8-Year Old Girl Raises PH levels And Shrinks Cancer Tumors By 75 % With Diet

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girlAnother story of a cancer patient treating themselves through diet has surfaced. Not long ago we shared a similar story of a man with stage 3 colon cancer who refused chemotherapy and cured himself with a vegan diet. I want to make it clear that surgery does not cure cancer, especially when an individual is already in the later stages of the disease. If it did, that’s all they would do. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the result of a body that is nutrient deficient, overloaded with toxins and usually the result of a PH level that’s too low, meaning that the body is bathed in acidity. If the body is not given the essential nutrients it needs to repair, regenerate and detoxify, cancer will most likely return.

Let food by thy medicine, and medicine by thy food – Hippocrates

In this case, the PH levels were raised, and as a result the lactic acid goes down and the cancer activity  goes down. This allows the body repair itself. It’s very concerning that most doctors don’t know that nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to cancer treatment. If you have cancer, the options you are given are usually drugs, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Rarely is nutrition thought of when it comes to an effective cure for cancer. While each case is unique and no ONE treatment can be used in every case, it is important to look at multiple options that have been effective vs only looking at mainstream options which don’t have high success rates to begin with. For example, here is a list of  20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are constantly pushed as the only go-to options for cancer treatment, when this couldn’t be farther from the truth. How often does a cancer patient see a doctor who tells them that dichloroacetate can their cancer? That was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Alberta. Cancer is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it can be hard to believe that there are those who do not promote treatments that have been proven successful, but it simply means we have to go beyond what we are taught, use our critical thinking skills and find out the truth for ourselves.

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  1. No food can change your alkalinity!

    • Where did you go to college?..

    • Racer

      But food most definitely does play a role in either causing cancer or curing it.

  2. Dan

    You should not believe that it matters whether foods are acidic or alkaline, because no foods change the acidity of anything in your body except your urine. Your stomach is so acidic that no food can change its acidity. Citrus fruits, vinegar, and vitamins such as ascorbic acid or folic acid do not change the acidity of your stomach or your bloodstream. An entire bottle of calcium pills or antacids would not change the acidity of your stomach for more than a few minutes.

    All foods that leave your stomach are acidic. Then they enter your intestines where secretions from your pancreas neutralize the stomach acids. So no matter what you eat, the food in stomach is acidic and the food in the intestines is alkaline.

    Quoted from quackwatch.org

    Don’t get me wrong here. I am an allied health care practitioner who strongly believes in minimizing the use of surgery and medication for everything where possible. I believe a healthy balanced organic diet will improve your chances of healing from cancer. I also believe that chemotherapy and radiation therapies are very toxic to the body but there aren’t really better options yet. There needs to be much more research done. Researchers are looking at GM viruses (three cured cases so far!) also proper studies on the use of intravenous Vit C needs to be done, more research into the use of cannaboids also.

    Sadly most people posting about alternate cancer cures have NO understanding of basic human physiology (blood ph is very specific and if it gets altered we don’t function!) or have any training in oncology.

    • John E.

      Do you think it’s possible that there are things other than food contributing to improper ph balance? Sodas, and alcohol immediately spring to mind. A glass of Coke is about 40 times more acidic than a glass of tap water.

      I’d be interested in knowing what research you’re quoting that says nothing changes the ph of anything but one’s urine. Because I’ve studied this issue extensively and not only have not heard that, but have run into a distinct lack of info on the subject. Studies cost money. Money usually funded by pharmaceutical firms who want to make obscene profits off a patented drug. They can’t patent diet. Nobody can.

      But as far as our only options being poison and surgery, I absolutely do know better than that. In fact, the several people I know who have beaten cancer, and stayed cancer free for years, have all done it with diet and lifestyle changes. I only know one man who has been fighting cancer exactly how the oncologists wanted him to for 20+ years. And he’s not gotten healthy and better. He’s about to lose his fight.

      And it’s hardly just cancer that improper ph can cause. The list is long and ugly. Sugar is another culprit. So is wheat gluten.

