Russian Prime Minister Confirms The Existence Of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

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russian pmRussia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently confirmed the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in a short interview away from network cameras after an appearance on Russian television. This is extremely significant, as it is a rare occasion  when a current serving Prime Minister of any nation has come forward to share the truth. Keep in mind that Medvedev also served as President of Russia from 2008 to 2012.

Collective Evolution has had this interview translated by multiple sources and can verify it’s credibility with regards to translation. Both of our translations are Russian.

I tell you the first and last time. Together with a nuclear suitcase the president has a folder, which is top secret and devoted entirely to the report by the Russian secret service which handles the control of extraterrestrials in our country. After the term, the two folders and a small nuclear suitcase are transferred to the new president. How many of them are among us I cannot say because panic might begin

He also refers to a Russian documentary if you are interested in the subject titled “The Men in Black.” He is not referring to the hollywood film.

What Can We Conclude From These Statements?

Prime Minister Medvedev made many interesting remarks, one of them being the fact that the president receives classified information on extraterrestrials visiting the planet at the beginning of his term. From this we can conclude that those responsible and dealing with this subject is not the president or the prime minister. They simply receive a briefing from the countries “secret service.”  Interestingly, Medvedev was President from 2008 – 2012, prior to Medvedev, the president was Vladimir Putin from 2000-2008, as well as the prime minister from 2008-20012. So he has been in the ‘know’ for quite some time. It’s more likely that the heads of major ‘secret service’ groups who have entire careers at agencies are privy to more information than a president who serves a much shorter term.

The same has been the case in the United States, with the very first public disclosure of a Untied States “black budget” program by Edward Snowden, credibility to other high ranking individuals within the ‘power structure’ has further increased. Former National Minister of Defence for Canada, Paul Hellyer alluded to trillions of dollars going into black budget projects in which congress and the president are deliberately kept in the dark. The secret seems to be exploding out even more as we head towards 2014.

In my opinion it’s important to note that these statements come after thousands and thousands of UFO files and documentation have been released by dozens of governments world wide, including the Russian Navy and agencies like the NSA. Here is one example of one from the NSA, other examples include much more detailed information. The evidence is widely available for those who are interested in pursuing it. Not too long ago, we presented a list of 12 Government Documents, out of thousands, that take UFOs seriously.

Another interesting comment was the fact that Prime Minister Medvedev alluded to the fact that they receive a nuclear suitcase. There is a lot of evidence that shows how UFOs have been deactivating Nuclear Missiles around the world for a number of years.

Last but not least, he states that a reason for secrecy is the fact that it might spread panic. I can understand that there are those who have kept the secrecy behind UFOs and extraterrestrials because they did not want to panic the population. On the other hand, there is a lot more that could go into the reasoning behind the secrecy of UFOs. Some of these concerns include technological implications, reasons for visitation, and opening humanity up to new concepts that threaten our current ‘power structure’ or paradigm of reality here on Earth. It has financial and economical implications that threaten those who profit off of the current existing paradigm.

Since I began this article with a statement from someone who many people pay attention to in the political world, I will end it with another who many paid attention to in the “academic world.”

At the end of the day your truth is within, what does your heart and soul tell you?  I understand the importance of writing about this subject in a way that can reach many. At the same time, we have to move past labels that give people “credibility” and think for ourselves. All of the answers are inside of you, the only problem is that we’ve been programmed for so long that we’ve forgotten how to listen to what our intuition is saying -our heart, our soul. Our minds have been so busy accomplishing the “set out requirements to live a good life”  that we have not learned how to get in touch with the real truth within.

A time for change has arrived, alongside our time for choice. Planet Earth is going through quite a transition, and I believe that may have something to do with some of the visitors that have been coming to the planet at this time.

Here is another great video of a speech given by Richard Dolan in front of several former members of the United States Congress.

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  1. Aliens have been involved in human DNA manipulations throughout most of human existence and may have been the ones behind the “Adam and Eve” experiment that created us. Ready to discover more about the aliens?

  2. tony

    Extraterrestrial = illigeal aliens being us Americans (untrusted) living in there country.

  3. At least “some” country’s don’t hide the truth.

    • gdrkn

      Yea Russia the “honest” country. LOL!
      This is such nonsense. You people are so gullible.

      • Or he was just joking to spread desinformation XD

      • Cara

        you think we are alone in this universe? LOL really? thats nonsense.

