“Fluoridated Water Is Public Murder On A Grand Scale” – Dr. Dean Burk

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Water fluoridation has been an increasing topic of public concern over the past few years. Skeptics tend to argue that there is no evidence to support the claim that water fluoridation is harmful to human health. If this were true, why are townships all around the world coming together to ban fluoride from their water supply? Communities in AustraliaCanada, the United States and more, have all been convinced that fluoride can be extremely hazardous to human health. Sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride and  hydrofluorosilicic acid are all used in dental offices, toothpaste and water fluoridation practices. They are toxic waste substances created from the creation processes in the fertilizer, steel, nuclear and aluminum industries. If you still think fluoride is good for your teeth, you might want to read this.

Who Was Dr. Dean Burk?

dean burkeDr. Dean Burk was an American biochemist, who co-discovered biotin, a chemical necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. He was the head chief chemist at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institute of health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He was chief of cytochemistry at the institute’s laboratory. He received the Hilderbrand Prize in 1952 for his work on photosynthesis, and the Gerhard Domagk Prize in 1965 for his development of procedures for distinguishing the difference between a normal cell and one damaged by cancer. He was the co-developer of the prototype of the nuclear magnetic resonance scanner. He was born in Oakland, California in 1902 and died 1988. His paper, “The Determination of Enzyme Dissociation Constants (3),” published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1934 is one of the most frequently cited papers in the history of biochemistry. As you can see, this man knew his science! 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he waited until his senior years to speak up about fluoride. This interview was recorded in Holland in the 1970’s, again no surprise that he did not give interviews like this in the United States. Today, fluoride is a known toxic chemical. If you accidentally swallow a little bit from your toothpaste, the instructions on it will usually advise you to call poison control. The government doesn’t hide the fact that fluoride is toxic (2), Dr Dean Burk presents his research in the video, and states that the evidence cannot be refuted. The fluoride used in the water supply is poison, there is no good reason we should be administering it to the population, no matter what the dose. On top of that, there has never been any evidence to support the claim that water fluoridation benefits teeth. This is especially interesting when you observe that dental health is better in non-fluoridated regions than it is in fluoridated regions.

In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical.

When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth. That’s a rule that’s been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions.

Fluoride amounts to public murder on a grand scale.

It is some of the most conclusive scientific and biological evidence  that I have come across in my 50  years in the field of cancer research.

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary






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  1. So……. are cancer rates and fatalities up? There should be an enormous… i mean enormous… spike in cancer incidences and fatalities with the proliferation of fluoride in our public water supply.

  2. karen

    Im just saying, the nazis were the first to experiment with mass hyperflouridization, it made the general public more passive, indifferent and more easily manipulated, go through all the nazi medical experiments, youll find high praise for flouride there, it wasnt just that hitler was an influential speaker, flouride in excess amounts actually softens brain tissue as well, all those banal citizens were just drunk on flouride….

    • Dell Darrach

      I, myself was adversely affected by fluoride from its inception in late 2009 .Sadly I didn’t twig just how much it was damaging my health till it was almost too late for me .I’d say what happened is it built up in my tissues and became toxic as I started having agonising stomach cramps Daily followed by severest bouts of diarrhoea which saw me consuming buscopon for stomach pains and products such as immodium, diareez and gastro stop to help cope with the pains .First thought it was something in my diet and eliminated each item that seemed to upset me .
      I honestly believe my poor bowels couldn’t have stood much more onslaught .I wrote a letter to the local paper suggesting the council who was investigating whether to retain fluoride or oust it that they consider sending out a survey to ratepayers for their input into whether council should retain it or keep this industrial waste we were having forced on us out . It was going to be sending rates out so no extra charge but the Council didn’t even reply .A friend rang me and inquired and asked had I ever considered the fluoridation could be the cause of my health problems ?I said I had noticed from its first inception I was never real well from then on and worsened . Within 24 hours of stopping imbibing Tap water the pains declined and disappeared as long as I wasn’t caught out by some one making me a drink on town water .I now have a water filter and wary of anything I swallow .

  3. BobS

    Chlorine is a deadly chemical too – when you take too much. Does anyone who advocates removal of Fluoride on the basis of it being a deadly chemical also advocate for stopping the chlorination of drinking water? If not, why not?

  4. Laura McIntosh

    Hello, I’m curious as to how many of you have read peer reviewed articles about the benefits of fluoridation, as opposed to how many have read books written by the iligitamate practitioners that call themselves naturopaths,with the purpose of fear mongering and profit building? How about you stop telling me to go read a book, and go read yourself some science. One man does not make a truth, no matter how much your hippy asses want to believe it. Mass fluoridation is an investment into public health, for those who can’t afford the expensive dental treatments the rest of you can. FFS, you can afford the treatments, why not just pay to have all your water exported personally to your door? I don’t know where you heard that fluoridated countries were worse off, but that’s just isn’t true. Any variations can be attributed to external public health initiatives. Stop being fools, don’t take this for granted. Too much of anything is bad for us, but the fluoride in our tap water is in such small quantities that the benefits far outweigh the ridiculously insignificant cons you are proposing.

