Real Picture: NASA Astronaut Snaps Photo of A Triangular UFO From Space

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This photo comes directly from The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, a government website operated by NASA at the Earth Sciences and Image Analysis department at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. They are responsible for training the astronauts in Earth observations, cataloging and archiving the photographs that astronauts take from space using hand held cameras and more. Here is the homepage, as you can see it has a .gov URL and is currently not up to date due to the fact that it’s a government website, and the government is currently shutdown. It’s very interesting that they would allow a photo like this one to be put up on the website.


Please keep in mind that a UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object.” I am not claiming that this particular UFO is extraterrestrial in origin. Dozens of NASA Astronauts have shared their opinion on UFOs. Dr Brian O’leary is one we’ve shared as well as Dr Edgar Mitchell. Just click on the highlighted names if you are interested in what they have to say. It would be fitting, since they have both been to space and are both former employees of NASA.

triangle ufo

For those of you new to the UFO topic, here is a quick introduction done by historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan. For more articles written by CE on the subject, you can visit our exopolitics section under our ‘alternative news’ tab.







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  1. Robert

    Hi Arjun, I recently been listening to this guy Andrew Bartzis he claims to be a Galactic Historian. He seems to be gaining popularity amongst the alternative media. I was wondering what you think of his claims. I personally take everything with a grain of salt and try to be aware of all the information that’s out there. Thanks

    • - Collective Evolution

      Never heard of him Robert:) I think it’s important to question everything, especially when dealing with topics such as this. There is a lot of disinformation out there for sure.

      • Robert

        That is true a lot of disinformation out there,but the truth is mixed in with lies. That’s why I try to be aware of all the information that’s out there to differentiate between truth and lies. Has you know we live in a conjured up reality not of our own. Everything is in bit in pieces that we have to put together to know our true reality. There is so many layers of truth and lies to wraps ones mind around. They don’t make easy that’s for sure.

  2. John

    I’m assuming you went to the website, Arjun. But have you even READ it? It clearly says:
    Features: SPACE DEBRIS

    • - Collective Evolution

      Yes I have read it and I am not surprised they characterized it as space debris…. At the same time, space debris would indeed fit into the category of unidentified flying objects, I guess until it is indeed identified as space debris. Sometimes objects travelling thousands of KM are reported as “probably balloons,” so it’s hard to trust any government categorization of seen objects. Furthermore, there is a lot of information regarding triangular UFOs, they are quite common so I thought it would be an interesting picture to share. It’s up to the viewers to make their own decisions with regards to what it is, thanks for sharing yours.

      • Dennis

        Have you also requested the original photo from their site, Arjun?
        Its a high-res tif file (192MB) from NASA and then you can also clearly SEE it’s just space debris.

        • - Collective Evolution

          Just downloaded it, still haven’t changed my mind…but it could be!

          • Nick

            Right, because it would be way easier for NASA to intentionally upload a photoshopped picture of a UFO, made to look like space debris, in an attempt to cover it up, rather than just not posting it.

            People here seem allergic to logic.

            • - Collective Evolution

              lol. The world of secrecy and concealment is a complicated one. Within that world there is a divide of whether to tell the public or not. They are clearly not attempting to cover things up with these photos, and i’m not sure if NASA posts them or the astronauts themselves do.

              I think the fact that the existence of UFOs has been openly admitted already has people looking closer at these type of phenomenon…

          • Huy

            Stop pretending Arjun. How is this not a debris, but a ship?

            • Hi Huy! You’re absolutely…right! NASA can easily “Photoshop” something to make it look like debris once you enhance it! As a matter-of-fact, it is something “I” would do in order to “fool” the public! BUT, of course, “We ALL know” that NASA and the Government and Main Stream Media would NEVER EVER do something like that! Now, don’t we!!!

        • - Collective Evolution

          Not to sure that you can clearly see it’s space debris Dennis, especially with regards to the triangle UFO phenomenon. Triangular UFOs are common, and no I have not requested the original photo.

