Scientific Evidence Suggests The Vaccine-Autism Link Can No Longer Be Ignored

Vaccine-childConcerns regarding vaccinations continue to increase exponentially in light of all of the information and documentation that has surfaced over the past few years. As a result, corporate media has responded to alternative media, stating that the increase of persons who are choosing to opt out of vaccines and the recommended vaccine schedule is a result of ‘fear mongering.’ This may not be too surprising as the corporate media is owned by the major vaccine manufacturers, and the major vaccine manufacturers are owned by corporate media(1)(2)(3)(4). Given this fact, it’s easy to fathom the possibility that these institutions are desperately trying to protect the reputation of their product.

For example, if we take a look at GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, they are owned by the same financial institutions and groups that own Time Warner (CNN, HBO etc.) and General Electric (NBC, Comcast, Universal Pictures etc.).(1)(2)(3)(4) This is seen throughout all of the major vaccine manufacturers and all of the 6 corporations that control our mainstream media. Keep in mind that these are the major funders of all ‘medical research’ that’s used to administer drugs and vaccinations. Despite these connections, medical research and documentation exists to show that vaccines might indeed be a cause for concern.

Vaccines and Autism, Both Sides of The Coin

Here we will simply present information from both sides of the coin because many are not even aware that two sides exist. We’ve presented multiple studies, citing multiple research papers and published research conducted by doctors and Universities from all across the world.  Here is an example of a paper that describes how vaccine manufactures and medical ‘experts’ with drug industry connections have been aware of the multiple dangers associated with vaccinations for over 30 years. We’d also like to present medical research that indicates the many dangers associated with vaccines, and have done this on multiple occasions. We do this because the safety of vaccinations is commonly pushed by the mainstream media, without ever mentioning or citing the abundant medical research that should also be taken into consideration when discussing vaccinations. Please keep in mind that there is evidence on both sides. At the same time, some of the evidence on the side that negates a positive outlook on vaccination has been labelled fraudulent, but then again many haven’t.

The vaccine-autism debate has been going on for years. It has been a tale of shifting beliefs as child vaccination rates remain high. On February 1998, Andrew Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist and his colleagues published a paper that supposedly linked Autism to Vaccines(5). More specifically, he claimed that the MMR vaccine was responsible for intestinal inflammation that led to translocation of usually non-permeable peptides to the bloodstream and, subsequently, to the brain, where they affected development(5). His work was unpublished, and he lost his medical license despite the fact multiple studies seem to support Andrew Wakefield’s work (here is one example, and here is another.) He has been labelled a fraud by the mainstream medical world, some experts claim that his research and methods are weak and based on very little evidence. Dr Wakefield’s research will NOT be used in this article.

At the same time I must mention that multiple studies from around the world have concluded that there is no link between Autism and the MMR Vaccine(5). It can become quite a confusing subject given that we have multiple medical studies contradicting each other. Was Dr. Wakefield exposing something that the medical industry did not want you to know? It is known that vaccine manufacturers suppress harmful data regarding their product, as mentioned and illustrated earlier in the article. Regardless of the MMR vaccine and autism debate, there are still a number of studies that link vaccines to a possible autism connection. Please keep in mind that multiple courts worldwide have ruled in favour of vaccines causing autism, brain damage and other complications (6)(7), that include the MMR vaccine.

Here is a great video narrated by Rob Schneider outlining the vaccine-autsim link. Below that you will find a list of 22 medical studies that show possible connections to vaccines and autism. Please keep in mind that we’ve only presented 22 studies here, there are many more published papers that document the link. Hopefully this inspires you to further your research on the subject. Also keep in mind that Autism is only one of the multiple shown consequences of vaccine administration, as they have been linked to a number of other ailments. 

 1. A study published in the Journal Annals of Epidemiology has shown that giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn baby boys could triple the risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder compared to boys who were not vaccinated as neonates. The  research was conducted at Stony Brook University Medical Centre, NY.

