Strange Fibres Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets

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This video speaks for itself in that McDonald’s chicken McNuggets seem to contain some strange ingredients and substances that currently have no explanation. Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope. What he found was quite interesting as you will note in the video below.

NOTE: Before you comment, no, this is not supposed to be some in depth scientific experiment. No he does not test to determine what the fibres are. His goal was simply to find out what was inside the nuggets and he shares what he found. That’s it.

Through his observations, not only did he find weird fibre like objects, but there were a number of odd colors including a blue egg shaped object that resembled an antifreeze like glob.

What are these strange ingredients? We do not know. We also do not know if they are safe or unsafe to consume as not much is known about them. However, these mysterious ingredients are another great reason why we should avoid processed foods and stick with fresh, clean foods.

Share this with friends and family who might still be eating McDonald’s food.

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  1. Lauren

    Dude those fibers look like morgellans fibers!!!

  2. Peter

    So he couldn’t take it one step further to actually find out what the blue fibres were? Nice investigation…

  3. Nobody from Nowhere

    As if asking questions about what the products are made from can be answered by any staff in store chain. Their employees are working for minimum wage and don’t care *** for what’s in the products they sell in the name of McD. We’re not all equipped with fancy equipment to “test” the fibers. I don’t promote McDonald’s. But I’m not against them. Legislation has it’s own method of allowance to all these ‘restaurant’. Let legislation do it’s thing and stop making 2 cent videos to silently promote “Burger King” or “KFC” or others like them.

  4. taylor j

    Oh and the ignorant continue to argue and eat the subsidized food…..I guess saving 5 bucks each meal will make a man think irrationally.

  5. Eric

    Seriously people have nothing better to do… Why can’t you make a video about the current world news? People are going to eat whatever the hell they want. Quit trying to put shit out there that many have done before and still hasn’t changed a thing.. Your just acting like a broken record that has played to many times eventually people are going to tune you out.

    • Chelle M

      Wow! So just because YOU don’t like hearing something, because you believe it’s not going to “change anything,” you believe no one should care or discuss it? Wow, the ignorance of people today!
      Lets just all keep making and eating foods that cause severe life-threatening diseases!

      • I don’t really think there is anyone who denies the fact fast food is terrible for you. I could make an article saying “Breaking news: Shit smells awful” and it would be the exact same effect as this article.

        • Milena

          No, it won’t have the exact same effect as this article, or any article similar to this one, because you would be talking about an issue that everyone is aware of, and this is not the case here. I am reading this article for the first time and even though I knew that Mc Donald’s food is crap, I was not aware that it was this disgusting. And it DID make a change in my mind set to NEVER ever eat or feed my children there. Thank you CE and everyone that is conscious enough to make a difference in our world for better!

      • Nobody from Nowhere

        I bet you never took the time to listen to scientist argue religion. Now there’s a debate. Not McDonald’s getting world domination.

  6. jen

    I am horrified and just disgusted at all of you who are defending McDonald’s. Yeah this guy made the video in a tacky fashion. But, I watched it 5 times, and I DO believe this is true. It is the inside of a real live McDonalds chicken nugget (it does look alive in there….) and dude.. That is unnatural. I get that things look weird under a microscope. I challenge someone to look at unprocessed chicken under a microscope, for comparison.

    And by the why, “white meat chicken mc nuggets”??? Real chicken is not white. It is off-white, and it’s a noticeable difference compared to paper white.


  7. Considering chicken nuggets are typically made from mechanically recovered meat, my guess is that those blue fibres are just bits of chicken i.e veins that got recovered along with the meat

  8. Autumn

    James Turner, I agree. Anything can be made to look disgusting under a microscope, it doesn’t mean anything.

  9. James Turner

    As a vegetarian, and someone who has only been to McDonalds 50 or 60 times in my life, I am revolted by the video. Not because it is showing me gross meat, but because the video is so poorly done, and disingenuous. Mashed potatoes, watermelon, and home grown meat probably looks pretty disgusting under a microscope too. How something looks, has very little to do with it’s taste, or healthfulness. Even if those “fibers” are not present in other food, and are added to these Mcnuggets intentionally or unintentionally… this says absolutely nothing as to whether or not they are or are not healthy. I don’t plan on eating any McDonalds any time soon, but it certainly wont be because of this video.

  10. I will be going to McDonalds and buy a crap load of nuggets and eat them. Why? Because I can!! And I’ll enjoy them.

  11. jonny proohet

    Nuggets!!!! Nom nom nom!!!!

  12. morgellons disease caused by GMO.

  13. I want some chicken mcnuggets now

  14. Igor

    Best chicken is cooked at home! Nuggets is just like cheap hot dog, crap without real meat.

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