FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

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After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It’s added to the chicken feed purposely!

Even worse, the FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat where it is consumed by humans. So for the last sixty years, American consumers who eat conventional chicken have been consuming arsenic, a known cancer-causing chemical.

Until this new study, both the poultry industry and the FDA denied that arsenic fed to chickens ended up in their meat. The fairy-tale excuse story we’ve all been fed for sixty years is that “the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces.” There’s no scientific basis for making such a claim, it’s simply what the poultry industry wanted everybody to believe.

Now the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone has decided to pull the product off the shelves. Interestingly enough, the manufacturer that has been putting arsenic in the chicken feed for all these years is Pfizer — the very same company that makes vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are injected into children.

Technically, the company making the Roxarsone chicken feed is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. Even though Alpharma now has agreed to pull this toxic feed chemical off the shelves in the United States, it says it won’t necessarily remove it from feed products in other countries unless it is forced by regulators to do so. As reported by AP:

“Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.”

But even as its arsenic-containing product is pulled off the shelves, the FDA continues its campaign of denial, claiming arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it’s still safe to eat. This is even as the FDA says arsenic is a carcinogen, meaning it increases the risk of cancer.

The National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. In a statement issued in response to the news that Roxarsone would be pulled from feed store shelves, it stated, “Chicken is safe to eat” even while admitting arsenic was used in many flocks grown and sold as chicken meat in the United States.

What’s astonishing about all this is that the FDA tells consumers it’s safe to eat cancer-causing arsenic but it’s dangerous to drink elderberry juice! The FDA recently conducted an armed raid in an elderberry juice manufacturer, accusing them of the “crime” of selling “unapproved drugs.” Which drugs would those be? The elderberry juice, explains the FDA. You see, the elderberry juice suddenly becomes a “drug” if you tell people how it can help support good health.
The FDA has also gone after dozens of other companies for selling natural herbal products or nutritional products that enhance and support health. The FDA is also waging a war on raw milk which it says is dangerous. Currently in America, thee is a food and drug regulatory agency that says it’s okay to eat arsenic, but dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk.






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  1. Incredibly irresponsible “reporting”. This site wants clicks and for you to buy the snake oil products their advertisers offer. Try doing some actual research, sheep, instead of head-bobbing in agreement with such obvious and absolute bulls**t.

  2. nice info thank’x for sharing good job

  3. joey szekeres

    Arsenic is in rice too and I’m sure some other things… We can’t win em all and we try our best to eat the best but sometimes it does not happen. Drink pure water along with other good things to help rid the body of junk!! Enjoy your life as long as it last for we don’t know when we go….

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  5. Brian

    Certainly hope none of you chicken-littles have any gold jewelry or other gold items around the house, since they’d also have arsenic.

    Oh, by the way, it’s also in ground water and AIR. Better stop consuming those as soon as possible. (Please do.)

    • Yep it is often in people’s well water, in many cases it is in dangerous amounts but no one will know because if laboratories came in and tested and made it public property values would drop and we can’t have that so lots of people are harming themselves to save property value. I agree, the arsenic in chicken is the least of societies worries. The biggest worry should be the complete utter failure of today’s health care industry to cure or prevent disease, and that includes “natural medicine” as well not that it has been rendered completely and utterly impotent.

      Nothing in this world more fragile than modern man, getting more fragile by the day, not because of arsenic or GMO foods but because of ignorance. We are drowning in information today but starving for wisdom.

  6. lol This is stupid. More WorldTruth bs. Somebody finds an inert chemical somewhere and blows a wolf whistle. And stop demonizing the FDA. If some nut starts claiming that elderberry juice miraculously cures AIDS and other diseases without a single clinical trial to support their claim, they are selling an illegal substance, especially after these people have promoted it as a drug for treating such ailments. There are people out there who would take said “drug” in place of legitimate treatment.

    • Beverly Young

      Marcell, you must work for a pharmaceutical company. I would believe any herbal product over chemical products anyday. So called “legitimate products” are killing people!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Beverly Young says to Marcell: “Marcell, you must work for a pharmaceutical company. I would believe any herbal product over chemical products anyday. So called “legitimate products” are killing people!!!!!!!!!!!””

        This comment by Beverly is the REASON no one ever gets healthier today. Please, humble yourselves just for a moment. ALL MEDICINE FAILS,, BOTH PHARMACEUTICAL and “HERBAL”. Neither is curing or preventing anything. Man is getting more and more fragile by the day.

        No disrespect to Beverly because everyone is guilty. Here is how the manipulation went down.

        30 years ago “natural medicine”, OLD SCHOOL natural medicine was effective. People started talking about how great “natural medicine” was and how it cured this and cured that and make no mistake, old school natural herbal medicine did cure this or that. The problem then was the fact that like today, pharmaceutical medicine did not cure or prevent any disease and old school “natural medicine” was showing it up. Something had to be done. BUT WHAT?

        I will tell you, the way to manipulate consumers into doing what you want them to do is to give them no choice but to do what you want them to do but MAKE consumers believe it is “THEIR” idea. Here is how it worked and consumers LOVED it. You see, use to, all “natural medicine” doctors or practitioners were taught by individuals who were ALREADY effective healers, individuals who could cure and prevent diseases. This is what the industry of health care had to stop so those in charge of failing pharmaceutical medicine decided to be the only options in town. They decided that natural practitioners of “natural medicine” should go through them and such and be licenses to practice and trained by the same failures who train pharmaceutical doctors. Pharmaceutical medicine took over “herbal medicine” and all health and healing and changed the way people learned to practice “natural medicine”. Modern medicine now trains EVERYONE to fail.

        ALL YOUR CHOICES FOR HEALTH CARE COME FROM THE SAME SOURCE and all healthcare so called “professionals” except trauma surgeons are TRAINED to fail. Many years ago, natural healers were taught, not trained, to heal today they are only trained to fail.

        HERBS are almost always PLACEBO and the way PLACEBOS worked when old school natural medicine was effective was though getting the PLACEBO from someone taught on how to use them to make them effective PLACEBOS. Natural healers 30+ years ago knew how to heal using PLACEBO products where natural doctors and practitioners today can only sell product like herbs. They have NO TALENT to heal or cure disease.

