The Top 4 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Brain Cancer

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braincanFor years, an unnecessary label has been attached to this plant, and the fact that it is classified as an illegal drug for no reason is obscure.  Furthermore, the studies that prove cannabis can cure brain cancer are done so by safe cannabinoid delivery with zero psychoactive effects.

It’s becoming more clear that multiple substances labelled as “drugs” by the government as harmful  are most likely illegal due to the fact that they threaten multiple corporate interests. Prescription drugs alone kill over 100, 000 people every year. Our governments and the corporations that run them don’t have the best interests of the human race at hand. It seems that we should be more concerned about the drugs that are legal, as much as we are concerned about the ones that are not. Instead of constantly relying on them for information (corporations and governments), it’s up to us to do our own research and find out the truth for ourselves.

Cannabis has been proven to be effective for a wide range of ailments, this article will focus mainly on brain cancer. Cannabinoids refer to any group of related compounds that include Cannabinol and the active constituents of Cannabis. They activate Cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself produces compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a key role in many processes throughout the body that help to create a healthy environment. They also play an important role in immune system generation and re-generation.

Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. I’ve provided one of many examples of this at the bottom of the article.

Brain Cancer

1.  A study published in the British Journal of Cancerconducted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University in Madrid, this study determined that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids inhibit tumour growth. They were responsible for the first clinical study aimed at assessing cannabinoid antitumoral action. Cannabinoid delivery was safe and was achieved with zero psychoactive effects. THC was found to decrease tumour cells in two out of the nine patients.

2. A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience examined the biochemical events in both acute neuronal damage and in slowly progressive, neurodegenerative diseases. They conducted a magnetic resonance imaging study that looked at THC (the main active compound in marijuana) and found that it reduced neuronal injury in rats. The results of this study provide evidence that the cannabinoid system can serve to protect the brain against neurodegeneration.

3. A study published in The Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics already acknowledged the fact that cannabinoids have been shown to possess antitumor properties. This study examined the effect of cannabidiol (CBD, non psychoactive cannabinoid compound) on human glioma cell lines. The addition of cannabidiol led to a dramatic drop in the viability of glioma cells. Glioma is the word used to describe a brain tumour.  The study concluded that cannabidiol was able to produce a significant antitumor activity.

4. A study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics outlines how brain tumours are highly resistant to current anticancer treatments, which makes it crucial to find new therapeutic strategies aimed at improving the poor prognosis of patients suffering from this disease. This study also demonstrated the reversal of tumour activity in Glioblastoma multiforme.

Method of Ingestion

Contrary to popular belief, smoking the Cannabis is not the most effective way in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients which are the Cannabinoids. Also, when Cannabis is heated and burnt it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC. This changes its ability to be therapeutic and anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body. Oxidation is not healthy for the body and can lead to health issues in itself.

Cannabis- whether Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, male, female, hermaphrodite, wild, bred for fiber, seeds or medicinal resin – is a vegetable with every dietary essential we can’t synthesize. It has essential amino acids, fatty acids and cannabinoid acids. Apart from that, it has hundreds of anti-cancer compounds.

If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high, you’ll get you 10 mg. If you don’t heat it, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams and use it as a dietary cannabis and push it up to the anti-oxidant and neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams – Dr William Courtney

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) maintains our biological systems by regulating each cell tissue. It uses Arachadonic acid/Omega 6 to make Endo-Cannabinoids. These are fatty molecules that communicate harm between cells. Dietary Cannabis mimics the ECS by providing Cannabinoids when there is an Arachadonic acid deficiency or clinical Cannabinoid deficiency.

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More people are using Cannabis to treat cancer. One story that comes to mind (out of many) is Brave Makayla.


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  1. LRWillis

    I don’t mean to be picky here, Arlun, but none of these 4 studies actually “proves” that THC “cures” cancer. The results of each study clearly are encouraging; but, at best, they only provide a basis for additional studies. Indeed, were you to have spoken with any of the authors of these papers, I’m quite sure that they would have told you the same thing (I’m a retired biomedical researcher, myself, by the way).