      • Patrick

        There seems to be no way to leave a fresh comment, so I’ll reply here. I downloaded the full-res .tif from the NASA site, and I would also characterize this as space debris, rather than a craft. It’s pretty clear when seen up close. Thanks for posting a direct link to the source though! So many journalists do not. Btw, there’s another shot of it (frame 3).

        • - Collective Evolution

          Thanks patrick :) Could you please post up that download link so I could share it with others? I looked for it but can’t find it. I have zoomed it many times, even when I see the the full ress (if there is one) I still would have a hard time characterizing it as space debris. But I leave my opinion out of the article, it’s up to viewers to decide from themselves. Downloading it now.

          Just finished, I still don’t think it’s space debris but it could be.

          • Patrick

            I see you’ve already downloaded it. To have found the link though (and more info about the photo), there’s a link at the bottom of the image that says,
            “See all metadata, images and captions.”

            And from that page, shortly below the image, there’s another link that says,
            “Request the original image file.”

            And that’s the link that Dennis posted. Also, on that second page, you’ll notice that the URL ends with “frame=2”. If you change the 2 to a 3, you can see another shot of the object, which you can also download the hi-res image of. Frame 3 looks more like it could be a craft to me, but again frame 2 shows that to be unlikely in my opinion. It would be interesting to figure out what it IS though! The “frames” are just different stills from the roll, it’s not an animation.

            Also, whether this was caused by the camera, exposure time, film transference, or window through which it was taken, is certainly possible. But both images look a bit washed out, indicating to me that the object may be in the atmosphere (again that could very well be just a poor quality image). So while I do not believe it to be a vehicular craft, I’m not sure I would be so quick to call it just space debris as the NASA description suggests,. At the very least, it came from something, it would be nice to know what that something is.

  3. Robert

    From all the research of done so far it seems to me that we’re kept primitive witch in turn keeps us hostage on the planet from real space exploration. If all the technology in the world weren’t ever suppressed from coming out. We would live in a different world today. Who or what is suppressing us?

  4. Caroline K.

    I find it hard to understand that people don’t believe in UFOs. I live in an area close to the four corners (AZ, UT, NM, and CO) in the rural mountains, and space ships are here all the time and are a permanent fixture in the sky (night and day). If someone wants to visit and verify what I say–be my guest.

    They look like overly bright stars, but move around. I’ve seen some crazy things from my cabin front porch. Dulce base isn’t too far from here, and I think that may be another reason why there are permanent ships in this area.

    There are mother ships with multiple lights that have tinier red ships that dock and undock later at night, and usually when they are closer to the earth–but they don’t do that often. There are blue and red blinky ships (that’s what I call them). An MK ULTRA friend of mine told me they are called “ambulance ships.”

    I saw one of those ships that looks like a very bright star later in the day one time that blinked out and re-appeared as an “ambulance” ship, blinking blue and red lights, and move up and down and back and forth, and it popped in and out around the sky here. This was in daylight.

    If you pay much attention to them, they start to take an interest in you. One night I was abducted, etc., so I don’t like to pay much attention to them any more. They aren’t human-friendly ships, at least in my neighborhood. They were sticking needles in me (I woke up with needle marks in my arms in the morning, and I became conscious of the abduction when I woke up on board a ship in the middle of the night) and they were doing lab work on me on a metal table.

    I guess until people have had a direct experience, they can’t wrap themselves around it. Anything otherworldly, the general population has a problem accepting it because they have had no direct experiences themselves.

    Earth governments are very much involved with aliens, as are MKULTRAs and government black ops, but a lot of people don’t get that yet. It helps that Snowden revealed there is a secret black budget.

    I had Black Ops (and, yes, they wear black shirts and pants and boots and insignias on their shirts) and grey aliens come after me astrally with vicious dogs and try to abduct me because I was too involved with MKULTRAs–I was also attacked in other ways, and they messed with my phone and e-mails.

    It scared me a lot, and I don’t like to talk about it, and yes, I leave myself wide open for people saying I am crazy when I talk about these things. But take the same route as I have and it will happen to you, too. Another MKULTRA told me that “they/other government” don’t like people getting involved with their “active assets,” and some of my friends were “active assets.”

