Scientists Uncover The Very First ‘Official’ Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

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sri lankaEarlier this year, a group of scientists claimed with certainty that tiny fossils uncovered inside a meteorite found in Sri Lanka in late December 2012, are proof of extraterrestrial life. A paper was published in the Journal of Cosmology (1)(3) by Chandra Wickramasinghe. Wickramasinghe is the director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham in the U.K. The study was conducted alongside researchers at the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University and from the Medical Research Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

While reading this article, please keep in mind that there is already a large amount of evidence that supports the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Please browse through our exopolitics sections under the alternative news tab for more information on that.

They found “a microstructure and morphology characteristic of a wide class of terrestrial diatoms.” The group concluded that “the presence of structures of this kind in any extraterrestrial setting could be constructed as unequivocal proof of biology.” Cardiff University was asked to proof-check and analyze the findings, which it did, concluding that the samples were “unequivocally meteorites” and that the analysis of the material structure showed that algae-like fossils were native to it.

This is the first-ever evidence of extraterrestrial life found in a celestial body. The researchers used sophisticated methods like X-ray diffraction, triple oxygen isotope analysis and scanning electron microscopy.

In 1962, Hoyle and I pioneered the theory of carbon grains in space to replace the old ice grain theory. This was vehemently resisted by the astronomical community at the outset, but with the dawn of infrared spectroscopy, the ice grain theory gave way to the carbon dust theory. Over a few years, after a great deal of model-fitting, we came to the conclusion that material similar to biomaterial fitted all the available data in astronomy. We considered the possibility that microbiology had a universal character, and no observations in astronomy or new information from biology has provided contrary evidence.If only ideas that are considered orthodox are given support through award of grans or publication opportunities, it is certain that the progress of science will be stifled as it was throughout the middle ages – Wickramsinghe

English astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle along with Wickramasinghe co-developed a theory known as “panspermia,” which suggests that life exists throughout the universe and is distributed by meteoroids and asteroids. It’s quite a synchronicity that this meteorite found in Sri Lanka happened to fall in their lap, potentially proving their theory correct.

We conclude that the identification of fossilized diatoms in the Polonnaruwa meteorite is firmly established and unimpeachable. Since this meteorite is considered to be an extinct commentary fragment, the idea of microbial life carried within comets and the theory of cometary panspermia is thus vindicated. This was also the guess of the Sri Lankan geologists who first looked at the rock. I personally have no doubt whatsoever that this was a stone that fell from the skies – Wickramsinghe

This isn’t the first time that extraterrestrial life has been confirmed, according to Wickramasinghe. In an earlier paper (2) that he co-authored in 2012 titled “Non-terrestrial origin of life: a transformative research paradigm shift”  where the abstract reads:

Theories and hypotheses in science are continually subject to verification, critical re-evaluation, revision and indeed evolution, in response to new observations and discoveries. Theories of the origin of life have been more constrained than other scientific theories and hypotheses in this regard, through the force of social and cultural pressures. There has been a tendency to adhere too rigidly to a class of theory that demands a purely terrestrial origin of life. For nearly five decades evidence in favour of a non-terrestrial origin of life and panspermia has accumulated which has not been properly assessed. A point has now been reached that demands the serious attention of biologists to a possibly transformative paradigm shift of the question of the origin of life, with profound implications across many disciplines – Wickramsinghe

Just to reiterate, these scientists are claiming to have found fossilized biological structures in a Sri Lankan meteorite of extraterrestrial origin. The researchers say that tiny algae-like fossils found in meteorite fragments could not have originated on our planet. There have been critics that say the stone was of terrestrial origin, and the study addressees these concerns and debunks them with scientific evidence (1)(3).

Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

This is a very significant finding, it’s the first time that a direct scientific find of extraterrestrial life can be confirmed. You would think that it would make major headlines, but unfortunately it didn’t. As illustrated in an earlier paper (2), a point has now been reached that demands the serious attention of biologists to a possibly transformative paradigm shift on the question about the origin of life. It’s well known that theories about the origin of life have been very constrained, more so than other scientific theories and hypotheses due to the force of social and cultural pressures(2). The question of extraterrestrial life, and even beyond that, intelligent extraterrestrial life is currently playing a large role in a massive and transformative paradigm shift that is currently occurring on our planet.

On one hand, we have mainstream science looking for signs for extraterrestrial life, on the other hand we have a very large amount of evidence to suggest that intelligent extraterrestrial life has already been discovered -and that this shocking paradigm shifting information has been concealed from the public for over 70 years.  I use this clip a lot, but it’s a great statement made by a researcher who examined the subject from the perspective that not only has extraterrestrial life been discovered, but intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and is engaging with this planet and the human race. What do you think?

A lot of this ‘evidence’ has been provided and written about by many. Collective Evolution has multiple articles that provide official documentation as well as witness testimony from multiple sources. For more on the intelligent extraterrestrial life debate, please visit our “Exopolitics” section under our “Alternative News” tab.