2. A study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry  by researchers at the Neural Dynamics Group, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of British Columbia determined that Aluminum, a highly neurotoxic metal and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant may be a significant contributing factor to the rising prevalence of ASD in the Western World.  They showed that the correlation between ASD prevalence and the Aluminum adjuvant exposure appears to be the highest at 3-4 months of age. The studies also show that children from countries with the highest ASD appear to have a much higher exposure to Aluminum from vaccines. The study points out that several prominent milestones of brain development coincide with major vaccination periods for infants. These include the onset of synaptogenesis (birth), maximal growth velocity of the hippocampus and the onset of amygdala maturation. Furthermore, major developmental transition in many bio-behavioural symptoms such as sleep, temperature regulation, respiration and brain wave patterns, all of which are regulated by the neuroendocrine network. Many of these aspects of brain function are known to be impaired in autism, such as sleeping and brain wave patterns.

According to the FDA, vaccines represent a special category of drugs as they are generally given to healthy individuals. Further according to the FDA, “this places significant emphasis on their vaccine safety”. While the FDA does set an upper limit for Aluminum in vaccines at no more that 850/mg/dose, it is important to note that this amount was selected empirically from data showing that Aluminum in such amounts enhanced the antigenicity of the vaccine, rather than from existing safety. Given that the scientific evidence appears to indicate that vaccine safety is not as firmly established as often believed, it would seem ill advised to exclude paediatric vaccinations as a possible cause of adverse long-term neurodevelopment outcomes , including those associated with autism.

3. A study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Current Issues by the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of New York shows how researchers suspect one or more environmental triggers are needed to develop autism, regardless of whether individuals have a genetic predisposition or not. They determined that one of those triggers might be the “battery of vaccinations that young children receive.” Researchers found a positive and statistically significant relationship between autism and vaccinations. They determined that the higher the proportion of children receiving recommended vaccinations, the higher the prevalence of autism. A 1 % increase in vaccination was associated with an additional 680 children having autism. The results suggest that vaccines may be linked to autism and encourages more in depth study before continually administering these vaccines.

4. A study published in the Journal of Toxicology by the Department of Neurosurgery at The Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston has shown that ASD is a disorder caused by a problem in brain development. They looked at B-cells and their sensitivity levels to thimerosal, a commonly used additive in many vaccines. They determined that ASD patients have a heightened sensitivity to thimerosal which would restrict cell proliferation that is typically found after vaccination. The research shows that individuals who have this hypersensitivity to thimerosal could make them highly susceptible to toxins like thimerosal, and that individuals with a mild mitochondrial defect may be affected by thimerosal. The fact that ASD patients’ B cells exhibit hypersensitivity to thimerosal tells us something.

5. A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences determined that the autoimmunity to the central nervous system may play a causal role in autism. Researchers discovered that because many autistic children harbour elevated levels of measles antibodies, they should conduct a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and myelin basic protein (MBP) autoantibodies. They used serum samples of 125 autistic children and 92 controlled children. Their analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children. The study concludes that the autistic children had an inappropriate or abnormal antibody response to MMR. The study determined that autism could be a result from an atypical measles infection that produces neurological symptoms in some children. The source of this virus could be a variant of MV, or it could be the MMR vaccine.

6. Study published in the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry  suggests that Autism is likely triggered by a virus, and that measles virus (MV and/or MMR vaccine) might be a very good candidate. It supports the hypothesis that a virus-dincued autoimmune response may play a causal role in autism.

7. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that an increased vulnerability to oxidative stress and decreased capacity for methylation may contribute to the development and clinical manifestation of autism. It’s well known that viral infections cause increased oxidative stress. Research suggests that metals, including those found in many vaccines are directly involved in increasing oxidative stress.

8A study published by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Northeastern University, Boston determined that a novel growth factor signalling pathway that regulates methionine synthase(MS) activity and thereby modulates methylation reactions. The potent inhibition of this pathway by ethanol, lead, mercury, aluminum and thimerosal suggests that it may be an important target of neurodevelopmental toxins. You can read more about this here, and here.  You can read more about the MS/autism link here

9A study published in the Journal of Child Neurology examined the question of what is leading to the apparent increase in autism. They expressed  that if there is any link between autism and mercury, it is crucial that the first reports of the question are not falsely stating that no link occurs. Researchers determined that a significant relation does exist between the blood levels of mercury and the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.