    Many of us in the field are sensitive to the fact that enthusiastic journalists can easily over-interpret our findings, and often do, for the sake of writing a piece that will attract readers. Three of the 4 studies that you cited evaluated THC either in animals or isolated tumor cells, not in human patients. While the results, as I said above, were encouraging, they are a far cry from actually putting THC to use in human cancer patients.The one study that did involve human cancer patients was, in fact, a Phase 1 clinical trial. A Phase 1 trial (there are 4 Phases of clinical testing, by the way, that determine if and when a given new medicine goes into general use) primarily asks if the new medicine is safe, and asks about efficacy against disease only secondarily. Moreover, a Phase 1 trial usually involves only a very small number of subjects (in this case 12). It’s not until Phases 2 or 3 that the trials actually ask about clinical efficacy of a drug, and then in many, many more patients. The authors of this trial specifically said that while this study showed that THC seems to be safe in cancer patients, it will take tests in many more patients before anyone would be able to call THC a “cure” for cancer.

    • Warren

      Why does the US government have a patent on cannabinoid since 1976 claiming it has medical properties??. We murder for profits fake from our food to our freedom.

      • James S

        A well known British pharma company has recently filed a patent for a synthetic version of THC and CBD. Go figure.

      • The government knows cannabis has medical potential, they do not deny that. They are not even afraid of it. They welcome it. The problem with cannabis is it alters the mind when smoked and people become more calm and less eager to join in conflict. Just because marijuana has medicinal applications does not mean it will be curing disease, on the contrary it will not cure any disease except through placebo and a sugar pill will work equally well.

        Do not fret, it will all be legalized as soon as they build the platform for the billion dollar industry it will create and still no one will be cured, some will be very relaxed and feel better but they will not be cured.

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      • SCAM No one testifies OPENLY and randomly of being cured of HSV unless they are part of a scam. I’m not saying it is not easy to cure HSV and HIV but if the person offering them isn’t aware of ONE SIMPLE FACT, no one can prove HSV or HIV viruses even exist, then they probably are no expert on dealing with such things and are just running a racket.

        It is easy to cure HSV but when a person is cured they pretty much keep it to themselves and they are NOT cured of a “virus” they are cured of the true cause of sores or positive test.

        It is a scientific medical FACT that herpes is BELIEVED to be caused by a virus. No one in the whole wide world can prove it because no one has EVER seen a virus present in any sore.

    • - Collective Evolution

      The studies show that they inhibit tumour growth. They show that cannabinoids possess anti tumour properties. They also showed a dramatic drop in the viability of glioma cells…. The studies demonstrated very significant antitumor activity.

      For me, a long with the number of people who have had success with it makes me feel valid with my article title…I think reversing, shrinking and preventing brain tumours is indeed treating and curing cancer.

      I don’t think I am over interpreting their findings. I am simply presenting them…if you click on the sources you will see the words I took in my description of the studies match up quite well…in the “brain cancer” section.

      The above section and below section do not really over interpret or mention the specific studies…

      This piece was not meant to attract readers, it was to help people with cancer, and to help those who know others with cancer. It has a high success rate! I do not think the results are a “far cry” at all from actually putting THC to use in human cancer patients!

      I am aware what the authors said at the end, that it will take tests in many more patients before anyone would be able to call it a cure. I think it’s important to note that these studies have been conducted for a number of years! There are dozens upon dozens, maybe even hundreds and yes there have been no increase in human tests. Why do you think that is? It’s because it works, and is a large threat to the entire cancer/health/pharmaceutical industry.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • Andres

        Hey Arjun could you please email me at would like to discuss some things with you that could really help me out. Please and thank you

  2. Glastonbury

    THANKYOU. I have removed cancerous growths from the backs of my hands, chest, arms and head (bald) using cannabis oil applied topically. (Check out “Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears” on Youtube.) TWO weeks, let every thing heal, settle down, and then repeat even if it all looks good, just to be sure. I am going to live longer than I used to think. Please, spread the word. Peace, together. Thankyou.

    • Glastonbury, if the oil is working on your skin it means cannabis oil is a fungicide but here is the data we need from you, we need you to be honest and very scientific. If the skin crusties are all gone now, let us know if they come back because if they do not start to come back after a few weeks or months then it means that cannabis is the most effective topical fungicide known to man because jock itch cream will eliminate skin crusties “cancer” but it will not penetrate deep enough to keep it from coming back later.

