Roseanne Barr: “MK Ultra Rules In Hollywood”

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0203-roseanne_full_600For those of you that don’t know, Roseanne Barr is a well known actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director. She has won several awards which include Emmy awards, Golden Globe awards, People’s Choice awards and more. She has been in the industry for over twenty years and has gained much respect from many of her Hollywood colleagues who she is now speaking on behalf of. I just want to make it clear how long she has been inside the industry, and the connections she has to others within it. Industry insiders are feeling the need to share inspirational words and food for thought to the millions of people that pay attention to them as of late. We saw this recently with Ashton Kutcher. Celebrities have a voice that can reach a large sum of people, they can be a threat to corporate interests and the controlling elite and as Roseanne states, many celebrities bite their tongue and live in a culture of fear.

Not long ago, Roseanne made some shocking statements, alluding that Hollywood and the entertainment industry is dominated by MK Ultra. MK Ultra was the name for a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division. It was the CIA’s program of research in behavioral modification and perception manipulation of human beings (1). It was previously known as Operation Paperclip (2). Roseanne is suggesting that Hollywood is a tool used in the manipulation of human consciousness, used as a tool for behavior modification and perception control  in human beings.

Hollywood is the one that keeps all of this power structure. They perpetuate the culture of racism, sexism, classism, genderism and keep it all in place. They continue to feed it, and they make a lot of money doing it. They do it at the behest of their masters, who run everything.

I speak on behalf of Hollywood. I go to parties, Oscar parties and things like that and big stars pull me aside, take my arm and whisper: “I just want to thank you for the things you say.” And it blows my mind, but that’s the culture, it’s a culture of fear.

It’s a big culture of mind control, MK Ultra rules in Hollywood

The CIA and Hollywood

It’s funny that ancient Druid ‘wizards’ and ‘magicians’ used to make their wands specific for casting spells from the Holly Wood tree. Maybe “Hollywood” is used to cast spells on the masses, because at the very least it can sure seem that way. Everything we do is so systematic, so robotic in nature. We go to school, get a job, have a family and chase materialistic gains only to find out that it is not what our soul truly desires. We are told what to wear, what’s popular, what to buy, what truth is and how life is through television. It keeps us occupied, ignorant and blind to what is really happening on our planet.

Roseanne’s public remark that the CIA’s MK Ultra program rules in Hollywood is an educated statement, and not just an opinion. It comes from her own experiences within the industry as well as an awareness of known facts about the CIA and their involvement in Hollywood -all of which also happen to be available to the public. It’s not hard to see how television and mass advertising can be used as mind control, basically shaping the perception of the individual, as well as displaying what each individual should “be” like, what type of life to chase and what it means to be successful. Given Roseanne’s statement, as well as the information we already have in the public domain, it’s safe to say that something fishy is going on in Hollywood. Ask yourself, are your wants really yours? Or have they been programmed into you since birth?

Not many people know this, but the CIA has an entire department dedicated to the entertainment industry. It’s run through the CIA’s Entertainment Industry Liaison Office (3), which collaborates in a strictly advisory capacity with filmmakers. The CIA doesn’t just offer guidance to filmmakers, it even offers money. In 1950, the agency bought the rights to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and then funded the 1954 British animated version of the film. Its involvement had long been rumored, but only in the past decade have those rumors been substantiated. The link between Hollywood and the CIA isn’t something new, and Roseanne isn’t just blurting out information that has no backing behind it.

The CIA also had a project called Mockingbird, in which the CIA infiltrated mass media outlets in order to sway public opinion. After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000 word cover story that was published in Rolling Stone in the late 70’s can be read here.

With this article I wanted to present a small amount of information to give you, the readers, some background on these programs within the department of defense. Making the connection between these programs and Hollywood isn’t hard. Using Hollywood as a mind control hub can easily be labelled as a conspiracy to many, but I believe that labeling can only come about when one fails to actually look into it.

Hopefully this tidbit of information provides some backing for Roseanne’s claims, along with her experience within the industry. If you want to look more into the CIA’s influence in Hollywood, MK Ultra and Project Mockingbird are a good place to start. Brave souls like Roseanne speaking out is simply helping the masses shed light on these long-existent programs. Individuals within the entertainment industry are simply used as tools for mind control. We are programmed to worship them, praise them and be like them. These “stars” are used as puppets to serve a greater agenda. Let’s not forget that Hollywood (entertainment industry) is owned (shareholders) by the same corporations and financial institutions that own the energy, health and food industry.  Institutions like Fidelity Investments, the Vanguard group and the State Street Corporation. They own Disney and the major corporations that govern Hollywood, they also own Big Oil, Big Food and Big Pharma! (4)(5) (6).

The connections are endless, and if you do the research, it’s not hard to see. Nothing is really hidden, it’s not a conspiracy.

It’s good to see the world waking up everyday. We are recognizing that peace between all is what really makes the most sense. Peace and love is the necessary core to re-creating our reality, awakening to the truth about our planet and who we give our power away to on a daily basis is a step for some people to arrive at a greater conclusion. The truth is, we are required to sustain the current system, therefore we can choose to change it at anytime.








