The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Car: It’s Made Entirely From HEMP

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hempcarYou would never think that a single plant could solve most of the worlds problems, well it can. Hemp has over 50, 000 uses, why this plant remains illegal is causing confusion among many. Everything from clothes, medicine, fabrics, fuel and more, hemp is definitely a large threat to a variety of corporations that control energy, health and a number of other industries. Many corporations would see a decline in profit if hemp were to be legalized. One in particular this article will focus on is the automobile industry.

The worlds most Eco-friendly car, the Kestrel, was designed in Canada by Calgary-based Motive Industries INC. Unlike the United States government, the Canadian government is open to hemp farming and actively supporting the industrial hemp industry and it’s potential benefit for us and our environment.

It has a top speed of 90 km per hour and a range of approximately 100 miles before needing to be recharged. It’s powered by a motor made by TM4 Electrodynamic Systems, a Quebec based company.

It’s weight is approximately 2,500 pounds, and has a very affordable price given the fact that hemp is very easy to grow and requires nothing but the sun. It fits 4 passengers and the production version of it was supposed to be available this year. Since the unveiling of it a couple of years ago, everything all of a sudden has become quiet. You can contact the developers here for more information if you are interested or would like to get your hands on one.

The body of the car is completely impact-resistant and made entirely out of hemp. When we think of cars we think of gasoline, steel, pollution, etc. Even though we have had some innovative and visually pleasing cars on the road today, it is difficult to ignore the sheer environmental impact that modern cars create.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a hemp car making noise, did you know that Henry Ford spent more than a decade researching and building his Model T car? This was in the 1940’s, it was completely made from hemp. This car was 10 times stronger than steel and was also designed to run off of hemp bio-fuel! Whatever happened to this idea? Read more about that here.

To think that even one of the founders of a major car manufacturer was trying to give the world a vehicle that was safe, strong and clean for the environment is good to know. At the same time, his invention was so suppressed that it is somewhat disheartening. How did we go from such an obvious and intelligent discovery, to using gasoline, steel and other non-harmonious materials? It’s important to keep in mind that not only do we need to look at the pollution factor of material while in use, we should also be aware of the pollution caused from manufacturing and creating of cars from raw materials.

Looking at hemp, it complies with every Eco-standard  that exists today; in fact, it blows them out of the water. The suppression of this technology is largely due to the fact that hemp was outlawed in the US in 1937 due to the potential damaging effect it would have on many powerful industries at that time. I highly recommend you check out the full story we wrote on how hemp became illegal.

The Kestrel’s hemp composite body shell passed its crash test in strong form, unlike steel, the panels bounce back into shape after impact. Hemp also has the same mechanical properties as glass. It is even lighter than glass and these properties help boost fuel efficiency.

The oldest known records of hemp farming go back 5000 years in China. For thousands of years, 90% of all ships sails and rope made from hemp. Hemp is an unlimited, forever lasting resource. For that reason alone it is a threat to our current financial and economic systems. It seems the systems we have in place are used to justify why products like this cannot be mass marketed and mass distributed. It’s time for a change, and it’s time for us to implement new methods and technologies that are more harmonious with the planet.


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  1. Thanks for the info! I’ve requested information from them today.

  2. Caroline K.

    Thanks for this. It is encouraging. Years ago in the US there was a push for things like this, but big oil, and US steel and big car companies (before Japan came in) lobbyists just squelched any alternatives. US steel took a dive did some of the big car companies, but their impact perpetuated, and of course big oil still has major lobbyists and influence in Washington.

    What I also wish would come back, however, are the rubber bumpers. The flimsy bumpers they make now are just ridiculous. If you have to do any city parking, your bumpers are a mess, and it’s too expensive to keep replacing them. They dent so easily (car companies must have known the profits they would make on that: US and Japanese). I wonder if they could make hemp bumpers that would work like a rubber bumper?

    • - Collective Evolution

      Thanks Caroline :) !

  3. The car you have pictured is a Lotus…hemp body yes but not the car you are talking about in the article.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Yeah I know. I just wanted to show a hemp car. The Kestrel, (one talked about in the article) is shown in the video.

  4. Reply
    • Good info at the “link”…thanks!

  5. It remains illegal because the worthless bastards in government have been told that it must be made illegal by the corporations that put them in power.

    • mergon

      In a nut shell the boy is right !

  6. Charles Waller

    Ford promoted renewable energy and natural fibers, but the urban legend of the hemp car is untrue. The prototype revealed in 1941 had 10% cannabis hemp fiber content in the body panels. Ford had a trunk lid on his own car of the same bio-plastic material, which he used to demonstrate the superior product.

  7. Funny how people talk about this, but do little to help it.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think people are doing as much as they can. They are getting the word out and organizations are manufacturing them. What else can we do?