10. A study published in the Journal of Child Neurology noted that autistic spectrum disorders can be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Researchers determined that children who have mitochondrial-related dysfunctional cellular energy metabolism might be more prone to undergo autistic regression between 18 and 30 months of age if they also have infections or immunizations at the same time.

11. A study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital at the Centre for Morphometric Analysis by the department of Paediatric Neurology illustrates how autistic brains have a growth spurt shortly after birth and then slow in growth a few short years later. Researchers have determined that neuroinflammation appears to be present in autistic brain tissue from childhood through adulthood. The study excerpt reads:

Oxidative stress, brain inflammation and microgliosis have been much documented in association with toxic exposures including various heavy metals. The awareness that the brain as well as medical conditions of children with autism may be conditioned by chronic biomedical abnormalities such as inflammation opens the possibility that meaningful biomedical interventions may be possible well past the window of maximal neuroplasticity in early childhood because the basis for assuming that all deficits can be attributed to fixed early developmental alterations in net

12, A study conducted by the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Arkansas determined that thimerosal-induced cytotoxicity was associated with the depletion of intracellular glutathione (GSH) in both cell lines.  The study outlines how many vaccines have been neurotoxic, especially to the developing brain. Depletion of GSH is commonly associated with autism. Although thimerosal has been removed from most children’s vaccines, it is still present in flu vaccines given to pregnant women, the elderly and to children in developing countries.

13. A study published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS)  determined that elevation in peripheral oxidative stress is consistent with, and may contribute to more severe functional impairments in the ASD group. We know that oxidative stress is triggered by heavy metals, like the ones contained in multiple vaccines.

14. A study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Centre by the Department of Family and Community Medicine determined that for each 1,000 Ib of environmentally released mercury, there was a 43% increase in the rate of special education services and a 61% increase in the rate of autism. Researchers emphasized that further research was needed regarding the association between environmentally released mercury and developmental disorders such as autism.

15. A study published in the International Journal of Toxicology determined that in light of the biological plausibility of mercury’s role in neurodevelopment disorders, the present study provides further insight into one possible mechanism by which early mercury exposures could increase the risk of autism.

16. A study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health determined that mercury exposure can induce immune, sensory, neurological, motor and behavioural dysfunctions similar to traits defining or associated with ASDs. Based upon differential diagnoses, 8 of 9 patients examined were exposed to significant mercury from Thimerosal-containing vaccine preparations during their fetal/infant developmental periods. These previously normal developing children suffered mercury encephalopathies that manifested with clinical symptoms consistent with regressive ASDs. Evidence for mercury intoxication should be considered in the differential diagnosis as contributing to some regressive ASDs.

 17. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Centre suspected that persistent low-dose exposures to various environmental toxicants including mercury, that occur during critical windows of neural development among genetically susceptible children, may increase the risk for developmental disorders such as autism.

18. A study conducted by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine showed that Macaques are commonly used in pre-clinical vaccine safety testing. Collective Evolution does not support animals testing, we feel there is a large amount of evidence and research that already indicated the links to vaccines in which some animals have been used to illustrate. The objective of this study was to compare early infant cognition and behaviour with amygdala size and opioid binding in rhesus macaques receiving the recommended childhood vaccines. The animal model, which examines for the first time, behavioural, functional and neuromorphometric consequences of the childhood vaccine regimen, mimics certain neurological abnormalities of autism. These findings raise important safety issues while providing a potential model for examining aspects of causation and disease pathogenesis in acquired disorders of behaviour and development.

19. A study conducted by The George Washington University School of Public Health from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics determined that significantly increased rate ratios were observed for autism and autism spectrum disorders as a result of exposure to mercury from Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

20. A study published in the Journal Cell Biology and Toxicology by Kinki University in Osaka, Japan determined that in combination with the brain pathology observed in patients diagnosed with autism, the present study helps to support the possible biological plausability for how low-dose exposure to mercury from thimerosal-containing vaccines may be associated with autism.

21.  A study published by the Journal Lab Medicine determined that vaccinations may be one of the triggers for autism. Researchers discovered that substantial data demonstrates immune abnormality in many autistic children consistent with impaired resistance to infection, activation of inflammatory responses and autoimmunity. Impaired resistance may predispose to vaccine injury in autism.