      • Jeff

        I do not know whether there are aliens on earth or not but to say that people are gullible because they believe that there are aliens here is ridiculous. Statistically speaking, there is a much greater chance for this being true than there is for it not to be true. Study ancient Sumerian history and find the amazing parallels to the Old Testament. It is quite likely that alien life created us in the first place. Our idea of “God” is likely an alien species in reality. Whether this guy is telling the truth or not in this video is totally irrelevant. There is enough evidence other than this to see that the idea is far from crazy and is in fact quite likely. I always laugh at people who say “Haha, you believe in aliens, you must be crazy!” and at the same time they believe the Christian story of creation and think there is some invisible God living up in the sky who has made 10 rules that we must all follow or he will burn us in hell for eternity. Oh no, there’s nothing crazy about that at all. Just the alien theory is crazy. I am not saying the Christian story is not true because I do not know but if you you feel that is a plausible theory, I fail to see how the alien theory is not.

  4. Believer

    ”At the same time, we have to move past labels that give people “credibility” and think for ourselves. All of the answers are inside of you, the only problem is that we’ve been programmed for so long that we’ve forgotten how to listen to what our intuition is saying -our heart, our soul. Our minds have been so busy accomplishing the “set out requirements to live a good life” that we have not learned how to get in touch with the real truth within.”

    The truth will set us free.

    • gdrkn

      So that’s your truth. Turn your back on empirical evidence and trust your gut?

  5. All the people commenting here saying he was joking do not realize that Medvedev had commissioned a group in 2010 linked to the Murmansk Geophysical Institute, in order to establish guidelines for peace and co-operation with extraterrestrial civilizations! Check out the history!!

  6. clarittee

    There is no reason to fear aliens. Why would they be worse than us? If they have managed to get themselves here, they obviously are much more advanced, so just lie back and think of England

    • Energy man

      They’d be worse than us because they’ve got the capabilities to engage in interstellar travel, yet still show an interest in using and abusing the resources of other worlds, covering up their presence in order to remain in control of the situation, and generally manipulating us, as their motives are unclear and they don’t need to worry about anything like democracy or morals dealing with only the rich and powerful. Whether I do or don’t put stock in these alien theories is beside the point, but suppose for a moment the information commonly seen in most conspiracies is accurate. These aliens are giving a race as volatile as humans incredible machinery in exchange for god only knows what, knowing full well our violent natures and irresponsible tendencies. If they were benign, they’d stop by, reveal themselves to whosoever was interested in knowing, perhaps trade history and science in an academic manner (which most likely would not include leaving any of their technology, but rather leaving us with just enough to figure it out ourselves), and then leave again to continue exploring. If you ask me, the only aliens I would personally trust are the ones who go well out of their way to seek isolation, so as not to be caught up with what surely goes on between different factions in what I imagine as some sort of interstellar capitalist economy. I’d like nothing more to believe that any aliens coming to Earth and hanging out are good and mean only the best for us, but when one group is significantly further advanced than another, ESPECIALLY if both parties know it and both have their own secret motivations, things aren’t going to turn out well for the less advanced side. Greed isn’t just in human nature; it’s how all life stays alive. Between us and them, they’re going to choose themselves every time.

      • Well… You’re projecting what has been perceived in the last 70 years or so. Mankind has written about “aliens” since the Sumarians, the creators of the first written language man used. In ancient accounts from around the world, there always seemed to be a cozy, give and take relationship between us and them. It is only since we started with the habit of wiping 1700 cities off the face of the earth and killing 100 million of our own kind from 1915 till 1945 before exploding thousands of high energy devices in space, in our atmosphere and below our feet, have they seemed to “back off” and become more mysterious. If you were them, and saw how psychotic we have become, would you be brining down a klofslokt pie that your replimate, Xorfo baked for those silly humans?

        No… I thought not.

  7. I was jused passing by

    Are you guys serious? Well, those of you who do not know Russian language may be excused, but it is clear for every other that it is just joke, well, maybe Medvedev is not the best comedian but he tries :-). And NO – he refers to Hollywood movie. They both laugh in this video.

  8. Julius L. Juanito

    There is no reason for people to go into panic if only at the beginning the existence of aliens was not kept secret by the government or its agencies. We can no longer rely on any government in any country to disclose aliens, UFOs, etc., to its people. What is needed here is a collective effort of all people of all types in every nation to deny access to the government any information or evidences regarding extra terrestrials that they may come across or gather. Similar to “doctors without borders.” Somebody somewhere has to start doing this.

