Something The Entire World Should See – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

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North East of Hawaii, the ocean currents form a giant whirl pool of debris from around the Pacific, the scientific name is called the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising of millions of square kilometres.

Today it’s better known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean. Drag a net in any area of this part of the ocean and you will pick up toxic, discarded plastic.

Photographer Chris Jordan has documented this phenomenon.

I had been studying for quite a while the phenomenon called the Pacific garbage patch. I was looking for a way to visualize it, it was really surreal to land on Midway, seeing that my worst hopes of what I would find there are true. These are all albatross chicks, hatched out of their eggs and the very first meal they got was deadly to them. What happens is, when the eggs hatch one of the parents goes out and flies looking for food. They search over this vast area of the pacific and when they come back with is a belly full of toxic plastics, and they feed that to their babies. They die of starvation, malnutrition and chocking. Simply allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel about this, without jumping to the way to solve it. Because I think we really need to feel these things, even if the feelings are uncomfortable, because those are the feelings that will turn into the fuel and drive passionate action – Chris Jordan

The desire to change these things will put the human race on a journey to do so, and we are in the midst of it. Ultimately it is our choice as to whether or not we take the time to educate ourselves about our choices and begin doing things in a manner that cares for our environment and home more than our materialistic needs.

What can we do about this problem now? As much as possible, support eco-friendly products. Avoid being wasteful and purchasing new products each time a new version comes out simply so we can be up to date with the latest greatest. Create awareness about this issue and pass it onto your friends and family. Awareness has been key in changing various aspects of our world and so often we give it little credit. It is much more powerful than we think.

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  1. I often wonder about the huge amount of pollution of all kinds including vast amounts of plastic that end up in the oceans because of Tsunamis, Floods, Tornadoes etc, These events are occurring more intensely and would contribute greatly to the pollution problem.

  2. lee

    The volume is not coming through

  3. I don’t know about you, but my trash gets dumped into a garbage dump. The stuff in the ocean is from ships purposely dumping trash in the ocean. You can’t tell me someone living in Illinois has an affect on the ocean. Maybe trash comes from the beaches, but if you’ve ever been on a beach, you’ll know we do a good job of keeping the trash collected properly.

    Seems logical to regulate where ships dump their trash. But this video really didn’t show me that there’s a problem. I see a ton of birds flying around, and some dead ones. How long to birds live? Are you telling me birds are dying young or are these birds living a full life and it just so happens they have all that trash in them? Ideally, natural selection would come into play here. The smarter birds would stop eating the trash, and the dumber birds would die off. All we’ll be left with are birds smart enough to not eat trash.

    That being said, what kind of issues does trash in the ocean cause (besides killing off dumb birds and animals)? I can imagine there are plenty of insects that just love to eat trash. Otherwise, why they always in my garbage cans? Over a period of years, I’m sure most of that trash will be “processed” by bugs and animals. I’m not really seeing a huge issue here. On a side note, if it does become a huge problem, would it be impossible for us to simply have those areas cleaned out? Seems like if it becomes a problem, it’s something we can handle. Until then, we should focus on getting people clean drinking water and cure diseases.

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