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VariousThis is a very informative video that presents information regarding the highly debated vaccine-autism link. Yes, these questions do need to be asked. This is not fear mongering, it’s simply presenting information.  The film was narrated by Rob Schneider and organized by the The Canary Party. Many facts are stated in this video, and it’s good to view it with an open mind.

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If you are doubtful about any statements made in the video, feel free to do some  research for further validity. The correlation between vaccines and autism can be a confusing one because on one hand we have published studies (peer reviewed and/or refereed) that state there is no link between vaccines and autism. On the other hand, we have a number of published (peer reviewed and/or referred) studies that show a clear link for vaccines as a potential cause for autism. Keep in mind that peer reviewed criteria and reviewer/referee qualifications vary, but all studies are published by experts, for experts showing conclusive data and research. You can view some of the studies that claim to have demonstrated a link between vaccines and autism here.

Please keep in mind that I am simply presenting information. I am well aware of the many criticisms with regards to the studies that demonstrate a potential link between vaccines and autism. I am also well aware of the many criticisms that demonstrate no link between vaccines and autism. I am most aware of the fact that information, both scientific and empirical evidence is available on both sides of the argument,  this is extremely clear to me. Both sides should be looked at from a place of complete neutrality within oneself, only then can the decisions you make for you and your family be the right one.

You can also check out this website for further information on BOTH sides of the argument.

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