Shocking Results: Woman Replaces 40 Medications With Raw Cannabis Juice

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Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shotAlthough the results may not be shocking to everyone, many people on the planet are just starting to wake up to the tremendous medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany just discovered that the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system triggers the release of antioxidants that act as a cleansing mechanism. This process is known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy sources that powers cells. The study was published in the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, B (1).

There is also a large amount of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis can also be an effective treatment, and even a potential cure for cancer. We provided a list of 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer(2). We already know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year and that a plant-based diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths. It’s time to lose our stigmatism about cannabis, the only reason we’ve been made to look at it in a negative manner is because it would threaten multiple industries (including the pharmaceutical industry). Cannabis along with hemp has over 50,000 uses and could help transform our world.

Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system(2). While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular thought and belief, smoking the cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients which are the cannabinoids.

Another aspect of smoking the cannabis that must be looked at is the fact that when the cannabis is heated and burnt it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC which changes its ability to be therapeutic. Furthermore, anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body. That oxidation is not healthy for the body and can lead to health issues itself. This is why anti-oxidents are an important part of any healthy diet.




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  1. chris

    I would love to try this, but where on earth do I get it from? I’ve heard it helps COPD sufferers :)

  2. Moksha

    Can anyone share some recipe on this? How much of cannabis leaves to water ratio and how much to be ingested? Is 25 gms leaf in 15- ml water good to start? If this is too less then how much to go for? Does the cannabis taken this way have benefits apart from anti cancer??

    • the 3500 year old raw hemp drink is called “bhang” the mother of all green smoothies

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  6. Michal

    She has been eating (drinking…) lots of raw fruits and veggies so it’s not only cannabis cured her. Of course It’s a medicine but vegan diet also played huge part.

    • Jones

      You don’t know that for a fact whatsoever.

  7. Lady Sas

    We’ve known for years that cannabis has healing/relieving properties. but has actually given the recipe or dosage for it.

    Could someone enlighten me please?

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  9. Approved legal but still needing a license to grow industrial hemp [ .02 per cent THC but with a high CBD count] will when juiced have all off the same benefits as has juiced cannabis.We The Hemp Company Dublin have frozen juiced Irish cultivated legally grown in stock in our shop in Dublin.

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  11. sandra maillet

    I have chronic pancreatitis and diverticulosis. I take 2mg of dilaudid everyday and I am scared it will do something to my liver and I just don’t want to take all these pills they have me on.Can you please help me?

    • H.Dr,nabil

      Hom Dr,contact me on naab04at the rate of

    • jon

      Why do you think it will harm your liver?

    • Adam d

      There’s a great business called the marijuana doctors that helps patients find doctors who will recommend cannabis as an alternative medicine. Just google marijuana doctors and you should find them

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  13. So how long should we take that magic juice? Just forever, in daily diet?

    • rikke

      Yes it’s your vitamin pill.

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  15. Maria Pia

    Where can I find the recipe of this cannabis juice?

  16. not stigmatism — that’s geometry. you meant stigma.

  17. Dr Wildman

    can you please make sure you use the quantifier SOME what saying cannabis cures cancer? it’s very misleading and harmful to imply that cannabis cures all cancer and could lead to lots of people suffering.

    • Where can I buy it from … How long do I take it for . I gave secondary breastfeeding cancer of the bone in pain so much .
      Really need help x

      • danielle davidson

        Please go to and join our group, we sell bushels of legally grown hemp and juiced hemp. If you have a juicer we can send you a box in the post. If not we can work out how to send you frozen shots that you can use to boost your health.

    • sigh

      “…could lead to lots of people suffering.” ?? Sorry Dr Wildman, are you referring to the dangerously toxic drugs otherwise known as chemotherapy? Or, the removal of body parts known as surgery?


      Spoken like a true physician who has been brainwashed and manipulated by large pharmaceutical companies,government and police forces into believing that alternative has no place in the medical community.But you will without hesitation support and write prescriptions for medications that could very well kill a patient over time.When will you and others like you finally see the light and admit that drug companies are not in the business of curing patients by use of medications but are merely looking to create patients who are a customer of their toxic concoctions for life.It truly is about the money and not the patient in our modern day health care systems.