      I will be able to test the cannabis oil topically to confirm your observation. It should work equally well on psoriasis and other fungal diseases.

      • Glastonbury

        David, the oil has done a great job on my skin. I am finding that when I treat the areas again, blisters SOMETIMES occur. I am taking this as a signal to back off for a bit. I have been taking 3 grains orally (1 grain = 1 grain of rice) late at night because I prefer not to get high. I started with 1 and slowly built up a tolerance to it. I now sleep right through the night whereas I used to get up to pee 3,4 and sometimes 5 times. I am so rested now.I feel as though my prostate has shrunk and my bladder can now retain more. Does anyone know if this is possible/feasible?????????

        • Glastonbury said: “David, the oil has done a great job on my skin. I am finding that when I treat the areas again, blisters SOMETIMES occur. I am taking this as a signal to back off for a bit. I have been taking 3 grains orally (1 grain = 1 grain of rice) late at night because I prefer not to get high. I started with 1 and slowly built up a tolerance to it. I now sleep right through the night whereas I used to get up to pee 3,4 and sometimes 5 times. I am so rested now.I feel as though my prostate has shrunk and my bladder can now retain more. Does anyone know if this is possible/feasible?????????”

          Yes your prostate can be inflamed and then shrink. That’s what the drugs do, they are noninflammatory so they shrink the prostate so you can hold your water longer. Your body can do it as well. There are lots of reasons your prostate can shrink on it own, one would be improved sleep. Life will improve substantially if you continue to get better sleep. In that regards, the cannabis can really help but I seriously doubt the cannabis is what is shrinking your prostate.

          My interest is in know for fact whether or not cannabis is an effective topical fungicide. Oregano Oil is reported to be a fungicide but it isn’t. Your case interested me because you talked about “skin cancer” and the fact that skin cancer is nothing more than fungus.

          Just about any oil will aggravate fungi but as far as I can prove there is none that will make a skin crusty die off completely. Not even over the counter fungicides. The OTC products will make a crusty look completely cured but typically in time, maybe months the crusty will come back. Black Salve is the only product I know of that will take a crusty out permanently and it can be fairly ugly process I don’t stand behind so much.

          This is just my opinion/speculation and that is the oil you are ingesting is giving you relief through relaxing you so you can unwind. It helps that you want to use the oil because that too is a healing act. I don’t foresee the oil actually curing you internally just giving you some mental and physical relief through unwinding. A cigarette or beer can do the same thing but maybe not as well and consistent.

          If cannabis consistently helps people sleep that would be why people who use cannabis heal not because cannabis is a cure all. The hardest thing for man to come by these days is peace of mind, it’s almost impossible and if cannabis helps people relax and cope so they can get quality sleep, the sleep will cure them because all quality immune responses are done in rim sleep, something people get very little of in these times. It’s not the GMO foods and poor exercise killing us, it is the overall lack of rim sleep that is killing our species.

          Best wishes Glastonbury, I appreciate your reply so I can further my understanding of cannabis and it’s potential use. It isn’t a miracle drug or cure all but if it can promote improved rim sleep it will lead to improved health. I know the jury is still out on the skin treatment and maybe you can keep us posted on that, it can’t be worst then getting it cut off or burned off.

          • Glastonbury

            Hi David, I had, for example, very sore “crusties” on the backs of both hands.(To get my keys out of my pocket I used to hold the pocket open with the fingers of the other hand first). The worst one (right hand) has gone completely. No scar, lumps or pain. The left hand does have a very slight lump that is a fraction (approx 1/10th) of the original, so I shall be hitting that again sometime soon along with other areas that suffered from sailing unprotected in the tropics for years. We live and learn. I hope.

            • Glastonbury said: “Hi David, I had, for example, very sore “crusties” on the backs of both hands.(To get my keys out of my pocket I used to hold the pocket open with the fingers of the other hand first). The worst one (right hand) has gone completely. No scar, lumps or pain. The left hand does have a very slight lump that is a fraction (approx 1/10th) of the original, so I shall be hitting that again sometime soon along with other areas that suffered from sailing unprotected in the tropics for years. We live and learn. I hope.”