  9. In Al-Qur’an Al-karim the Islam holly kitab, were mention beside the human beiing & animals habitant on earth, there is another creature lives by moving on the soul and on sky call “dabbah”, I have learn and heard that sentence/word in arabic language “dabbah” when I entered my Islamic Religion class subject from my lecture in junior high school (1979), could some “western or islamic scientis ” explain wether creature “dabbah” is a extraterrestrials/Allien.

  10. Richard Dolan’s speech was very profound, for predicting how full disclosure and its resulting impacts would affect humanity. Also in comments of Tom T. Moore his predictions for Russian disclosure, and so on. Yes eventually, I would like more analysis on the potential impacts on humanity. Please follow-up. Thank you.

  11. Capt Blah

    I have no idea whether we have been visited by ETs or not – but I think we most likely have.

    And certainly this is known by a number of governments.

    However, in the clip above, he is clearly joking. Even the reporter is smiling as he speaks. Plus, his reference to the “documentary” Men In Black is obviously meant as gag.

    The question of whether we are host to alien life-forms is a serious one, but this clip is clearly and obviously a joke.

  12. You might wish to check out my new book on ET’s released June 26: FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET. It already has 25 five-star reviews on You can read a couple of sample chapters on or some different sample chapters on my website at I’ll be on the X-zone with Rob McConnell Monday night at 10pm EDT to dicsuss the book ( or you can watch a PowerPoint presentation I made to the E.P.I.C Voyagers group in the DFW Metroplex at In the book I point out that the Russians will be the first to release their files on ET contacts this year and then the Pleiadians will make first public contact with the Russians in 2015. As I’ve been in the international film and TV program distribution business for over 25 years, I’ve been asked to film the first documentary on board one of those mile-wide motherships in 2017.

  13. FR-JP-RU

    This was almost 4 months ago and Medvedev said this as a joke. The reporters asked him about aliens and what he knows about it. So he answered with humor, not seriously, because the question was funny. Even in the russian news it was shown that it was not a serious answer.
    That being said it doesn’t mean aliens do not exist in the boundless universe.

    There are many men having a high opinion of themselves who even imagine that our little globe alone, of all the countless myriads of globes around you, has the privilege of being inhabited by reasoning beings. They fancy that God has created the universe only for them. Insensate vanity!

    God (by this word I only mean the supreme intelligence or first cause of all things, and not a prophet nor whatever religious allusions) has peopled the globes of the universe with living beings, all of whom concur in working out the aims of His providence. To believe that the presence of living beings is confined to the one point of the universe inhabited by us is to cast a doubt on the wisdom of God, who has made nothing in vain, and who must therefore have assigned to all the other globes of the universe a destination more important than that of gratifying our eyes with the spectacle of a starry night. Moreover, there is nothing in the position, size, or physical constitution of the earth to warrant the supposition that it alone, of the countless myriads of globes disseminated throughout the infinity of space, has the privilege of being inhabited.

  14. jhog

    So, he’s a good satirist mocking out of this world alien stories. Why read so much into this, did we miss the punch line at the end? Is it because we’re so conditioned to our politician’s seriousness and of lack irreverent humor that it just goes over our heads?

  15. I thought the PM was being sarcastic at the end but there is a Russian Documentary called Men in Black

    I’m watching it now…

    • Observer

      The video in your link is not Men in Black. Someone retitled the youtube upload after Medvedev’s joke but the documentary (and I use the term sarcastically) title is obviously ‘Hidden Territories’.

      • Jax

        Nah, “Hidden Territories” is like ehhh BBC Panorama, so actually it should be called “Hidden Territories: Men in Black.”

  16. Jax

    Well look. First of all Medvedev was never a real president. He was that guy Putin used so he could come back four years later. I HIGHLY doubt anyone gave him anything like a nuclear case or whatever… Secondly just because he has some sort of a file about “extraterrestrials” in our country does not mean it says anything substantial. Thirdly the guy is known to joke around and be obnoxious at times. Just check out his video where he talks about how badminton is a great game (might have to type in cyrillic). And finally. The girl who asks him that works for REN-TV which is channel that shows stuff about aliens, ghosts, sea monsters and all sorts of that crap every afternoon for like five or six hours. So he was probably just promoting the movie for them. Im Russian btw so i might have a bit more insight in this sort of things…


    The translation is absolutely correct but check out the laughter at the end of the video… ;)