    • I haven’t found any evidence to suggest water fluoridation is effective. Studies also show it isn’t. I would be happy to check out some writing and research on it. The only couple of things I have read are simple statements made by large institutions, like the FDA, where they make one liner claims but have nothing to back it.

    • Jeffrey Mountain

      Laura, when you can argue your point without name calling and disrespecting everyone who happens to disagree with your point of view, then we will provide arguments with citations to peer reviewed science that shows the detrimental effects of fluoride..

    • Laura

      Where are your sources Laura?

  5. beckyb

    Anyone know if there’s truth to this?http://www.rense.com/general78/fluo.htm Documented facts only please. Not looking to start an inane argument. Just curious.

    • I would advise against drinking a substance like hydrofluosilicic acid that it is actually more acidic than battery acid found in your car battery… nice to be able to call something “fluoride” to baby it up when really they should call it what it is… Toxic Acid Waste.

    • Mountain Man

      Becky, are you kidding? Read one book and if you want facts follow the references. The book is “The Flouride Deception” by Christopher Bryson. If that doesn’t do it for you read, “The Case Against Fluoride–How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There.” These are books by investigative journalists (a dead art now) and expert chemists and scientists. If you still believe fluoride is a good thing, then I’ll be shocked

  6. Tye

    > please provide me with information that directly proves that water fluoridation is effective


    …and there are several more in the “related links” on those pages. A couple more minutes of searching would turn up more. There have been many studies over the years that show the benefits, so it’s quite a stretch for you to write “there has never been any evidence to support the claim that water fluoridation benefits teeth”. There has been plenty.

    There have also been plenty of studies NOT showing a link to cancer. Even the American Cancer Society says “More than 50 population-based studies have looked at the potential link between water fluoride levels and cancer. Most of these have not found a strong link to cancer.” (http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/water-fluoridation-and-cancer-risk)

    • How about comparing the teeth of those living in fluoridated vs non-fluoridated countries or states/provinces? Vancouver Canada, for example, has never fluoridated yet the oral health of Vancouverites is better than that of fluoridated Toronto. Ask a German if they want to put fluoride in their water and they will tell which lake to jump in. Same goes for the Swedes, the French, the Indians, Chinese, Norwegians, Dutch, Africans, and 95% of the rest of the world. Keep the garbage out of the water supply. If you want fluoride, please ask your doctor for a prescription.

  7. Marysusan

    why is there a warning label on toothpaste with fluoride? if too much is swallowed you are to call poison control. toothpaste for small children is fluoride free, why is that?

  8. Mitchell

    Fluoride is a chemical, wake up, humans don’t consume chemicals, if we were meant to it would already be in the water, end of story!

    • Sam

      We humans and all of life is made up of nothing BUT chemicals! And fluoride IS already in water in some parts of the world, just in a different form, usually as calcium fluoride, sometimes to extent it has to be removed. So fluoride itself is natural, I think it is more the form it comes in that makes it potentially hazardous or not (although the actual science on this still isn’t clear). Personally I’m of the opinion if there doesn’t seem to much benefit at all and a potential for risk it should no longer be added to water.

    • TheBrutalKremlin

      Indeed. It is NOT safe, it is a carcinogen – just like the chemicals in the food that are making everyone fat and dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes. We do not need to manipulate things in this way – all the rah-rah-rantists be damned. This forum, like so many others these days, is obviously littered with the comments of Paid PR hacks to sit and post on behalf of the bio-chem industries.

    • john westwood

      Salt is a chemical, water is a chemical , air is a mixture of chemicals,

  9. Brandon

    It is unfortunate that people keep being deceived by anti-fluoridation propaganda. It is sad when eminent scientists become cranks late in their career like Dr. Burk did and mar their legacy. If anyone has an open mind and wants to read good information on this issue, you should read this interesting blog post: http://skepticalvegan.com/2012/07/11/fluoride-cancer-quackery/

    • Not propaganda Brandon, we’ve simply done our research:) Have you?

      • No, you havnt done your research. If you did then you might be aware that numerous scientific studies (listed below) from the US, Ireland, Taiwan, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand, including a review of over 50 published studies contradicted Burk’s conclusion and found no evidence to support the claim that fluoridation causes cancer.

