Take Back Your Power – How to Mitigate the Harmful Effects of Smart Meters

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With the recent release of the documentary film “Take Back Your Power” by Josh del Sol, the conversation surrounding the risks of Smart Meters has escalated to an entirely new level. This may very well be the catalyst that causes this global issue to reach a tipping point. A steady stream of research and concerns continues to be met by the deaf ears of the power companies and the establishment.

The film brings to light not only the anecdotal experiences of individuals who are experiencing everything from minor discomfort to even death as a result of smart meters. Blood samples analyzed under a dark field microscope clearly show the immediate damaging effects of smart meters on human blood cells. There can be no question from these results that these devices are not as benign as we have been led to believe.

Even if we were to overlook the short term health concerns of smart meters, we cannot deny the long term implications of this technology. Ultimately, these meters will serve as the foundation upon which wireless networked household appliances will communicate using similar microwave frequencies. The power company, and whoever they sell their data to, will know at what time of day you run your dishwasher, when you’re home and when you go to bed at night. One piece of technology that has been proposed is a television that would not only report what show you’re watching, but also your eye movements, facial gestures and even what you’re saying to each other while watching the show. All of this is said to be a way for advertisers to better target products to your preferences.  But, one cannot deny how this can be misused by corporations and governments to invade our privacy. Do we really want them to know what we are saying in our own homes? And imagine the health implications of multiple microwave transmissions going on within your home all day, every day when a single smart meter has already been conclusively shown to do substantial harm.

So what about those who don’t notice anything different from your Smart Meter when compared to a standard meter? Josh del Sol, maker of Take Back Your Power, says that everyone is affected by these frequencies, but some are more sensitive and will notice it sooner. However, in independent research done by our organization, Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution in Michigan, we have determined that a small number of people are somewhat immune to it. Individuals with a stronger energy field and higher level of consciousness seem to have a greater resistance to electromagnetic fields. But for the rest of the world, there is an adverse effect to health whether you notice it immediately or when it’s too late.

While there are many movements taking place all over the world to remove Smart Meters from homes, this technology is for the moment something that we have to deal with. It is always wise to approach solutions to problems from many sides. First, we must take actions to mitigate the risks of adverse electromagnetic fields. There are many emerging technologies that either mitigate or eliminate these adverse frequencies. Some, such as EMF blocking paints, will restrict the EMF from entering your home. Others such as grounding technology will help to discharge the buildup of charge in your body due to EMF. But the most promising technological breakthroughs are an entirely new and emerging field of EMF mitigation. This new understanding attempts not to suppress or limit the EMF, but instead to override it. This is another area that is under research and development through the  Flower of Life Center as well as many other places in the world. The principle idea is to flood a space with a harmonious energy such that the occupants become immune to any adverse energy from sources such as microwave frequencies. In experiments, we have found that even those that are EMF sensitive felt immediate relief and a sense of well-being. This field of technology may hold the hope for the future as we experience an increase in the unconscious proliferation of wireless technologies in our world…at least until such a time as we make the transition to more harmonious frequencies to transmit information. And this time is not as far off as you might think.

Another promising solution to consider is the use of foods to mitigate or reduce EMF exposure. Some foods that have shown considerable promise are medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga, or Propolis or Bentonite Clay. Even walking barefoot on the Earth for periods of time will have immense benefits and will not cost you a penny. But you have to be careful in major cities or near a lot of smart meters, as the ground currents will be higher. In these cases, walking barefoot on the Earth may not be beneficial or could even be harmful. The important thing is that you take action now to protect your health and the health of those in your care, while we come together as a global community to solve the problem of Smart Meters.



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  1. Shane Huston

    What would be the effect of wrapping a smart meter in a Faraday cage?

    • If you wrapped the meter in a Faraday cage, it may inhibit the meter from communicating with the power company. It’s likely they would remove the cage. In some countries (not the US), if you break the meter a few times, they will replace it with a standard meter. I’m not suggesting you try this, but there have been people who have smashed their meter and had it replaced. The best solutions are lead shielding and/or EMF mitigation technologies inside your house. And make sure no one is sleeping or spending considerable time in the room where the smart meter is located.