    • :) Indeed we are aware of the laughter

  17. Cough, cough… ah hemmm?!?!? I am not saying I don’t believe intelligent life is ‘out there’, but this story sure is! Statistically speaking, given the vastness of our galaxy and the number of galaxies in the known universe the chance of intelligence existing elsewhere is extremely high. That said, due to the same scale which tells us life exists elsewhere, the likelihood of us ever encountering it is diminishingly small. In other words the size of the universe tells us we aren’t alone, but the distance is so extreme we will NEVER cross paths… and I mean NEVER! Let’s speak hypothetically for a moment, let’s say there is another intelligent race, and they have some form of propulsion that allows them to travel at the speed of light, and let’s also assume they are in this galaxy, all of which COULD be possible. We’ll start with how they might discover us. So first of all, EM waves disperse exponentially, so they would certainly never intercept our radio communications, and secondly we use encryption and other forms of encoding to make sure our signals don’t get corrupted over long distances, so to anyone far away from our solar system it would look like noise. Its one of the biggest flaws of the SETI project, they don’t even know what to look for with these massive radio telescopes. So there are a few other ways to discover another species, one such method would use massive Infrared and Ultraviolet sensitive telescopes which could detect the light emissions from massive cities on other planets far far away. Another would be to detect planet they could host organic life by using mass spectrometers which analyze the composition of a planet, and we could judge the distance to it’s star telling us if it in the ‘Goldy lock’ zone that is just warm enough but not cooked, like Earth. So let’s talk about distance, this is the biggest factor here. The Milky Way is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter and let’s assume this other race lives on a planet halfway across the galaxy, so 50,000 LYs away. We have only had radio communication for around 100 years, space travel for sixty years, and our first deep space probe is on the verge of leaving the solar system only just now. You have to take all that into perspective. Humans have only existed for a few hundred thousand years, and since the industrial revolution happen a mere moment ago in terms of space-time it would be incredibly lucky if we were even detected by another race somewhere in our galaxy before we destroy this planet and civilization is extinguished before they got here, assuming they want to say hello in the first place. So in terms of here and now, and this crazy article, the said ‘Intelligent Extraterrestrials’ wouldn’t even detect our existence for another 10,000 to 50,000 years, let alone make contact. Humans have only existed for a glimpse in time, and who knows how much longer we have on this planet. If ET life is already on this planet it would have had to be here all along, and well that makes not non-extraterrestrial doesn’t it? I won’t even waste my time replying to the actual content of this article as it is absurd to base anything of any claim that is unsubstantiated. Use logic and reason, not belief and emotion, as your basis for reality and you will understand a lot more.

    • Steven

      Uriah have you ever heard of a Wormhole or Stargate? No need to travel vast differences when Advanced Intelligence has the necessary technology to get to Earth.

    • I agree

  18. channton philosopher

    Ofcourse, he is given ‘many’ folders detailing many things relevant to his position as president, including all information known about any evidence for life not from our planet and the universe itself. This alone, does not conclude that aliens actually exist; most likely everything in that folder is nothing concrete and substantial. Don’t get all excited, he probably gets a folder detailing current knowledge of time travel, invisible tree people, and big foot. To put things into a clearer perpsective, a fire over one hundred miles away, can reflect into the sky, and at specific angles and points of view etcetera, it can appear as a UFO, this is only one of a few explanations for phenomena, humans are actually quite limited in physical ability to view the world around us as it actually is. Ofcourse there is life outside our planet, just don’t believe far reachers so unwisely. I have more to say, but who’s going to read anyway? peace.

    • Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

      The term is a misnomer incorrectly attributed to Klaus Conrad[1] by Peter Brugger,[2] who defined it as the “unmotivated seeing of connections” accompanied by a “specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness”, but it has come to represent the human tendency to seek patterns in random information in general (such as with gambling), paranormal phenomena, and religion.[3] (Wikipedia)

  19. “extraterrestials have deactivated all nuclear missiles”… well, why not ALL the nuclear plants, which are a much more direct thread to all life on earth then those missiles?

    It’s big, big BS this story….!

    • We have to make that choice for ourselves I believe :) I don’t think any ET’s are going to come ‘save us’..but they might be assisting us here and there, showing us a few things maybe…I don’t know:)

    • Andy

      Actually, the US have released information via freedom of information request that confirms the UFOs have disarmed plenty of US missiles too. A little research and you can find these FACTS

    • What, don’t you think it’s a good thing that nukes have been disabled?
      Obviously it is a good thing.

  20. Natasha

    Ahaha))) everything is made by our mind – we think about something – and Universe gives us an ansewr – send us what we are thinkin of!! In this world we do everything by our thoghts, imagination, fantasy – we send our energy ( energy of our thougts) to the Universe – and have it as result back!)))

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