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world_viewLooking at things as an outside observer can be very powerful and telling. This was something I wrote a few years ago when traveling across the country.

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I am sitting in White Rock, BC looking out of the front windshield of the van that got us here from Ontario. I see to my left a street light with cars passing through, stopping or turning, and plazas on all four corners. In front of me is a strip of stores including a bank. Behind me is a massive Home Depot; and finally to my right is a bunch of condos being built. The first thing that comes to mind is “we have made some interesting devices and structures over our time.” But then consciousness comes in and through clear eyes I see the world differently.

We have cast out and knocked down every living thing in our path as we make more and more shops and stores for needless consumption. Instead of having only a few stores that suffice our needs and offer some toys, we have an incredible amount. They all compete with one another because we don’t share or look out for our neighbour. Instead it is our culture to have more and be better than the rest.

We have banks who we give our money to for storage because they have convinced us that is what we should do even when it gives possession of our own money away. They then make money off of our money and charge us service fees for everything they do with our money, even though they already profit from it. Banks hand out financial information to customers that is geared towards making the bank money with very little regard for the financial well being of the customer looking for advice. Since we have associated prestige with banks, we blindly take the advice and walk away.

Grocery stores barely even sell food anymore. Other than 1 or two isles that offer produce, most of which is sprayed with pesticides, the rest of the grocery store offers products that are processed, chemical filled and fake. Simply put, about 95% of what is offered at the grocery store should never be consumed by a human who is interested in being healthy. Luckily the organic selection is increasing in grocery stores as more people are realizing the truth of what I just wrote above.

Street lights remind me of how much we truly resemble sheep. We have put up some metal structures with electrical signals and colors in them. These tell us when to go and when to stop because there are so many of us trying to get to where we need to be in a zombie state that we can’t pay attention to anything effectively. We gave regular sheep dark uniforms and weapons to make sure we don’t disobey these color changing metal structures. If we do, we are punished and required to pay money to the government in order to pay the salaries of the dark uniformed sheep. These uniformed regular sheep are no more powerful than anyone of us except for when they have this uniform on.

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We have drawn invisible borders everywhere and erected houses, apartments or condos on them so we can buy  a little plot of land off of those who own everything and so we have a place to live. They then charge us every year to live on this land in the form of a tax. Who said they have a right to own land we were all born on in the first place? They did.

The van I am sitting in was not bought from a dealer but instead from another person who owned it. The government still found a way to make money by taxing the purchase of the vehicle from the other person. Why?… Why not? After purchasing the vehicle one must get an emissions test which has been proven to be useless in determining the health of the cars emissions. Regardless of this initial money grab for the government, we then have license plate registration which again is more money, every year. The fuel that runs the vehicle is very expensive and the ups and downs of the prices are controlled contrary to public belief that it is a factor of the “economy.” This is of course regardless of the fact that for years there has existed cars that can run 20 times longer on this fuel, or on water or on battery. But, we still use this environment destroying fuel because that is what is profitable to the big companies that own everything. The patents for all these alternative fuels were all bought up by the oil companies or the inventors have been killed for silence.

The powers that be have done an unbelievable job in creating a world and system where we obey and hold up everything that they implement with little question. There is no one to blame but ourselves. We complain everyday about traffic, our jobs, money, food, our lack of time etc. But then turn around and praise our “freedom,” which clearly does not exist. The only thing holding up this handful of people, who have manipulated all of this and are pushing for complete control in years to come, is us! We have the numbers over them and can stop playing their game at anytime. So why not start making new choices? If not now, when?

It is understandable that we might have fear of what will happen if we step outside of this box. This is mainly due to conditioning we all have that states this is how things need to be and anything else is just anarchy and chaotic. No one would work if things were different. People would kill each other, we are animals! We need to be tamed!  It might even be happening now: “Wait a minute! That’s not what I was fed in school, on the news and from all other authority figures in this world!” That is precisely where we have all learned this from and each institution or structure mentioned has been manipulated in such a way to make people think this way.

But then we take it to the next level. There are those who see these truths about our world and express it in order to help others see it so we can make change. We quickly cast out and make fun of others who see this because that is what we are taught to do to them. Why? The answer is really simple and can be expressed in one word, ego. We all walk around with a false sense of self in our consciousness that often has complete control over us without us even knowing it. We essentially have been tricked into thinking we are something we are not. We walk around thinking we are this genetic space suit and our thoughts and feelings are who we are. The truth is, we are infinite consciousness living out an experience and the observer state who sees things neutrally and lovingly is who we truly are. Until we become aware that we are not our thoughts, we don’t often get easily in touch with the true aspect of who we are.

The purpose of this observation is to simply encourage us all to take a step back and look at what we are doing here. Is this really what we want? Don’t immediately think about what it needs to look like next, instead just ask yourself if this is truly what you want. Once we know the answer to that, we can figure out how to move forward. Many of us are stricken with the desire to discover more about who we are and how we can free ourselves from our thoughts. This feeling is coming from a desire deep within that realizes there is more to life, there is more to the mundane repetition of doing the same thing over and over again. Take a chance, follow that crazy idea that states maybe it is time to learn more about yourself -you’ll be surprised at what you uncover.

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