Amazing Results: The Healing Power of Cannabis Oil On Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections

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vfdvdfThe beginning of my journey with Lyme disease is similar to most. My ending, however, is playing out quite differently than most. I found a tick behind my ear at the age of fourteen, and had various health problems for seven years before I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, Lupus, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, and Babesia. After two years my Lupus, Mycoplasma, Bartonella and Babesia are entirely eradicated. As far as my Lyme disease goes, I now have zero symptoms. My remaining ones are a result of withdrawals from the prescriptions I so naively started taking when I was initially diagnosed. How am I already returning to a healthy lifestyle only two years after forgetting to read, write, walk and talk? Well, a wealth of credit is owed to the Buhner protocol. I would not be where I am today without it. Still, I had one last giant “hump” in healing to get over after a year on the protocol. So I took a shot in the dark which, for me, turned out to be the path to light. I decided to make my own cannabis oil and began taking it every waking hour. I now owe my life to this fascinating herb and am hopeful some of you will find strength and encouragement through this information.

For a year and a half I had over ten seizures a day. I tried every treatment I could find, exhausting outlets in both conventional and holistic medicine. Desperately searching for answers, I stumbled across what turned out to be one of the most profound facts I have ever learned. Marijuana contains one of the most potent anticonvulsants in the world. Controversy over the subject was meaningless at that point, as the herb offered a possible solution to one of my most debilitating symptoms. As it turned out, smoking marijuana not only controlled my seizures, it completely cured them. With that in mind, I moved forward with my research. If it could do for seizures what no other plant or prescription could do, what could it do for Lyme? What I found was nothing short of fascinating, and essentially lifesaving.

Cannabis has over 700 healing components which, to the best of my knowledge, is more than any other plant known to mankind.  Since my Lyme disease had reacted to and benefited from literally every herb I had taken, I figured it would without a doubt react to cannabis as well. Indeed, it did. Smoking marijuana had sometimes made me feel sick in the past, and I realized this could possibly be because it caused a Herxheimer reaction from bacteria die off each time. Experimenting what thankfully turned out to be an anything but crazy theory, I smoked an exceptionally large amount one night and suffered from a massive Herxheimer reaction. The next day, when it subsided, I felt I had regained a little chunk of my brain back. Since smoking the herb out of a regular pipe also means inhaling a lot of toxins, I began using a vaporizer to get more cannaniboids. My rate of improvement significantly sped up when I did this. Naturally, this motivated me to take treatment one step further and find out what the results of taking cannabis oil would do for me.  After only a month of taking it I was able to return to work and school, and began to drive and have a social life again. Now, I am finally planning to move out and be independent for the first time in years. Basically, I am returning to a lifestyle that I was once unsure I would ever see again thanks to the immense healing power of cannabis oil.

Understandably, some will negate this article due to preconceived notions regarding cannabis, ones we were all conditioned to believe from a young age. Even I once held strong beliefs that cannabis was harmful to my health, but I could not be more thankful that I was proven otherwise. For me, the tangible proof stemming from first-hand experience will always trump the mere words of others.

Please browse through the CE website to find more links about the medicinal benefits of this herb. You can start here and here.

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  1. brooksandjack

    Great story! I am moved, I posted a link on my site to share. Keep it up, Marijuana is medicine!

  2. Do you still take the oil? What was your dosage? I have suffered for years.. I recently self diagnosed with lymes.. after all the other diagnoses throughout the years… it is the only thing that fits.. at this time I use the vapourizer for nausea and it helps a lot.. I was eating oil but inconsistency.. so that is why I am curious on the dosage.. as I would like to get on the program asap.

    • Shell

      Hey! I started with one drop every waking hour and worked my way up to 3-5 every hr, and then would do 3 droppers FULL before bed. The dosing throughout the day kept it steadily in my system and actually helped keep me awake, then the heavy night time dose caused massive die offs and was enough to help me sleep through it at the same time. I am off of it right now!