      • I live in a condo building with 8 units. There is a shed outside my bedroom window with 8 SmartMeters. There is also a SmartMeter on a gas meter on the ground next to the shed. These meters are within 6 feet of my bed. The meters were installed in 2012 (I think). The HOA did not take a vote of homeowners on the installation of these meters. My husband and I did not want one. I can hear the meters humming through the wall. I just had a lumpectomy operation (June 2014) on my left breast. I was rarely sick and was extremely surprised to have developed cancer. I am on the road to recovery but fear the meters might have had something to do with the cancer and it will reoccur. My husband has hung a piece of aluminium, the kind used in car windshields, on our bedroom wall. He is hoping that will calm my fears about the meters and give us some protection. I have terrible nightmares……I will be 71 in August. Any thoughts?…..we can’t move out.

        • Wilson Brains

          Some homeowner hammered their smart meter to pieces. No kidding. The electric company replaced it with new one. He hammered it again. Replaced again. Hammered again. The electric company replaced it with mechanical meter. No hammering.

  2. James Johnson

    What’s even worse that I was ripped off by my electric power company. After they installed a “smart meter” overnight my power meter was showing a huge increase by a bout the same amount as the smart meter costs! So basically I paid for the smart meter without my consent an the el. power co. absolutely denies it. Yet I saw with my own eyes the old meter readings and then the next day the power readings were up by about $60 worth of kilowatthours!

    • Yes…The new system charges more during peak usage times, so your bills will be higher unless you decide to cook your dinner at midnight and not when everyone else is using the most electricity.


        Dear Corporate Shill, my usual electric usage is about $3 a day. How about $63 (sixty three) a day jump after a $3 day and then go back to $3? You see what I mean? The “electric power company” conned me into oaying $60 for their “smart meter” that I never asked for. Now go back to your Master and report.

  3. laurey g

    how about orgonite?

    • Hi Laurey…We are currently conducting experiments with Orgonite. It seems promising, but at the moment our results are inconclusive. Stay Tuned.

  4. If a smart meter is bad for you, then everyone should seriously consider ending their usage of wireless internet. Get rid of your wireless routers. Hard wire your computer to your internet connection. Don’t use satellite tv, don’t use satellite internet. Unplug… because the same tech that is in those meters, is in your home already in every single device you use every day. your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your internet and tv connections.
    For that matter, stop using electricity, don’t live near those power poles that have transformers on them.
    Is it even possible anymore to completely unplug and live off grid? I doubt it, the gov’t will come after you if you do, even if you ‘own’ the property you are on.
    I think folks should quit sweating this kind of stuff and pay more attention to the crap their gov’t is trying to pull on them while they are hard at work just trying to make enough money to put food on the table and pay the mortgage.

  5. Loren…You are correct in your assumption. Everyone should seriously consider at least minimizing their usage of wireless technologies wherever possible. For example you could turn of your WIFI at night or not use it at all. I don’t use wireless internet at home, and also have devices in my home that mitigate EMF. The problem with a smart meter is that they typically put out a microwave frequency equivalent to over 100 cell phones 24 hours a day. It is possible to create wireless technologies utilizing safer or even beneficial frequencies, but there is no incentive on the part of wireless companies to switch to these alternatives until consumers demand it by their purchasing decisions. You may want to stop “sweating this kind of stuff,” however there are many people who want to live a long and healthy life. For those who do, this is not a “small” matter. Some individuals who are electro-sensitive cannot even live in cities anymore. For them, this is not a “small” matter. Your response makes me wonder if you’re a representative of the power company. Otherwise, this is a personal choice that every individual should be able to make based upon their own needs and priorities.