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  2. FLS

    One should notice that the interview was held on RUSSIA TODAY, a news channel which is known for being extremly loyal to the Kreml. I don’t think that they’re very independent in reporting.

    Arjun Walia, I would be really careful using RT as a reliable source to underline your assumption, no matter if this is true or not about MK Ultra.

    Have a good one!

    F. S.

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  7. Mk ultra was never known as project paperclip. That was when we got our grubby paws on and employed as many Nazi scientist as we could so the Russians couldn’t after the fall of the third reich. Mk ultra started as Mk ultra it is now known as project monarch.

  8. Any one who doubts that Hollywood punishes and blacklists miscreants only need look at what happened to Charlie Sheen after his statements doubting official truth about 9/11. He lost his job on a hit show and ended up in a closet in NY surrounded by hookers and cocaine, and will never work again.

    • i admire her consciousness, completely love you Roseanne !!

    • Harald

      Do you support the actions of a truth hero like Sheen?
      Or are you just mocking?

  9. Mariposa

    So many people here trying to discredit her, which of course was going to happen, because of what she has been talking about. Clearly, she has hit a nerve. The only fools who don’t believe in the Illuminati (OTO, Freemasons, etc… whatever the bastards are called) are either brainwashed or are the PR department of whoever (CIA, Hollywood, etc…) working hard to make sure people think MK ULTRA and other ‘conspiracy theories’ are illusions. They’re not. People, do you really want your EYES WIDE SHUT???

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  11. TheBossyFiesta

    That’s amazing she pushed anti family demoralizing issues through her tv show and accuses someone else of mind control. Female rapists get a slap on the wrist. Men get raped financially by predatory women in the courts. She promotes gender brainwashing on children. What a total psycho woman, who dumped her family the second she made money. Who in liberal elite Hollywood is she worried about. Pure opposite of reality.

    • Mariposa

      Wow, what branch of the government do you work for? Trying hard to soil her name aren’t you? Well, you failed. Miserably. We’re not as powerless as you think.

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  13. Ms. Barr is 100% accurate. For an excellent eye-popping introduction to who is running the whole show, read William Garner’s Who Really Owns Your Gold, 3rd ed., available on Amazon dot com. Mr. Garner details how this “power” has ruled America since its inception, and provides a history of its machinations, plus a detailed list of what Americans can do to counter their evil.

  14. If “MK Ultra” rules in Hollywood, then why would anything she would have done made any difference? I don’t believe what she is saying about this is true at all.

    While I respect what she has done in the realm of activism, anyone with their eyes open (or their heart open) can see that there are tons of amazing people in Hollywood, so many are changing the world for the better through the movies they make, but on this planet in general.

    The “pyramid” is to some degree, an illusion… and as far as their “masters” we are all the masters of our own destiny, and I doubt that she would say that she has a master — this is just another example of people not taking control of their reality.

    • Rosie

      Delilah Weeks with all due respect to your opinion. IF you open your own mind and do a bit more research? Roseanne is actually referring to the “elite” of Hollywood with the majority of it being “owned” by the Illuminati which consists of international bankers,top government officials,leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and unesco.their subdivisions reach into everyones daily life without most sheeple even being aware of it. The pyramid represents the Illuminati as seen on American paper currency. It seems to me that you are indeed under an illusion and do not quite understand much about their “masters” which again, is reference to the Illuminati. Hollywood slaves (actors, entertainers) dare not drop the “I” word as they ALL know that can and has screwed (some) up with their own careers in HW. Never to act or entertain AGAIN… Please take control of your OWN REALITY as it really seems as though HW has certainly made its mark on you. You are a great example of what NOT to be like. Pity those brave enough entertainers who speak out and get punished for it. Please research as it is fascinating and worth understanding a bit more as to the “TRUTH” out there. =)

      • Gerald Sutliff

        “Hollywood” has been shaping our minds since “Birth of a Nation” (circa more less 1910). Just recently I watched “Fort Apache” , excellent movie but bad history. It was more sympathetic to the Apache Nation than most cinema of that era but still it advocated taming all those who wouldn’t submit.

        We the people hold the purse strings for funding the CIA; why wouldn’t its vast bureaucracy make every effort to control Hollywood’s out put. Presently we’re engaged in finding an enemy as reliable as the USSR; the latest entry is ISIS.

        Color me cynical.

    • Joy

      Look into Cathy O’Brien and Bryce Taylor – both have written and spoken of thier personal experiences with Mk Ultra. This goes back decades. It’s not based on free will, due to how Mk Ultra is subjected on an individual.

  15. She lost me with, anything men attempt to organize will fail. Hardly a statement to follow up with after an accusation of rampant sexism.

    • Vernon Blake

      Totally agree. Instead of being stuck on mk ultra, she should look up Aaron Russo. Oh thats right, she won’t listen to him because he an…Eekk! OMG!…a man! She just a may went into the whole republican vs. democrat, left\right bullshit, theres no difference, it’s all divide and concur. Did she just sneak in a plug for Billary? If she supports her, Rosanne is a shill.

    • Yeh, In that case, I’m a shemale. xD

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