    After my one friend was killed (yes, there were funeral services), I sought out more spiritual practices and got more serious about cleaning up my karma, and turned my attention away from those things because I think this planet is a venue for alien and human karmic exchanges (whether consciously or not), and I felt working on myself spiritually is the best defense and benefits humanity far more.

    You can take what you want from this and leave the rest. I won’t defend my experiences because it’s the truth, and whether people believe or not depends on their level of self-experience and consciousness.

    • Some days I think that I’m a victim of ELF (extra low frequencies). I haven’t had a particular experience with ET’s but I have seen shit in the sky that just didn’t add up. Beyond that, I dig around a lot and I’ve always had the mindset since I was in grade school that things weren’t right…didn’t make sense. So I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of my mental ailments aren’t worsened by ELF’s, or some other frequency tech.

    • Video or it didn’t happen.

      • J

        Like the video of your brain being developed?

      • Caroline K.

        A Wise man once said, “His heart has become a fountain of obscurity; he produces from himself the clouds that surround him; he cannot see.” And the Wise man was sorry for him.

        Some are not able to even see when it is in video form because they are not conscious enough to digest it, and a video only encompasses the third dimension. How conscious are you?

        Are you like the tree that the Sufi master ran circles around, and you never saw Him because you are not conscious enough to see Him. You don’t know he exists because instead of raising your consciousness, you are demanding a slow-motion video. Peace on your journey to consciousness.

    • Hello Caroline! Personally, I have no problem believing ALL that you have talked about. Especially with with the “Astral Projection” aspects of what you have said as I have had “first-hand” experiences with it myself. However, not with ET’s, or at least I don’t think so. After having written that, I am thinking that, perhaps I have had interaction with them as my ability to “project” has been “diminished” as of late! Which in my mind, tells me that the “human race,” in general, is being “subdued” as to their ability to use “remote viewing.”

      If you’d like to continue this conversation, just add to my name. Hope to hear from you soon!


      Bob Wise

  5. Dennis

    pfff just download the high-res tif file (192MB) from NASA and you can CLEARLY see it’s just space debris 😐

    Do your home work before posting…

    • No wonder “they” posted it!!!

    • - Collective Evolution

      Yes I have downloaded the high res picture, and I still feel the same way..that it is not just space fact downloading the high res made me feel it’s 100 percent not just space debris:) But that’s just my opinion!

  6. tom

    Just to correct the intro that claims both O’Leary and Mitchell flew, it appears Dr Brian O’leary never flew, in fact he was nominated to NASA group 6 in Aug 67 and resigned in Apr 68, so he didn’t get very far into the program. Calling him an astronaut is like calling a flight training ground school washout a pilot:

    • - Collective Evolution

      I was under the impression that he did fly, just not to the moon. Even if he didn’t fly, that’s irrelevant I believe :) As far as calling him an astronaut…don’t know what to tell you, it’s not really important and at the same time I would still regard him as one regardless. But again, we all have different perspectives, don’t let that take you away from the fact that this photo is real, and was posted on a government site.

  7. could be the “dark knight” satellite that our world cant explain existing..

    • That’s my thought !

  8. Kelly

    my silly thoughts are- If the government has feed us fake photos before (and info) why would i believe that this also wouldnt be fake? along with all the documentations.
    If its real then its probably not the first time, so im going to bed and wake for work in the morning and keep living…

  9. seany

    1. click on the source that leads to the nasa webpage
    2. click underneath the picture the link that showes the full caption and camera data
    3. find the topic “features”
    4. read that it is a space debris, hence it is not Unidentified any more, more over it is not *flying* ( = generating lift wind interaction with wind) either, it is orbiting.

    • Liam EcoRuin

      Thats an ignorant statement… you keep yourself in the dark then… I dont know about you but Ive never seen a perfectly shaped triangle piece of “space debris”…

      • Nick

        Download the high-res picture; it’s by no means “perfectly triangular.”

        • - Collective Evolution

          No it’s not, but who is to say it’s not symmetrical with the other side?

          • Nick

            “This must be a spaceship, because it’s perfectly triangular!”
            “No it’s not.”
            “Well…there’s a small possibility that it’s symmetrical, therefore SPACESHIP!”

