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hubble1996 and 2004 were  the years that the Hubble Space Telescope was able to take pictures of  thousands upon thousands of visible galaxies, with hundreds of billions of stars within each galaxy. Today, most scientists estimate our universe to be comprised of at least one hundred billion galaxies, with hundreds of billions of stars within each one. Astronomers estimate that there are approximately 1.6 planets orbiting every star in our galaxy alone. The pictures in the video come from the Hubble Space Telescope observing a patch in space that appeared to have nothing in it. It is now known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field – the deepest view ever of the Universe, probing what is the far distant Universe, seeing beyond what any human eye or one aided by a telescope could ever hope to see. Observational time on this telescope is in very high demand. While some initially questioned the decision to point the telescope towards a visibly empty patch, clearly it was the right decision. Produced from this decision is in my opinion one of the most profound images captured in all of human history.

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