        You don’t even provide any scientific citations for the fluoride/cancer claim. All you provide is statements by once respected chemist who descended into quackery in his later years. Unfortunately this sometimes happens. Linus Pauling was a Nobel Laureate and admired chemist, yet in his later life he became a major proponent of high-dose vitamin C as a cancer cure, a worthless “treatment”. Peter Duesberg, a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths for his promotion of HIV/AIDs denial.
        I’m sorry but you cant bank on one persons past good reputation to support a scientific claim when it contradicts decades of *actual* scientific study on the subject. The current scientific consensus about the fluoridation/cancer issue based on decades of research is that no such link exists.

        • Honestly it doesn’t matter if this is 100% quackery or not. You should have the right to choose how you want to medicate yourself. Mass fluoridation eliminates your ability to make a choice. Obviously everyone doesn’t agree that Fluoride in water is beneficial. We shouldn’t be forced to drink and bathe in fluoridated water if we don’t want to. If you love fluoride so much than buy your own fluoride and add it to your water. Get this stuff out of the public water system.

          • Dell Darrach

            I couldn’t agree with you more Josh .Another 6 months and I would not be here typing this because of fluoride ingestion through out town water supply. In my own case it was highly toxic and built up in my tissues .I was at the point where even 4 ice cubes in a glass of soft drink or cubes in a iced coffee would see me writhing in agony within 10 minutes .I suffered the agonies of the damned. I lived on buscopon for stomach agony and all manner of medications for diarrhoea daily .I don’t think my bowels could have taken any more when we discovered what was the problem .Within 24 hours of ceasing all tap water and changing to filtered water and tank water the symptons disappeared .However it’s now 18 months since this happened to me , and my bowels are just now recovering from being poisoned since late 2009 .I’d like to get the people who say it won’t hurt you and see them suffer like I did and knock their heads together at their stupidity ..People who claim it’s so good for teeth but toothpaste with fluoride in .

        • SkepticalVegan… your citations are thin. Vegan huh. Yeah. WTF are you supporting the continuation of “water fluoridation” simply because you’ve been convinced it’s does not increase cancer rates? Have you looked at Burk’s much larger sample, much more simple way of plotting a clear causal relationship? 10 cities continued not to fluoridate and their cancer rates stayed on the same barely ascending curve they were on. The 10 cities that became fluoridated accelerated their rates very distinctly. Also, EVEN IF this known toxic, poisonous carcinogen was a nutrient (IT’S NOT IN POINT OF FACT, EH?), forcibly medicating the entire population of any given location, including pets, livestock, gardens, crops, lawns, etc. with it is wrong, do we agree? Would you support forced medication of Vitamin C in large doses in the drinking water to fight scurvy? Do you understand that IT IS DENTAL SCIENCE STANDARD ACCEPTED SCIENCE that “fluoride” needs to be topically applied to SUPPOSEDLY do any good? Putting it in drinking water was long ago debunked by the dental establishment… so they just said that it “washing by” on it’s way into your alimentary canal was good enough and not any risk that your body had to then rid itself of this substance? Do you understand that “sodium fluoride” is a far cry from the unrefined toxic soup they call “fluoride” these days? Hydrofluorosilicic Acid dominated scrubber waste water sound familiar? You defending this? Most large municipalities spend hundreds of thousands a year, many spend a million or more, to dispose of heavy industry waste products in OUR DRINKING WATER. Are you going to stand with us… even *if* you don’t think it makes cancer incidence and mortality worse? Are you going to deny the Chinese and Iranian (among others from the BRICs nations) studies about IQ specifically? Do you think the Chinese would stop water fluoridation if it would save the State money in the long run? They are some frugal people. They know it’s a debunked BOONDOGGLE and is actually dangerous, and not effective. If we want to improve children’s (THAT’S THE TARGET PATIENT LOOK IT UP IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW IT) dental health that are suffering from poverty to the point they are “fluoride deficient”, we can subsidize some fluoride toothpaste and fluoride pills and mouthwashes for the poor little children to take IF THEIR PARENTS SO CHOOSE to medicate them with it. You are a dying breed, “Vegan”. You need to up your coconut oil, red palm oil, and hempseed oil cause you are not getting enough ketones to nourish your brain cells, apparently. Fluoride has an accumulative effect, and you may be experiencing some of the end game symptoms… like early senility. Or are you one of those elite front men who filter the hell out of your water and watch every freaky thing that goes into your body while you advocate “sensible” people not give a rat’s ass about being forcibly medicated with a toxic waste in their drinking water? What an asshole either way…

          • 50 published studies on cancer alone is thin evidence. Whatever.

        • Mountain Man

          I can easily match your 50 studies with 50 studies that show fluoride should not be consumed. The question is who funds your studies? Most assuradly it would be those in industry who stand to benefit from disposing of fluoride waste and those that will prevent the truth from being told because their reputations are established on the lies they perpetuate (i.e. the ADA and the CDC).

        • Mike Schnabz

          Druggin a water supply without consent is an act of terrorism.

