Strange Fibres Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets

This video speaks for itself in that McDonald’s chicken McNuggets seem to contain some strange ingredients and substances that currently have no explanation. Health Ranger Mike Adams purchased a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal from a McDonald’s restaurant and decided to examine them under carefully controlled conditions using a high-powered digital microscope. What he found was quite interesting as you will note in the video below.

NOTE: Before you comment, no, this is not supposed to be some in depth scientific experiment. No he does not test to determine what the fibres are. His goal was simply to find out what was inside the nuggets and he shares what he found. That’s it.

Through his observations, not only did he find weird fibre like objects, but there were a number of odd colors including a blue egg shaped object that resembled an antifreeze like glob.

What are these strange ingredients? We do not know. We also do not know if they are safe or unsafe to consume as not much is known about them. However, these mysterious ingredients are another great reason why we should avoid processed foods and stick with fresh, clean foods.

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718 comments on “Strange Fibres Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets

  1. FACTS

    You should really post a video of what REAL chicken looks like because otherwise I have no idea what you are showing me it could be real chicken you need to show some data to compare it to. I know mcdonalds is disgusting but get some more facts before you try to present a video to the public. FACT CHECKING PEOPLE. I WANT TO SEE COMPARABLE DATA AND RESULTS , NOT JUST YOUR WORDS

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  3. Tiff

    U all should go to YouTube and look up the video on what McDonald’s and others, chick nuggets r made of. Really gross. We still rarely eat them but I feel guilty when my kids do eat them…and yes they r old enough to see and know what I know. My oldest actually learned it first at Teen Cooking class and showed us! He won’t eat them now! So it’s true, very unhealthy…hooves, insides, ears, tendons, etc the gross stuff all ground up w/ dyes = eventually chicken nuggets.

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  5. Purerocker

    The next step should be to collect what seems unusual and analyze it. My guess is that at least some of the fibers are remnants of feathers. The red and green blobs, and especially the blue stuff were the most alarming to me. I mean, OK, everybody has red blood and green snot in them, so that could possibly account for those colors in the chicken, but BLUE, and weirdly vivid colors like those depicted, which have survived through frying? Not so common…

  6. Joanna

    But they taste great! I’ll continue eating them, thanks.. Pretty sure everything under a high powered telescope looks funky. In fact, most raw meats and fishes have worms and parasites, so, your point?

  7. Henk

    couldn’t care less they taste great !

  8. I’m glad there’s many like-minded individuals out there. I thought the same things. Black specks could very well be pepper, and “fibers” could be veins…rather than alien materials that this guy will have you believe. Also, try making this video without the creepy horror music. Looks a lot different.

  9. Don

    I believe in eating clean. Although I enjoy an occasional indulgence but it’s fanatical freaks like this that keep people from trying to change their eating habits. You actually suggest that we “take a closer look at the for we eat” . So are you suggesting that we all go out and buy a high powered telescope to inspect our dinner before we eat? Fanatics ruin any good philosophy. A life of balance is what’s best for us all. Too much of any one thing is not good for you. You’re doing more harm than good.

    • Well said Don!

      For thousands of years man (and woman ;) ) have been eating food from many suspect places! We hunted and killed and ate and stored and ate and a lot of the time I can bet the food was not the healthiest.

      Finding tiny fibres and blotches in food that has been cooked to almost destruction will not hurt you! So people really need to get over themselves. All in moderation please!


    i want mc donals now

  11. The spots are probably pepper and like another comment, fibers are little veins in the meat. After all, meat did come from a living animal. We have millions of them in our system. A chicken must have a few hundred. But nothing strange about it, nuggets aren’t aliens. Go ahead and enjoy!

  12. has anyone here ever used a high powered microscope? everything looks weird and

  13. tony

    First off, you don’t need obnoxious gloves to analyze chicken nuggets…Stopped watching this as soon as he tried calling the magnified image as “Alien” and talked about the “strange dark spots”. Ever seen salt and pepper under a high power microscope…apparently he hasn’t. Makes me sad that this came out of Austin, TX.

    • Lorna

      u got lots of drama in looks impossible mannnnnnnn! am from phils.wealso got mcdo and I never heard any bad comments, And mcdo is one of the sanitized and safety foods ever. stop your bad intentions. work hard

  14. Some Guy Named Johnny

    That was time that I will never get back. The fibers look like veins. Discoloration happens when you fry food. Take hot oil to your skin for 5 minutes and see if it looks the same under a microscope. Processed food is going to look different than whole, pure food product. Everyone knows this. This seems more like a personal attack on a restaurant chain than anything that can be considered close to a scientific observation. I would like a copy of the audio track though for our next Halloween outdoor display.

    Also love that the “quick note before submitting comment…” says refrain from personal attacks. Though this whole video seems like a personal attack from that dude on McDonalds.

    • Joshua Dressler

      Johnny, are you being paid by the McDonalds corporation to defend any information that could harm there bottom line?
      “The fibers LOOK like veins.” Mcdonalds cheeseburgers “LOOK” like cheeseburgers, does that really mean they ARE cheeseburgers?

      The video merely raises questions, as we would all like to know what we are eating. I order “Chicken Mcnuggets” I expect chicken. Not foreign entities and/or unknown chemical substances, Not a “chicken like product.” I expect nothing but pure untainted chicken. (Not like anyone would expect that from McDonalds.)

      To assume these fibers are nothing more than simple organic matter and to trust all your faith in the McDonalds corporation is purely idiotic. Dig some more, do some research. Find hard solid evidence to support your personal conclusion. Jumping to conclusions is the last thing you want to do, especially when it comes to food.

      • Everything is not what it seems

        just want to ask, what is the hard solid evidence in this video then? he looked at the nuggets under a microscope, but never did any real analysis to determine what each thing is that he found odd. Just saying, I see that they could be some additive or accidental fibers, but at the same time keep the open mind that they could also equally be veins. The is an inaccurate display as there was no analysis testing to determine the content of each “oddity” found in the nugget.

        For further evidence, here is an analysis of chicken nuggets.—scientist-2480067

      • “I order “Chicken Mcnuggets” I expect chicken.” ~ seriously, you went to a McDonalds after everything you know about their food practices, and still expect chicken?

        Nothing in this world that is cooked fast and cheap will ever be the pure product you expect, especially in the USA where you have franken-meat served up in most of your food chain!

  15. find out

    This vid really made my night! It’s hilarious! Yeaaa!!! for now on I’m gonna test everything I eat before I eat it! I think I might starve though since it might all look nasty and weird! smh at dude!

  16. Ok now, go and randomly test any food you eat. Whats this? What a shock! It has the same nasty looking shit n it when you look at it close up. So the question is, why do you single out McDonalds?

  17. Anthony

    It’s not a secret that nuggets are a bunch of chicken stuff processed into a paste and formed. Of course you’re not going to get chicken looking fibers. Also, everything under a high powered microscope looks crazy.

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  20. this just makes me hungrier even more.

  21. Blitz

    yea right.

  22. It would be much better if you would have had the fibers tested and reported on that in the story. Science man.

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