22A study published in the Journal Neurochemical Research determined that since excessive accumulation of extracellular glutamate is linked with excitotoxicity, data implies that neonatal exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines might induce excitotoxic brain injuries, leading to neurodevelopmental disorders.


All sources not listed below are listed throughout the article and highlighted. To view them, please click on them.








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  9. samuel w needleman, md

    I stopped reading after four or five entries. Most of them are like this:

    ” A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that an increased vulnerability to oxidative stress and decreased capacity for methylation may contribute to the development and clinical manifestation of autism. It’s well known that viral infections cause increased oxidative stress. Research suggests that metals, including those found in many vaccines are directly involved in increasing oxidative stress. ”

    Am J Clin Nutrition is not really a medical journal. this paragraph mixes apples and oranges: oxidative stress decreased DNA methylation MAY be involved with autism. viruses may cause oxidative stress–nothing to do with vaccines and autism. . metals-vaccines–oxidation: this paragraph just throws together a lot of long words. oxidation is the way the white cell kills germs, by the way

    • exactly….”may”…that’s enough to warrant removal.

      • Arjun, are you aware that almost every line of medicine and medicine science as well as every “study” is under the “MAY” heading. Here is a fact that people do not know, “herpes” MAY be caused by a virus. There is no real proof. “MAY” is the best today’s science and medicine can do. That is why there are thousands of diseases and only a half a dozen that are curable or preventable.

        There is no proof that vaccines work or do not work, they simply MAY or MAY NOT work. When something is known to be true or factual the cure and or prevention becomes unavoidable. This is why “MAY” is so important to the health care industry. “MAY” allows the industry to THRIVE while “matter of fact” can demolish the entire industry of health care and in turn destroy the world as we know it because health care is the glue that holds the world economy together and our only means to control the population.

        There is no real science in today’s industry of medicine outside of trauma, that is why “MAY” is the most important and common word in today’s health care industry. “MAY” is profit.

      • desmond

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  12. tom

    Capt T: What are you writing about? What slaughter? What damage?

  13. tom

    the one cause of all the one-cause theories: a deficiency of critical-thinking skills combined with an overactive imagination. And, of course, a failure to test beliefs using the scientific method.


      Tom I’m inviting you to the topic linked above because I ‘BELIEVE’ your ‘BELIEF’ about “deficiency of critical-thinking skills combined with an overactive imagination. And, of course, a failure to test beliefs using the scientific method” is based PURELY on your ‘BELIEF’.

      I don’t ‘BELIEVE’ there is even the slightest touch of “critical thinking skills” associated with any pursuit of any cure or any prevention. I ‘believe’ there is critical thinking skills involved with the pursuit of maintaining a profitable medical and science industry.

      As you know, I consider the entire industry of health and healing today to be a complete fraud perpetrated to fleece people out of money and to control the population, that especially includes natural or alternative medicine.

      There is NO scenario where effective medicine can be profitable so there will be NO righteous science or medicine outside of trauma medicine.

      • John

        You’re chock full of superlatives, David. To the point where NOone can believe you…

        • John says: “You’re chock full of superlatives, David. To the point where NOone can believe you…”

          John people who are not raised to be loyal dogs believe me, granted most are from other countries outside of the U.S.

          You see John, you were and are still raised to be a loyal dog, you are to BELIEVE what the experts tell you and the EXPERTS are the ones telling you who the experts are and you simply do not have a choice because you are a good little dog and do as you are told.

          Your imagination is based on the experts imagination. Your belief is based on what the experts tell you. The expert credentials are valid because the experts say they are.

          Despite all the data the experts have, they still fail 99% of the time but you being the loyal dog you are you defend them and their false pseudoscience data, So you are loyal, as a Merican, that makes you a good boy. Even if you choose to no longer believe the ONE side of the coin, the other side is still data from the exact same “EXPERTS”. For example if someone believes vaccines are harmful, it is because the “EXPERTS” that convince people to use vaccines also convince people to they are harmful. That is because no matter what side of the debate a person is on, it is still as WIN/WIN for the experts because people who use vaccines generate billions of dollars for the “EXPERT” failures and those who do not use them blame vaccines for all the woe and suffering making it IMPOSSIBLE for them to ever know the real cause for all the woe and suffering.