  10. We stopped using toothpastes with flouride as well because we did not like continuously putting that poison into our systems. At least we have a choice in that!

  11. From personal experience. When I stopped using fluoride tooth paste my gums became healthy, when I started using it again, they became infected. When I stopped they got well again. So my experience tells me that fluoride is at least an irritant, if nothing else…it does nothing for our teeth or our health that is good.

    • Kristi

      Did you verify that all the other ingredients in the nonfluoride tp were the same except that one ingredient? Many non fluoride toothpastes are also “all natural” and therefore don’t contain another popular toothpaste ingredient, sodium laurel sulfate, which is soap and makes tootoothpaste foam. It is a known tissue irritant for many people and may have been the actual culprit of your gum problem and not the fluoride.

  12. OMG!!! John, you must be using too much fluoride yourself if you believe Wikipedia is THE answer! This is not the only scientist or dentist to speak out about fluoride being completely useless as well as cancer building. Maybe you should research a bit further from the mainstream, corrupted bullshit that you like to get your info from? Do you think Africans have bad teeth? Ive seen THE most perfect teeth on poor African people that don’t even brush! It comes down to the crap western diet, not a toxic chemical, to keep your teeth healthy. On top of all this, why are the people being “treated” for tooth decay when they haven’t given their permission? It is actually AGAINST the law to treat anyone without their express permission, so If you want humanity to just be treated like dumb cattle maybe you and your “wikipedia” mates can grow teats and munch on some yummy grass!

    • Caitleen Storm Elizabeth Chisolm Brown

      WELL SAID Aklesha Morrison!!

  13. John

    Townships are banning fluoride form their water supplies because they are being misinformed by articles like this. Why do you think you can use a question like that to promote your cause? Questions are the arguments of the weak.

    By the way, water is a waste product of many combustion engines. Should we ban this as well?

    “The government doesn’t hide the fact that fluoride is toxic” because EVERYTHING is harmful in sufficient amounts. Common sense tells us not to make a meal out of our toothpaste. The warning on toothpaste containers is for adults with young kids who have not yet learned this.

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_fluoridation: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control listed water fluoridation as one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century;[14] in contrast, most European countries have experienced substantial declines in tooth decay without its use, primarily due to the introduction of fluoride toothpaste in the 1970s.

    So, fluoride is good when it is at proper concentrations in either toothpaste or water.

    The studies you quote can be of low quality (read wikipedia article above) regardless of whom conducts them. Check your sources! The controversy comes from the people who argue about “rights” despite the facts.

    • John, please provide me with information that directly proves that water fluoridation is effective. The statement you made about it being one of the greatest health achievements of all time, what science is there to back that up? It is well known, even within the industry that water fluoridation is completely ineffective! Hence why there is no evidence to support it, but a lot to show that it is harmful. Alternative news outlets are informing people, we’ve seen the impact we are having with fluoride, GMO’s and more….activism wouldn’t be occurring the way it is without there being evidence to prove our points, which we feel we have done on numerous occasions with numerous articles :) Also the U.S. Centre for DC is a highly questionable organization…..in my opinion. We are simply providing information, it’s up to the readers to draw their own conclusions…but it’s important to look at as much information as one can, thanks for sharing!

    • Nice try, but the fact you cite your only argument from wikipedia totally voids your opinion. And we have this here video of the man who created fluoride stating that he knows and has known it to be a harmful chemical… so im not sure how you can even question that, especially cite from Wikipedia to try and debunk it. o_O

    • Phil

      John…water is ingested so even “IF” fluoride had “ANY” benefit as a treatment “ON” the teeth/gums then there is absolutely no reason it has to be ingested/swallowed so it would only benefit, “IF AT ALL”, if it were used as a mouthwash or in conjunction with toothpaste with care being taken not to ingest either!

      In saying that then there is absolutely no reason why it should be in tap/drinking water where it is being consumed by means of drinking or even absorbed through the pores of the skin when showering/bathing! any sense of consumption orally or absorbtion through the skin is toxic and thus the public is not only being misinformed but poisoned against their consent and are instead passive or accepting of the fluoridation based on lies through marketing/media and the dental industry!

    • The fact that 98% of Europe have rejected the use of water fluoridation must have slipped your mind. The French knew it was not safe, as did the Germans. The Dutch banned it under their constitution. It is a dangerous neuro toxin. The Irish State are being taken to court for their policy of water fluoridation in the coming months.

    • luke

      They used to tell us Cigarettes were good for us too…. but, ok john.

    • Jeffrey Mountain

      Anybody who invokes the old tired line, “The U.S. CDC listed water fluoridation as one of the ten great public health achievements. . .” is seriously devoid of intelligence. That statement was part of a calculated political campaign and nothing more. The CDC functions as an industry arm (pick the industry–in this case dentistry and ADA) and wouldn’t know real health if they tripped over it.

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