“Chemtrails Are Happening All Over The World” According to Former British Columbia Premier

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chemtrailsThe Former premiere of British Columbia Bill Vander Zalm  is putting politicians on notice. He sent a letter across Canada to multiple politicians voicing his concerns over the chemtrail phenomenon. We are told that they are simply airplane engine condensation trails, but now it is clear these trails are different from what they used to be. Instead of dissipating quickly, they spread across the sky, expand and remain in the atmosphere for a very long period of time. Chemtrails are said to consist of tiny particles of harmful toxins like Aluminum and Barium, Vander Zalm claims there is a potential link to increased rates of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more as a result of the spraying.

Bill is well aware that programs beyond the control of government is a reality. Governments are deliberately kept in the dark on projects conducted by defence intelligence agencies and many of these agencies hire private contractors and corporations to assist them. Because they hire private contractors, there is absolutely no oversight from congress. The CIA and NASA are now backing the National Academy of Sciences in regards to Geoengineering projects(0)(5). Geoengineering projects are any attempt to alter the way the planet or its weather systems operate. It’s a response to what has been labelled as ‘the global warming phenomenon.’ It is complete climate control  and the manipulation of it (1)(2)(3)(4). Geoengineering might soon be labelled under “national security,” in which case techniques and methods used will be kept classified without the public knowing what is transpiring.

Geoengineering has been a topic of interest for multiple universities across the planet. They’ve even started to develop specific programs for geoengineering, like Oxford University recently did(6). As mentioned earlier, the fact that the CIA is now involved means that all geoengineering techniques could be kept classified. This is a disturbing thought. One of the proposed techniques for combating global warming is spraying light reflecting aerosols into the atmosphere. Here are some words from the Former premiere, Bill Vander Zalm, who is extremely concerned about geoengineering projects taking place without the public knowing.

I believe it’s been going on for sometime, but to what extent and how much the government knows about it, I don’t know. Chemtrails are happening  all over the world, just exactly who’s engineering all of this I don’t know and that’s exactly what i’m trying to find out. Governments do things without asking, and we find out about it when it’s too late. If they don’t give me the information, then i’ll take it further. The Aluminium and Barium is very light, it stays in the air and they say it reflects the sunlight back into space, they say they are hoping to combat global warming with it. Unlike contrails, chemtrails spread and stay in the air for a very long time. What goes up comes down, if we inhale the stuff, perhaps that’s why we have so many problems with alzheimer’s, autism and MS. I have asked municipalities to pass a resolution that if there is any program geared toward climate change, and if anything is sprayed in the air it is done with public consent. Somebody needs to be out there speaking out about these things(7)

What is he hinting at? These are pretty alarming statements given the reputation of this man. Does he know more? I’m glad to see more and more people with a voice in the mainstream world speaking up.

This is alarming, because at the same time multiple scientists all over the planet seem to agree that what we label as man-made global warming is in fact  not well understood like we think it is. The founder of the weather channel strongly agrees that man-made global warming isn’t real. Scientists have even suggested that global warming has stopped and planetary temperatures have actually been cooling.

From my research, I’ve personally concluded that temperature changes are a result of the natural cyclical nature of planet Earth. I do believe pollution is a great cause for concern, that it impacts health and damages our environment and it’s critical systems. However, I do not believe that it is connected to warming the planet. I believe that global warming is another “crises” manufactured in order to propose a solution that fits an agenda the “elite” have been playing out for years. The problem has been labelled as global warming, and the proposed solution is geoengineering.

Some corporations and elitist groups thrive of off planetary conflict. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that many world events and causes for concern are created by the elite, so they can then propose the solution. One example (out of many) was 9/11, create a false flag “terrorist” attack in order to justify the invasion of Iraq and other middle eastern countries, even though they were not involved with anything having to do with 9/11. Could global warming be another problem proposed by elitist groups in order to propose the solution of geoengineering? Could this link to chemtrails? What is the real agenda behind chemtrails?

I highly recommend these two videos if you would like to look further into the phenomenon:

What in the world are the spraying? Why in the world are they spraying?