        It’s like politics, the powers that be give you two wrong choices and people pick which wrong they want to be loyal to and then they manipulate themselves into believing in WRONG.

        The same powers that be offer you failing pharmaceutical medicine or today’s modern failing “natural medicine” and as consumers people feel obligate to pick one and be loyal to it. It is socially unacceptable to not be loyal to one of the mainstream failures. This is why no one ever learns the truth about their own health and how they can be immune to disease.

        The answer to any health care need is found outside of today’s health care industry. YOU ARE DESIGNED TO BE IMMUNE TO ALL DISEASE.

      • Tara Marks

        Beverly I agree. I worked for pharma and it’s evil to the CORE. As a chemist you cold not believe the things i saw or heard in pharma or food- diluting mold, passing things that failed. list goes on and on and bottom line they are done to save MONEY.

  7. ES

    Can the author / website provide us readers with the FDA statement or research link? I’d like to read it.in full to educate myself. Thank you

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  9. thank God i have my herbalife products to give me good nutrition and detox back all the bad food that i have consumed.

    • brain

      lol how you’re not serious?

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  11. While there will never be a “perfect” solution to our food and eating habits. We can choose to eat healthy. I might be “game” for wild game, and wild berries. Nothing is perfect. Everyone is stirring the pot on what is and isn’t going to kill us and harm us. I try to buy organic as much as possible but is that going to come done the pike in 50 years that the organic I was eating was somehow tampered with. Very possible.

  12. We are screwed! Anther example of how our government is slowly killing us off and we are paying them to do this to us!

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  14. figgy

    So who do we sue first?

    • The whole industry of science is commercialized science for hire and because they do not stand behind fact they have an out in every lawsuit, so you can only sue yourself for being gullible enough to accept today’s science as anything more than a hypotheses, otherwise known as best guess.

      • Tom Creegan

        True Immunity brings up a curious point; scientists and science labs aren’t being sued. Lawsuits are filed at an enormous rate; doctors, corporations, property owners, fast food restaurants, the EPA, you name it. But not scientists or science labs. Basic science I can understand; exploring new areas w/o apparent application. But applied science creates products and procedures, surely open to liability. Hmm……

        Also wanted to update everyone on the use of the word hypothesis in science; it is not the same as standard usage. In science a hypothesis is a testable logic statement. Kinda technical, I know.

        Tom in Colorado

        • Tom says: “In science a hypothesis is a testable logic statement.”

          The problem is the “logic” which is also opinion. For example someone just asked me if
          the disease known as “herpes” isn’t sexually transmitted why does it often occur after sexual intercourse.

          Bias, bias and bias. If we were to speak logically, just about everything could be blamed on sexual intercourse, even the common cold because a lot of people are having sex and having it often everything is going to happen after sexual intercourse. It is believed the disease known as “herpes” is passed through sexual intercourse, very respected hypothesis but there is room for error.

          Just some FYI, not a single person in the world can PROVE a sore is caused by a virus. The disease known as “herpes” is believed to be caused by a virus and logically they cannot disprove but nor can they prove it.

          If the disease associated with the word “herpes” is viewed in a more logical unbiased light, it is relatively easy to cure and prevent. It is impossible to cure the unprovable illusive virus but when the sores turn out to be something other than viral it gets darn easy to cure and prevent.

          The Herpeselect test used to diagnose people with “herpes” only detects an antibody believed to be elevated in numbers because believed presence of a virus no one could truly proves to exist, and certainly there is no way to prove that the REAL cause of the sores wouldn’t cause higher IgG count, further more there is no way to prove that the person didn’t have an elevated IgG count months or years before they had their first sore. The only way it could be proven is everyone went for a Herpeselect test and see just how many people test positive that have never had a sore or rash. Unfortunately the medical industry often refuses to offer the test unless sores are present. Isn’t that queer? I will bet that 99 out of 100 people who suffer severe allergies will test positive for an elevated IgG count but what lab will work with that kind of idea?

          Science is for hire, and only one thing proves true time and time again, science always falls just short of the cure or prevention.

          • andrew

            Are you serious??? You aren’t aware that we know EXACTLY what the herpes virus looks like, can identify it, and have endless amounts of research on it? What is this magical cure that you claim to have for herpes? Your arguments against Logic are riddled with logical fallacies. If you can actually learn to use logic, you’ll realize what nonsense you’re spewing.

          • Andrew says:”Are you serious??? You aren’t aware that we know EXACTLY what the herpes virus looks like, can identify it, and have endless amounts of research on it? What is this magical cure that you claim to have for herpes? Your arguments against Logic are riddled with logical fallacies. If you can actually learn to use logic, you’ll realize what nonsense you’re spewing.”

            Thank you Andrew and your comment is a perfect example of the problem. You say “WE know EXACTLY” and you will defend that to the literally death or yourself. I’m not sure why, I assume it is pride,

            The truth is “WE” know exactly what a herpes virus is BELIEVED to look like because science BELIEVES they have isolated on ONE or TWO rare occasions where they could photograph it, but “WE” don’t know because “WE” didn’t isolate it and take the picture, furthermore “WE” don’t know what it was they took a picture off, “WE” only know that what they took a picture of is believed to be the supposed illusive “herpes” virus. No one can prove it through a photo, it could be anything, a particle of something. People BELIEVE there are test that actually detect the virus, but there is no such test, no matter what people believe.

            I don’t care about “endless amounts of research” by people who cannot cure or prevent disease, the research is their best guess and as such failure is their outcome.

            As for the magical cure, it depends on what is causing the sores, being that they are most likely NEVER caused by a virus it means it is either an allergic reaction or a more easily manageable problem like fungus.

            ALL SKIN DISEASE IS FUNGUS unless it is an allergic reaction. If the sores are fungal in nature fungicides will cure it. Many a teenager with jock itch who test positive for the IgG antibody in the HerpesSelect test have only jock itch. It’s a bit comical I know, imagine a teen itching and scratching for weeks and even months using Valtrex when all they need is an over the counter can of Jock Itch Spray. Happens all the time, doctors will test anyone for “herpes” if the rash or sore is on the genitalia area.

