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In circuses that use animals, baby elephants are stolen from their mothers, electrically shocked and beaten into performing tricks. Things like this are difficult to share, but it’s better than being unaware. There are still many people who don’t know about this, and many who still don’t believe it. How could we continue to attend these performances when we know what the animals within them go through? 

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Statements from former Ringling trainers, as well as photographs confirm the fact that animals are regularly dragged into performances kicking and screaming.  It’s hard for something like this to not temporarily break your spirit, but sometimes it’s the wake up call we need. A circus cannot operate without us.

I personally believe that animals have a soul, and because of that at one level the experience of inhabiting the body is providing lessons for the soul within. I think there is a purpose for the experience, just like there was for 9/11 and many other things we witness on this planet. It happens for us to see, it’s an experience we don’t resonate with,  are we able to wake up and make some changes or not?  The call for humanity to change the planet is now, what will we choose to do? The actions we take now will decide what direction we propel the planet towards.

Warning, this video might be considered graphic by some, so please take note before viewing.

The term break actually means to break their spirit. You can’t control an elephant with a hook or a chain unless you first break their spirit. You chain them, you break them, and you teach them that they depend on you for everything they need. The amount of suffering those elephants, and the tigers and the lions go through in order to entertain anyone’s five year old for fifteen minutes is a crime Dr. Mel Richardson

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