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Over the month of October, Tara Carpino and Christina Dizon teamed up with Collective Evolution once again to release another series of yoga videos designed to challenge and invite us all to incorporate yoga into our lives. Much like their previous 7-Day Challenge the October video series featured the release of one pose a day for 30 days, challenging viewers to simply take 5 minutes out of each day to practice yoga. The benefits: improved health, flexibility, relaxation and an overall connection to and understanding of your body.

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With all of the videos now released, we at Collective Evolution invite you to embark on this 30 Day Challenge on your own schedule. Go through each of the videos at your own pace. If you ever find yourself particularly challenged with a pose, stick with it for more than a day, the same goes if you ever feel like taking it a step further, simply combine several of the videos into a full-length one day routine.

All of the videos within the 30 Day Challenge are available for free via YouTube on both Christina and Tara’s personal yoga channels. I’ve shared the video for Day 1 below to help in both finding the video series and to give you all an opportunity to sample the challenge and decide whether or not it is something you would like to commit to.

Please be sure to share either of the challenges with your friends and social networks, and show your support for the efforts of Tara and Christina by subscribing to their YouTube channels. Tara: Radiant Flows / Christina: Empowware

More information about both Tara and Christina is also made available below the video. Enjoy the challenge!

Tara Carpino is an experienced Yoga Instructor that teaches an assortment of classes to both adults and children through the Greater Toronto Area. Tara makes a great deal of her work available through social media – Facebook: Radiant Flows | Twitter: @RadiantFlows

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Christina Dizon is also an experienced Yoga Instructor and the owner of her own yoga school. Find out more about Christina’s company Empowware through their website. Christina also makes her work available through social media – Facebook: Empowware

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