      • jimmy girigori

        Shelley, great story. What kind % THC and what percentage CBD did you use? I see that the Rick Simpson oil is High THC, is this the one you used ?

      • justamom

        lol email to last statement

      • justamom

        Shell, can you email me how to make this too, I was just diagnosed this past Monday and can’t do all the antibiotics! I’m desperate for help like everyone else is, this is a nightmare! xox Thanks so much I have 2 children that I have to get my health back for!

        • Hi justamom,

          Well, you need good absolutely biological grown buds and small leaves of the plant Cannabis sativa L. var. indica, preferably landraces from Afghanistan or Nepal, which is the real medicine, these species contains the cannabinoides in an harmonic natural distribution.

          I do understand your desperation, therefore here is the recipe for the best medicine on the world, which has given me my life back:

          Heat 30g of dried and cured organic outdoor grown cannabis buds and small leaves (best 80:20 indica:sativa hybride) in the oven for 10-20 minutes at 105ºCelsius, take half of the plant material out of the oven, then increase the temperature for the other half of the plant material to 120ºCelsius for another 20 minutes, take it out and grind all the now straw dry stuff very fine in a coffee grinder, clean it with a small brush and use all the fine powder, mix it with 100ml of native olive oil in a little pan and place it on the fire. Warm it slowly up until it starts soft boiling, then reduce the heat and let the mass simmer for 9 to 10 minutes.

          Stirr it softly all the 9 minutes, the plant material changes its colour from green to golden-brown and it produces some fumes, never mind that, but please don’t let it become black, then you overheated it! Finally, take it away from the fire, cool it down 2 to 3 minutes then siff it through a metal kitchen sieve. Press the oil roughly out as much as possible with a tablespoon in the sieve.

          Finally now the oil contains all the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN etc.) and is the best medicine ever.

          Start slowly with only one drop of oil before you go to bed. Be cautious …
          Onset of effects will be within 0,5 to 1 hour and last for about 8 to 12 hours.
          Titrate the dosage up as you like, but wait always at least one hour after intake before you take another dose, it cumulates.

          Is impossible if you start slowly, but in case you feel strange, drink some strong black coffee or just go to bed and relax or meditate, let the chi flow through all of your body, it will not harm you at all, just let go.

          Never ever take it before you intend to drive a car or work with some heavy tools, but only in the first few days until the body has build up a tolerance! Then you can handle it and do whatever you want.

          Please mind that a Jarisch-Herxheimer-Reaction and/or an first increase of symptoms might happen, that is cause Cannabis has anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and even some anti-fungal properties.

          All together it improves your immune-system enormously within a short time of treatment, but please be a bit patient.

          Alternatively of course you can use it also as an tea, but therefore you must grind 0,5 to 1g of good bud material and boil it in some fatty stuff like soymilk for teen minutes and mix then the stuff with green or black tea and drink it. Is a nice way to ingest it too.

          Good health !

      • Hi, can you please explain what kind of concentration the oil was, was it high concentrated and sticky like honey or more fluid. Would be great to know how much you have ingested over the time and in which time frame to get the picture.

        • Reply
          • keith


            I found this link about your recovery from hemp oil. do you use CBD oil only ? Will this work and how much milligrams do you use? How much THC is necessary/ or is it really needed to make this work?

            I have a friend that has Parkinson’s disease caused by Lyme any helpful hints.

            I thank you for your feed back.


          • Withania

            Hi Shelley, I tried to email you but it bounced back. Is the above your correct email?

  3. Thanks for your testimonial. I do have the same disease and I treat it just with Cannabis-Olive-Oil-Extract and I must admit, it is the first efficient treatment, all the symptoms have gone, I have got my life back thanks to Cannabis.

  4. Tim

    awesome – is cannabis oil the same as Organic Hemp Oil? Or do we have to make it ourself..meaning other than smoking it where can we get this oil??