            You guys are trying way too hard to make the facts fit your theories. You’re like people who think that dinosaur bones are Satan trying to trick us.

            • - Collective Evolution

              not really, we are simply just presenting information. Just like we presented this picture. It’s up to the viewers to decide whatever it is they will :)

      • How much space debris have you seen then?

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hard to believe it’s space debris. There have been some strange categorizations of UFOs even within official documents. Like objects travelling at thousands of miles and hour, stoping on a dime and going the other way have been categorized as “probably balloons” before by the NSA lol..

      • seany

        Usually, those UFOs in the classification chart are met in the atmosphere,

        As for 1000-s of mph, the first cosmic velocity = orbital velocity is 7.8 kmps. which is 17000 ( = seventeen thousand, there is no extra zero as a typo) mph. This speed can not be attained in the atmosphere, too much drag. This speed, in the atmosphere is also too high to spot the object with naked eyes. So an object of this spped, has to be orbital. (the ISS, where the acclaimed astronaut is, is in orbit at about 400 km altitude, just for a quick reference)

        This particular object, at least i dont see mentioned in the source, did not change its orbiting direction. So this can be categorized as an object in earth orbit.

        There is an extensive cataouge of space debrii. 40 km south from where i am sitting now, is a radar looking at those, and it is not hard to identify as an object as space debris, since in most cases, their ephemerides are known.

        • - Collective Evolution

          I think we have very different ideas of what type of technology is available within the black budget world. I am aware that there is a boat load of space debris.

          • Adam

            I took 5 minutes to look around and there seems to be a lot of strong explanations for this one. Basing theories on belief over proof is fine, but expect to be held in the same regard as other faith based beliefs.

  10. The black triangle UFOs are real. After downloading the high-resolution .TIF file it is obvious that this actually IS space debris. Looks like foam of some sort, with a jagged, broken-off edge.

    • fucsiaman

      I enlarged the original file with CS5 and the result, that I unfortunately can’t show here, is a piece of debris on the window or, better, out in the space. The edge of the triangular piece is not at all perfect, instead it shows like a broken part.

  11. azhar

    thank you for new knowlegde that can improve to rejuvinate earth back. keep up the good work.

  12. Xtian

    NASA, formed from Operation Paperclip. Part of Project Bluebeam. Yeah, not buying it.

  13. Looks like a government plane to me. Or it could be ET, either way. The closer you get to the area of big bang the longer those planets have had to develop. Think about it, the universe is approx 14 billion years old and the earth is approx 4-5 billion? Also there is no guarantee that those other planets after developing society also developed theology. I honestly think it’s a viable notion that we only believe in god and angels because early man had contact with these beings and they reached out to us.

  14. Les

    To me the object looks like a panel off one of the Apollo craft Apollo 12 reported a panel following their craft to the Moon so who’s to say as each craft had 4 panels ejected into space and they were triangle shaped to cover the luna landers. on take off.

    • john

      Distance is the key here. How far is it away from them? It could be only a few meters which would make it small or several miles which would make it very large and much harder to explain.

  15. timtam

    There’s an amazing new book that you should read titled Ztingar. It contains all of the answers that are logically presented in common sense format…

  16. You need to see the file I am attaching which undeniably proves that “UFO’s” are actually demonic activity and an elaborate hoax meant to deceive mankind:

    • ryan

      First of all a UFO is not demonic because I could jump in a custom built plane and be a UFO or am I a demon? The only UFOs if any humans have seen are man made. I do believe in alien life and I believe that one of there civilizations may have perfected space travel but no lifeform would want to come and see or speak to us humans because all we do is destroy are home and kill radiotherapy

    • John

      so you believe in demons, but not life on other planets?

  17. Arjun bhai !

    No need to pay attention to these HASBARAS ( They are paid disinformation agents of Roths Childs )

    Search Google ” Vadakayil HASBARAS ” to know more.

    Thanks for the article. Only people who have seen them (UFOs) with their own two eyes will believe. I have seen them 2 times since 2012. Without a doubt they proved to be of ET origin.

    Thanks again , Great Job!


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