            Not all fungus is a itchy rash, for example psoriasis is also 100% fungus and early patches of it look pretty much like a any “herpes” outbreak.

            If the OB is associated with a “trigger food” then you know it is an allergic reaction to the “trigger food”. Sure you will naturally disagree because you have “researched” it on Google but what you can’t disagree is that your sources have failed miserable to cure or prevent the suffering so clearly they are not experts. And clearly if they can keep people believing in an illusive unprovable virus being the monster it will ALWAYS remain incurable and unpreventable in today commercialized fictional science and medicine.

            So, as you can see the you part of “WE” doesn’t know anything more than anyone else here who fails to cure or prevent the disease fictionally known as “herpes” and if you choose to keep your loyalties to your misinformation be thankful you do not have sores because your loyalties make you helpless.

          • andrew

            As a matter of fact, it is possible to actively WATCH a virus infect a cell! It can be done with optical microscopes now. It is easily possible to observe them, and to watch their mechanism of action. They can be observed multiplying within the cell, the cell bursting, and the viruses subsequently infecting other cells.

            And who are you to assume that I don’t have firsthand experience?

            And virus observation is FAR from rare. It is common. easy and common. To deny this is childish and downright denial. Have you ever looked at a virus through a microscope? Because tens of thousands of people have. Your own personal incredulity is ridiculous in the face of mountains of evidence, while your magical claims have none.

            If you can prove to me that viruses not exist, then I am totally open to believing you. If you can provide ANY peer-reviewed, solid, undeniable evidence then I will be on your side. But as of now, all you say is that evidence is useless, so why should I believe you in any measure? You’re making baseless claims.

            What is your goalpost for viable evidence?

          • Yeah, yeah Andrew say whatever you want to say about how great you and commercialized science for hire is, the fact remains anyone who is supposedly looking at a virus attacking a cell is being told what they are looking at meaning HEARSAY. If you want to impress me or anyone suffering from any disease you will have to start from scratch and produce some results. You know, like a cure or prevention, oh wait a minute you don’t know.

            Neither you or commercial science for hire is producing cures or preventions. You only know what you are told you know. You simply are not qualified because if you were an expert on the subject you would be doing what experts do, SOLVE problems.

            Every bit of data and everything you may look at under a microscope sets you up to fail otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Far as you know, you might have been looking at fungus attacking the host.

            Think of how much credibility you would have if you could cure and prevent disease, think how nice it would be for medical science to deserve the credit being dolled out to it. Think about what it would be like to succeed and then get back to me and the other people reading this.

            The disease fraudulently known as “herpes” is either fungal sores or allergies and no one can prove otherwise and I can prove it is easily cured and prevented even if commercial science for hire refuses to validate TRUTH.

          • Save your breath, Andrew. True Immunity is truly immune from intelligent discourse and facts; his thick cranium is impervious to learning and comprehending anything beyond fairy stories fake health and news sites post in an effort to get the public to spend billions per year on useless at best, deadly at worst “natural” cure-alls.

      • Nicole

        True immunity you are dropping knowledge in this forum. I have read all your comments on this subject; you have me very curious and I would be so grateful if we could engage in dialouge some other way. Peace.

        • Nicole says: “True immunity you are dropping knowledge in this forum. I have read all your comments on this subject; you have me very curious and I would be so grateful if we could engage in dialouge some other way. Peace.”

          Thanks Nicole, I can understand why you would want to engage in dialogue some other way to avoid conflict with those who are fiercely loyal to the failure of mainstream commercialized science for hire. You can always click on my handle here and reach me through FB if you are not up to the tough talk here.

      • jumbybird

        Do you have any clue how science works? Do you even know what you are talking about?

        • jumbybird says: “Do you have any clue how science works? Do you even know what you are talking about?”

          I not only know how COMMERCIALIZED science works I know exactly why it fails every time. It’s really just common sense. It’s not used to prevent, cure or improve health, it is science for hire for maintaining the most profitable industry known to man, the only industry that fails 99% of the time but gets paid none the less. Don’t we wish we could all get paid to fail?

          There is no market for real science so there is no demand for it. The current industry of health care hates real science.

  15. Carolyn

    If I have been consuming arsenic for 60 years why haven’t I died from it yet? I think everyone in the FDA and anyone aware of this should be fired, fined and sentenced. Maybe feed them arsenic-laden chicken every single day.

    • Char G

      When I moved to NY, I incorporated a LOT more chicken into my diet….. as a “healthy” way to eat. 5 years later I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and then 6 months later with Lymphoma. Before moving I was eating the “dreaded” beef and pork. Still think chicken is harmless?
      I’m going to find a lawyer who will take my case.

    • Tom Creegan

      Hi Carolyn, Feeding the FDA staff arsenic-laden chicken won’t be much of a punishment. Your first sentence has the answer: You have been eating arsenic for 60 years and haven’t died yet. In fact, everyone who eats potatoes or drinks water from a spring consumes arsenic. It is a naturally occurring element found everywhere in nature. Your body has evolved to handle it. Arsenic creates a problem only when taken in higher doses than your body can handle. Keep your digestive tract and kidneys in great shape and eat all the factory-farmed chicken you want.

      Tom in Colorado

  16. The question here is what left for as to eat? Crazy cows, pork is dirty and so on…

  17. What’s the reason for adding the arsenic? Or is it that the arsenic is simply a natural occurring substance in whatever the feed is? Apple seeds, seeds contain arsenic.

    • It’s an appetite stimulant and helps reduce gut disease. It’s also part of Vitamin B12.

      Unfortunately this article fails to mention what form the arsenic is in, the actual detected amount or the dose required to be a problem. It’s organic arsenic being fed which is not considered carcinogenic. Inorganic levels tested in chicken livers at 3ppm. To be fair, livers are tested because that’s where inorganic heavy metals collect, however it’s triple the accepted level of 1ppm in foods, hence the recall. You would need to eat over 300g of chicken livers to exceed your weekly Arsenic intake (can’t compare chicken meat as no details were provided).