    • The 100 cell phone equivalence you mention is likely a reference to Daniel Hirsch’s assessment of the whole body exposure of a smart meter on a home compared to typical cell phone use. The way you worded it was an exaggeration. A smart meter typically is a one watt transmitter where a cell phone is closer to half a watt. They use the same frequency range in the lower microwaves, but a smart meter is pulsing 24/7 which is possibly more harmful because each time is a like a sneak attack and the body has no chance to mount a defense. Exposure to continuous microwaves has been shown to elicit a stress response in cells which possibly mediates some of the harm, but as we all know, constant stress leads to cancer and other debilitating disease, so avoidance is the best policy.

  6. Hi Shane…You could try that. There are some companies selling Faraday Cages and Lead shields. I’ve heard that the Lead shields work quite well, but essentially they deflect the microwave outward from the meter and not into your house. This could be an issue if you’re close to your neighbors and the shield just directs more microwave into their home. You can also buy EMF paints and other shielding products at lessemf.com.

  7. john

    I’m not a huge fan of wireless but what exactly do you mean by “individuals with a stronger energy field or higher level of consciousness?” You’ve made measurements?

    • Yes John…We’ve made measurements using Aura Photography, professional dowsers, kinesiology, and individuals who can visibly see the human aura, as well as those who are electo-sensitive.

      • Karl

        Can I have it done and how much does that cost?

        • Are you asking to be tested, or do you want to get EMF mitigation devices. If you would like to be tested, you can contact us through our website contact form. http://www.floweroflifecenter.org, or you can find skilled practitioners in your area who can do this for you. You’ll need to travel to MI, USA if you want to undergo a more thorough evaluation.

  8. Jeromy

    You can view this excellent film here:


  9. Nu

    How about tinfoil?

    • Tinfoil will not have much effect. You’d have to use a lead shield to block or deflect the radiation from the meter.

      • You are confusing ionizing radiation with non-ionizing radiation. Lead is one of the most effective shields for ionizing radiation, but is inferior to better conductors including aluminum foil, copper or steel for non-ionizing radiation. To block a smart meter, all that is required is a Faraday cage, which is just an uninterrupted enclosure of a well conducting metal. A single layer of tinfoil will tend to be easily torn, but several layers can be very effective and cheap. A disposable foil turkey tray is thicker and better. A Faraday cage does not need to be grounded to be effective, but it won’t hurt either. There are commercial smart meter blockers available, but in general are expensive for what you get. On the other hand, for the convenience factor, it may be worth it to you, but avoid the lead ones and go for the fine wire mesh type.

        • Hi Bob…Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this area. Please contact me when you have a chance. I would love to discuss your findings and experience further.

  10. Larry Liles

    Ground yourself to the earth and the radiation will pass over you. Ungrounded you become an antenna. Also this is regenerative as the negative electrons in the earth neutralize the free radicals (inflammation) in your body and makes your blood more fluid. Listen to the book http://www.earthing.com/category_s/1861.htm or related videos on youtube by the authors Clint Ober and cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra. Much easier and more effective than the shielding options presented in the Klinghardt video.

    • Hi Larry…thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ve met Clint before, and am familiar with his breakthrough work in the area of earthing. However, there is one thing that Clint overlooked that is showing up in more recent research by those like David Stetzer. There is considerable ground current in most populated areas, and especially now that there are a lot of smart meters deployed in these areas. So grounding yourself in these areas may not actually be beneficial, and in some cases may be harmful. Clint’s devices, which I also own, need to be coupled with a Stetzer filter or something similar to mitigate for these ground currents.

  11. oobuc5

    well im not a bod or a geek but i think i would be taking the screws out of the meter cupboard and sliding a sheet of millium behind it ,then skin up the inside of the meter box with the same .

  12. oobuc5

    Wait till they have finished the install get an extention lead and a microwave with some thing to reflect the beam and fry it ,see how smart it is then !

  13. More effective way to harmonize and neutralize the effects of Smart Meters http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense (see life changing reviews at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-reviews)

  14. how can I get the stickers to put on my meter that will stop it from being changed out? Our area has just changed the water meters to smart meters. Does this mean my water is contaminated?


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