    • Susie

      It tells me something that you quoted from quackwatch because he is the quack. FYI, I healed from Inflammatory Breast Cancer from a good whole food based diet, so don’t tell me it doesn’t work. My PH went from being very acidic to being very alkaline and the cancer died off. I believe that you are only programmed with crap, that’s what I think because it worked for me and 1000’s upon 1000’s of other people. Medical Field is just afraid of losing all that money but most especially, Big Pharma. If I had gone “their” route, I’d have lost both breasts and been pumped full of chemo and radiation, but I have both girls and never had any poisons.

      • Julie

        Hi Susie, your post made me smile. I am currently fighting to keep custody of one of my ‘girls’ at the moment and am working on a more alkaline diet and incorporating some alternative options and ayurvevdic herbs. Fingers crossed, but I feel this is the right path for me… :)

      • Bonni Yerex

        awesome! Keep that Ph nicely between 6 and 8 and you will have no worries AND both of your healthy girls!

  3. whas chemotherapy necessary?

  4. Hannah

    Drinking lemon juice in your water ( or apple cider vinegar) lowers your acidity. It’s a very easy way to incorporate a change. You can also look up a ph diet list of foods that bring acidity levels down, and avoid dairy because it causes inflammation and raises acidity.

    • Paul Gee

      Thank you :)

    • Jasmine barratt

      Also, Goat’s milk is alkalizing, so can be another useful alternative to cows milk.

    • Bonni Yerex

      dairy also generates mucous, an environment that serves cancer cells. Also read Joe Dispenza’s new book ‘You are the Placebo (making your mind matter)’. awesome.’

    • Vicki

      How does adding acid to your water lower your acidity? Lemon juice and vinegar are both acidic, so explain how this is possible.

      • Actually they turn alkaline once ingested..its just one of those things that are hard to explain.

      • Carolyn

        It’s not the acidity of the food per se, but its the end result in the body after being digested & absorbed, iI other words its final product tends to raise the pH of your body. Hope this helps.

    • Bonni Yerex

      dairy also generates mucous and cancer cells thrive in that environment!

  5. Paul Gee

    Inspiring story but very frustrating as it doesn’t actually say anything about the diet she used either in the article or in the video! From the vid I’m guessing it involves raw fruit and veg. Any ideas about specific foods to lower body pH? Regards PG

    • Paul Gee

      Sorry I meant raise pH not lower. ie more alkaline.

    • Bonni Yerex

      Google ‘alkaline food list’ Several sites provide one. No deprivation. Lots of choice. ridding of gluten, sugar and processed foodies far easier than it seems.

  6. Seandel

    8 year old girl call . I read how you raised PH levels and shrinks Cancer Tumors by 75% with Diet
    please call me 678-914-5809… I am sponsoring a Cancer and health Awareness Event. and your message would provide information that can save millions

    • max

      your joking seandel save millions your a nice person in dreamland . take a look at a life without cancer on youtube. I had cancer and cured myself no doctors .but maybe I am just a quack

  7. Many things to keep in mind here. Cancer is one of the oldest and least understood illness around. First recorded case was during Cleopatra’s time. If it was cancer. No one knows how we get cancer so how is there to be a definitive cure. Very small percentage of people with cancer are cured by chemo, radiation, etc. Cancer has gone down mostly due to early detection. If we don’t know anything about it, it would seem impossible for such self righteous answers. People who talk about hard science don’t understand hard science, funding, who gets it who doesn’t, what is studied in science,etc. Science is also subject to humanities ego inflation, just like most things. If the research might tarnish someone’s career, it won’t be done. If the research will not pull in big bucks it won’t be done. Children’s cancer, very different than adult cancers, only gets something like 5% of the research dollar because more adults die from cancer than children. Scientists are just as close minded as the rest of us. So please, stop with the hard science factoids. Statistics are slanted, not enough people are in a statistical study to make many of them viable. It is a business after all and we are capitalist; even medicine. I get so sick of hearing this crap about ‘real science’. Again, not that open minded. I had cancer three times. Went through hell for two years and then got it again. All the chemo and the surgeries did nothing to get rid off the cancer, except kill off my immune system, my energy, and destroy parts of my body. When I found the 2nd lump 2 years later I refused medical treatment after having many mammographers could not agree yes, it was cancer, no it’s just scar tissue. I found the cancer myself and then had it checked out. I then went about looking for anything that would CURE the cancers. I found several people who practiced Energy Medicines. If u don’t what they are look them up. In one month the tumor shrank.