              Thanks Glastonbury. I do believe cannabis oil and even oregano oil will be hard on anything living that it touches, fungus in this situation. You might try mixing a little of the cannabis oil with olive oil for your long term application so as to prevent any blisters but to keep the product on the site without discomfort long term.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. James

    We don’t need to wait for those whom we were taught to listen to and respect in order to believe. Stop wasting your energy in ‘scientific clinical trials’ and use your wonderful power of intuition and wisdom. Believe in those who personally attest to the powers of Cannabis. Yes it does cure cancer, yes it does shrink brain tumours, yes it does reverse Parkinson’s disease, yes it does cure diabetes, yes it does give Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers hope and even cure in many cases,. The list goes on and on.

    Google Rick Simpson for starters. The man should be made a saint.

    Lets stop thinking in second dimensional mode. Lets stop theorising, lets start believing.

    • James said: “We don’t need to wait for those whom we were taught to listen to and respect in order to believe. Stop wasting your energy in ‘scientific clinical trials’ and use your wonderful power of intuition and wisdom.”

      I read that and thought you were quoting me James. LOL, I love that line and truer words where never spoken except by me when I said the same thing but under different context.

      I just posted the trials for cannabis and brain tumors and I stated there that cannabis doesn’t cure anything and it doesn’t lesson the truth of your statement above because NO STUDY will ever cure anything or improve the health of humanity.

      Like I told kathy on the other topic, you too also have entirely too much respect for cannabis and nothing for your own personal immune system or the immune systems of those who claimed to be cured by using cannabis.

      The human immune system is the single most common denominator in every person ever cured of anything and the plain scientific fact it the human immune system can cure anything and prevent anything, that’s what an immune system is for.

      So cannabis is no different from a sugar pill, just a better high. I think you will like my comment on the TRIAL topic. I’m not saying cannabis does not have a place in healing because it does remove stress and stress gets in the way of immunity more than anything else. That and it sometimes can help a person get a grip on their emotions so they can learn the truth. So everyone light up and soak up some truth, cannabis as wonderful as it is does not cure cancer but it can work as a placebo allowing a person’s immune system to cure the cancer, God bless cannabis and the immune system.


      • David, good to connect again. I won’t go into picking and answering your points as I respect your perspective overall, even if we have minor disagreements on the cannabis matter. Where I will fully go with you is in the absolute power of the immune system but lets not forget the Pineal gland or ‘third eye’, for those who are inclined to think outside the box. It is I believe the key not only for optimum physical well-being but dare I say a window-view beyond our physical realm.

        • James, my introduction to natural healing was with Total Body Modification, TBM. 20+ years ago I cured people of all kinds of so-called “incurable” diseases and I did BELIEVE at that time I was indeed using the Pineal gland to get those cures to take place, along with the Thalamus, Hypo-Thalamus and Pituitary. Of course I thought I was curing people of allergies, asthma, herpes, diabetes and on and on to name just a few diseases easily cured through those glands however I now realize I was not curing disease I was making my clients immune to the diseases they came to me about. Immunity is a “cure” on steroids.

          All natural healing is about becoming immune not about curing. Unfortunately as far as I can tell I am the only person who is still healing, everyone else has turned to marketing products, cannabis being the new BOOM TOWN of products because everyone is going to love it whether they heal or not. BIG BUSINESS but NO healing. It will work as a placebo for a while but like all placebos it will run it’s course and will no longer succeed as a placebo.

          Is the Pineal a third eye? Maybe, but as far as becoming immune to all disease it is irrelevant. It can never be proved to be anything super special but who cares if being immune to disease become more socially acceptable? Right now, for me to suggest that man is designed to be immune is a slap in the face to most people because they have no concept of what immunity is or what an immune system or systems is for. They have no regard for their natural ability to be well and healthy at all. They simply want a product and the wolves will give it to them with a fancy label that will make it sound like the greatest thing since white bread.

          Once medicine was introduced, the pineal and entire immune process was abandoned 100%.

