Something The Entire World Should See – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

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North East of Hawaii, the ocean currents form a giant whirl pool of debris from around the Pacific, the scientific name is called the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising of millions of square kilometres.

Today it’s better known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean. Drag a net in any area of this part of the ocean and you will pick up toxic, discarded plastic.

Photographer Chris Jordan has documented this phenomenon.

I had been studying for quite a while the phenomenon called the Pacific garbage patch. I was looking for a way to visualize it, it was really surreal to land on Midway, seeing that my worst hopes of what I would find there are true. These are all albatross chicks, hatched out of their eggs and the very first meal they got was deadly to them. What happens is, when the eggs hatch one of the parents goes out and flies looking for food. They search over this vast area of the pacific and when they come back with is a belly full of toxic plastics, and they feed that to their babies. They die of starvation, malnutrition and chocking. Simply allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel about this, without jumping to the way to solve it. Because I think we really need to feel these things, even if the feelings are uncomfortable, because those are the feelings that will turn into the fuel and drive passionate action – Chris Jordan

The desire to change these things will put the human race on a journey to do so, and we are in the midst of it. Ultimately it is our choice as to whether or not we take the time to educate ourselves about our choices and begin doing things in a manner that cares for our environment and home more than our materialistic needs.

What can we do about this problem now? As much as possible, support eco-friendly products. Avoid being wasteful and purchasing new products each time a new version comes out simply so we can be up to date with the latest greatest. Create awareness about this issue and pass it onto your friends and family. Awareness has been key in changing various aspects of our world and so often we give it little credit. It is much more powerful than we think.

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  1. at $0.31-$5.60 /lb * 22000 lbs/tonne * 1000000 tonnes there is 6.8-123.2 BILLION dollars floating north east of Hawaii… Makes you want to get a sailing boat and a net…

  2. Bob Dee

    There is a larger garbage island in the Atlantic. These islands will never go away. Humans must stop making and using toxic plastics and dumping them in the sea. Out of sight out of mind does not apply with this issue. Toxins from these islands are in the food chain and are already physically in the minds of many people and creature’s throughout the world. The muck stops here, with you.

  3. Nestor

    The fact that some people still claim a what you call, “Jesus”. Smh it’s about that time to wake up and open your mind.

  4. Krato

    Mushroom mycelium can decompose plastics, petrochemicals, oil, diesel, pesticide and much more. If you really want to make a difference then look up MYCOREMEDIATION or PERMACULTURE. There are ways to truly do your part and make a difference.

  5. driand

    Silly. All we have to do is say we’re sorry and Jesus will come and clean all of it up. But he doesn’t need to because we know that humans producing garbage is just a myth invented by left wing media.

    • This is a global problem, not only an American problem. Your reply shows how sophomoric you are. You are as much part of the problem as everyone else.

      • I am pretty sure he is worse than most people with this problem.

      • budim

        he was sceptical and just repeated how medias and the big companies, which are producing all this waste, are manipulating human’s mind…

    • One among many myths, like climate change, evolution, empirical reasoning, and so forth…

  6. Read Tony Juniper’s book”What has nature ever done for us”.
    There really is an island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean,it is apparently hundreds of kilometres wide.
    We are killing everything on the planet slowly,so i say to all you nit pickers out there read the book.

  7. So many self-serving comments…the truth is, we humans are a plague upon the Earth and the sooner we exterminate ourselves, the better for the planet. Which event is not far off, it seems.

    • Anti humanist. Go ahead you start!!! Lead by exampel!!! like you said the sooner the better!!!

      • hrat86

        Well said sir. Well said.

  8. This is a complete fabrication. The story exaggerates this floating garbage pile by a factor of TWO HUNDRED! And the guy pulling plastic out of the dead birds is the very same charlatan who put the plastic in the bird carcasses to begin with. If you have to lie so egregiously to tell your story, then you don’t have a story to tell to begin with. But this is really what the green movement is all about; people like these carnival barkers don’t give a crap about the natural world, but they do take great pleasure in manipulating your emotional states to make you think a certain way. And that is how political power is amassed…..