      Surely you have seen the many drug advertisements on television that spew disclaimers of the 10-15 severe adverse reactions a certain medication may have,Sure it may help by masking the symptoms of a medical issue,…but it will never cure you and most likely many of these prescription medications will leave you with a host of other medical issues.Tell me,where is the logic in this approach?

      I don’t know which is more disgusting to me,…the prescription drug pushers who do the dirty work for big pharma or the crack,heroine,cocaine pusher who does the dirty work for the drug lords.

      Also,for anyone who truly believes that most doctors know the real negative effects of the drugs they prescribe has been sadly misinformed.

      Next time your sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office keep an eye out for the ‘Corporate Pusher’ as I like to call them.You can’t miss them as they are the ones in the suit and ties or slick dress and high heels pulling a cart full of the latest flavour of the day free drug samples that will land up in the hands of the doctor and eventually in the patients hands or even worse their children’s hands.

      My advice to patients is to do your own research on any medication before you take a dose and find out all the potentially dangerous long term adverse effects because I can guarantee that the doctor prescribing them does not know the full story.

      Why am I making such harsh statements you may ask?,…because I was a victim of prescribed medications about 7 years ago and they damn near killed me.Now I take medical cannabis to help cure and control the Dermatomyositis,Fibromyalgia,Arthritis,Lung Disease,Nerve Damage that was a direct result of taking Levoquin and Ciprofloxacin or otherwise known as Fluoroquinolones(Quinolones for short).If I could I would take a handful of these medications and ram then down the throats of the CEO’s of the mega pharmaceutical companies,…a fast of their own medicine if you will.

      You see good doctor,drug companies can’t patent nature or duplicate it so they would rather lobby politicians to keep it out of mainstream medicine by having natural cures like cannabis always considered to be evil taboo black magic.If you can’t see through all the smoke and mirrors by know then they really have you where they want you.

      Exercising critical thinking will expose the real truths of mass corruption.

      • Kelley

        Excellently described. I wish I would have known all of this 30 years ago. & definitely wish my parents had known before that.

  18. Kauser

    What is cannabis in Arabic ,Urdu
    How to prepare this juice
    And it’s dosage

    • ajay

      حشيش مخدر, قنب حشيش

    • ajay

      its also called bhang , hash , Gardaa ,

  19. lelee

    I know this may sound silly.. but its an honest question that i need answered.

    Will eating cannabis to cure cancer make one ‘high’? just want to know if that is a side effect as it is not something i would want during a cancer treatment

    • Reportedly, a high that dulls pain and relieves nausea, which is why medical use of marijuana is becoming legal in so many states. Cancer patients show an enormous relief when using it with chemotherapy and similar treatments which deeply debilitate the patient.

      Though I have to ask, you’d rather be in agony and suffering than high?

    • Lelee: Once you saturate the endocannabinoid system it does not get you “high” as you put it. The “high” comes from the system being so depleted. After you saturate the system the only way to get high (and even that is not much) is to vaporize or smoke it. Here is a video explaining the endocannacinoid system discovered by researchers in 1991 but pretty much being wholely ignored by the medical community because the plant to fix it is illegal:

    • Shell

      In my experience, you’ll get a body high from ingesting the plant. Basically, ‘feel good’, giddy, floaty feeling. And hungry, so have something to nibble on. It helps with nausea. You’re not going to want to run a marathon (Unless there’s cake at the end lol). No headaches, no trembles, no ‘hangover’ that I’ve ever had. When ingested, the ‘high’ feeling does last longer than when smoked. I use it for treatment of my Fibro, it’s the only way I can keep food down when I’m flaring.