    I don’t blame the docs for not wanting a cure for cancer. They are too far down the food chain to affect the research monies and decisions. I do blame the docs for being closed minded and thinking only they have any answers to heal our bodies, which is complete BS. They believe their own propaganda. Part of the training of an allopathic physician is to believe he/she has all the answers. They are about the most closed minded individuals I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. I know several people, personally, who did not use medicine to cure their cancers and not one doctor said to them, “how did u do it”? There is your ‘real science’. They didn’t want to know. No one was ever interested in I cured my cancers without medicine. It’s such a huge fallacy that they have the answers. What really chafes me is all the money people keep raising for this research. If the research is not drug related it will never, ever be funded. You are dealing with a Luddite, a mere mortal, who does not have any answers unless they will make tons of money.

    There are been cures for cancer for many decades and more often than not medicine will squelch it and them, never being smart enough to pick up what has shown some promise and take it into a lab and put it under good research protocols. That is shear stupidity. Keep in mind medicine is an apprenticeship program. They study from the guy or gal before them. How is that science? That is repetition. Research how medicine was started during the late 1880’s. There were many medical schools at the time. Anyone could practice medicine and it was left up to the public to determine who was worthy of practicing and who was not any good at what they did. Two foundations got together and came up with a license for medical practice: we now call it the AMA. They owned the drug companies of the day and didn’t want a lot of competition so the license was crafted to only qualify those schools who used drugs. All the other medical schools were closed. then they proceeded to vilify anyone else who could heal the body and it worked. And the unthinking, unmotivated to do their own research, willing to believe whatever shiny piece of paper is in front of them, ruined anyone who did not go to their schools.

    My 2nd and 3rd cancers where healed without medicine both times I used a remedy that held a frequency that ‘crashed the wave’ of the tumor. So simple. So benign. So easy. Both gone in one month. This work has been around since 1880 and was developed by an Indian doctor who also studied physics. There are your answers. Those waves can also be crashed by epigenetic practices; getting what is outside the gene to affect what is inside the gene. Check out Dr. Charles Dawson. check out http://www.healerswhoshare.com. http://www.peacefulmeadowretreat.com, http://www.huldaclark.com, http://www.reconnectivehealing.com, http://www.matrixennergetic.com. http://www.riaswift.com, to start with. Keep in mind that it’s easy to control the crowd, just make them afraid enough and they’ll do anything and that goes for medical students and docs as well.

    Clear the emotional components that are making your body weak enough to accept a diseased state. Look into Louise Hay’s work, Carolyn Myss’ work, Barbara Brennan’s work ( a NASA trained physicist), Anna Halprin who cured cancer through art, The Remission Project from Dr. Kelly Turner. I could go on. Mostly before you come up with a quick fix for something do a little digging and find the what has been done before and before that. Making quick statements and myopic proclamations doesn’t help anybody. It just shows you are ignorant and need to wait before you claim knowledge.

  8. Nisse

    I just want to give a suggestion how to raise he ph level. This is a new technology in health, Redox Siganling Molecules.

  9. Neil

    You seem anxious to use the word “lie”. I have cancer and I’ve seen my own ph from urine and saliva be at the 6 area, many others also. Certainly this could not be the blood. What do you recommend for a cure?

    • Baking soda in capsules, no joke. Coral calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and so many other capsules I took to get my PH out of the 6 range. Docs didnt seem concerned but I was!!! Baking soda worked best and I still do it.

