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vrainDr. Thierry Vrain has had a long career as a soil biologist and genetic scientist, retiring as the head of a molecular biology department running his own research program to engineer nematode (roundworm) resistance genes in crops at Agriculture Canada’s Summerland Research Station. Having taken into account the large amount of scientific evidence that shows how GMOs can be hazardous to human health and the environment, Dr. Vrain has decided to speak out about GMOs warning us about the multiple dangers that are associated with them.

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Today we are seeing more and more government and industry insiders stepping forward to share information that was once concealed. With the influx of studies that have entered into the public domain, scientists and whistleblowers are now coming forward without fear of being ridiculed.

Dr. Vrain begins by claiming that the engineered crops were registered to be commercialized without really being tested. Afterwards he reveals a number of different areas where GMOs should be cause for concern. There is a reason why the majority of countries continue to reject Monsanto crops as well as their roundup herbicide. Scientists have discovered that these Monsanto products can lead to damaged red blood cellsbirth defectscancer, an increased risk of autism, parkinson’s alzheimer’s and more.

I refute the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require less pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and of course that they are safe to eat (1).

There are a number of scientific studies that have been done for Monsanto by universities in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Most of these studies are concerned with the field performance of the engineered crops, and of course they find GMOs safe for the environment and therefore safe to eat (1).

Individuals should be encouraged to make their decisions on food safety based on scientific evidence and personal choice, not on emotion or the personal opinions of others(1).

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We should all take these studies seriously and demand that government agencies replicate them rather than rely on studies paid for by the biotech companies(1).

The Bt corn and soya plants that are now everywhere in our environment are registered as insecticides. But are these insecticidal plants regulated and have their proteins been tested for safety? Not by the federal departments in charge of food safety, not in Canada and not in the U.S (1).

Here more of what he has to say below:

The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain




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