      Sadly it only takes five minutes to research the actual facts, and the author of this article needs to improve their journalism. As it stands, the article is flawed, misleading and not credible.

      • Skyler

        Silvia, you’re thinking of Cyanide not Arsenic. There is no such thing as organic arsenic according to actual chemical definitions, because Arsenic is an inorganic metalloid. Arsenic can be naturally derived, but it is still inorganic and incredibly harmful to most living things (chemically speaking). Cyanocobalamin is the synthetic Vitamin B12 that produces cyanide in the body that digests it; Methylcobalamin is the natural vitamin B12 with no toxins. Just thought you and everyone who sees this should know.

        • Kayel

          And on the ingredients label, Cyanocobalamin is in most energy drinks.

        • jabberwolf

          Skyler its present in many minerals and very common… though not organic, which leads many to think its man-made – which is not true.
          Trace amounts are not dangerous and very natural. What is missing from this article is HOW MUCH?!?

        • David

          Apples have arsenic in them. Try again.

          • Don’t apples have cyanide in the seeds too?

    • Kevin

      Population reduction. That simple.

      • jabberwolf

        I have eaten chicken all my life and got a girl pregnant… so no… I don’t think so.

    • figgy

      The real question is who do I sue first..

  18. DOminic

    I have come to a human conclusion that anything u buy is not really trustworthy,therefore we shoud be all gentlemen farmers & grow our own food.Carnivores eat yur heart out,Im going to try to convince my family to become REAL VEGETARIANS NO GMO PRODUCE

    • DOminic, being a vegetarian is interesting notion, it means being an Herbivore instead of an Omnivore. What herbivore do you compare you mental capabilities too?

      True vegetarians have pretty much ONLY fight or flight mode, no capacity to formulate and process data. Basically vegetarians are food so all they have is fight or flight? Maybe carnivores and omnivores require certain proteins not found in vegetation? I don’t know. I just know that herbivores are incapable of real intellect where omnivores are the top of the charts in intellect. Hmmm?

      • That is completely false and has no basis whatsoever. Being a vegetarian has no impact on your health. You are able to get all nutrients you would need, including all required proteins and amino acids, through non-animal food. Eating a completely meat-free diet can be healthier than one with meat. It can help those with certain disorders.

        What you have stated is extremely offensive. Some of the brightest minds in the world were/are vegetarians. Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs… All were vegetarians for part of or most of their life.

        Do a little research in to what you post before you assert it as fact.

        I’m not a vegetarian. I love meat dearly. I just cringe when people fail to do research before claiming things.

        • Lloyd, you take offense way too easily. You got emotion which lead you to be irrational.

          You made statements about vegetarian effects on health as if I said being a vegetarian is bad for one’s health. I did not say that. I said we have no way of knowing if it is bad or good. You believe you can get all the nutrients and proteins one needs but there is no science or evidence to even suggest that because EVERYONE is still sick and diseased no matter what they eat. If you could say vegetarian diets lead to full and complete immunity to disease and it actually did then we could say that you can get everything you need from a vegetarian diet. NO I AM not saying people who eat meat are healthier than vegetarians, I’m saying commercial modern science which is what you base your OPINIONS on fail to offer preventions and cures so today’s science has no credibly of validity and as such one cannot know what is more healthier.

          My observations are based on indisputable fact whether you choose to agree or not. Those brilliant men you mentioned are brilliant because they are OMNIVORES not herbivores. They may have chosen to be vegetarians at one time or another but they are capable of impressive thought processes because they are omnivores. Why that offends you I do not know. Herbivores, which we are not, only have fight or flight capabilities with some rare exception that are not that impressive but exceptions. Hit an elephant with a stick often enough they will learn to raise their leg.

          So you “CRINGE” away, but if you want real wisdom you will read my comments again and be grateful for the wisdom I shared because it is indisputable far better than belief. You got ugly with me because you missed the point entirely. Humans are omnivores because like yourself you eat both meat and vegetation and here you are still alive and kicking. Being a vegetarian is a choice and there is NO science capable of arguing that eating meat or being a vegetarian is better than the other because today’s science is a complete UTTER failure when it comes to improving health in humans and pets. Only livestock gets to enjoy the benefit of real quality science and health care because there is NO MONEY in sick livestock.

          I have no use for your research unless it provides a solid cure or constant prevention anything else is just pure opinion and speculation being boasted about through highly credentialed frauds and failures. If you want to do some real research click on my name and see what wisdom really is.

          • Well, David, it’s clear to see by the comments people make, that they have been totally “brain-washed!” Even when presented with the “truth”, as you have done, “they” would rather believe the…”LIES!!!”

            As you mentioned in an earlier response, an “over-the-counter” fungus cream can “cure” skin cancer. Well, I’m watching these, so-called, skin cancer “spots” disappear! What’s up with that? No one else can claim this…just you!

            Yeah, David! I too, believe I am immune to ALL DISEASE, with the exception of one…”Other people’s ignorance!!!”

            btw…NO ONE has posted a cure for even a “single” type of cancer…have they?


            Hmmm…??? Makes me wonder if there really is such a thing as “cancer” in the first place.

            “My BAD!” The Pharisees of yesterday (Doctor’s, Physician’s, Scientists, Teachers, Institute’s of Higher Learning, “Scientific Organizations”, Governments, etc.) ALL say there is such a thing as CANCER…huh!

          • Thanks Bobby. People get so easily confused but in their defense they are educated to be confused.

            They see the suffering and dying ASSOCIATED with the diagnoses of the disease known as “cancer” and they AUTOPILOT contribute the suffering and dying to be the result of a WORD, the word being the “C” word. What they do not understand is the suffering and dying is VERY real but the “C” word is as fake as Hollywood breasts.

            It’s perfect, the brainwashed consumer contributes the death and suffering to something that simply is not real and it allows the suffering and death to survive while the species does not.

            The suffering and death is real but nothing about the “C” word disease known as “cancer” is real.