  10. SusieQ

    My girlfriend was a total devotee of this approach. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was already vegetarian, exercised frequently and rarely drank alcohol. But she became vegan, didn’t drink any alcohol, didn’t eat sugar, followed the Gerson protocol.
    Her cancer has metasticized and she’s now in palliative care and has a few months to live.

    • Sorry to hear about that story. I believe that this is a perfect example of not every method works for everyone and so we must always look around at the multiple options out there. All of our bodies and conditions are unique and we can all respond so differently to treatments.

    • Kat

      Please research ingestion of cannabis oil and cancer fighting effects. If in the US get her to medical cannabis state. She can fight this and win.

    • survived 2010

      so sorry about your friend. My friend’s friend told me not to have a biopsy, just use natural treatments, and she’s gone now. I did indeed use natural treatments, But also did the full western medicine protocol. My cancer center at St Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport CT is awesome! They use the full range of complimentary treatments-diet, restorative yoga, personal nutritional counseling with supplements, as well as cooking classes, massage, work with a psychologist, music therapy, art therapy, and other mind-body therapies. They have support groups for cancer in general and breast cancer and other types of cancer specifically. I heartily recommend Western medicine as well as complimentary treatments which greatly improved the quality of my life. I am a grateful 3 1/2 year survivor.

  11. Great article guys. Super stoked that sites like this exist as some people would not find this information any other way. Ive started a nutition blog would be awesome for some feedback!



  12. Does it bother ANYONE that the doctor in the video said the girl’s ph was 5 / 5.5? If this obvious lie didn’t strike you as a lie then you DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE or expertise to say anything about cancer or its cures.

    • Sean

      Not sure what you are referring to as it being a lie. Blood ph stays pretty constant. Saliva and urine ph are changing constantly. Grab yourself some litmus paper and check it out on yourself. If my ph is normal and I spend a half hour in a smoky room, then check it again in a half hour it will drop to 6. When I was diagnosed with cancer is when I started checking my urine ph. It did not register on the strips either because it was so acidic. I changed my diet and in the course of a month or so I was able to get my ph back to 7 to 7.2 ( I also did take 12 rounds of chemotherapy as well) I am not saying anyone should refuse treatment if their doctor is telling them they need it.

    • basil

      what bothers me more that that is the fact that you also did not say that chemo and radiation are bad as well. We all know that does not cure. the answer in a broad term is diet and exercise my man. Research and common sense show. as a starter why don’t you check out works by the ACSM

      • My doctor (leading cancer specialist in NZ) said that radiotherapy offers more problems than it solved and is really only used for the end stage diagnosis. He suggested that I explore diet and natural remedies for my blood cancer.

  13. EMJAY

    very true

  14. Emmett

    I’m a Health consultant and none of the comments below know what the heck they are talking about. Diet does cure, but the problem with many many people is that they refuse to change their diet even if it does cure them, especially if it’s something like a vegan diet, you have to stay on these diets for at least a year or more depending on the illness and at the same time if you cheat yourself by eating a piece of cake for example while on the diet you have to start all over again back to day 1 in order for it to work and almost nobody is willing to do that, so in a way this doesn’t really affect the Medical Industries business, but if it this diet thing did become too popular the Industries would start GMOing all veggies and add more toxics to it such as toxic metals and fluoride to prevent the food from curing anyone and the weird part is that society would willingly except it and pretty much have to anyways cause even if society did fight to change it, the change wouldn’t do much to get things back to where they were, just look at all the natural foods in the supermarkets that have been changed by labs (cross bread, GMOed,increased size, increased sugar, etc) and poisoned by pesticides.

    • Excellent point

    • Olof

      You obviously need to get fired from your position, you snake-oil selling hippie.

    • Sista PU

      Thank you. German scientist received Nobel prize for discovering that cancer feeds on sugar. How many people know about it? Why is so quiet about such an important discovery? You know why…sad, so sad…

  15. Nytstalker
    • Cynthia Maurer

      Thank you.