          I’m posting my information facebook page for others who might appreciate the human immune system and the pineal gland. I don’t know if the Pineal gland is the key player in my clients who become immune to disease but I do know the body as a whole gets the job done.

          • James

            David, I have read many of your comments/replies here and on your FB page and you are and have been a man on a quest, and in the case of the immune system, a very honourable one although I have no clue what your treatment consists of. Am aware there is a need to donate in order to find out and am not making any judgement on that.

            About the Pineal gland, I personally believe there is a strong connection between the physical and non-physical realms and that connection creates a formidable immune system but we don’t have or need to discuss my personal beliefs. Its just a personal thing.

            In your FB introduction you said “I don’t have a degree in biochemistry, any field of science, or medicine which is probably why I was able to look at the facts without prejudice or bias”. That is exactly also my case and in this sense we’re both free from the enslavement of the system.

            Just out of curiosity, there is a meme on you FB page with the words “God doesn’t cure people, he created the immune system to do that. True Christians are immune to disease”. Wondering if it’s in any way connected with the work you do or it was meant to have a different meaning.

            • No James there is no need to donate to find out. You could donate ONE MILLION dollars and still no one would be able to tell you what my work consist of and how I bring about full immunity to those I work with. This is because commercial science hasn’t and will not explain how the human immune system works, they do not want people to know it works or can work.

              My best explanation is at the top of my facebook page and free to all.

              People, even the most educated struggle to grasp the reality of the immune system because all their data mining has steered them away from processing the concept of immunity. Most people who read my work are trying desperately to link or conform my information with their existing knowledge base and that is what gets in their way.

              Being immune to disease is not really something that can be explained and it was never meant to be explained. It was never meant to be thought about because it is meant to be INVOLUNTARY. Your suppose to be immune without any thought.

              The reason I have people donate to enter my forum is because the forum has information on drugs that cure diseases that are believed to be incurable and that does not support my goals to make people immune. I took my forum down because I didn’t want to seem like I was promoting the use of drugs when it is so easy to be immune to all disease. However some people just want a pill and if that is what they want, I expect them to get the information from the doctor or donate to get it from my forum otherwise I would just as soon remove the information completely and insist people use their immune system instead.

              I don’t get caught up in “connection between the physical and non-physical realms” but only because I don’t need to. It takes me two weeks to make a person totally immune to disease which is also the cure.

              James you said: “Just out of curiosity, there is a meme on you FB page with the words “God doesn’t cure people, he created the immune system to do that. True Christians are immune to disease”. Wondering if it’s in any way connected with the work you do or it was meant to have a different meaning.”

              My point about that meme that people will struggle with is the fact that if God created man, God then created man to be immune to disease, by creating the proper glands, organs and various systems. Therefore, why would God step in a “bless” a person with healing if He designed them to be healthy and disease free in the first place? If God is the God of the bible, He wouldn’t. However prayer can be a placebo as effective as a sugar pill.

              I use to be foolish enough to believe God was working through me, but now I realize I simply use what we are created with or evolved with, nothing more. Everyone has everything they need to be healthy and disease free, the question is can they be TALKED into using it?

            • James Segwell

              David, you comment was duly noted. Yes I read your explanation at the top of your FB page and I called upon my powers of intuition to decipher your work. Reason I touched on the subject of ‘God’ is simply because since freeing myself from the chains of the present status quo teachings, I find that word and it’s relevance (according to around 1.2 billion Roman Catholic followers) so low dimensional. Again that is my own opinion based on the teachings of my intuition.

              The great quote “I left school early because it was interfering with my real education” is included in my ‘Bible’.

            • I hear you loud and clear James. It’s my opinion there is no “Christ” at all in today “Christianity”. Because I realize this, I am open to God or evolution and if the “bible” is true and there is a God, He will surely respect my concerns and not judge me for judging mainstream “Christianity”.

              If He exist He knows how He created man and how He intended man to use His creation to be healthy instead of relying on MANS commercial science and commercial medicine that ONLY proves to fail. I know the bible says in the end “Christians” will be burned as stubble because they do not know Him. To me that lets me know that I can’t judge Him by those He intends to burn as stubble.