          I promote full immunity, I know what it takes to have full immunity and I know how to offer it to others who are not loyal dogs. All a person has to have to gain full immunity to all disease is a sound mind, loyal dogs do not have sound minds, they cannot think for themselves so they cannot be in control of their own faculties, the “experts” are in control and that is why the suffering continues to get worse and worse.

          It’s like voting for an American president, as long as dogs think the president has all the power and is making the decisions the dogs will never have their day. If the dogs learned to think instead of regurgitate “expert” propaganda that is guaranteed to destroy the dog, the dog would be able to be his own master and actually take part in governing themselves and their country. As it is, the dog simply votes and then sits and licks it’s wounds.

          Cheers boy.

          • Tom

            David F: Let me get this straight: IF we believe the scientific method can lead to the truth, we are ‘loyal dogs.’ But if we accept what David F says it’s all good.

            Am I the only one to see the irony here?

          • Tom defiantly says: “David F: Let me get this straight: IF we believe the scientific method can lead to the truth, we are ‘loyal dogs.’ But if we accept what David F says it’s all good.

            Am I the only one to see the irony here?”

            If you believe “THE” scientific “method” today can lead to truth, yes you are a loyal dog. There was a time when people in the field of science used a different scientific method, one that recognized the value of being truthful and right. That is no longer the case.

            You don’t have to accept anything I say as truth even though YOU cannot dispute anything I say because your beloved commercial science in medicine does not give you a leg to stand on. Your loyalty makes you impotent. You could become the leading “cancer” oncologist expert and you would still fail 99% of the time because that is the industry standard and it comes with the training.

            I just wrote a comment on the coco-cola CE topic here that will explain who and what you and the readers here are and why you will never be given the truth by today’s commercial science. It is the second to the last comment.

            Remain loyal to today’s commercial science and you will suffer the status quo consequences that you ignore out of loyalty. Failure.

          • Tom

            I ‘defiantly’ admit ignorance to ‘commercial scientific method.’

            You arrogantly tell how there is good science and bad science, then slyly sneak in ‘commercial science’. I don’t like your subterfuge, but after reading the Hotel Rowanda analogy I get it: Commercial science isn’t for poor people, and being poor sucks.

            Whoda thunk?

            Maybe we can extend the analogy to: ‘Sick people are a profit center!’

            Do you think we should notify the hospitals?

            So Dave, are you a practitioner of real science, or commercial science? Do you sell your nostrums, or give them away?

          • Tom says: “I ‘defiantly’ admit ignorance to ‘commercial scientific method.’

            You arrogantly tell how there is good science and bad science, then slyly sneak in ‘commercial science’. I don’t like your subterfuge, but after reading the Hotel Rowanda analogy I get it: Commercial science isn’t for poor people, and being poor sucks.

            Whoda thunk?

            Maybe we can extend the analogy to: ‘Sick people are a profit center!’

            Do you think we should notify the hospitals?

            So Dave, are you a practitioner of real science, or commercial science? Do you sell your nostrums, or give them away?”

            No Tom you are nowhere close to getting it. You can’t get it because you are proud of your perceived knowledge and cannot forsake it. They did that to you on purpose.

            When it comes to health and healing there is no good science today. Good science is a thing of the past. All of today’s science, everything you think you know and all your loyalties are to “Commercial Science”.

            I take advantage of truth Tom, I use what works. I am a practitioner of actions that provide tangible solid indisputable undebatable results, stuff you cannot comprehend because you are ‘commercial’ through and through. You have to wait for someone to tell you what to do or how to think. What I share is simply some tools to help people think for the first time in their lives. Not regurgitate popular commercial fraudulent science.

            Commercial science is for ALL people, wealthy people are the fools that pay for it despite the fact that it will never improve their health and poor people who cannot pay for it are not ignored, they are killed through genocides to make way for more foolish wealthy people to take their land and places.

            Tom, you are not a person, you are a consumer of consumer goods. That’s all you are. The day you cannot consume is the day you are not needed.

