Incredibly Strange Sounds Coming From The Sky in Terrace BC Aug 29th 2013

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strange-sounds-BCIncredibly loud and mysterious sounds were heard throughout Terrace, BC  on August 29th, 2013. While this is not the first time these noises have been heard, as you can see in videos listed below, this is still quite the surreal experience to listen to never mind experience first hand. While there is currently no explanation to suggest what exactly these noises are, there is one theory that might lend an idea.

Some scientists believe these sounds might be large scale energy processes created by solar flares, and other mass energy flows being sent towards earth.

In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth’s surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity. -Elchin Khalilov

Could these sounds be a result of HAARP technology which also interferes with the ionosphere? Could it be some sort of horn or device being tested? Could it be a release in energy from the earth? Is it maybe extraterrestrial related? We don’t have all the answers yet, but maybe in time something will come forward. For now, we can sit in the fact that we are living in some VERY interesting times.

More strange sounds from recent years.

New Jersey. March 18th-20th

Edmonton, Alberta 2012


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  1. Guy

    I know that sound…its metal being dragged across metal . I hear it in the shop I work at all the time . This has been amplified bigtime but its the same sound . I think someone is playing a joke here .

    • A joke all over the world? Highly unlikely……

  2. Anybody else think this might be connected to the sinkholes? That sounds like heavy machinery to me. They already have that 20 mile circle underground or whatever that they’re using to try and find the “god” particle, who’s to say they aren’t doing other stuff underground? Just tossing some thoughts out there.

  3. Autumn

    Me and my fiancé heard a similar nose.. but it was around 1am the next morning. Burleson Texas. To us it almost sounded like a car doing doughnuts. . But different.

  4. i got caught up in these videos already ..turned out to be a movie promotion a few yrs back ..

  5. Phil Tarr

    Space junk???

  6. That my friends is what you call a DRONE !

  7. Chris

    Could be a movie promo? Sounds like trains to me, amplified….. Be good to hear it for real!

  8. I believe they shut down HAARP (I haven’t seen chemtrails here in New Hampshire in months) as it is very, very old technology.

    These are the inaudible sounds put out by the monsters who control us, just one of their techniques to confuse and torture.

    To lighten our heavy hearts, how about this sound:


    • Cheryl Craft

      Randa, the chemtrails have been very heavy here in southeast Michigan this week.

  9. Butch

    It’s our Earth crying out in pain. She’s dying.

  10. Thank you for deleting my comment. Did you even BOTHER to look at the video? I am about as conspiracy-minded as anyone could ever be and I have been discussing HAARP and chemtrails for DECADES. But the truth is, it is VERY OLD TECHNOLOGY and things are infinitely much worse than HAARP even touches. Just so you know, here is one link re the shutting down of HAARP in May:

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hey Randa,

      Your initial comment was never deleted. As it says at the bottom of each of our articles it can sometimes just take up to 12 hours before one of our moderators can get around to approving submitted comments.

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