    • MattMatt

      Raw cannabis will not get you high, but is also less proven as a cancer treatment. Cooked cannabis will get you high but is more likely to cure your cancer. Basically raw cannabis is mostly cannabinoid acids like THCA, CBDA, CBCA etc. When they are heated sufficiently they convert into “active” cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBC. It is the active cannabinoids, particularly THC, that is proven to kill various forms of cancer and while gradual increases in doses can build up a tolerance to THC so that the high is minimal, or even avoided in some case, it is the compound that gets you high that is most established as a cancer killing compound.
      Remember THC is non toxic and many people using cooked cannabis oil as a cancer treatment have avoided the high by starting with small doses and slowly increasing dose every 4 days until you reach the gram a day mark.
      The process of converting the acids to the neutral cannabinoids is called decarboxylation and a small amount of decarb does occur when cannabis is dried/cured. So if you are choosing the juicing option or looking to make raw oils it is best to avoid any heat and use cannabis that is relatively fresh. But as I said, while raw cannabis is very beneficial it is far less established as a cancer treatment and if you want the proven cancer killing compounds then you need to cook the cannabis, which does make it psychoactive. CBD dominant strains and raw cannabis do appear to have anti cancer properties so you may cure a cancer if you take enough of it, but I’m afraid that the compound that gets you high, THC, is the most potent cancer killer

      • maurice

        good knowledge

      • The cannabinoids in their raw acidic and living form are actually more effective in healing the body and destroying bad cells (such as cancer). I know this to be true from personal experience. You, or anyone else, claiming otherwise are basing your opinions on absolutely nothing. And you are further perpetuating confusing between cannabinolic acids and those elements after they have been heated.

        Just as one would compare a person on a raw food diet to one with a cooked food diet… the person with the raw food diet will be healthier and more healed 100% of the time.

        There is more to the Cannabis plant and its healing properties than even just its cannabinoids. There is life energy that our bodies absorb and require that is otherwise destroyed with high heat.

        Your post is not knowledge, it is misinformation. Respect the plant, and learn through experience.

        • We state the health benefits of cannabis and provide evidence in multiple articles.

        • MattMatt

          Actually everything I said is 100% accurate. If you want to dispute this then by all means provide your evidence. I didn’t say that raw didn’t have medical value (I specifically said it does) but it is the decarboxylated cannabinoids that have actually been shown to kill cancer. THC and CBD have been shown to kill various types of cancer in lab and animal studies (THC has even some human clinical evidence) but while there is some evidence of possible anti cancer properties for raw there is ZERO evidence of raw cannabinoid acids actually killing cancer cells.
          You talk about your “experience” with out any actual details of what experience you have. But I stuck to the cold hard facts.
          ALL the clinical data and almost all of the anecdotal evidence for cannabis as a cancer treatment is using decarboxylated cannabis, primarily THC.
          If you want to accuse me of providing “misinformation” I suggest you back up your claims with some evidence because your vague comments about “experience” are meaningless.
          THC kills cancer, CBD kills cancer. Those two statements are proven to a certain degree. Show me any evidence that raw THCA kills cancer. Please. I would be very interested to see any evidence that raw THCA kills cancer cells. I myself have spent a lot of time searching for such evidence but the only evidence of cancer killing is for decarboxylated THC and CBD.
          Your assumptions about raw over cooked are actually potentially dangerous. Yes, for many vegetables raw is better. Even in the case of cannabis, cooking it does involve the loss of beneficial compounds like terpenes (which evaporate in the cooking process) and cannabinoid acids (which convert to the neutral cannabinoids through decarboxylation) but the actual cancer killing compounds are THC and CBD, with CBC another possible.
          You are making assumptions based on the nutritional comparisons between raw and cooked vegetables. But we are talking about medicine not nutrition. Raw may make a great supplement to cancer treatments, it may even prove a stand alone treatment in large enough doses, but it is cooked cannabis that is actually proven to kill cancer.
          I respect the plant. I also respect the science and the proven facts. THC can kill cancer cells through the activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD can kill cancer through CB2 and GPR55 receptors. THCA is not even capable of activating these receptors. So to utilise the PROVEN cancer killing properties it is ESSENTIAL that you cook cannabis extracts properly for full decarboxylation to maximise the potency of the compounds that we know can kill cancer, THC and CBD. Until there is some evidence that THCA can kill cancer the promotion of raw over cooked, when it comes to cannabis, is dangerous, ignorant and based on absolutely nothing.
          The sad thing is that, regardless of what “experience” you are basing your opinion on, my comments are not based on opinion. My comment was fully based on established facts. There was no opinion involved.
          Cannabis needs to be cooked to guarantee full decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is essential to maximise THC, CBD and CBC potency. These neutral/activated cannabinoids are the only components of the plant that have been clinically proven to kill cancer cells.
          So it is not an opinion, but a simple fact, that the current evidence only supports the claim that cooked cannabis can cure or treat cancer and raw cannabinoid acids, while beneficial in many other ways and possibly anti cancer substances to a certain degree, is unproven at best.
          Raw may prove superior for certain conditions but cooked is the proven cancer killer.