  16. Lot on interesting, but unfortunately ignorant answers. The human body RESTORES it’s own cells every second. If the Innate Intelligence of the body is allowed to EXPRESS LIFE through the physical matter, and we continuously give it the correct building blocks, it will RESTORE (and heal) appropriately. It is a dynamic continuum, not black or white. The Principle of LIFE is 100% consistant, but the physical matter (the body) has limitations. This is why one person RESTORES (heals) but another person dies.
    First step is to take proper care of your #1 system in your body, the Central Nervous System/Brain, through Chiropractic care.
    Then giving the proper Nutrition, Movement (exercise), Clearing your Mind, Avoiding Toxins, we can experience a massive change in our levels of HEALTH.

    • Wrong. There are limits on life for everyone (i.e. replicative cell senescence).

      • jasmine

        Actually not even that is set in stone. Lifestyle and diet affect the length of the telomeres in the body which decides how long and how well your cells can replicate. Even DNA is not set in stone in the way you might think. Hormones affect the way DNA is read, and your hormornes Are affected by your lifestyle.

        “Our genes, and our telomeres, are not necessarily our fate,” said lead author Dean Ornish, MD, UCSF clinical professor of medicine, and founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

        “So often people think ‘Oh, I have bad genes, there’s nothing I can do about it,’” Ornish said. “But these findings indicate that telomeres may lengthen to the degree that people change how they live. Research indicates that longer telomeres are associated with fewer illne
        sses and longer life.”

  17. Gus Mobs

    This kind of misinformation is dangerous and irresponsible. Diet has never “cured” cancer and there is no such thing as a low ph body, at least not in a living body. The PH level remains fairly constant as it has to and the level isn’t changed by eating acidic foods. Nor will magnets, crystals, or snake oil cure anything other than the weight of your wallet, though charlatans and thieves have peddled those lies for more than 100 years.

    Follow your doctor’s advice on diet while fighting cancer or any major illness. And find a more responsible, science and fact-based site for information. The information on this page, to the extent it convinces you to forego responsible medical treatment, is dangerous.

    • Diet has cured cancer, it just may have not been documented. Power of the mind has cured cancer, it just wasn’t documented. I know of specific cases through a doctor I speak with who had patients who used these methods. It’s is like the argument that nutrition cannot cure cancer.. keep in mind when they studied this they used supplements and not real healthy food. Supplements do not provide the body anywhere near the same level nor quality of nutrients as eating the food does. Therefore the medical field has yet to actually effectively study the power of food based nutrition on cancer.

    • Paul jackson

      @Gus, everyone has their own opinion, we will all die in the end anyway HOWEVER just out of curiosity what do you eat? what are your personal stats? and how long do you plan to live for?

    • Alan Linnitt

      Gus, I am still here two years after being given 6 months to live, my doctors told me that die doesn’t help an to eat what I want and enjoy the last of my days!
      I didn’t listen and am hanging on, I juice everyday and cut out dairy, meat and sugars. Diet might not have cured me but it has helped me survive longer and better.

      • Sharon Humphrey

        Gus: I was wondering what your diet consists of? Do you eat avacados, nuts, and beans? I have been doing Gerson, to reverse the breast cancer I was diagnosed with August 21st, since the doctors forms of treatment are really not a good option. Mustard gas is not my idea of fun… if you know what I mean?

        Have you been tested since you have been eating the vegan diet to see if you are cancer free? I am also doing the plant based diet mentioned in The Gerson Miracle, but it is extreme not allowing nuts, seeds, sugar, flour, meat or dairy; and a lot of JUICING!

        Please let me know how your doing it more in detail!

    • jasmine

      What do you think happened here then? People can be cured with nutrition. It is a precise science, just like conventional science. You have to get it right for it to work. Nutrition is based on hard science.

    • Cynthia Maurer

      Doctors know nothing about diet.

