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earth heartSocial conditioning is a term used to describe the process of training individuals in a society to respond in a manner that is generally approved by the society itself. One of the main tools used for social conditioning is propaganda, which is a form of communication that is aimed towards influencing the attitude of society in the acceptance and promotion of some type of cause or way of life. In many ways our world right now is an example of this, events are regularly created in order to justify the increase of ‘national security’ in turn to justify the infiltration of other countries. The same techniques are used, only we live in a different era. Our modern day ‘decision makers,’ whoever they are, thrive off of manufacturing our consent through a variety of different methods and techniques.When we are in touch with our hearts, it’s impossible to manufacture our consent, and this is what is currently occurring and accelerating exponentially on our planet. Humanity seems to have developed a reliance on external sources of truth for validation, it’s almost as if we have a set criteria of what constitutes ‘proof’ which in turn constitutes our idea of ‘truth.’ So much so that we never choose to get in touch with the greatest sources of truth and proof, which is our intuition, heart and soul. It can pretty much tell us anything we need to know.

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If we step out and observe the entire human race and press fast forward, it’s clear that we all seem to follow a similar pattern. If we are born in the ‘developed’ parts of the world, the type of response and behaviour of the average human being is to go to school, get a job, raise a family etc. Are our thoughts and wants even ours? Or have they been programmed into us? One born in this part of the world usually seeks enjoyment the same way everybody else does, either through participating in social gatherings, attending certain entertainment outlets, etc -and there’s nothing wrong with that. What I am trying to get across is the fact that the life of a human being born in the western world usually has very little variation from life to life. We do all of this at the expense of those born in the ‘developing world,’ where there are a number of humans living and experiencing a challenge-filled existence that is not necessary for them to have. Planet Earth can do much better than that, and has a tremendous amount of resources to do so. At the same time, we get so sucked into our life that we don’t bother to look at our world, and what is happening to it. Our potential is infinite, unlimited and it is very easy to imagine a world where the basic needs of everybody are met. Living an existence that is more harmonious with the planet and all beings that reside upon it, in complete transparency with regards to developments that we’ve been kept in the dark about is what many desire. Our potential really is unfathomable. It’s amazing and mind altering to imagine just what we could create here.

There is so much happening on our planet right now, it’s not hard for those who are paying attention to see. Many knew this time would arrive, and the events occurring on Earth are picking up exponentially. I’m talking about war, conflict, environmental disasters and more. As these events continue to increase in a dramatic fashion, the society of Earth as a whole is increasing it’s consciousness exponentially. We are becoming aware of our planet and what’s happening on it. We are becoming less susceptible to perception manipulation with regard to events that are happening on and around our planet.  We are becoming aware that not all truth about our planet is presented to us in proper fashion, that if we really want to know what is happening, we have to put in the effort and search for ourselves. Many people have done this, and as a result they have witnessed something that does not resonate with their inner most being, and the realization that we must change the way we operate here on planet Earth has hit home.

Imagine earth as one big mind, that mind has been programmed for a number of years to follow a specific system, believe certain things about reality and not question its existence. Now imagine that one big mind getting in touch with its heart, it observes what is happening to the planet and does not resonate with it. The heart desires change, the mind is fearful and wants everything to remain the same. The mind can be programmed, but the heart cannot. Ultimately, on a mass level, whatever our heart desires is what will be created through the collective consciousness of all people on Earth. We literally have the power to create an entirely new experience for ourselves, one that does truly resonate with our hearts, because the current way clearly doesn’t. We just have to recognize the fact that we do have the ability to create change, and if we really want it, we can manifest it, and we are manifesting it 🙂

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