            • You are “free” to “believe” anything you want. That doesn’t make you “right”.

  10. matt

    “There is no dark side of the moon really… matter a fact its all dark”

    -Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon

    • mergon

      Yep and when they go to the other side of it they will just find that they are just another brick in the wall !

  11. mergon

    OK so why dont we have a look like at the dark side then , no we just need to concentrate on the light side , yes but we have cameras that can see in the dark , look lets just film the bits that people are used to , no i want to see the dark side ,well you cant people dont want to see alien scrap yards or Martian beer cans or those hookers from Venus people just are not ready for that yet , yes but about that drink can last week infront of the rover ? well thats ok because we told them it was a squashed rock we just run over , all in all mate its a pink Floyd job we are just another brick in the wall !

  12. P govender

    I have never heard ofsuch stupidity before! Dark side? It is like saying that the earth is flat! If u take a pic of moon from Africa,India, us, etc, u will get get full pic of the moon! Yes , there was alien visitation , and there will be, but these stupid articles should stop,!


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