            To cure the suffering and prevent the death one must start from scratch and learn what is actually causing the suffering and death and that means dismissing the “C” word entirely. Thanks Bobby for standing up for the truth. If you have time please help me explain to these people how medicine and science is based SOLELY on hypothesis instead of fact.

            People simply assume medicine and science is backed by fact but it isn’t at all and that is easily provable.

      • lay off the pipe. Is it just me, or did anyone else understand what this guy said? Are you saying that vegetarians are not as smart as people who eat meat? I think you’re a vegetarian…

        funny how you say you have no use for Lloyd’s research when you provide NO “research” of your own and you sound like the type who won’t listen to other people anyways. Can’t wait for a reply!

        • No Gerald that is not what I said. I said that herbivores are not as smart and mental apt as carnivores and especially omnivores. I also said humans are OMNIVORES which is why we are more mentally apt. Granted people who think humans are herbivores are just a little slower mentally but it probably has nothing to do with what they eat but what they CHOOSE to believe instead of REASON. Sorry you missed the absolutely indisputable point of my post. Too bad you can’t blame it on your diet.

          • Kumquat

            Yes, but being omnivorous was simply the most efficient way to evolve. Now we have the intelligence to eat a vegetarian diet without compromising our progress and we have the intelligence to mass produce the food required to support us. Whereas mass meat production has so many obvious issues.

            Just because we have evolved as omnivores, does not mean we won’t evolve further into vegetarians (or a synthetic diet). Vegetarians are often people with a higher IQ, showing traits of greater compassion for animals and respect for the planet’s resources.

          • Kumquat, no doubt vegetarians are the first to jump up on the soap box but in the exact same way that supposed “christains” jump on their soap box.

            Everyone who is a vegetarian has their “BELIEF SYSTEMS” they fight for with every word they post, but no vegetarian has immunity to disease.

            I never judged “vegetarians” that choose to be “vegetarians” because they are against eating animals or against wrecking the environment because I agree, commercial livestock is criminal behavior in most cases and in all cases hard on the environment.

            I post on CE because I am the only person who I know who ever took and interest in the human immune system to see just what it is capable of doing and not that I now humans are designed to be immune to all diseases I like to tell people but people don’t want to hear about why they are diseased unless they can blame it on the chicken, the GMO foods and the blame is far more important to people than any potential resolution.

            People would rather preach than change their belief system. I don’t care what people eat, I get sick and tired of people blaming their poor health on other things than themselves.

            You may be a genius Kumquat but I bet you haven’t dedicated 10 minutes of your mental capacity on pondering what your immune system could do for you without any reliance on products, fad diets or medicines.

            I am the only person telling people they have powerful immune systems that can keep them immune and so few people are interested because they want their power to be immune to come from a bottle and that will never happen. You may be very interested in saving the environment and prevention livestock abuse but I am equally or more interested in saving the human immune system before it is too late.

            Anyone with real wisdom will be immune to disease, I know that is a slap in the face because you believe you have real wisdom yet you are not immune to disease, well you have some room to grow if you do not get spitting mad at the idea that you might just be missing the ONE most useful blessing in life, immunity to disease.

            Until humans begin to respect their own ability to be healthy, society can only debate about which belief is the best belief. Immunity is not a belief, it is a state.

          • Mark

            Might have to agree with you on our brick-house of an immune system we have evolved. If people spent just a few seconds to sit and actually think about how complex and marvelous the immune system is, they might start to actually realize that they don’t always need meds to get better. People are too quick these days to throw their malnutricious-blame to the left and right, but they are ultimately in charge of their own health (in most cases). I have studied the immune system in some detail, and I was wondering if you could elaborate on your statement: “…and not that I now humans are designed to be immune to all diseases I like to tell people but people don’t want to hear about…”. What do you mean humans are designed to be immune to all diseases?

          • Mark says: “What do you mean humans are designed to be immune to all diseases?”

            Mark, you are the only person showing any interest in that statement. Most everyone else dismisses the notion of being immune without a seconds hesitation, they just assume if man was able to be more immune to disease they would know.

            You are aware that the body is amazing, hopefully you are old enough to know some people who have been disease free for the better part of their life. The only way a person can be disease free is because they are designed to be disease free. Those who are disease free, thought there be few because allergies is a disease and almost everyone now suffers from allergies, but those rare few today who are disease free, their immune system is defending them. People disagree with that but the only way they could logically disagree is if that one person they know lives in a sterile bubble otherwise that person is in contact with disease causing pathogens with every breath as are we all.

            The same way we are designed to pump blood with the right amount of oxygen in it we are also designed to defend ourselves from disease causing pathogens. Every time you or anyone you know is in a room full of hacking, sneezing sick people without getting sick themselves, it is because their immune system is on the job providing them immunity, proving we have the capacity the question is do you have the inclination.

            No one talks about people relying on their immune system so for the most part people do not have the inclination to even investigate their immune capacity.

            You have all the tools in the form of glands, organs and the systems they make up to be healthy and immune we just disregarded the natural immune process as we have been made to believe medicine was the only option consequently causing our race to lose it’s natural survival ability through our natural existing immune system. Basically we stopped using it because no one told us we could. I’m all for effective medicine. I only resent ineffective medicine and there is nothing the immune system cannot cure or prevent, we as a society simply have no way to reintroduce immunity back into our species without serious social repercussions and economic disaster.

            Ponder why there is so little talk in all of the world wide web about anything about what the immune system might be capable of. We know we can heal a cut and we all know times where we should have gotten sick but who talks about or does studies on it? No one but me as far as I can tell. I assume there could be others who have equally difficult times getting the topic on the books. The topic is shunned from most mainstream media sources.

      • david

        Then obviously True Immunity must be an herbivore.

        • No I am an omnivore with complete immunity to disease because I’m a natural human, not a mindless consumer. I don’t fall for failing commercialized science which is what allowed me to pursue the truth about the human immune system.

          95% of the people reading CE can’t even fathom that they even have an immune system designed to protect them much less keep them immune. That’s how far commercialized science has screwed up the human mind, making everyone into consumers and nothing more.