              So I remain open to anything I cannot prove. I can’t prove He doesn’t exist and I cannot prove I came from an ape so I will do the best I can to do the right thing by myself and others in need.

              There is education for commerce’s sake otherwise known as mainstream education and thin there is education for wisdom’s sake. As you probably agree the two seldom merge though consumers always disagree but wisdom means immunity and commerce’s education means disease and suffering.

              In a nutshell, the human immune system scientifically and factually responds to the brain’s electrochemical signals and those signals are wireless. More of less the battery has expired in our species and we no longer have the kind of instinctual immunity we should and would have if it were not for commercial science and commercial medicine. We simply stopped using our electrochemical immune command center. We as a species today are lucky if we can walk and chew gum at the same time, we can’t walk, chew gum and be immune to disease unless we reboot our command center. That is what I do, and I can do it because my command center is much the same as yours and we can communicate better than cell phones or two way radios.

              When acupuncture was somewhat effective WAY back in the day, the acupuncturist who were most effective and consistent sent electrochemical signals to their patients as did any consistent natural healer or practitioners. Those signals tripped switches so to speak in their patients, not the needles or the homeopathic remedies. The command center would come back online and engage healing and even cures WAY WAY back in the day. Now day’s all the focus is on selling products and all the healers are trained in classrooms with commerce’s sake education not wisdom or education for humanity’s sake. Consequently there can be no healing or cures in today’s natural medicine.

              Good talk James. :)

            • James Segwell

              Good to talk indeed David :) Lets all have a ravingly good immune system and equally important lets rise above our present prehistoric mind level. Good news is we’re finally beginning to come to our senses.

            • James, I love your enthusiasm but I haven’t seen any evidence at all that suggest society is coming to it’s senses. If it were coming to it’s senses I would have thousands of likes on my informational facebook page. People would be sharing the information with their friends but more importantly people would be completely engaged in obtaining immunity to disease as nature intends.

              It’s my observation that people want a cure, they could care less about immunity being the cure. I don’t believe people are coming to their senses, I believe they are still trading one source of misinformation for another but I agree they are doing it with great enthusiasm. Enthusiasm does not cure or prevent disease, granted it does play a serious role in the placebo effect but man is NOW too fragile to benefit from placebo effects, there simply isn’t enough things right in the modern human body to cultivate placebo effects.

              Society isn’t looking for truth, it’s just looking for better versions of lies. When a person finds the truth it will alienate them which is why society refuses to adopt sense.

              I’m thrilled each time I help a person become immune to disease, one at a time. There is no saving society or the masses. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I can be and am because I’m the only person who will restore the natural order of the human immune system. If others joined the cause I would share your enthusiasm too.


            • James Segwell

              Hey David, lets not loose heart over the positiveness of human awakening. Yes a long way to go still but I am seeing, feeling and reading the changes happening, not from the media, corporations or people under false pretences but from ordinary folks awakening from our present false reality. The following link is one such example:

              There is still hope.

            • James I had to delete a very “hopeful” and “sincere” person from my facebook page because he was “hopeful”.
              James, “belief” and “hope” is the hottest commodity on the market. Through “hope” and “belief” people sell cannabis as a “cure-all” and it won’t cure a thing.

              I do not promote “hope” or “belief”, I despise the too because society cannot move past them, they are roadblocks. People do not let TRUTH interfere with hope or belief even though the truth is what would save their lives.

              I haven’t lost heart. How could I, it’s right were it has always been, 4 chambers and pumping blood just the way it is suppose to.

              Hope and belief do not lead to cures, preventions. They can lead to a little BRIEF peace of mind but not enough to make a difference in anything but a moment.

              People peddle hope and belief and when a person buys into it they can’t be saved so before I can save a person I have to beat the hope and belief right out of them. Hope and belief destroyed the entire industry of natural medicine. It destroyed the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus.

              Being healthy and immune to disease is about finding the factual science that makes immunity possible otherwise people will keep drinking their own urine and eating flax seed HOPING it will do something to help. It won’t.

              The truth I offer makes hope and belief MOOT and useless and then and ONLY then can a person be free and have true peace of mind. Society cannot be saved, but a rational individual can.