          • Let’s put it this way Tom, without me, everyone will be blissfully unaware of their options in regards to their health. They simply do not know they have any options or chances to be healthy. They think today’s science a.k.a. commercial science is the only option. They know what it means to be diagnosed with something like “cancer” but they don’t want to create any doubts about the grandeur of today’s commercial medicine because they BELIEVE they don’t have a choice so they start to create in their minds a notion that commercial medicine and science has potential when it does not. They tell themselves it can be good even though there is no evidence of any part being good other than trauma medicine and livestock medicine,, the only two effective forms of medicine today.

            Here is the beauty of the corruption, unless CNN or Fox has me on their programs exposing the truth people will never believe in their immune system or all the other actual scientific means to prevent and cure disease. You see, consumers have to be told what to believe by someone they believe in. People don’t just change their belief systems because I point out how foolish it is to expects something righteous from today’s medicine and science. Someone with credentials and commercial credit has to tell them and in the process cut their own throat.

            So Tom, there is no threat of people forsaking today’s corruption in medicine and science for truth on a level that can harm the economy. Aint consumerism and capitalism great?

          • billy

            Crap, I’m STILL getting emails from this thread. Tom, you have the understand that David F. is living in his own world. He is the worst kind of skeptic because not only is he cynical, but he is also arrogant. He is a cynic in the sense that anything that follows modern scientific methods is “commercialized” and “unscientific,” but anything that is his own conjecture is simply him “disproving” all of this falsified science. You can tell David that not everything is a conspiracy that is out to kill all of us, but he will believe his own words until the very end. To David – you can do whatever floats your boat, but understand that your lack of sickness is not proof of results. That is the most essential rule of the scientific method…lack of evidence is not evidence of something. So please, STOP commenting because neither of you will convince the other.

          • Billy nothing is a conspiracy, it’s just business. I wouldn’t even call it bad business. I’m simply exposing some valuable information for people to do with what they want. Some people do take full responsibility for their health instead of relying on businessmen to do it for them. Those are the people who are not afraid to take a deep inquisitive look at the overall lack of effectiveness that comes from today’s business science and business medicine.

            Billy, you and Tom do not want to see anyone question the overall effectiveness of today’s medicine and science because any person who is honest with themselves will start to realize that there just isn’t any improvement. All the unlimited funding, all the unlimited technology and you and Tom cannot give any example of why people should remain loyal to the business, (not conspiracy) of health and healing. You simply have no ammo to use to get people to believe in today’s business medicine. That’s because they cannot afford to be effective at medicine or science because effective medicine and science kills the golden goose. So cry all you want and attack me all you want, the results speak loudly, the medical industry makes a business of failure.

          • what?

            billy – try unsubscribing

  14. tom

    Studies show that since the 1990s the rise in autism and organic food sales track almost perfectly. Who knew that autism would affect the organic market like that.

    • Tom said: “Studies show that since the 1990s the rise in autism and organic food sales track almost perfectly. Who knew that autism would affect the organic market like that.”

      There you go Tom, you NAILED that one. I’m not being sarcastic one bit. Every word openly published about any disease is for MARKETING.

      Natural, alternative and organic medicine is the only thing more corrupt than western pharmaceutical medicine.

      Anyone who cannot process the minute trace amounts of pesticides or antibiotics found in commercial foods needs to live in a bubble. I just take it to a much higher level and standard because I know man is designed such that we need not fear any disease.

      Maybe that is what the bible is talking about when it says “he who has faith need not fear”. We can control and wiggle our toes and know we communicated correctly with our toes so we don’t need to have faith in that but when it comes to our immune system we cannot see a physical and immediate indication of a response so we do have to have some “faith” that we just communicated correctly and controlled our immune system.

      Anywho, suffice it to say that ORGANIC has also proven to be a complete utter failure! :) “Cancer” doesn’t seem to care what people eat.

  15. Capt. Tom

    Re: Andrew Wakefield,
    The work he conducted was pioneering and a breakthrough for medical science. He never actually claimed it was the vaccines. He said it was a path that warranted further investigation. He knew the studies he had done were inconclusive and he said as much. But just the fact that it did call into question the mantra of big Pharma was enough for his undoing. He has recently been fully exonerated of all charges, but the damage has already been done, hasn’t it? And the slaughter continues to this day. They know what they are doing is wrong and they continue to perpetrate their atrocities. One day, soon I hope, we will have these evil doers behind bars and we will look back on this era as our own version of the Nazi Holocaust, in modern times.

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