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  1. Contrails not to be confused with con(spiracy)trails

    There may well be geoengineering taking place. Cloud seeding has been around for yonks.
    The picture above is just a good indication of the increased air traffic and crowding of the skies.

    • Your a fool

      contrails disappear. over time, also if you use a pair of binoculars and your brain, you will see that these trails are not being sprayed at the 30,000+ feet that commercial jets fly at, not to mention that they appear all at the same time during particular times of the day, in zig zag and checkerboard patterns over limited areas. unlike commercial airline CONTRAILS….which, did i already mention? DISSIPATE.

      • Kyle

        You idiot. You really think there are such a thing as chemtrails? Hey, I’m going to go easy on you since you obviously have the brain of a three year old.


        There. I just outlined the truth for you. Look it up, moron. Read David Icke. All the flying crafts you see are alien made and have been spraying mankind with nutrients in order to enslave the human race. There is NO technology known to man that can achieve flight – that is a FACT. I’d ask you to prove me wrong but I know you can’t ;p Look it up, moron. You REALLY believe what the government tells you? Sounds like you’ll believe ANYTHING that the mass media force feeds down your throat. Pull your head out of your rear and see the forest for the trees, yeah? THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS AIRPLANES.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Contrails are not the same as chemtrails :)

      • Caroline K.

        Some people will never get it. I watched a plane flying north to south every few minutes one day, not east to west, but up and down. Very peculiar, and no, that was definitely not a contrail because it was a very peculiar formation.

        I live in the high desert–there is no reason for geo-engineering here. No one farms here, nor have they ever farmed here.

        There is a big difference between contrails and chemtrails, but not only will some people never grasp the concept, they are also not visually able to see a difference because they don’t want to believe anything is wrong.

        I think it is their lot in life to have their head in the sand perpetually and believe that everything is just fine, and the government is an organization that is looking out for their best interest. They aren’t able to change or grasp a different concept. It’s threatening to them that others believe in chemtrails because they are too afraid to change or think otherwise themselves.

        Those are the same people that can’t believe that there would be anything wrong with GMOs because our government wouldn’t have allowed them if they weren’t OK. Same people that think perpetual war is for the good of all.

        They are hopeless or else being paid to spread disinfo, which is more like aggressive bashing of those that are awake enough to know what is going on. I consider those types to be criminals. So, either way, not much going on.

  2. Jim X. Jons

    The real agenda behind chemtrails is depopulation, war, famine. Someone suggested limiting size of corporations and their power and keeping the government small and directly responsible to the entire population.

  3. Environment Canada meteorologist rejects Bill Vander Zalm’s chemtrail theory

    “As a meteorologist with Environment Canada, David Jones has dealt with many inquiries from the public about condensation trails.

    “It’s a waste of energy to pursue these things,” Jones told the Straight by phone.

    The Vancouver-based weather expert said there’s nothing there but water vapour. “It’s really just plain stupid to think that you could alter the climate by, you know, somehow using aircraft to drop tiny droplets or particles in the massive volume that the atmosphere is,” Jones said. “I mean, it’s just ridiculous.”

    • wildsky360

      “Philanthropist” Bill Gates agrees with geoengineering conference attendees that “theoretical” geoengineering is benefitial, cheap, and easy.


      • Caroline K.

        But, they haven’t considered the long-range effects of geo-engineering on the planet. When mankind interferes with nature something unexpected always occurs in the negative because most humans do not have the capacity to consider all the effects.

        Bill Gates’ conduct is not reflective of an enlightened person, and I therefore question his judgment.

        And Bill Gates and our government need to know that there are other people on the planet, and they need to be asked what they think also. The welfare of this planet should not be left to the status quo because they have done a very poor job to date.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I do not trust a government official who has not investigated the matter for himself, and refuses to do so! :) That’s why I didn’t mention it in the article.

  4. wildsky360

    Monsanto is developing aluminum and barium resistant crop seeds. What a coincidence. There has NEVER been a need for such things until recently. Organic farmers on Maui are moving to greenhouses to prevent the ever increasing destruction of their crops. Vulnerable forests and bodies of water are in decline due to the cumulative effects of aerosol spraying. Are these side effects to the program or are they primary or secondary goals?