    • The photo in connection to article above is highly misleading, and have nothing to do with the problem discussed, but I guess CE Home needed an illustration so they just took one they found somewhere on the √≠nternet.

      Sadly, this plague to marine life is very real, even if the photo is a disgrace, as who would use a rowboat in the middle of the Pacific?! Most likely a photo from a dump somewhere.

      A nice summing up of the “Great Garbage Patch” can be found here:

    • Fiji

      Better lie to be believed for a good cause, then to be completely ignorant and selfish. Mostly US GOP voters are the latter

  9. dean

    every once of plastic ever made is still here it may be recycled it mat be different but it is still here somewhere as plastic will not decay for so many years our great great grand children’s great great grand children will dead before the first piece of plastic is anywhere near decaying so can someone tell me …………. why do we need more????

    • According to science, the plastic just breaks up into smaller and smaller particles, but stays intact as molecules, unless incinerated.

  10. pinky

    Forget seagulls, evolution will either help humanity by killing them off or changing their biology into plastic eating machines that will devour all of mankind’s machines

    • Albatrosses are not seagulls, not even nearly as closely related as you yourself (being human) is to the monkeys you can meet at a zoo!

      And how can it help humanity, when the entire Pacific becomes a a thick stew of plastic?! Even if you don’t eat fish, which also will eventually die from the chemicals in the plastic, fish (in the form of pellets) is used to feed chickens (which I guess you eat?). So you, and your offspring, will get a lot of these cancerogenic chemicals, too, in your intestines! Good luck!

  11. There is, actually, someone (or multiple people, according to a quick Google search on ‘teen creates plastic eating’) who is working on how to make this plastic bag ‘gyre’ go away. Hopefully it will make it to the scene and be taken seriously. But there are really people, young people, who are working on solutions. This is one such article. I saw one floating around Facebook a while ago.

    • There are far more practical and profitable approaches to managing humanity’s endless streams of solid, liquid and gaseous carbon wastes. It’s not as simple as sweeping up plastic bags because it’s so widely distributed and all types of plastics, wood, etc., are broken down into tiny fragments. There needs to be an effective/workable (24×7) substitute for dumping/landfilling of society’s wastes, such as converting mankind’s wastes in landfills (your own trash can) that can’t be recycled into the world’s cleanest, strongest ALCOHOL fuel that can power any gas or diesel engine without modification. World needs a carbon-bridging pollution solution. Higher mixed alcohol production and use in today’s vehicles is that solution.

      Our FB page:

      • Alcohol can’t be used as fuel in any engine without it specifically modified to do so. Hoses, seals, lubrication, fuel injection, all have to be modified, for a 100% alcohol fuel. Rust is the main problem, but there are others as well.

        My transport company have used modified engines for years, to be able to use other fuels than conventional, so I darn well know that ‘without modification’ simply isn’t true! Just now we’re using biodiesel, that has forced a change of coolant, that in turn eats the hoses up at an alarming rate, and fuel make the engine bearings rust, but that are passing complications, but the engines have indeed been modified!!!

        Personally, I use methanol-powered engines, that also have to be modified, if they are to run on gasoline/petrol. And not just be adding new sparkplugs, electronics, sensors, and such.

        • You’re referring to ethanol’s known corrosivity issues, but these have largely been addressed in light duty vehicles manufactured since 2006. Brazil’s broad use of ethanol hasn’t ruined engines, for example, but there are problems with ethanol-blended gasoline in small engines and marine engines due to moisture.

          Higher mixed alcohol fuel isn’t ethanol. It requires no changes to gasoline engines when used as blendstock up to 30%. To use in higher volumes, up to 100% neat in gasoline engines, requires only a flex-fuel chip. In diesel engines, 5-6 percent in the blend increases mileage by up to 28 percent, with no more black smoke, ever. To use in higher volumes in diesel engines requires only minor engine adjustment.

          • Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) Oldest drug known to man, solvent and fuel
            Methanol (methyl alcohol) is highly toxic and unfit for consumption. solvent and fuel
            Methanol (methyl alcohol) used in top fuel dragsters and funny cars. not passenger cars.
            Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) used in passenger cars, has nowhere near the energy that gasoline dose. thats why theres only a small percent in fuels. Methanol In a standard compression engine does not work well. alcohols will draw moisture out of the air that where the rust and corrosion come from, Alcohols are not cleaner and are much less efficient than petroleum fuels. Organics in land fill are not the problum. The stuff that dose not decompose such as plastics. FYI befor plastics these birds ate and died from pretty rocks and sticks. FYI look at the size of the birds the amount of dbree and the size of the birds digestiv tract

    • Marissa

      This is another teen working on eliminating 20 BILLION TONS of plastic from the ocean in the next 5 years, heres the link to that fascinating idea

  12. Robert

    Yes, there is garbage, but not like you think

    • why cause people have to thro all these things out its heart breaking to see

    • chris

      “huge amounts of plastic” its like i think, way too much.

  13. Pari Fields

    I have participated in multiple “beach clean-ups” while on cruises in the Caribbean, and while I was teaching environmental science in TN. I realize this must be a problem on a much larger scale than I have dealt with, but that was the first thing that came to mind after watching the video…is there any talk of organizing such an event? Thanks for sharing these images, even if it was very difficult to watch.


    That’s the whole point of the video; there is no floating island of junk that you can fly over and take cool photos to help sell newspapers. If it showed up on Google maps we’d probably already be out there with ships gathering it all up. So how do you get the message across that this stuff is there and needs to be taken seriously?

    • hydro

      the message is “out there.” The evolution of our awareness of the problem is already occurring. Now, will our solution ultimately create new and completely different problems I remember being pushed to use plastic bags instead of paper at store because it was “green” approach to saving forests. OOOPS.

  15. Douglas

    Why don’t we just clean it up ….is there a problem ………we made we need to clean it up its that simple ……….PICK YOUR SHIT UP ……

    • Jordan

      It’s not about picking up your rubbish Douglas. Theres a lot more to it.

      1. Buy only what you have to. Do not over consume. We need to cut back and think about what is actually essential in day to day life.
      2. Make choices about the products that you do need and choose the option that has minimal packaging and minimal impact on the earth.
      3. Opt for products made out of, or packaged in, environmentally friendly materials – not toxic synthetic plastics.
      4. Then you can focus on ‘picking up your shit’ as you like to say, and recycle everything you can and dispose correctly of those things that you can recycle.

      It’s all about choices we make and trying to steer ourselves toward what is right for the environment, then the rest will follow.

  16. Why don’t we get to the root of the problem of consumption: Corporatism. Everything is okay if we make a profit… an evil mentality. And non-toxic hemp plastics would be a great solution if we could ban synthetic poison plastic.

    • Thats exactly correct. The growth of the corporate system has left the environment out of the picture. We need a system of reducing waste throughout the country and that starts at the production line as well as waste management policy improvements.

  17. Marty

    Also i wonder how much rubbish is in the ocean and how much marine life died from America dumping the world trade center in the ocean.

  18. Marty

    to all those people out there that drink bottled water, news headline, it comes out of taps too!!!! Just refusing to drink bottled water would reduce this by a considerable amount. Let alone there are contaminants in plastic bottles and Nestle is capping the worlds water supplies to fill these bottles. Your not portraying a healthy lifestyle for yourself or the planet. The label does not make you cool!

    • Swan

      if you eat products that come in wrappers, or drink soda, milk, smoke cigarretes, drive a car, even worse; drive an electric car (produces MUCH more waste and pollution in it’s manufacturing process than 10 years of driving an old muscle car + production), don’t be a hypocrite and say such things.

      • Desmond

        Where did you read that? From an article produce by gas companies perhaps? Do you believe everything the internet tells you?

    • Every product you use on a daily basis has plastic in it! Bottled water is the least of the problem

    • yes it does.. I spend $2 bucks on 12ounces… yer damn straight I’m cool

  19. I bet many people are unaware the military dumps the garbage from the ships out to sea….yeah I was surprised.

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