      • wha wha whatttt? are you talking about animals or man.. yes we are animals, but I think you know what I mean…. So you are saying that if I become a vegetarian, I will lose my ability to formulate and process data? and you are saying that deer can not formulate and process data…. Have you ever been hunting in your life? Even hunting with just a camera….

        • ajboesch, you already lost your ability “formulate and process data”, I doubt it has anything to do with diet, and I never said diet causes people to loose all common sense, I SAID as clear and crystal the herbivores, TRUE HERBIVORES are the lowest of all on the mental scale. They tend to only have fight or flight capacity for thought. Sure it could be argued that some have more but it’s not a very strong argument.

          I suspect your inability to formulate and process data is due to living an world saturated with data but starving for wisdom. Meat eaters are no better off,, commercialized science for hire has everyone believing in ONLY medicine and no one looks at their own internal ability to be naturally immune to disease. People think they have to consume stuff like good little mindless consumers to ever have a chance to be healthy.

          Again, it doesn’t have anything to do with diet, it has more to do with the fact that people often incapable of rationalizing the fact that human are indeed and factually omnivores. Humans have been brainwashed to believe whatever they want to believe and in doing so they tend to discard the hard fact in order to justify their beliefs.

          Quite frankly there are no humans looking for truth anymore, just ways to get a leg up economically or they are just desperate for an easy fix that stems from pure propaganda. For example, almost every single human today associates improved health with consuming some consumer good or medicine, they no longer have any respect for their own immune system. It’s quite sad how misinformed society is but hey, it pays the bills.

          For those who are not offended by being told they have an immune system fully capable of offering immunity to all diseases you are welcome to click on my handle for some insight on what the human immune system is capable of doing.

          • Jill

            Your body may be designed for complete immunity, but bacteria and other pathogens are designing and evolving themselves to take advantage of any gaps that may exist.

            Also I would like to know what the money goes towards when potentially vulnerable people donate to your cause.

          • Jill says: “Your body may be designed for complete immunity, but bacteria and other pathogens are designing and evolving themselves to take advantage of any gaps that may exist.

            Also I would like to know what the money goes towards when potentially vulnerable people donate to your cause.”

            Jill, you believe bacteria and other pathogens evolve to take advantage of any gaps because that is what you are told because commercial medicine has to have an excuse to fail 99% of the time.

            No single cell creature is superior or can be superior to humans. Your belief is used to keep you from thinking that maybe you should be healthier through your own immune system and it is working because I suspect you will fight to make certain people all believe they are inferior to insignificant little pathogens so the industry can continue fail to prevent and cure disease.

            When people donate to my cause, I use the money in whatever way it helps the most. Being that no one in today’s commercial science is remotely interested in improving human health it behooves anyone who would actually want to improve their health to donate. Do you have a problem with that or do you only recommend people donate to the industry that proves to fail?

      • My family was vegetarian for years, and my son IQ was tested at 182. His father, and I are also in the genius level, tho not that astonishingly high. Doesn’t seem as if feeding a child from youth to adulthood a vegetarian diet hindered his mental powers. He also was one of the top rated runners in the state, so it also didn’t make him physically weak.

        • Dina says: “My family was vegetarian for years, and my son IQ was tested at 182. His father, and I are also in the genius level, tho not that astonishingly high. Doesn’t seem as if feeding a child from youth to adulthood a vegetarian diet hindered his mental powers. He also was one of the top rated runners in the state, so it also didn’t make him physically weak.”

          I never said that omnivore who choose to eat like an herbivore will be stupid though almost every comment here by vegetarians missed that point. I honestly do not think it is because you are vegetarians that you missed that point, I think it is an oversight because you are too emotionally biased to recognize the validity of my point.

          Your family is bright and mentally superior to a Macaw because you are an omnivore, what you choose to eat now does not change the fact that you are an omnivore, you are an omnivore that chooses to eat like a herbivore and I don’t think you can sabotage you omnivore mental capacity by eating like a macaw.

          However, a will maintain that a really smart human will be immune to disease, after all even herbivores like macaws are often immune to disease, certainly those who live to be 60 years old. Disease only kills the weak, not the immune.

    • sharon

      Good for you but did you know the government wants to outlaw back yard gardens ?? They got you coming and going.

    • Tom Creegan

      Hello Dominic, I agree with the gentlemen farmer concept, it is a good way to get cheap, fresh food. Right now I live in a small city but my front yard and my neighbors back yard are all planted in vegetables. I am finishing a small chicken coop in the side yard; convert our food waste into eggs. Even heavily urbanized areas can grow food; rooftop/balcony gardens; fruit trees instead of shade trees, and for the adventuresome; vertical gardening up the sides of buildings and structures. I must confess I don’t grow my own for any noble health or environmental reason; it is for the cheap and tastes great aspects.

      Tom Gentleman farmer in Colorado

  19. Lee

    I’ve researched this quite extensively, as years ago I moved into a small town with a cancer cluster, with the majority of the victims being school-aged children . A new neighbor (and mother of one of the teenagers with testicular cancer) told me that after citizens had independent testing done, they found arsenic in the AIR filters in the school and nearby homes. Their research pointed to the field next to the school, which for years had been used as a animal waste ‘landfill’… basically a place where chicken farmers would pay to dump their excess litter. I then did my own research, and found websites of companies openly selling arsenic-laced feed, explaining that the feed was designed to kill parasites and to pass straight through the chicken and into the litter, without affecting the meat or eggs. The problem in our town was that the litter was actually getting picked up by the wind and circulating into the school and nearby homes.

    A lawsuit brought little results. The chicken industry is deeply ingrained in this area, and nobody wanted to hear the truth. I moved shortly after learning all of this.

    • Maria

      Im curious, where is this? I have friends in upstate NY investigation cancer clusters….with a higher rate in children.

      • Maria says: “Im curious, where is this? I have friends in upstate NY investigation cancer clusters….with a higher rate in children.”

        Now that is funny Maria, it shouldn’t be but by golly it is. Your friends are investigating “cancer clusters”, and for what purpose?