    So far there is no admission that geoengineering is taking place. It is supposedly still theoretical. Once admitted or proved to be occurring they are likely to take credit for the global cooling that has occurred over the past 14 years due to natural and cyclical variations in solar activity.

    Don’t waste your time trying to fight something that no one will even admit existing, but also don’t shrug it off. When a critical mass of people become aware and object to what is going on there is a chance for change. In the mean time stay informed and share what you know. But be patient and gentle with others. The implications of this secretive program, along with so many other issues that self seekers have come across, are largely too much for the average person to bear. It gets easier, but think back to the first god awful truth you were confronted with; the denial, the depression, and then finally the realization that the world is a very different place than you had imagined. It is largely run by sociopaths and their blackmailed functionaries.

    When Congress with it’s dismal 11-13% approval rating behaves inexplicably, imagine what threats hover over them and their families, with an out of control NSA data mining every minute detail of their lives

  5. I have been documenting the chemtrail phenomena everyday that it happens here in Las Vegas. I noticed that every time I see them in the air, the sky turns into a hazy, dirty sheet that envelops the whole city. They say that chemtrails can affect people’s moods and I’ve noticed that people act strange on the days that they spray, including myself. Very nice article though.

    • Kyle


      What is wrong with people like you? Do you believe everything the gubmint tells you? You believe everything the media tells you? YOU REALLY THINK WE HAVE THE POWER OF FLIGHT?

      Read David Icke. You will see that the so called “airplanes” are actually alien aircrafts that have been saturating our atmosphere in nutrients for decades. There are NO man made crafts capable of flight. It is impossible and has been proven so for decades. Look it up. Maybe unplug yourself from your MTV and see what the real world is like, yeah? It really depresses me to know there are still sheeple like you who actually believe that their government tells them. Open your eyes.

    • Mike jones

      i too live in Las Vegas. I have hundreds of pictures of them spraying. I watch for them everyday..

  6. Boris

    Contrail vs Chemtrail above, just for those who are not very watchful. Calling contrails the same as persisting contrails/chemtrails is the most stupid thing for me. And its the most frequently used by stupid chemtrail debunkers

  7. mark

    ive been telling people on facebook for years all over the world .they just don”t get it .they say they would not do this to us .ive bashed my head against the wall with it .its not conspiracy .people need to wake up from that sheeple sleep there in .

  8. “From my research, I’ve personally concluded that temperature changes are a result of the natural cyclical nature of planet Earth.” So I assume you have a degree in (climate) science?

    • Michael

      Thierry, stupid comment. Global warming due to human influence is propaganda for the masses. Evidence suggests longer scale solar cycles are in fact the driving force, which are out of human control and have been happening long before weather records were kept. This can be proven in studies by professors at my own university I attended (yes for a Environmental Science degree with major in Climate based systems – wanna see my certificate??). This is old news and it still amazes me people are so gullible to jump on the ‘global warming caused by humans’ band wagon. It wasn’t clear to me what the agenda was when this became apparent to me, but now its obvious…another Problem-Reaction-Solution technique employed by the world authorities. By the way anyone who has the literacy skills of a 12 year old can draw educated, intelligent and wise conclusions on whats going on in the world if they step back from the TV for a moment. University qualifications if anything helps communication skills, through encouraging being ‘tested’ on the knowledge via communicating it written or orally. That’s it. The specific knowledge that Universities charge thousands of dollars for is in fact available freely on the internet. MIT for example has all its course works and lecture notes available online for free!! Time for people to become their own teachers and trust their own judgements. That German proverb below is inaccurate by the way.

      • JaiGuru

        As a matter of fact, i -do- want to see your credentials, in full.