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  1. Great Read, thanks for the article

  2. kay

    Have u considered that deep in the Earth is meteorite substances also? Could a volcano have spit up both the samples?

  3. Cringle

    “To believe in god.. can be said to be foolish, but To deny him altogether is absolute ignorance.” -Cringlez
    I highly believe in the theory stated. We’ve found other microbiological fossils as well, but who’s to say this wasn’t god’s method of creating life? everything can fit together if you look at it at the right angle,

  4. jesus garate

    If it was a metheorit… it could be originated in the earth… going then to space and coming back again…. I guess that in case of a big metheore impact, we should have the periodic visit of the resulting garbage

  5. Kbelle

    Arjun I read all your articles. I want to thank you for what you do. It takes guts to put this info out there with all the naysayers insulting your every move. The people who insult you are generally those with closed minds… things are changing folks, in a big way! Open your hearts and minds to the new. If you don’t like what this site posts than don’t read it. Why must you cause insult, what does that accomplish?

  6. curbina

    I have been closely watching the development of this discovery and the conclusions of the researchers. Unfortunatley for Mr. Wickramasinghe his conclusions have been received with derision and scorn by the biggest part of the scientific community. I had the privilege of examining the images that Dr. Wickramasinghe shared with me as I offered help to identify the diatoms species through a colleague. The structures are undeniably diatom frustules. What remains to be determined is:

    Is the sample really a meteorite? Dr. Wickramasinghe says that it’s a carbonaceous meteorite, and he submitted it to analysis to other scientists for them to confirm this. I’m waiting on a third party confirmation of the nature of the rock sample.

    Are the diatoms a part of the meteorite or resulted from contamination of the meteorite at impact site? The micrographs seem to rapidly answer that the diatoms are embedded in the hard material. This reduced highly the possibility of on site contamination, thus making the importance of determining the origin of the rock even more important.

    A third aspect of what this team claims, and somewhat the aspect that woudl draw much more criticism if it would be more widely known, is that they claim to have obtained live diatoms and have been able to cultivate them in the laboratory. This is said to be the utmost confirmation of Cometary Panspermia. I of course agree that such a bold claim is not going to be well received without a rigorous protocol to ensure the diatoms are not from contamination.

    What is good is that Dr. Wickramasinghe is well aware of all these points and working towards resolving them, which is IMHO all what a real scientist should do, instead of simply criticizing something as impossible because it does not agree with one’s beliefs.

  7. Carlos Danger

    Kalynis, why are you trying to have a scientific debate with Arjum? This site and writers are not interested in any proven discoveries or facts. This site is designed for propagating their musings of fancy for people who believe anything and new age gobbledygook.

    It would be funny if they would not also propagate dangerous stuff like anti vaccines bullshit, which actually kill children, and for that they should all be put in prison.

    • zeta

      Yes you are correct. This site is getting from bad to worse :)

      • A lot of insults on our site are simply condemnation based on very little investigation. Just simply statements…like yours!

        • Chris

          Problem with scientist discovering these life forms on Earth is it could simply be an organism or life form that originated from Earth. The only way these things will be credible is by investigating them in space, with full suits on and being decontaminated of all microscopic organisms on the human body so there’s zero chance of these things that are found, originating from Earth. Other than that the results are too flawed in my belief

    • lol. that couldn’t be further from the truth! We’ve had many scientists and academics email us and thank us. The ones who insult us on matters such as this have clearly done very little investigation for themselves…the proof is right in the journal! It addresses all of the criticisms with this findings.

      Regardless of this specific article, there is already an overwhelming amount of evidence that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists…

  8. Shaun

    Hmmm, Sorry Arjun. I find this far from conclusive.

    • lol that’s ok! You don’t have to be sorry for that :)

  9. This “Title” is somewhat misleading. It makes one “think” that actual “bone” fossils were discovered! it “should” read, “Fossilized compounds…” as NO fragments were discovered!

    • It does not make one think anything, I don’t think. Fossils are fossils, there are different types. Either way, it’s life :)

    • The link doesn’t work, and all criticisms are addressed in the paper.

      • Kalynis

        The link works perfectly, and none of its concerns are addressed. The rock shown has none of the mineral properties of a meteorite, the diatoms found within it are identifiable terrestrial species, and the red rain in Kerala has been conclusively proven to be the result of local terrestrial algae.

        • There is conclusive evidence against what you just said, the research clearly shows that might not be true!

          • I’m not sure that the multiple incidents of red rain has been able to generate a totally conclusive answer…

          • Kalynis

            On the contrary, the tests were entirely conclusive. Where is the conclusive evidence you continue to speak of? All I see is an article published by a questionable author in a nonscientific journal that is not reviewed by reliable peers.

            From Arjun: It’s in the study, please read it!
            (there was no reply option so I (Arjun) had to do it this way :)

          • Chris

            Research clearly shows that MIGHT NOT be true. This title sounded pretty assured not maybe sure..

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