    • JP

      Not the same at all! Make it yourself… There is a network of folks out there that will help you with this process!
      For the best info I would Google “Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears”

  5. I have feeling like you saved my life now i cant help it :) M.

  6. Is hemp oil the same as cannabis oil? My Mum suffers from terrible skin problems on a regular basis, all after being bitten by a tick but tests so far are always inconclusive. I have been desperately searching for anything that could help her since contemporary medicine seems to only ever treat the symptoms each time, not cure the problem.

    • No, hemp oil is made out of the seeds, it’s very nutritious and us good for the skin if it is dry.

      Cannabis oil is made out of the buds and the leafs of the plant by an extraction.

  7. Aryn

    What do you mean by oil? Your photo looks more like tincture, except it is too light in color to be tincture. (Is it a stock Photo maybe?) If it was oil you used, how did you make it and how did you manage to use it in a dropper? Cannabis oil is really thick and sticky so I don’t understand how it could be used in standard glass droppers. I am asking because I have been experimenting with different methods myself and although I have had some success with some symptoms, I haven’t quite been able to figure the ideal preparation and dosage for me. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your healing!

    • The extract might be diluted in coconut oil or hemp oil, which is rich in the omega fatty acids 😉

  8. Debbie

    I am interested in learning more about this. I was bit by a tick when I was 12 and now at the age of 51 and countless Dr’s I do have a Lyme positive culture.
    How do I go about getting the oil and using the oil.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  9. mom

    Why has my government forsaken me all these years and the people that are dumb to the governments little stupid laws are just as much to blame for the years of tremendous sufferings I have endured . ps I am not the only one who has been made to suffer so from there silly laws of taking my freedom and choices to self medicate away from me and all the rest that would benefit from hemp. wake up and see the light people your government is robbing you of your rights .

  10. Shelley M White we salute you. For your bravery
    For getting off your ass and making your own oil
    For winning. We all love winners

  11. Any questions on how to make the oil and dosage can be found by googling Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears.

  12. lifegamer

    Unbeknownst to many, Lyme is not just passed from ticks…any raw-blood-muncher can be a carrier, as well, any body-fluid-exchanger can be a passer…including humans of either category. Keep those immune systems running in top form, Darlins’!

    This is stuff we have to deal with while co-existing here…just stuff. Understanding Nature is a fine key to add to one’s Life repertoire. One of those understandings is that She has at-the-ready all the nourishment, medicine, & entertainment options for every vehicle birthed of Her. Nice that you guys have discovered one of Her finest gifts…a plant that can provide all three! :)

    Making an added note…Quality counts! Much like our foods, when preparing our own meds, home-grown of one’s present environment works best…esp. for those prone to allergic reactions to plant-peeps. Ya just can’t beat the love & relationship exchanged through DIY…plus, you Know what’s ‘in’ your input!

    And just one more morsel of food for thought:
    Please DONOT support “legal weed” or the “legalization” of Cannibis!!! Rather move to AMNESTY it from the human boundaries in which it was erroneously placed. No plant or other being belong involved in humanity’s misguided concepts of justice! To support legal-ness of anything still means they are under ‘law’…Only humans deem laws as necessary, thereby only humans should be held to them. Consider that if Cannibis remains under laws of man, man can then do the same with All of Nature’s affords using this as precedence. This should simply not be allowed…esp. if Freedom is still a state of being We wish to continue moving toward.

    Rock on, Lymies…and blessings to using the adversities of dis-eases to bring Understanding to Self & All. <3

    • I do fully agree with your last paragraph, but there is more to clarify, the complete repeal from Cannabis:


      Denial of cannabis by Prohibition ‘law’ premeditatedly inflicts suffering, blindness, and, in many instances, death. Those who maintain any use of life-saving cannabis to be “illegal” should be regarded and treated as perpetrators of the gravest of crimes, and deemed unfit to hold any public office in a democratic society.

      The Report collates Empirical Evidence and the Findings of Fact of official clinical studies which exonerate cannabis and vindicate all cultivation, trade, possession and use. The Report establishes massive ulterior money-motive and prejury behind prohibition; and indicts government.

      The Report presents irrefutable Legal Grounds for Restoration: Relegalisation, Amnesty & Restitution.


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