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belly-ringSure, it was sexy. It was stylish. I was totally rocking it with a navel ring – until a few weeks ago. After 11 years of sporting what I believed to be an expression of my creative, rebellious and charismatic nature, I decided to finally remove it.

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What initiated this decision was a random conversation with two acquaintances at the yoga studio I teach at.

They were chatting about the energy field and chakras, and how sterling silver piercings could potentially interrupt the flow of energy from rising through Shushumna Nadi, the main energy channel that runs through the center of the body from the root chakra to the crown chakra. The sterling silver causes the energy to become concentrated at the level of the navel, which is the location of Swadhisthana chakra.

To read more about Swadhisthana chakra and the psychological and physiological attributes associated with it, check out this link.

So ever since I removed it,  I have been feeling completely different. I feel lighter, happier, sexier and more free to be myself. Sounds like a Jenny Craig Ad, right? But seriously, it feels great and I think of it as a good trade off.

Being very sensitive to energy, I can now feel prana rising up past my solar plexus chakra toward my heart. Now when I sit in meditation it’s easier for me to feel and psychically tune in to the movement of energy through Shushumna Nadi.

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But not all piercings block chakra energy from flowing. Some people believe anything magnetic is actually good for your auric field, facilitating the flow of energy through your channels and removing any blockages. I’ve also heard that many other semi-precious stones and crystals can have a positive effect on the overall movement of energy.  In the practice of chakra piercing, a specific kind of mineral/crystal is used in relation to the chakra it is close by to. This is determined by an energy worker/seer who can tune into a person’s auric field to see where energy is lacking, and where it is too concentrated.

Despite my interest in chakra piercing, I have decide to let my belly button speak for itself, revisiting the idea of natural beauty. It took a certain state of mind for me to decide on getting the navel piercing in the first place, and another one all together to remove it. To me, there’s nothing sexier than the expression of raw beauty and good energy vibes.

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