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Thanks to the contributions of Yoga Instructors Christina Dizon and Tara Carpino we at Collective Evolution are happy to offer a challenge to you. Whether you already practice Yoga regularly or have never tried it before, we challenge you to incorporate one guided pose a day for one week. To make this easy we have 7 Free ‘Pose of the Day’ videos featuring the aforementioned Christina and Tara. The poses are easy to follow along to and all offer variations to ensure everyone can participate no matter your flexibility or experience. Try out the challenge and be sure to send it along to anyone else that you think could benefit from adding a bit of Yoga to their life!

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For more information on either of the instructors featured in the videos please be sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook pages:
Christina Dizon – EMPOWWARE
Tara Carpino – RADIANT FLOWS

Day 1 – Tadasana

Day 2 – Chatarunga

Day 3 – Upward Dog

Day 4 – Downward Dog

Day 5 – Low Lunge

Day 6 – Boat Pose

Day 7 – High Lunge

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Take The 5 Days of YOU Challenge!

Over 150,000+ people have taken this challenge! Take the challenge!


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