    • TL

      You are wrong. Diet HAS cured cancer for myself and many other people. Chemo and drugs are poison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. John Boyce

    The girl was cured by all the cancer killing polyphenols in her plant diet, not by raising her ph. The body’s ph level never changes from about 7.2-7.4, if it did, you would die as thousands of enzymatic reactions would cease to occur. If you eat acidic foods, your body robs your bones of Calcium to buffer that so you always remain in the 7.2-7.4 range, look up the science. You have the method of the cure right, plants, but incorrect science of what is occurring. Eat a plant based diet, you will beat cancer, but no one is “acidic”.

    • You are mostly correct, but rather than rob your bones to correct pH, your breathing automatically deepens to reduce acidic CO2 levels. Plants are great but it isn’t about pH. http://www.acupuncturebrooklyn.com/alternative-health/does-it-matter-if-i-eat-acid-forming-foods

      • I think a lot as to do with a lot of different things.

    • Danny Newcomer

      John you are right in what you say, but you are talking about the ph level in the blood and not the ph level in the body. Various parts of the body have different ph levels. For instance the stomach is always acidic, A women’s vagina when it is cleansing is acidic. The ph in the mouth varies from acidic to alkaline depending on what food is being eaten. The general body can become too acidic or too alkaline and neither is good for the body. Cancer or any other disease needs an acidic and anaerobic condition to thrive in, otherwise it will die.

    • Martin Olsson

      As Danny said. pH in blood is one thing, what you said. Saliva SHOULD be between 6,6 – 7,2, urine 6,4 – 6,8.

  19. Before you start with alternatives get an AMAS test first (as little as $165). It will give you a percentage figure of your “cancer load” that is claimed to be 90% accurate. If positive and you get a second test that is also positive the accuracy goes up to 99%.

    If your load goes/down as time goes on you then have an “objective” means of measuring the efficacy of what you’re using.

    • Sharon

      Mac: What is “cancer load” and AMAS test?


  20. Sharon

    I was recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I was told that I need to have a lumpectomy and radiation. Starting next week, I have decided to do organic vegetables and juicing without eating meat. After I have completed this, I will have the doctor check to see if the cancer has grown or shrunk any. I am looking for guidance from My Lord and Savior for he knows the alpha and the omega. God is good….he is the healer of all healers.

    • Interesting to hear that you are trying it out for a week. Hopefully you get some good results. You might be interested in asking your doctors about these studies as-well :)





      • Sharon

        Arjun: I am not trying the all vegetables and juicing for a week…..it is for a month and then I will have Dr. check to see if the tumor has shrunk or grown. I will definitely speak with the Dr. regarding these studies.
        Thank you for you comment.


    • sasha

      Hi, please also look into Biomagnetic Therapy developed by Dr Goiz, which helps pH balance your body. There are many therapists available and it gives excellent results. Good luck!

      • Sharon

        Thank you Sasha, I will definitely check into this therapy.


      • Sharon

        Sasha: My ph levels are very good.

    • That’s awesome! Have you seen Forks Over Knives documentary? Phenomenal! God gave us healing things on the Earth. Even Daniel and his men (or was it David?) were stronger for eating only fruits and vegetables. Go for it!

      • Sharon

        Thank you tanastable for the encouragement. God Bless!

    • Rob

      No, God isn’t, you are. He isn’t choosing for you to eat this is he? You are! All the best Sharon xx

    • Tara

      I have faith in this. My son was literally dying and ate up with cancer. After a week, he feels great! He has a long road ahead of him but I believe there is alternative ways to cancer. My son has been battling his for 2 and a half years and chemo didn’t work for him. I believe God brought this to us. Good luck to you Sharon, I will pray for healing in Jesus name for you.

      • Sharon

        Tara: Good luck to your son also. Please tell him a positive attitude and his faith will bring him a long way in recovering. I too will pray for your son…how old is he?