      • It’s perspective, who can truly say whether they are doing as much as they can? Of course I am contradicting myself, but I guess the main reason I feel I am getting away with it, is the people who claim they are getting the word out often complain but never rise up.
        “Actions speak louder than words.”

      • I love seeing articles like this. The more we see the harder it will be for big Pharma, huge plastic companies, and big oil to deny this plant!!! Keep your eyes on Colorado Hemp Research for the next generation of comfort and warmth!!

  8. I am thrilled with the car.
    I am disappointed that they would make such a false claim:
    “Made ‘ENTIRELY’ out of hemp”.

    • - Collective Evolution

      It is made entirely out of hemp. It is not “such” a false claim. We are talking about the body of the car.

      • Cowboy

        A proper journalistic claim might have simply included the word “almost,” or you should have clarified that it was simply the body of the car that was comprised of hemp. (Chances are that the interior components are also significantly hemp-based.)

        • Caroline K.

          It’s easy to find fault with other’s stories and write ups. Most of these people here are writing these pieces because they want to help get the word out because in most cases mainstream media doesn’t run this information, and/or doesn’t have a clue about it because they have blinders on, and their editorial policy is restricted by the media owners, who have corporate and wealth agendas.

          The mainstream media does not employ a lot of awakened/enlightened people, and they are like 40-50 years behind the times or more because they just don’t get it yet.

          People, like the above author, who volunteer their time to do this for the sake of others on the planet are doing the best they can and writing on a variety of topics almost everyday in some cases. They don’t have all day, nor do they have the vast resources of a major newspaper/media outlet, or an editorial staff to hone each of their stories.

          What these writers need are our support, if they are going to continue, and we need the information they provide on all of these innovations/causes because the mainstream isn’t doing it. It’s because these people volunteer their time in a lot of cases and want to help others get this information, too, that we get it.

          Few people are willing to put themselves out there and commit to writing on a variety of topics on a regular basis (volunteering in a lot of cases) that they aren’t always industry experts, but do it so that people can at least get the exposure they can’t get elsewhere.

          I suspect you have minimal experience writing yourself because nitpicking is not something a busy journalist has time for–and other writers rarely criticize each other unless they are inexperienced and have just learned something new and think that makes them an expert on word usage.

          It would be better if you contacted the author personally if you have that kind of issue, while lending support to the author here as a reader and commenter.

          • St. Ralph

            Caroline: It’s not nitpicking, it’s fact-checking. People who don’t have time to check their facts should not pretend to be journalists.

            Issue 1: Someone wrote a grossly misleading headline for this piece, suggesting that the car is made entirely from hemp when only the car’s body contains hemp. Of course the headline might have been written by someone other than Arjun Walia, but still, it stands in need of correction.

            Issue 2: However, we can’t let Arjun off the hook for the erroneous claims that the 1941 composite-body Ford was either a “Model T” (wrong, the Model T was introduced in 1908 and looks nothing like the so-called hemp car) or “completely made from hemp.” Again, only the body panels were made from the composite material. That material was 30% resin and 70% fiber, and up to 10% of the fibers were hemp — so PART of the car was made of AT MOST 7% hemp, which is a long way from claiming that the car was completely made from hemp.

            Issue 3: Isn’t it odd how people claiming to be journalists don’t have time to check their facts, but people commenting on the article (who presumably are busy most of the day doing something other than fake journalism) DO have time to do the faux-journalists’ basic research for them?

            The Web is a wonderful platform for publishing, because if you make a mistake, you can easily correct it and republish. But I guess Arjun doesn’t have time for that either.

          • Yeap…Caroline!

            The writer’s here are doing an “exemplary” job by “filling” the OCEANS that Main Stream Media are leaving…BLANK!

      • Aaron

        “It is made entirely out of hemp” and “the body of the car” are two very different things. I want to see a hemp battery or light bulb.

        Big deal, the body is made from hemp. That really doesn’t solve any problems. The Atom Ariel has no body so must be even more eco friendly, surely?

        • - Collective Evolution

          Sure it does…with regards to the entire manufacturing process.

  9. conny öström

    Site “” is not up today … this is a archived version of the site:

  10. Electric engine? Would be even better if it had an engine fueled by HEMP!

  11. Cowboy

    Henry Ford’s car was not “entirely” from hemp. Soy and flax were significant components, as well as other plant-based materials to create the phenolic resin. Also, when you use the word “entirely,” you’re omitting tires, motor components, batteries (which contain a number of highly toxic materials) and more.

    The use of industrial hemp isn’t a new groundbreaking concept.

  12. Aleksandr Pugachev

    Made entirely from hemp? Does that mean that everything, all its parts are made from hemp? Let’s ask, are its mirrors made of hemp? I don’t want anyone using entirely when they should be saying mostly. I am in love with the idea, but I want the facts, not hype.

