Strange Fibres Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets

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This video speaks for itself in that McDonald’s chicken McNuggets seem to contain some strange ingredients and substances that currently have no explanation. Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope. What he found was quite interesting, as you will see for yourself in the video below.

NOTE: Before you comment, no, this is not supposed to be some in depth scientific experiment. No he does not test to determine what the fibres are. His goal was simply to find out what was inside the nuggets and he shares what he found. That’s it.

Through his observations, not only did he find weird fibre-like objects, but there were a number of odd colors including a blue egg shaped object that resembled an antifreeze-like glob.

What are these strange ingredients? We do not know. We also do not know if they are safe or unsafe to consume, as not much is known about them. However, these mysterious ingredients represent another great reason why we should avoid processed foods and stick with fresh, clean foods.

Share this with friends and family who might still be eating McDonald’s food.

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  1. Caroline K.

    Thank you for this. I’m laughing. I mean what else can you do in these times? Between the pink slime and the horse meat and now the unidentifiable objects, I don’t know. It’s not just McDonalds and fast food. Sometimes I can’t get organic up here in the sticks in the mountains, and I live in the high desert and growing your own is not always possible without a green house and trucking in lots of water.

    Lately (I think we are beginning to run out of decent food, but people are still oblivious) I’ve gotten some food and I’ve looked at it, and I thought, I can’t eat this, and I’ve just had to throw it out. I have a guilt complex about wasting food (I try to buy as healthy as I can), but there is a limit.

    Decades ago I had a friend that worked for a shipping company out of San Francisco, and one time she was on board a ship when a shipping container of imported beef for McDonalds (we eat so much beef in this country we have to import it from other countries in South America and elsewhere) was being inspected.

    It made her sick and she said if anyone saw what that meat looked like they would never eat at another fast food restaurant again or eat meat again–but it passed inspection.

    That’s when it was beef–a recipe for cancer and bad for the planet. Now I don’t know what it is. Maybe they grow something in a petri dish, or they grind up their garbage and re-process it as food. I’m reminded of the movie, “The Yes Men,” where human sewage is re-processed to make fast food, and the movie, “Soylent Green,” where dead people are re-processed to feed the human population.

    • orawhaty

      I’d say the last paragraph is a little extreme…

      • Caroline K.

        Smiling. I think you had to see those movies to be on board.

  2. Daniesha

    Im done with mickies……

    • ikr,,, he says find out about what u eat, i mean, just Dont eat at any of these fast food things

  3. Anna

    My 5 year ol found a wire inside of a KRAFT TWISTERS STICK. I have contacted Kraft about it and other than ONE phone call requesting to see my photos I have NOT heard back from them. It is very scary. I would love it if you could help spread the word to other parents! I have NOT purchased any more cheese sticks since then.

    • orawhaty

      Well this one is easy. With all the people trying to sue or get things for free, companies REQUIRE PROOF otherwise they’d go broke just giving people things if they call or write in and say they found something in the product. If you owned a business, would you always just take the customers word for it if you’re getting thousands of false claims every year???? Derrrrrrrrrrr can’t fix stupid…

  4. Amber

    So disgusting! How are they allowed to feed this to us?!!
    I had stopped eating at Mcdonalds and other fast food restaurants, especially the nuggets, but recently decided to try them again. Now I’m just so grossed out. And the sad part is so many feed the nuggets to their children.

  5. “we opened up the chicken McNugget, but nowhere did we find any chicken”

    even though… its a CHICKEN McNugget…

    • Caroline K.

      It’s good you did your own investigating. If more people did that and stood for a higher standard of living, the world would change for the better.

    • What’s your point? Believe Mcdonalds when they say it’s chicken. McDonalds stands to gain more money from our poor eating habits, this man gains nothing.

  6. Stance

    So why did Adams purchase the chicken? Was he planning to look for strange things or was he planning to eat that stuff? Seems a little “fishy” to me!

    • - Collective Evolution

      He explains in the video that he bought it to do the lab work. He records himself buying the food and everything

  7. Reply
  8. Billio

    I do not understand why he did not test the “fibers/hairs” and the other objects he discovered. A good detective analyzes everything that is found, !

  9. lisa

    Yes, mcdonalds is bad for you. Everybody knows this now. This video is completely pointless. It’s not going to look like the chicken you know, because it’s under a high powered microscope. And processed chicken is going to look different than raw unprocessed chicken, no shit sherlock. The strange objects can be contributed to the processing and/or preparation that goes on.with this type of mass-produced food. But it really shouldn’t be very shocking to anyone, because you shouldn’t eat too many fast foods for the pure health reasons.

    • McDonalds claimed awhile ago that they no longer use processed chicken. Whether or not that is true I don’t know.

      • Tiffany

        No they claim the no longer bleach and reflavor their chicken. Of course they process it.

  10. Jane Eyre

    Quiet apart from any foreign bodies that “chicken” nuggets may occasionally have….. the actual nuggets t of consismechanically separated and processed chicken ( type that into Google, the process and “ingredients” ie: the whole chicken beak feet guts eyes and everything is ground up and bleached later in actual bleach and re flavoured etc with imitation chicken flavour to make it taste something like chicken after they have bleached the meat to remove is a disgusting process and you will never again eat them if you read about it…..

  11. Yvette


    • Whothefuckdoyouthinkyouaremate

      There was actually a lack of investigative work within that piece. First off… did he do enough research to identify any of the objects found in the McNugget? Did he bother to compare them to other fast food chain’s nuggets? No. Any science experiment is incomplete without a hypothesis and several trials. He only used the one nugget,

  12. Erika

    Its seaweed people…just seaweed. You know, the same stuff you eat when you eat sushi. Its used as an emulsifier and thickener in everything that crosses your lips. Ive seen this same article on the web and all it does it scare people thinking they are eating things that are unsafe or shouldnt be iin food. Unless you grow it yourself all your food is mechanically processed. If you can your own food…guess what…mechanical processing. This is judt irresponsible journalism.

    • Mrs F

      You are so clueless aren’t you? I bet you wrote this to calm your conscience about eating loving McNuggets so much 😉

  13. tony

    this must be that all white meat chicken they use. that’s just disgusting. All those fast food places serve old warehoused processed rubbish that make people sick. Forget that, I’m going to in-n-out and picking up fresh, clean food that is always served hot. Fast food places sometimes serve cold food it’s just disgusting.

  14. Jostrlus

    Wonder how much Burgerking, KFC or whatever paid for generating this little anti-ad.


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