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clenchedWhen we vote a government into power, we like to think they have society’s best interests at heart. When a societal idea spreads amongst the masses, we like to think it makes sense and has value. But often times this isn’t the case as most governments don’t care about it’s people and many societal ideas that have sprung up and taken hold, like promoting inequality for example, invoke the need for change as people realize what they truly suggest. So what is the best method of making these changes? In my opinion, it is peacefully opting out. Anytime we are able to leave violence, argument, uncontrollable emotion and ego out of what we are trying to raise awareness towards, we make a much larger impact than we might think. Instead of creating more issues through aggression, we keep the focus on the actual important issue(s) at hand.

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The video below outlines 10 of the most notable protests in history that have changed the world. While this may not reflect all influential protests, it touches the surface. It is true that not all of these protests were completely peaceful, but most of them were and achieved what was desired. Even looking at many of the big protests that have taken place in the last 10 years over various world issues, most were  intended to be peaceful with the violence actually stemming from hired provocateurs or the police. For the government, this helped to give a bad name to the protest in an attempt to suggest the people were out of control, allowing them to continue to enforce whatever rule was being protested against.

Nonetheless, the world is changing and the consciousness of people is rising dramatically. People are choosing love, peace and unity instead of violence and the results are astounding. Choosing to change one’s self and allowing that to spread and impact others is the most powerful way to make change in the world. We can see this by example and even through science. Changing your consciousness around an issue helps to change the reality.

The Top 10

10. The Alexanderplatz Demonstration, East Germany 1989. Demanded political reform for Germany.
9. Stonewall Riots,  USA 1969. To demand homosexual equality.
8. Storming of the Bastille, France 1789. Kickstarted the French Revolution.
7. The People Power Revolution, Philippines 1986. To remove a repressive regime who rigged elections.
6. Tahir Square Protests, Egypt 2011. To force Hosni Mubarak out of power.
5. Soweto Uprising, South Africa 1976. Raise awareness against racial segregation.
4. Muharram Protests, Iran 1978. A successful protest to overthrow the Shah.
3. March on Washington, USA 1963. Raise awareness about racial inequality and demand equal rights.
2. Salt Satyagraha, India 1930. A march to protest again British colonial law.
1. The Boston Tea Party, USA 1773. American colonies protest against British rule. Led to American Revolution.

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