Shocking Results: Woman Replaces 40 Medications With Raw Cannabis Juice

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Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shotAlthough the results may not be shocking to everyone, many people on the planet are just starting to wake up to the tremendous medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany just discovered that the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system triggers the release of antioxidants that act as a cleansing mechanism. This process is known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy sources that powers cells. The study was published in the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, B (1).

There is also a large amount of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis can also be an effective treatment, and even a potential cure for cancer. We provided a list of 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer(2). We already know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year and that a plant-based diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths. It’s time to lose our stigmatism about cannabis, the only reason we’ve been made to look at it in a negative manner is because it would threaten multiple industries (including the pharmaceutical industry). Cannabis along with hemp has over 50,000 uses and could help transform our world.

Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system(2). While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular thought and belief, smoking the cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients which are the cannabinoids.

Another aspect of smoking the cannabis that must be looked at is the fact that when the cannabis is heated and burnt it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC which changes its ability to be therapeutic. Furthermore, anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body. That oxidation is not healthy for the body and can lead to health issues itself. This is why anti-oxidents are an important part of any healthy diet.




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  1. Tina Barnett


  2. Finally! lets lose the greedy stigma against weed! Please sign this petition to legalize Cannabis.

  3. Laura

    I never liked eating cannabis – it made my tummy feel icky. So I haven’t done it since college. Hopefully it’s better now. But I would need to see others do it first.

  4. ive never eaten weed ,just smoked it ,gotta try that for sure .now I need recipes lol

    • Texas Rosie G.

      I take a pound of organic cannabutter, add 1 TB salt, 1/4 cup organic sugar, 4 TB organic vanilla and 3 cups of organic flour, make cookies bake at 375 10-12 minutes.

    • Debra saute the bud in some olice oil use that oil to mix in brownie mix.. Its 10 times better than smoking.. try ot you will love it

  5. hoodthecat

    ive made space cakes for years and recently had blue cheese on toast. I dont know about health benefits but you sleep like the dead!

    • what about green dragon??

      what is the recipe for space cakes.

      • Me

        Simple….. Use CannaButter instead of regular butter.

    • What is a space cake? What does blue cheese on toast do for your health?

      • Aly

        Space cake are “special” marijuana brownies. “Blue cheese” is cannabis butter. It is heat-treated cannabis consumption. Not as beneficial, as heating reduces the health benefits.

  6. mb

    while juicyin raw cannabis its pysocotic effect gets 10 times less. basicly thc wont have the same effect. it has showen to be able to kill cancer cell aswell as (CBD) stop spread of cancer, pain relief ,antiinflamotry,anti diabetic, great for ms, some epelpsi(cbd) and so on… best natural medicin in existence have been banned for years so big pharma can profit. than you have to ask your self what exactly politicans been doing whil people it could saves would die ??? they place you in jail if you benefit of its medical benefits!
    that’s what they do.

    • Amy

      It was banned as it was seen as a drug that was only useful for getting high. It’s only in recent years that benefits have been properly researched. There is no conspiracy. There are several companies that are currently researching cannabinoids to use as medicines.

      • Matthew Sands

        With all due respect Amy, that is nonsense. THC has long been established for its medicinal benefits. The first patented cannabis medicine (marinol) is synthetic THC, the US government supplied Cannabis, by court order, to a small number of patients specifically for the PROVEN medicinal properties of THC including its ability to treat glaucoma, tumours, inflammation, muscle spams and its effects as a bronchial dilator.
        Forget conspiracy theories the simple facts are that cannabis has been recognised for its proven medicinal properties for more than 5 decades, the US has owned, and still owns numerous patents for it, were forced by court order to provide pre rolled joints of cannabis, specifically for THC content to 12 patients, pharmaceutical companies have made synthetic versions of THC which have long been approved as medicines.
        Really wish people would do some research before they share such ill informed opinions. Your informed opinion as to why THC was banned is so full of ignorance it is actually quite sad.
        Cannabis was used as a medicine long before it became popular for recreational use. So to claim THC was only banned because it was only seen as useful for getting high is just flat out wrong.
        Please educate yourself better on this issue

    • The people that has known that cannabis cures cancer helps epilepsy etc etc..And has kept it illegal should be tried in court just like a Nazi war criminal,..

    • danielle

      so true

    • Charles Waller

      THC is not psychoactive in natural acidic form. Neither are the lesser known, less psychoactive cannabinoids. CBNa is 10% approx. less psychoactive than THC, created by light & air degradation of THCa. Neither are psychoactive until decarboxylated. That occurs when the acid molecule loses a carbon molecule through heat.


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