Something The Entire World Should See – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

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North East of Hawaii, the ocean currents form a giant whirl pool of debris from around the Pacific, the scientific name is called the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising of millions of square kilometres.

Today it’s better known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean. Drag a net in any area of this part of the ocean and you will pick up toxic, discarded plastic.

Photographer Chris Jordan has documented this phenomenon.

I had been studying for quite a while the phenomenon called the Pacific garbage patch. I was looking for a way to visualize it, it was really surreal to land on Midway, seeing that my worst hopes of what I would find there are true. These are all albatross chicks, hatched out of their eggs and the very first meal they got was deadly to them. What happens is, when the eggs hatch one of the parents goes out and flies looking for food. They search over this vast area of the pacific and when they come back with is a belly full of toxic plastics, and they feed that to their babies. They die of starvation, malnutrition and chocking. Simply allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel about this, without jumping to the way to solve it. Because I think we really need to feel these things, even if the feelings are uncomfortable, because those are the feelings that will turn into the fuel and drive passionate action – Chris Jordan

The desire to change these things will put the human race on a journey to do so, and we are in the midst of it. Ultimately it is our choice as to whether or not we take the time to educate ourselves about our choices and begin doing things in a manner that cares for our environment and home more than our materialistic needs.

What can we do about this problem now? As much as possible, support eco-friendly products. Avoid being wasteful and purchasing new products each time a new version comes out simply so we can be up to date with the latest greatest. Create awareness about this issue and pass it onto your friends and family. Awareness has been key in changing various aspects of our world and so often we give it little credit. It is much more powerful than we think.

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  1. john

    Perhaps not quite “toxic,” these swirling vortexes of trash ARE deadly. Yes, there are more than one of them in our oceans. Testaments to man’s callousness.

  2. Isac

    the name of the problem is OIL ! and, of course, man`s greedyness……

  3. CherylCheryl

    I hate it that people are so selfish to change their behavior!

  4. I don’t know. We disgust me! Surely we can do better than this. I don’t know.

  5. fran

    The problem is that it is NOT about the ‘cruelty’/’greed’ carried out by others, but the ignorance to do with our own responsibility as a citizen of this planet. We are all responsible for everything happening all over the globe. For better and for worse, we are all linked. Do most of us not consume? Do most of us not rely on oil ?(either by products that we buy (wrapping, manufacturing etc) or heating, or transport) We all desperately rely on the darn stuff! Perhaps less processing per individual would help…

  6. Mari Fox

    Are you f$&@ing serious? A Special K ad at the end of your post when Kellogs is on your list of Monsanto companies not to buy from? Disgusting indeed on many levels…

    • - Collective Evolution

      The adds are designed to cater to your particular interests via what you search for on your computer :) As long as you know Kellogg is on our list ;)…then we’ve done our job.

  7. Hannah

    Personally I recycle and make a point to only purchase plastics that I know can and will be recycled. It’s called doing your best and making decisions based on your knowledge of the world today

    • What about pads and tampons? Maybe disposable diapers if you have a baby? Those three things are the largest offending parties in this type of waste.

  8. They should get this up on Kickstarter and get some funding behind it to get it finished if they’ve not already done so. So far it looks both beautiful and heartbreaking.

  9. I read about a man in Japan who has discovered a way to turn plastic back into oil and gas. This looks like a wonderful place for his invention. We can scream at everyone for not doing “their part” or we can come up with a solution to fix it. A real solution. Here is a real solution.

    • searides

      Yes this is the only way to solve our destructive behaviour .By blaming each other or trying to change our habits will not work.What has to happen must be related to our capitalistic world.We need someone to see a profit for their effort and to sell this idea to companies who supply products in plastic who have the capital to buy these machines and set them up.It would be great to see a tanker ship with this device on a large scale sucking up the plastic and turning it back into oil or a device outside a supermarket where the poorer folk can pick up plastic and get money for it.

  10. Mary

    I feel so ashamed.

  11. While I would agree these gyres are an atrocious testament to mankind’s disregard for the planet, it does not say much for the longevity of the albatross when they are not smart enough to choose between healthy food and garbage. Then again, most human can’t make that same distinction in their own diets, soooo….

    • dude


  12. yes. but what am I doing right now to change what is happening there? it is my own personal responsibility. own it. love it and feel it and take action. I agree with the Director’s approach on creating the feeling which is necessary first on a psychological level, you first need to feel it and love it for it to really be so important that every part of your soul can’t deny taking action.