        • His post was indeed Knowledge tho.. And clarifies the misleading that these days we see all over the internet mostly from companies that want to sell (and using the legal ‘hemp’ -which is actually still our beloved plant cannabis, just a different variety, a sub-specie if u want.

          Yes, raw cannabis is still beneficial, and THC-A (thc in the acid form) has medical properties BUT the activation of the acids (thru the decarb process) gives you the true medicine you want.

          Dont get confused with what u do with vegetables or other raw foods. And noone said anything about “overcooking”. There is a specific way for the decarboxylation.

          The only missinformation that is going around, is the general use of the phrase “cures cancer”, cause there are a lot of different types of cancer and even tho we have a lot of promising results for many types of it, we dont have evidence that cures ALL types of it. (But for sure it helps in all I believe).

          [I hope I make sense, cause english is not my native language and maybe have some grammar errors above].

    • thelordsavior

      yes, yes you would

    • Gabriele Jerousek

      lelee- The form in which this article suggests eating it will NOT get you high. The thc has to be heated in order to convert to thca that WILL get you high. So eating it in it’s raw form as in juicing will absolutely not get you high whatsoever. If you consume edibles however where the cannabis has been heated ( or decarboxulated) first and then made into brownies, chocolate or whatever, you will get a body “high” but by carefully dosing slowly with small amounts at first until your body gets used to it- or as another writer has suggested until your ECS is saturated, you can control the amount of high you experience. Don’t worry though, it’s really quite enjoyable. Complete relaxation and relief from pain is not what I would describe as “stoned” or anything negative at all.

    • Entropy

      It depends, certain strains are cultivated to have low enough levels of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) to avoid getting you high, but yes, eating a normal strain will definitely get you high ;)

    • Dr William Courtney explained in the video: You could ingest fresh, raw plant which has 600 mg of therapeutic THC Acid (and is NOT psychoactive.) But – heating or burning a plant changes the THC Acid to THC, which is psychoactive (not good.) The brain can only tolerate 10 mg of THC and remain conscious. Therefore, ingesting the raw plant gives 60 times more beneficial THC – because it’s in Acid form – than you could tolerate if it was changed through heating or burning. Of course, any burning material is hazardous for other reasons too.

      • MattMatt

        There is an important distinction to be made between raw and cooked cannabis. While it is true that raw THCA does not get you high, allowing you to take much larger quantities it is also true that it cannot activate the Cb1 or Cb2 receptors which are activated by THC to kill cancer cells. So while THCA does have its own therapeutic effects through other pathways it does not have the same medical properties as THC. IMO Dr Courtney’s info is misleading in this regard as he gives the impression that THCA is equal to, or even better than, THC just with out the high. However this is not true. THCA is completely different in all its effects. There is conjecture that THCA has various anti cancer/tumour inhibiting effects, and it certainly has benefits, the fact remains that it is actual THC that has been proven to kill cancer. So if you are looking to treat cancer you will likely require THC.
        Remember the reason THCA does not get you high is because, with the carbon attached, it is too big to pass the blood brain barrier and too big to fit the Cb1 and Cb2 receptors, which means it cannot use this pathway to actually kill cancer. For those who have access to both then raw and cooked cannabis is likely better than either one alone but for those who need to make a choice then it is cooked that is more established and potent for cancer.

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