            • James Segwell

              David, Perhaps you misinterpreted my words. It had nothing to do with cannabis, medicinal cures or the immune system. It was about human awakening in general.

            • I caught what you were saying James, I hear it all the time, I just don’t seen any human awakening, just a new trend towards a different line of misinformation.

              That’s the way it works. Society trades one belief for another and calls it an awakening. When I am no longer working a 6 day a week job unrelated to giving people their immunity back I will call that an awakening. If people will not wake for being immune to disease they will continue to sleep. People would rather have wealth than health so selling people on their natural ability to be disease free is not going to be popular ever.

              Truth is pretty close to being socially unacceptable which is why we as a society just create a more popular belief system. Will are drowning in information but starving for wisdom. Don’t let me dampen any enthusiasm, but I just do not see any wakening.

            • James Segwell

              David, you are entitled to your own view as we all are. From my many years of cynicism and pessimism I have recently discovered a small crack from the dark and hopeless walls of the status quo. That small crack shows a light at the other end. I am happy enough to follow that small hope of light.

            • I understand James and I will be the first to know when we do reach an awakening. The truth about the human immune system will be the spear head of any awakening because without health there isn’t reason to waken. I do hope it will happen, I really do.

            • David, we have to hold on by even a thread of hope as otherwise we will forever be in pessimism mode. I’d like to find out more about your good work. Mail me at

    • - Collective Evolution

      Thanks for the post, totally agree with intuition and wisdom. I don’t think there is any theorizing, as science now proves what our intuition knew long before.

      • James

        Thank you Arjun for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Yes, the solution is in nature, if you respect the logic and secrets of your biological system.
    First you have to restore the cause of a disease: a faulty bio-computer.
    A faulty bio-computer sends signals to get help.
    These signals was discovered as well the natural product (external treatment – osmosis)
    Everyone can heal itself, your personalized health book informs you how to do it.
    My invention cures all psychical and mental diseases: Medicine was rewritten, pills or drugs are illogical, the side effects are the evidence.

  5. Some folk don’t or did not have the time to wait for the outcome of these trials, and whatever the outcome many belief that decisions will be made on profitability. Many have followed the Rick Simpson method and cured themselves, & come-out of the closet & documented their story. Further, I don’t see any relatives of these people posting on the web saying their relative died just the same or any other bad thing about the RSO method.

  6. Today I studied the method of Rick Simpson and this method makes sense, but there will be even more plants we may use,It is up to the scientists to find them.
    The difference with my method is: I have discovered the cause of a disease: the faulty bio-computer, I restore also with a plant, externally and in places which are indicated by your body!!! These signals are proof that your body calls for help.
    the circle is complete: cause, treatment and product. and this holds true for all diseases.
    Healing made simple: thanks: nature and human intelligence.

    • Ricks method is “dirty”, and his oil contains cancer causing carcinogens. These mthods were tested in the Netherlands. The cleanest and most efficient way to collect trichromes is Supercritical CO2 extraction. Contrary to popular belief, you dont need to heat cannabis to make a medicinal oil. You only need to convert it thru decarboxylation. I never heat my cannabis to make oil. It degrades THC into CBN, causing a more sedative oil.

  7. Lekcuts

    This is a little off subject, but I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in December 2011. My brother told me about Rick Simpson oil and so I did a little research and though what have I got to loose! In February 2012 I started a Clinical Trial and also Rick Simpson oil. I was finally removed from the clinical trial November 2013, the longest person on the trial. I believe the Rick Simpson oil has something to do with my being here today. Oh, and as far as coming off the study the cancer spread to my lungs… Sad thing is I had quit the Rick Simpson oil a month before that. Believe me, I am back on the oil and a firm believer!

    • peter,sevelj

      I am one of many that think canaboid oils do work and in response to your remarks, Lekuts, i do believe that there is compounding evidence that it does have medical benifets to ease suffering or even life saving quallities to its use. The pharmacutical industry will always throw sceptical veiws towards it as for one they make too much money supporting multi billion dollar exploytation of their own wonder drugs etc. Why are they trying to develope a synthetic version of it then, so they can control it all the way from manufacture and beyond thats why. (Remember we are talking huge money to be made.) And point two, only you and only people like you that do trials in this area can say if it helps your condition in reality, and they have done studies on dogs /cats ,pets that have remarkable effects for the animals, and they cant speek but my point here is if your pet is unwell or termanily sick and it helps them you as their owner will see it for yourself too. I commend you for being open minded to the fact that you have nothing to loose by going down this path and no one has the right to stop

    • Lekcuts and anyone reading Lekcuts’s comment, it is pure spam. I’ve seen comments on many other topic’s here trying to promote Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil and they are all just plugs for selling the oil.

