Strange Fibres Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets

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This video speaks for itself in that McDonald’s chicken McNuggets seem to contain some strange ingredients and substances that currently have no explanation. Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope. What he found was quite interesting as you will note in the video below.

NOTE: Before you comment, no, this is not supposed to be some in depth scientific experiment. No he does not test to determine what the fibres are. His goal was simply to find out what was inside the nuggets and he shares what he found. That’s it.

Through his observations, not only did he find weird fibre like objects, but there were a number of odd colors including a blue egg shaped object that resembled an antifreeze like glob.

What are these strange ingredients? We do not know. We also do not know if they are safe or unsafe to consume as not much is known about them. However, these mysterious ingredients are another great reason why we should avoid processed foods and stick with fresh, clean foods.

Share this with friends and family who might still be eating McDonald’s food.

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  2. I want some chicken mcnuggets now

  3. Igor

    Best chicken is cooked at home! Nuggets is just like cheap hot dog, crap without real meat.

  4. Dominic

    I am not sure any if these guys are “defending” fast food more so than annoyed at how uninformative this video is. It is slanderous, unofficial, and he repeats the same lines multitudes of times, very unprofessional rambling. The nugget could of been tampered with by him to make himself popular. I mean this guy calls himself, “The Health Ranger”. Bwahaha what the heck is this guy? xD Fast foods gross. But they do not deserve unofficial slander, business is business and assumptions are illogical. This video is garbage.

  5. Private

    Give me a break…if you had any years of experience under your belts or common sense in your heads you would know its not a normal object embedded into mashed together parts, usually the parts of the animal like liver, heart and gizzard no one eats. Bare in mind these animals are standing in pens fed steroids and antibiotics and is not fit for the dog to eat let alone fit for human consumption.

  6. Rawls

    I am personally against fast food myself, and haven’t eaten at a McD’s for over 15 years now, and I’m all for informing people about the harmfulness of this stuff they try to pass off as food…. but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Do it in a straight forward informative way. DO NOT do it with “creepy music” with the intent to ‘scare’ people, and with words like “its like an alien landscape”… everything under a microscope looks like an alien landscape.
    As a professsional in the visual media business, my point is, this video is no different than mainstream media, in that its trying too hard to convince the viewer of something. You don’t have to try hard to convince people of this stuff. Just show it, plain and simple. Those who will listen, will listen. You don’t need to use lame extra visual and audio aids when the simple truth will do just fine.

  7. So, you looked under a microscope and saw strange things, and allude to antifreeze and strange fibers without even knowing if what you are seeing is. Aturally occuring? This is slanderous, and in your shoes, I would.remove the whispers of antifreeze etc, I believe you can be sued for that.

    • Sarah Brownell

      Did you actually read the whole article? It said that this was NOT a scientific experiment, that he does NOT test to see what it is, amd that he is just lookng under the microscope to take a closer look at what was in the nugget and essentially invisible to the naked eye. The fact that you are getting so hurt over this tells me that yoy are just giving yourself excuses to eat tjis crap!

    • Private

      I believe you better grab a legal dictionary and educate yourself on what your trying to comment on…especially slander or liable. You HAVE to know you are telling or publishing untruths before slander or liable comes into play…i can say you SOUND like an employee of McDonalds trying to cover for any wrong doing the company may be doing and there aint a darn thing you can do about it which is EXACTLY what you and other posters sound like!

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  9. Jennifer

    I’m surprised at the amount of people defending the consumption of fast food! Even a drug addict will justify his/her behavior and drug of choice. Either these are comments from people with close ties to McDonald’s or food addicts themselves. You’ve got to be a complete idiot to think this crap is good for you!!! What’s wrong with eating natural food?! This is not natural and should be considered dangerous!

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  12. J

    Here’s a real study done by real scientists who actually break down the percentages of contents. I’m guessing the fibers you’re looking at are nerves and blood vessels from the rendered chicken parts. Still, pretty gross.

  13. Kali K

    This looks like the same fibers associated with Morgellon’s. Look it up!

    • Lori Hanson

      Yes, looks just like morgellons! Morgellons is chronic Lyme disease. Google it!!

      • Butch

        Which are harmless in food.

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  17. justin

    This is not a controlled test. Where is the control sample to take comparisons from?

    • Pinkie

      Erm where did it mention it was controlled?

      • Exactly. That’s more of a video made out of pure curiosity (“Hey, we have a powerful optical microscope and we are eating nuggets. Why don’t we buy a box of nuggets and see how’s it like under powerful eyes?”) than a real study.

      • In the first paragraph: “Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope.”

        • John Redcorn

          “carefully controlled conditions” ie. a pair of safety gloves purchased from the nearest Home Depot.

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  19. Olivia Brooke

    We should all investigate our food before we eat it. I’ve learned a valuable lesson after taking my second bite of a grilled chicken wrap from a local restaurant. Lost five of six teeth that were injured and now have nerve damage. The manager said it had happened three times since she’s been there and the people they get their chicken from quality wasn’t very good. Awaiting implants. Have a speech impediment from the nerve damage.

    • Lisa

      I hope that restaurant is paying for the work u need and have had done.

    • TD

      The other day, I had a chicken strip sandwich from Sonic. Took my second bite and bit into something hard. Went back to Sonic, asked to speak to a manager, but was never told what it was. It was like a grilled rag, that is what it looked like. That is the last time I eat there.

    • Five of six…or…five OR six…not nit picking, just want to know cuz it seems odd that youre not sure how many teeth you broke

      • jen

        Well if you could read…She wrote it right. 6 teeth were damaged and she lost 5 out of the 6.

  20. “In my mind”, “What appears to be” … You have proven nothing, or pointed out, nothing other then the fact that you are completely bored and have nothing better to do.. Strange things would be found in ALL food. Maybe you should have taken a real scientific approach for this subject instead of speculation and complaint.

    • Agree. Learnt nothing from this. If you have a food lab. Wouldn’t you have been able to find out wat exactly was in the food ie. ingredients, chemicals, contaminants.

      • mandapanda

        Uh… if you read the description… it wasn’t supposed to be a scientific study… he just decided to share what he saw.

        • John Redcorn

          Uh…. if you read the intro… “Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope.”- a little pretentious and slanderous don’t you think?

          he didn’t just decide to share what he saw, more like in a mission..”lets look at unusual particles”? – he’s already introducing the idea at the very beginning of the video”

          Objection your honor, LEADING!!

  21. Tyler Durden

    I agree… black and green things are probably spices. The veiny thing is just that. The red stuff could be coloring. Blue thing… again could be some sort of flavoring. McDs actually released a video at the process plant a few months ago. Everything seemed normal. The bad thing about eating is that unless you grew it lr raised it you have no idea what is in it. This includes things listed or marketed as organic… not everything at a store like Whole Foods is 100% organic. And that has been proven. Advertising and marketers try to use labels such bio or organic to get consumers to think they are eating something healthy or good.

    Also he does not really zoom in on the normal chicken. I see veins and strange every time I unwrap an uncooked chicken filet before cooking. Let’s see it zoomed in on as well and move the camera around.

    Again unless you grew it or raised it in your backyard… you really do not know what you are eating. Anything you purchase in a store or restaurant could all be looked at as bad. Unfortunately… in today’s world not everyone has the time to plant a garden or raise livestock…. so you can either be afraid of what you eat or just live and not care.

    • John Redcorn

      and you sir have won the award for most sound critic of the video. thank you!

    • Chad Jarvis

      Finally some sense is spoken. Why don’t we test local “Tyson Chicken” and see if these strange things appear as well.

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