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Everyone is talking about Russell Brand these days. Whether it’s his well spoken nature, subject matter or the fact that he is a celebrity so people will suddenly listen, he’s a hot topic and I don’t mind considering what he is sharing.

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Recently Russell went at it with Jeremy Paxman discussing the need for a world revolution and encouraging people to begin standing up for one. He brings attention to the fact that politically and systematically our world is broken and he feels voting will never fix the situation regardless of our beliefs behind the system of democracy. I entirely agree with him in that statement. Time and time again, our system has proven its lack of efficacy when it comes to taking care of the people, creating peace and leaving people happy.

He’s certainly not the only one talking about this considering the world seems to be in the early stages of a revolution, but I am glad he is speaking up about it. It is not everyday you see someone with his ‘social status’ speak about these things so publicly. I think it is a necessary step to get some people listening, but I feel we need to be careful not to idolize anyone. It’s idolizing that makes us forget we are all equal and that all of our words mean something. After all, it is because of the ‘average joe’ speaking up for so many years that people like Russell even have a stage when they decide to speak out. So remember, your voice is powerful too. Never be afraid to use it.

A note on the talk surrounding the fact that Russell might be a puppet of the Elite. Whether he is or he isn’t at this point, he is still sharing information that can wake people up. Anytime the elite throws something at humanity, it is up to us to do what we will with it. Sometimes their plans don’t always work in their favor as deep down the world is asking to wake up. The elite can play the role of making things “too obvious” which in turn helps us see. Is that what is happening with Russell? I don’t know for sure yet, but again, it is up to us.

In this next interview with Daniel Pinchbeck on Gaim TV, Russell speaks casually about some very interesting topics. Watch as Russell touches on the need for a spiritual revolution, reptilian overlords, the illuminati and more.

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