        That’s putting the cart before the horse if it has ever been done. If your friends were interested in investigating for the sake of knowledge and wisdom they would never use the word “cancer” and maybe they don’t maybe you just used the word to make a point in layman’s terms.

        I hope to kiss a cat, that your friends at least know that every word they have ever read regarding the disease known as “cancer” is NOTHING MORE THAN HYPOTHESIS?

        Do they, do you, do all the readers here on CE know that there is NOT one single “cancer” fact. NOT ONE.

        Shouldn’t every person on earth know that there is no such thing as a “cancer” fact? Yes everyone should know but only the upper management of today’s commercialized science and myself knows and the really sad thing about it is in all studies and reports by today’s commercialized science they use the words “believed to be” and ONLY consumers turn “believe to be” into matter of fact.

        Carcinogens are believed to cause the disease believed to be “cancer”. The disease believed to be “cancer” is believed to be caused by what is believed to be mutated cells.

        The commercial medical science for hire throws in so many big words, made up words, made up for the purpose of marketing the notion of incurable diseases, that no one ever sees that every study or report is made up of ONLY “BELIEVE TO’s”.

        I hope your friends have good intentions and are searching for wisdom because if so instead of investigating “cancer” clusters with higher rates in children they could dismiss the “cancer” beliefs and learn the truth about that suffering in children and instead of investigating they could be curing those children. They can contact me, just click on handle here. Someone has to cure the children because commercial medicine or commercial science will not.

        • Amy345

          No such thing as cancer? Tell that to my mother, who died last year

          • Amy345 says: “No such thing as cancer? Tell that to my mother, who died last year”

            Amy obviously I cannot tell your mother but I can tell you? Don’t you think there might be a valid reason for me to say there is no such thing as “cancer”, a reason that might save you, a person who it isn’t too late?

            I’m pretty certain I have made it perfectly clear that there is suffering and death with all people wrongfully diagnosed with the fraudulent disease known as “cancer”.

            The reason I tell people there is no such thing as “cancer” because there is no such thing as “cancer” and when you know that you can then and ONLY then start to investigate why your mother died and what you can do to prevent the same fate for yourself.

            I suspect you probably are set in blaming the fictional data you believe to be true behind the industry associated with “cancer” and in that case nothing can be done, no cure no preventions. However if you were willing to be wrong you could try an experiment, try to find ONE SINGLE fact published about the disease you believe to be “cancer” and I will show you that it is not a fact but a medical science for hire hypothesis in which case I will demonstrate how a belief in an unproved hypothesis is the reason your mother passed.

            Either you will fight for the truth or you fill fight for the lies. One leads to cures, preventions and immunity the other leads to ineffective but EXTREMELY profitable treatments that cause even more suffering and death.

            It’s up to you. There is not one true word printed about the disease known as “cancer”. You mother died, but to prevent it people must become more demanding of the facts.

            I’m sorry for your mother, but it is you who I am concerned about now and only you who can prevent the same from happening to you and the rest of your loved ones.

  20. annie

    I would like to know why they put arsenic in the chicken’s food.

  21. I wonder how much of that arsenic gets to humans and how hazardous it is when it gets to humans at that amount. My real concern is someone doing the math and finding that the amount that actually gets to humans isn’t hazardous, thus making people like you and me who pass around such information in an effort to get others to stop eating meat look like half truth telling scaremongers.

    • Arsenic in chicken is the least of society’s worries. Thank God we have lymphatic systems that can and will remove any arsenic we ingest provided we do not use antiperspirants and deodorants and drink adequate water.

      Ignorance of the human capacity for being healthy and immune is the cause for suffering today, not foods, toxins, GMO or carcinogens. The ignorance stems from our loyalty to commercial science which isn’t science at all, just popular belief, and if you don’t like one popular belief “THEY” will create one that is more attractive but nothing more than belief none the less.

      Humans are indeed omnivores. If we were herbivores we would have herbivore like mental capacity, limited to fight or flight. In other words we would be as limited as a chicken when it comes to our mental faculties. All ADVANCED life species are omnivores,, us being the MOST advanced.

      You are designed to eat meat which is why you can do more than flight or fight modes.

      • MikeC

        It’s absurd to reduce whether we should or can eat meat down to the fight or flight mentality of other species. We are an evolved species and the fact that we can adapt to reduce meat intake to almost nothing is the strength of our adaptive abilities. I know vegans who have eaten that way for 17 years, never getting sick, strong and fit, with a clear mental drive and motivation. They clearly have had zero negative effects for not eating meat. These people aren’t exceptions; there are multitudes of professional athletes and even whole cultures who are vegan/vegetarian.

        Meat-eaters have to stop justifying their desire to eat meat by putting down the validity of veganism and just acknowledge they are too weak to do the right thing. And by “the right thing” I don’t necessarily mean going vegan, but greatly reducing meat intake so that cruel factory farming practices are minimised, the need for chemicals in meat is reduced and our world doesn’t become an environmental ruin due to excessive agriculture so that meat-consumption is actually a healthy part of life. All these health and cruelty problems have arisen since people have deemed it OK to have animal products for nearly every meal of their day.

        • I see you point MikeC, but you do not adapt therefore you do not have the capacity to judge whether man is or man isn’t a omnivore or herbivore.

          It’s abundantly clear that omnivores are more mentally adept to greater thought processes and YOU WILL NOT DISPUTE THAT because no one will tolerate that nonsense. However, when it comes to adapting, NOTHING struggles more than the human species. I wonder why? You cannot say it is because we eat meat, no, it would be more reasonable to suggest humans struggle because they eat too much vegetation because everyone eats carbs and sugars.

          Now you are sitting there “BELIEVING” you are adept and adapting but you aren’t you are only adept to BELIEVING you are and you can believe up any illusion you choose to conjure up about yourself. The fact is, you are not adapting MikeC, you are devolving just like every other human who is riddled with disease. Maybe you are not showing signs of disease in your current weakened state but believe you, you will. I suspect you already have diseases you are fully aware of, maybe just allergies or lactose intolerant hence the vegan calamity you BELIEVE is for you.