    • Lee Urton

      Some of us already feel these emotions. Some of us were born with a level of empathy for others that is too strong to manage. This sensitivity towards the world drives us towards deep anger and depression when coupled with the helplessness that is, the human race. Programs are merely sticks thrown into a river in an attempt to impede it’s flow. And solutions can’t come fast enough for those of us who feel the pain of all the other creatures of the world. I think many of us are consumed by an addictive nature (Most of the best people I know, the most caring, most compassionate, are unfortunately, addicts of some kind or another). And the cycle of addiction grows worse when sincere efforts to make a difference are exposed to have been in vain. One recognizes that it is not just the world that is broken, but ourselves, and that this world would be much better off without humans in it. LOL, @ “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This video and the emotions that come with it, and that stupid saying all make me want to kill myself.

  13. oh my god you threw in the dying baby animals not cool man…i start crying when i see hurt baby animals…its like i wouldnt want my dogs stomach full of that

  14. This is lost ressource, it can be turned into diesel fuel and gaseline. All they afto do is pick it up and gasefiy it. Gasefying is a cheap process, pocket the money and clean the envirement. It’s getting more and more popular.

  15. A good many bugs, arthropods and other invertebrate animals have structural exoskeletons made of chitin, a biodegradable protein which can be manipulated into countless forms and properties. Chitin could replace 90% or more of plastic usages, can be recycled without accumulation of non-decomposable longchain polymers, or can be converted directly into fertilizer or industrial feedstock witout accompanying toxic industries. If it makes it to the oceans, well, the oceans have had a program for dealing witrh chitin for many hundreds or millions of years.

  16. John

    Assuming these birds are omnivores we need to make an effort into putting bird feeders into that area. Seems like cleaning all that trash up would be a good start too but no one will put the effort in.

  17. Scott

    At least these birds lived roaming free. Wake up people. Want to make a difference? Stop eating meat. Try it once or twice a day. There are thousands of innocent animals slaughtered every day and cut into tiny pieces. We get all bent about dogs trained to fight, wearing fur, and then we go eat a pig. This is called species preference and it’s a form of insanity we seem to accept. I’m guilty of it, but i’m changing finally. What’s acceptable? What will you choose focus on? How about something you can to today. Eat less meat.

    • Yes it is off topic, but farmed meat is the most consumptive food on the human food chain. I agree completely, in all seriousness, that there is no reason to maintain certain domesticated animals as food product and other as man’s best friend. Many animals including humans are all capable of bonding, why think of pigs as food and dog as pet? End species preference. Eat local cat and dog. They are plentiful and we cull their herds regularly and feed them to each other. We have some ridiculous interpretations.

    • Certain animals were provided by God for us to harvest and eat. We are a race of meat eaters our teeth are designed that way, for tearing meat and chewing it. There are much needed nutrients in meat that our bodies require, If we were meant to only eat vegetation our teeth would be differently designed.

    • Andrew

      That’s dumb, and irrelevant. An eaten pig is different then ‘free range’ and that is related to food supply vs. demand. What is relevant is working on hydrogen powered cars, solar and wind energy, take power from major energy companies as a start. Concurrently feed into newer recyclable products that are not petroleum based. Sun chips came up with a completely degradable bag for their chips, but people complained they were too noisy, so they had to switch it back. Education needs to be in place to combat ignorance and social responsibility to combat greed. The younger generations understand this, and will change. But how long before it does change is the real issue.

    • Amber


  18. It is the economy which creates this junk. When will everyone get a free barrel of food for just being a human, delivered to them for free, on the promise of that person to store the food away, and wash the barrel and then send it back to the depot. Not only do starving people not eat food on the shelves of a supermarket but the food gets burned or sent to landfill. How much packaging do we really need as humans? None, all we need to do is wash and re use the container. You throw away the packaging as a consumer and likewise the manufacturers throw you away after they have got your money. Lets throw the money away people. The money messed up these birds. Economy driven politics , economy driven mentality. Lets take the word economy and throw it away, screw it up. For the reason which it has the prefix eco in it, and its confusing me with a product i buy into and that is ecology. Its not about clearing up this mess its, the thought ‘yeah we humans are dumb, but just how dumb do we think we are!’ It’s simple, now answer me back , since I actually do want to talk to some of you about this….

    • - Collective Evolution

      It definitely doesn’t have to be this way.

      • You invited e-mail, but didn’t provide contact info! One approach to solving this waste plastic problem is to make it a valuable (and recyclable) resource. One possibility is shown at – where you /will/ find an e-mail link. :-)


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