  13. Oregon Hemp Farming Bill Becomes Law – Vote Hemp: News: Press ……law.html Cached
    Oregon Hemp Farming Bill Becomes Law … also defined industrial hemp. During the 2009 … over their rights to grow hemp under state law without fear …
    Cannabis in Oregon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached
    Cannabis culture in Oregon|Legality|See also|References
    Cannabis culture in Oregon Usage . According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), cannabis is readily available in Oregon. According to a 2006 report by the …

    Oregon | Hemp News – Hemp.Org, Campaign for the Restoration … Cached
    Oregon becomes the sixth state in 2009 to take control; pressure to grow hemp continues to mount as … Oregon law states that once a patient acquires a …
    Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) – Public Health …… Cached
    About OMMP: The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is a State registry program within the Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority. Our role is to administer the …
    Oregon: Hemp Farming Bill Becomes Law | Hemp News Cached
    New State Program for Hemp Farmers to be Established. By USAgNet. Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has signed SB 676 into law, which permits the production, trade and ..

  14. askdhaksdhkasd

    Hemp has never been illegal in China, and if it was as good as advocates say it is, you would think the Chinese would exploit the shit out of it. They produce a lot of hemp, but still only a tiny proportion of their paper pulp production from wood.

  15. kniftagstuh

    Funny how hemp consistently is being compared to Weed… drop it and see hemp for what it is… HEMP nothing more nothing less, it can do alot but not get your ass high as hell… that’s what weed/Marijuana can do.

    • kniftagstuh

      That reaction is based on the video i know the writer has no influence in that one though… just putting it out there

  16. thank you Arjun for your work here. As if people really thought the tires and windshield was made from hemp!

    a little common sense could go a long way if only it were more common

    • kniftagstuh

      Eldon i could just state your wrongs in this one by a few simple remarks… one the windshield can be made out of plastic… as we all know plastic is made from oil….. Hemp produce can also be made into oil… meaning you can also make plastic out of hemp oil… meaning you can make a hemp plastic windshield… Common sense right?
      Ooh and what was rubber made out of again, and i’m not talking bout synthetic rubber. Natural rubber comes from a tree however no one would think the tires or windshield is made out of hemp… because nowhere in the text has this been stated…. it was said the entire BODY is made out of impact resistent hemp.

  17. mergon

    The government and the corporations = the same thing = they do the numbers = what,s in it for them , long and short term forecasts are done for revenue streams ,or in the case of government floods .

    Take the case of the common light bulb they knew that there was a problem coming with the biodegradable lead free non violent regulations so they had to get consumption down so they did a trade deal with China for cfl,s [compact flurescent bulbs they started with a subsidy so they were cheap when they got us on the hook theyb dropped the subsidy now instead 22p for bulb its £2or £3 you can extra green and pay from £5 to £10 for L.E.D
    ones .

    Condenser boilers was another one you get sold a digital boiler that you cant repair your self ,they take out your water cylinder so now you dont have an airing cupboard ,when the weather freezes the condense pipe ices up and the boiler dont work ,the plumbers very well out of the scrap copper and the scrap boilers they made good money from that alone , i had an old scool boiler that set up and maintained my self it was cheap to run then we moved into a smaller place with a condenser boiler and the heating bills are bigger than old place .

    Its the same with cars we used have long stroke engines and camshafts with little or no overlap on the valve timing ,what we have now are short stroke screamers with big overlaps on the valve timing ,
    long stroke engines are slower and camshafts with little or no overlap could burn a multitude of fuels , but now we are stuck with engines that are very limited to the fuel they can burn ,there are other people out there that know this .i dont need a car that gets from o to 60 like a gun shot ,i just want get there with out wearing out the engine and using loads of fuel .

    Look at todays automatic transmissions ,you would think that they would be reliable by now ,how many people do you know lived in fear of their old borg warner 35 / 45 /65 transmission blowing up at 15000 miles NONE THAT I HEARD OF ,but today its an entire industry of sealed for life transmissions with no dip sticks and no oil pans / sumps , and they run on dealer only fully synthetic fluids at £60 a fluid change plus labour ,
    If i could fit a Borg and beck transmission into my Honda,s case i would but i cant still there you go !

    Thats progress today !

    • An old “Borg-Warner w/Hurst Shifter and Linkage!” WOW…brings back “SWEET MEMORIES!!!”


  18. me

    I like about 95% of this article…but touting ‘impact resistant’ as a benefit is misinformed and irresponsible. When a car crash occurs, there are three impacts (at least): car with object, person with car, and person’s internal organs with inside of their body. The total amount of impact doesn’t change, so if it isn’t being absorbed by the car…it is being absorbed by the body. That’s why folks whose cars have been completely destroyed can walk away.


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