    • - Collective Evolution

      No, but I’ve studied it, and researched it…(have a minor Geography which includes a lot of environmental science)…but having a degree in climate science doesn’t mean much, you don’t need a degree..in fact a degree most likely hinders your ability to learn from a wide range of sources, giving credibility only to the ‘educational institution.’ I’ve done more research than the research I would have done to obtain a degree! A degree is just a piece of paper required to get a job, you can obtain a ‘degree’ in the library…for free. Purely University based research is also bias, and the sources that universities use to obtain their information is also in many cases bias and very corrupt.

      I never let my education interfere with my learning :)

      • Sammy Jankis

        You want to know if manmade global warming is real? Look to the people that have the most to lose if the planet actually starts caring about it, the petrochemical industries. Almost without exception, ALL big oil companies now say that global warming is real and that emissions are causing it. The planet does have natural variations in climate, but the geological record shows there has never been a 100 year period in which climate has changed so quickly has it has since the explosion of fossil fuel consumption. The only people still claiming this isn’t real are conspiracy theorists and the masses that like to be spoon fed those theories.

      • John

        Arjun: it seems your exo-university research has a bias as well, against formal education.

        ”He who undertakes to be his own teacher has a fool for a pupil.” (German proverb)

        • John,it seems that Arjun is starting to see the so called intell.for what it is.The dumbing down of the masses.

        • MC

          “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
          ― Isaac Asimov

        • - Collective Evolution

          I have a little bias towards universities, I’ve been through university, and that proverb definitely doesn’t resonate with me :) Point is, you can look at the sources and decide for yourself, the article simply presents information.

  9. frank
  10. frank

    forgot to mention:
    airforce has a study named ‘owning the weather in 2025’.
    this isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s real

  11. Jo

    Uni education gives a person the ability to analyse and make up their own minds irrespective of the subject studied..if you spend enough time researching it independently..a lot of people do very valuable independent study via the Open University and make it a life time mission and some never both to take the exams beyond the first degree.The independent learning is less biased and as we grow after a first degree the personal bis creeps in but we then learn to do proper research and to monitor and control the biases.
    That said..what about the Guy who is an aircraft engineer who was temporarily helping out in a more junior role to turn aircraft around ..something to do with toilet maintenance and pipework and he found unusual pipes leading to the underwing, realising that they could be used to spray anything anywhere. He mentioned his curiosity and was told to keep quiet and was not told what they were for and his job was threatened. He put the info on facebook and nothing more has been heard about any of it ..or him come to that.

    • Caroline K.

      To me, the fact that no one is laying claim to anything, but instead, pretending it doesn’t exist is part of the proof that something is amiss.

      If chemtrails are for the good of all, then why are they hiding it, or keeping it a secret? Or not even addressing it? People don’t keep secrets because something is a blessing. They keep secrets because something dark is afoot, and they have something to cover-up, which does not benefit others, only the entity that is covering it up.

  12. Which IDIOT came up with this Chemtrail solution and what IDIOT Nation Holds it and WHY?
    Are the first AGENDA among all our Nations to kill our own kind, humans? With these stupid spreading idea i’d just dont know if its easier to shoot my self and then dont need to worry about it anymore.
    Spreading several poison in a chemtrail… Havent they poisoned our world enough?
    Monsanto can perhaps give some help on the chem trails, they got poison enough to spread it to a global matter.

    • wildsky360

      Monsanto is developing aluminum and barium resistant seeds

  13. starttherevolution600

    has anyone thought about that if chemtrails are real, we can just go pull apart a jumbo jet and find the cylinder of chem trail substance? Or ask one of the 100’s of 1000’s of engineers who work on and inspect these plains daily?

  14. lulu

    chemtrails are real. those that are sure they are not are either shills for chemtrails or have not observed and researched. since when does anyone trust the government? it is unimaginable that anyone would do this to their own people, but it is true the government is spraying us.

    it is amazing that bill vander zalm has come out against chemtrails and now david Suzuki in a recent article titled, is geoengineering a silver bullet?, is saying things are so bad we may need geoenginnering to stop global warming. Suzuki will not admit chemtrails are being sprayed right now but he is suggesting we may need to do it. he is an apologist for geoengineering.

    government people calling citizens stupid for questioning is wrong and he should be fired. it is very harper like to insult rather than listen and to educate.


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