“Chemtrails Are Happening All Over The World” According to Former British Columbia Premier

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chemtrailsThe Former premiere of British Columbia Bill Vander Zalm  is putting politicians on notice. He sent a letter across Canada to multiple politicians voicing his concerns over the chemtrail phenomenon. We are told that they are simply airplane engine condensation trails, but now it is clear these trails are different from what they used to be. Instead of dissipating quickly, they spread across the sky, expand and remain in the atmosphere for a very long period of time. Chemtrails are said to consist of tiny particles of harmful toxins like Aluminum and Barium, Vander Zalm claims there is a potential link to increased rates of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more as a result of the spraying.

Bill is well aware that programs beyond the control of government is a reality. Governments are deliberately kept in the dark on projects conducted by defence intelligence agencies and many of these agencies hire private contractors and corporations to assist them. Because they hire private contractors, there is absolutely no oversight from congress. The CIA and NASA are now backing the National Academy of Sciences in regards to Geoengineering projects(0)(5). Geoengineering projects are any attempt to alter the way the planet or its weather systems operate. It’s a response to what has been labelled as ‘the global warming phenomenon.’ It is complete climate control  and the manipulation of it (1)(2)(3)(4). Geoengineering might soon be labelled under “national security,” in which case techniques and methods used will be kept classified without the public knowing what is transpiring.

Geoengineering has been a topic of interest for multiple universities across the planet. They’ve even started to develop specific programs for geoengineering, like Oxford University recently did(6). As mentioned earlier, the fact that the CIA is now involved means that all geoengineering techniques could be kept classified. This is a disturbing thought. One of the proposed techniques for combating global warming is spraying light reflecting aerosols into the atmosphere. Here are some words from the Former premiere, Bill Vander Zalm, who is extremely concerned about geoengineering projects taking place without the public knowing.

I believe it’s been going on for sometime, but to what extent and how much the government knows about it, I don’t know. Chemtrails are happening  all over the world, just exactly who’s engineering all of this I don’t know and that’s exactly what i’m trying to find out. Governments do things without asking, and we find out about it when it’s too late. If they don’t give me the information, then i’ll take it further. The Aluminium and Barium is very light, it stays in the air and they say it reflects the sunlight back into space, they say they are hoping to combat global warming with it. Unlike contrails, chemtrails spread and stay in the air for a very long time. What goes up comes down, if we inhale the stuff, perhaps that’s why we have so many problems with alzheimer’s, autism and MS. I have asked municipalities to pass a resolution that if there is any program geared toward climate change, and if anything is sprayed in the air it is done with public consent. Somebody needs to be out there speaking out about these things(7)

What is he hinting at? These are pretty alarming statements given the reputation of this man. Does he know more? I’m glad to see more and more people with a voice in the mainstream world speaking up.

This is alarming, because at the same time multiple scientists all over the planet seem to agree that what we label as man-made global warming is in fact  not well understood like we think it is. The founder of the weather channel strongly agrees that man-made global warming isn’t real. Scientists have even suggested that global warming has stopped and planetary temperatures have actually been cooling.

From my research, I’ve personally concluded that temperature changes are a result of the natural cyclical nature of planet Earth. I do believe pollution is a great cause for concern, that it impacts health and damages our environment and it’s critical systems. However, I do not believe that it is connected to warming the planet. I believe that global warming is another “crises” manufactured in order to propose a solution that fits an agenda the “elite” have been playing out for years. The problem has been labelled as global warming, and the proposed solution is geoengineering.

Some corporations and elitist groups thrive of off planetary conflict. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that many world events and causes for concern are created by the elite, so they can then propose the solution. One example (out of many) was 9/11, create a false flag “terrorist” attack in order to justify the invasion of Iraq and other middle eastern countries, even though they were not involved with anything having to do with 9/11. Could global warming be another problem proposed by elitist groups in order to propose the solution of geoengineering? Could this link to chemtrails? What is the real agenda behind chemtrails?

I highly recommend these two videos if you would like to look further into the phenomenon:

What in the world are the spraying? Why in the world are they spraying?











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  2. Smedley Butler Jr.

    IMO, AGW is a myth. Winters in both the U.S. and Europe over the past few years have been especially cold. We have had fewer tornados in the U.S., not more. More scientists are speaking out against this nonsense. We know that IPCC scientists like Phil Jones and Kevin Trenberth have stated that global warming is not happening (per the Climategate emails). One thing that the AGW myth produces is FEAR.

    I believe that we are in for the psyop of all psyops in the not-too-distant future. Exactly how the global warming lie will be connected to this psyop is unclear, although it is possible that the international mafia that sometimes refers to itself as the New World Order will eventually admit to spraying us like bugs in order to make us panic and accept whatever dictatorial measures the NWO says are in our “best interests.”

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  4. Shelly

    Yeah and we believe what the founder of the weather network is telling us. Owned by Rothchilds themselves. THey are the ones doing this.

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  8. groovy

    what i have discovered on my path is the outer world we see is a reflection of the inner , this inner being , the inner being of self. I discovered when you understand this it is quite easy to change the reality you see . For example YOU can make a choice to NOT participate in the society which revolves around activities which YOU perceive as harm full . I have discovered this is a life style change to swap out things which intelligent thinking would see as harm full with life styles which promote healthy human experiences. It is a exciting journey to learn to live on the planet making healthy conscious choices with your free will . One day you will wake up and you will be living the dream you had .

  9. At least some of the chemtrails in B.C. are likely produced by the Ministry of Forestry and BC Hydro. Both are listed as clients on the website of a company called weathermodifications.com: http://www.weathermodification.com/projects.php

  10. sfd

    this chemtrails are made to keep population under control .the rate of natality and mortality.my opinion is that is intentioned intoxication in order to make people retarded and weak,i can think those substances are specially put to create cancer and other diseases.

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  13. Michiel

    The motive could be something entirely different then combating global warming. If there is actual global warming in the first place. Billions and billions of dollars can be made on Wallstreet with geoengineering. Weather warfare can also strenghten the geopolitical position of a country.

  14. This chemtrails operation have different purposes on very large scale. I read some other articles on that, I maybe wrong but here’s what I know:
    – These Chemtrails are use for weather manipulation
    – To harm most organic life on earth, not just human
    – The fluoride in water helps to absorb the Chemtrail even more deeper into the human body
    – On an energetic level, it affects The Human Energy Vibration and also The Earth Energy Vibration by creating massive distortion at an energetic level, thus harming both Earth and Human.
    – This also promote in killing the planet.
    – It also helps to depopulate the planet which is what the elite want. (Agenda 21)
    – Those reptiles want to terraform earth closer to what their reality is so that the earth atmosphere becomes more compatible with them, which will allowed them to come and go. Moreover since the Human Energetic Level will seriously be lower, it will be easier for the reptiles to posses and manipulate any human body easily.
    – And finally when Robots (2045.com) will be introduced the Elite will push it as a solution for survival against this polluted atmosphere.
    – Also I’m not sure about that, World War 3 is coming in post-2020. These chemtrails will have a role to play for which I still need to research on that.
    Anyway that’s my opinion, you may believe it or not.

  15. mergon

    And some of these chemIcals need to ironised ,charged particles to form the clouds to act as uv filters and produce rain ,bit like a cat converter , but then we have the weapons aspect of it Americans will always have a weapons aspect to geo engineering , water is one of the worlds valuable things on the planet , its just the Americans application of these technologies that puts the brick through the window !

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