    • Don

      This vegan diet is the same thing as the Gersen method. This guy was a doctor in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. His vegan diet has cured many people of cancer. Including pancreatic cancer. Watch the gersen Miracle movie. Link below.


    • Sammi

      Praying that the Lord will heal you through your faith and diet. Be strong & be courageous. Continue to look to your Lord GOD Almighty. Blessings on you !

    • Sharon, I am a Naturopathic doctor and I appreciate that you are taking responsibility and doing your own research. I have a website with lots of information and resources that may help you. Also, please research iodine supplementation. The thyroid is our shield gland and protects our breasts and reproductive organs–most of us are extremely iodine deficient. The function of the thyroid is to make thyroid hormones from dietary iodine. An excellent book–“The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow.
      Iodine has been safely used for hundreds of years and is known to kill most pathogens. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
      “Pull out the poison, feed the body, and God will heal”–Burton Goldberg

    • mary simon

      Sharon – check out http://www.drday.com. Best of healing to you. Please post your progress!

    • blessings to you sharon..may God give you giudance and strength in your fight

    • emese adorjani

      Sharon I am sorry to hear your cancer diagnosis, keep juicing and stick to only fresh fruits if you can tolerate ,if not add raw veg.also..Check out DR.ROBERT MORSE’S video on cancer.You have to detoxify your body,once is cleaned cancer shrinks..You have to get the lymp nodes clear,adrenal and kidney’s.You will be fain..Trust in the Lord and he will heal you..Please listen to the video,s see how it makes sense..All my love to you..Amy

      • Sharon Humphrey

        Thank you for your input. Lymph nodes were clear. Margins were great….cancer free…no therapy needed. Always trusting in The Lord.

  21. CHERYL

    Apart from plant foods being healthier, it is also a good ethical choice as there is no cruelty to animals and better for the environment, as cattle produce more greenhouse gases than the traffic on the road, so the less people consume beef or dairy products the better.

  22. Nancy F

    I absolutely believe that poor, unhealthy diets create illness and good, healthy diets promote good health. I am a Holistic patient with MS. I do no traditional medical treatment nor take any prescribed drugs. I am a vegetarian. If it wasn’t for my Holistic/Alternative med treatment, I’d be in a wheelchair like my MS friends are who take Betaseron. I will NEVER take traditional treatment for anything and I’ve been doing Holistic treatment since I lived in Japan 40 yrs ago. And yes, there are cures! They’re sitting on big Pharma shelves. There is no $$$$ in cures and big Pharma wants to keep you as sick as they can for as long as they can which is why you’ll never see cures coming from the US. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • I have MS also , I had lyme disease , it caused mine, and have never taken the meds either , even though my doctor said i’d have to , I had always been a vegetarian mostly vegan . I am now a strict vegan , about 80% raw vegan ,, I beleive our bodys have the ability to heal themselves with the proper diet .The one God created us to have , Vegan . If it weren’t for my 44yrs of a vegetarian diet I would not be here today . Go Vegan , Its the only Healthy way to eat . And God’s Animals will no longer have to suffer and die needlessly
      Also , my health is perfect , even though I have MS . Everything works great !

  23. John

    Arjun: please fact check! Cancer a broad group of diseases involving unregulated cell growth. The causes of cancer are diverse, complex, and only partially understood. Diet is only one environmental cause of some cancers (30-35%). Please don’t make anyone think they can cure ANY cancer with only diet changes. This would certainly KILL some people. More than half of the effect from diet is due to overnutrition rather than from eating too little healthy foods. I can’t say with certainty anything about this girl’s case (no one can) but it seems diets in some countries DO promote particular cancers. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to change cultures (which are very closely tied to localized diets). You can’t be farther from the truth in telling your readers that “most doctors don’t know that nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to cancer treatment.” You must also realize diet is up to the patient. The vast majority of the time, patients DO NOT CHANGE their diets on doctors orders. Even if their life depends on it. Compliance is a huge problem. So, too many times, the only thing a doctor CAN do is reduce the size of the cancer by physically removing the mass (which has NEVER been touted as a cure but as one part of a multi-prong treatment). After that, it’s up to the patient to modify their behavior (if the type of cancer does respond to that) like stop smoking, eat less, use less salt, etc.