          Once again, if man were adapting man too would be immune to disease for the most part like all the wild animals are (within reason).

          So Mike, we know herbivores in the wild kingdoms are the dumbest of all animals and we know that according to you and commercial science that man cannot adapt to survive little itty bitty pathogens the way almost all other animals can so MikeC tell us again how man is supposed to be an herbivore and how we supposedly adapt even though we are devolving to be the most fragile weal animal on the planet.

          MikeC, I am the only human you have ever visited with who is immune to all disease so I do know a little about adapting and evolving. Unless you are immune to all disease we may have to work on you credibility. I can help you adapt if you like.

          • J

            MikeC, I apologize for David Flowers’ response as he clearly thinks he’s amazingly awesome and cannot back up any of his claims. No man is immune to all diseases.

            If you want to be an herbivore it does not make you better or worse than someone who is an omnivore. It does not lessen your mental capabilities. Look at the various people in history who were vegetarian/vegan(Einstein, for example) throughout their life or the last of their life and they were fine, smart, and just as intelligent as anyone else if not more.

            Please realize that David Flowers likes to attack people directly instead of the issue at hand and likes to boast about his greatness.

          • J, you act like the human body cannot be disease free. Funny how commercialized pseudoscience and medicine make you believe that way.

            Any person can be immune to disease. All it takes is a fully functioning immune system. 40 years ago most 12 year olds had fully functioning immune systems. Myself and my classmates HAD NO DISEASES. Anyone reading this that is over 40 years old knows what I am talking about. There might have been one or two people in a class who had some disease but today only 1 out of a 100 12 year olds might be disease free.

            You have no idea why things have gotten so bad. You might blame it on arsenic in the chicken but that is not the problem, the problem is commercial science and medicine have so misinformed the public that the public including yourself cannot even believe in immunity or even consider it even though it was quite common 40 years ago and almost non existent today.

            Just because the commercial industry of medicine and science isn’t interested in seeing people immune to disease does not mean it isn’t the only natural order of things. There are lots of people in many areas of the world you are disease free because they, like me are immune to disease.


          • Jill

            wow… just wow. You are trying so hard to sound so clever. It’s not really working

          • Parrots are herbivores, and they are one of the most intelligent species.

          • Dina, I watched the second half of the Spurs and Heat game last night with a Cockatoo on my shoulder talking away and rubbing on my face like a cat, a true herbivore if there ever was one but I could not get her to say “GO SPURS”, she just kept saying “Hi Cheyenne” and “pretty, pretty bird”. I have video of it. Magnificent bird that can live longer than many humans.

            Cheyenne is 16 years old, old enough to get a learners permit to drive a car but because she is struggling with saying “go spurs” I think though she is very smart for a bird she might not be ready to advice people on health care or politics yet, and certainly not ready to drive a car.

            In the world of herbivores there are definitely species more mentally capable than others but none come even remotely close the the mental capacity of carnivores or omnivores, the latter being the most mentally adept of all.

            The brilliant people who are vegetarians are not brilliant because of their diet but because they are omnivores by design. Don’t get me wrong, I have a different standard of brilliance, a very brilliant person will be immune to disease and everyone today is falling way short of that except myself and anyone else open to the idea of being immune to disease. People simply cannot believe being immune to disease is possible because no one but me is saying it is possible so how would the masses know. When I tell people they typically just get offended because they believe if it was possible they would know, shows how NOT BRILLIANT they are.

      • Chickens eat bugs, mice and each other. They are omnivores.

        • Yes Adam, I stood to be corrected.. I don’t think mice would be a first choice but bugs make them omnivorous.

      • Chickens are omnivores. Just saying. They eat meat all day if they are allowed. I don’t like hearing pro poison anything. If it is so safe why don’t you go raise your family beside it and eat it all day and then get back to us. We could use a real experiment. Not to mention the quality of your life near a smelling sickening chicken farm where the air blows not only arsenic but sh*t smell throughout your neighborhood. There are better ways to be an omnivore.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-The-Stench-Dickinson-Frozen-Food/349372918508761?ref=hl I’m the author of this FB page because I don’t tolerate corporate irresponsibility and this page is the only reason the air is clean right now, all legal tactics failed. That’s how you do it.

          You are right, chickens are omnivore because they do eat bugs. I don’t think they would eat mammal meat if they weren’t starving.

          My point for making my comment you responded too was the fact that focus on the dangers of commercial meat pretty much seals the fate of humanity. The frail state of our species is not due to poison it is due to a complete disregard for what the human immune system is capable of doing. Commercialized science for hire wants people to blame the foods we eat for everything so that no one every gets on the track of what the real cause for human frailty. Commercial science refuses to offer improved health and to talk about chicken being the problem is exactly what they want.

          • EXACTLY…David!

            AND, for those of us who CAN read-between-the-lines, it is very obvious that what ever is “fashionable” at the moment, science, main stream media, governments, etc., ALLOW the public to misdirect themselves and “they” go along with it!

            Case-In-Point: How many people are aware of the FACT, that the U.S. now produces about as much oil as Saudi Arabia? Perhaps, quite a few…right!

            SOOOO…”Why” is the price of oil STILL so high?

            Wrong answer.

            The correct answer is that “WE, the People…” have believed the lies for so long, that we simply “accept” HIGH OIL PRICES…PERIOD!

            Bottom-Line? MONEY!

            “JUST” as David Flowers has been saying!

          • Thanks bobby, people need to see how society is now functioning off of BELIEF instead of off of facts and tangible results. Its a perfect manipulation, the government creates a perfect belief for every consumer. If you hate a part of the government or the who government, the government has an already prepared “belief system” just for you to make sure that hates works to the governments advantage.

            Most people might be thinking, “what a nut job”, but anyone with a little common sense won’t call it conspiracy, they will call it marketing. It’s called “tell people what they want to hear” but not the source.

            It’s is not difficult at all the play people’s emotions. Give a little take a little and if you do it just right you can do anything you want and no one will do anything about it. Arsenic in our chicken isn’t killing people, not knowing how to be healthy and disease free is what is killing people.

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