    Btw, the US government is a multi-trillion dollar entity. Cancer is a multi-BILLION dollar industry.

    Ref. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer

    • I do not think the causes are partially understood, I think we are made to believe that….I am not making anyone believe one can cure any cancer with only diet changes, although I do believe that to be a fact:) I never wrote what you are implying in my article :)…Indeed, I believe consciousness plays a big role and not everyone can do something they don’t truly believe in….please do not put false accusations one me :) After all it’s very important to look at the alternatives, given the fact that radiation greatly increases malignancy, and the fact that chemotherapy is ineffective most of the time.

      Diets definitely promote cancer, especially with all of the pesticides and GMOs…studies have already shown that, not to mention the chemical environment that surrounds us. I disagree…I definitely believe cancer numbers are in the trillions….despite what Wikipedia says :) ..But that’s not important, we know it’s a giant money making industry, and we know there are cures….

    • CHERYL

      I know for a fact GPs know very little about nutrition as they get very little training in this regard. I only go to them if I need to get medical tests done as they are just legal drug pushers. Their only solution to your sickness is to give you a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs! I have never been told to take natural remedies like garlic and lemon and lots of fruit and vegetables instead. The worst thing is when I have used these prescribed drugs they have been useless to me anyway and there was risk of side effects. The reason why antibiotics have been over used is because the doctors were prescribing them, or it couldn’t have happened!
      When I went for my last check up, the nurse gave me a food pie chart. The chart showed meat products for protein. There was no plant alternatives. When I told the nurse you don’t need to eat meat to get protein, she argued with me! That was interesting considering her sister died of bowel cancer at the age of 47 years of age and the nurse was considerably over weight. I think medicos don’t promote vegetarian or vegan diets as they don’t eat them themselves and don’t want to.
      A diabetic neighbour has a very large stomach and he stated to me that his doctor said his stomach is okay and he should eat meat and should not be vegetarian, when he told his doctor I told him he would be healthier on a vegetarian diet. He also didn’t know about low and high GI foods, saying his doctor said it is okay for him to eat cheap white bread! All dietitians tell us that white bread is bad for us so that doctor is very irresponsible with his advice!
      The type and amount of food is very important for health for preventing disease as well as treating it, so it is very important to stress the importance of a plant based diet to PREVENT disease in the first place!!

      • Chen

        “Doctors know very little about nutrition” =/= “Nutrition has an effect on cancer.” Doctors may or may not understand nutrition, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the diseases they treat. (Indeed, medicine is a pretty specialized field, thanks to the incredible complexity of the human body.)

        Arjun: sources? “Chemotherapy is ineffective most of the time”–what types of cancer are you talking about? Chemotherapy has vastly different success rates based on the type of cancer. “Radiation greatly increases malignancy”–source? “Diets definitely promote cancer”–source? “I definitely believe cancer numbers are in the trillions….despite what Wikipedia says”–yeah, going to beat the same old drum here, but Wikipedia backs up its assertion and you don’t.

        Finally: “I do not think the causes are partially understood, I think we are made to believe that….” Yet you were just linked to a page that explains the microbiology of cancer in some detail; are you arguing that all of that is just made-up information?

    • Randi K

      Of ALL the doctors I’ve consulted over my 55 years on this earth, NOT one of them ever made nutritional or diet recommendations, other than one who said “eat more bulk”. All my regained health has been my own research and listening to NON-medical people from the Western, allopathic persuasion. I trust no one is a white coat.

    • DMW

      I don’t get what you’re trying to say John. That cancer patients shouldn’t expect to be cured if they decide to eat organic? Much of a cure is believing in it – the placebo effect – and that may be enough to help make up for deficiencies in the nutrients. Our thoughts are very powerful things.

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