      Cannabis does not cure disease, sometimes the people who use cannabis oil cure themselves of disease. The only cure for disease is the human immune system. Behind every cure through snake oil products is an immune system perfectly capable of curing any disease. That is why the sugar pill has cured more disease than any other pill or product. That is why today’s so called commercial science industry test every new drug against a sugar pill.

      All a person needs to cure cancer is common sense, wisdom and a lot of truth. You don’t have to buy everything being spammed as a cure just so someone can line their pockets at your expense.

      • Lilac

        Mr Flowers, you state that the only cure for disease is the human immune system. That is like saying the sky is blue. Your real complaint seems to be that people are spending money on remedies to trigger the immune system into healing the body. Cannabis oil may well be the wonder medicine we’ve all been looking for, life is full of irony. Anyone can grow their own cannabis and make their own oil if they choose to without having to spend money.

        How is what you are offering any different? To obtain information from your website on this miracle healing method of yours, you charge a fee! If you truly had the solution to cure all physical suffering from disease you would plaster it all over the web for free. True healers are selfless and only care about helping others, they do not profit from the misery of others. Rick Simpson gave his oil away for free for many years, he made sacrifices and risked jail, he used his own money to spread the word.

        Everyone is unique, what triggers healing in one person, will not in another. It doesn’t matter whether a person uses homeopathy, herbal remedies, surgery, spiritual healing, reiki or any other method, it only matters to the person concerned – what feels right for them. What works for you at one time in your life will not work at another. Healing is a complex business, tied in with the meaning of life and death, how can anyone claim to be an expert in this field?

        I’m going to keep an open mind in regard to the benefits of cannabis. I applaud anyone who has or had a disease that is exploring this method and sharing the results and their experiences with the rest of us. Best wishes to everyone seeking healing, may you find what you’re looking for.

        • Lilac says: “Mr Flowers, you state that the only cure for disease is the human immune system. That is like saying the sky is blue. Your real complaint seems to be that people are spending money on remedies to trigger the immune system into healing the body. Cannabis oil may well be the wonder medicine we’ve all been looking for, life is full of irony. Anyone can grow their own cannabis and make their own oil if they choose to without having to spend money.

          How is what you are offering any different? To obtain information from your website on this miracle healing method of yours, you charge a fee!”

          Ah, how you bent truth and reality to boost your desire to sell “cannabis” oil and build that industry.

          The human immune system BEING THE ONLY CURE FOR DISEASE is like saying the sky is blue? WTF?

          The fact that you said that and wish people to think the same is why cannabis oil WILL NOT CURE 1 out of 500 people who use it.

          This if for people who actually want to improve their health and the health of others. Pushing placebo products is what destroyed the entire industry of natural medicine. Cannabis is a placebo product as Lilac just pointed out. Why buy cannabis placebos for high dollar when you can buy sugar pills for pennies? All you have to do is have Lilac put together a great Rick Simpson ad for the marvels of sugar pills and they will be as successful as cannabis oil. Of course in these times, that means NOT SUCCESSFUL at all.

          Yes, it is very sad but our species has devolved past the point of being able to use cannabis oil or sugar pills as placebo. This is a FACT. Rick Simpson Cannabis oil would have cured people through placebo 20 years ago but NOT today. Today man is TOO far gone to generate a placebo response. Our species has declined past the point of being able to make a placebo.

          How is cannabis oil different from what I do and teach? I don’t rely on or expect a product to trigger an immune response. How foolish is that? That’s like taking a sugar pill or cannabis oil and hoping it will make me know how to do something and then do it. Remove that distraction and you can go straight to wisdom, truth and light which is the ONLY way to provide human immunity.

          What is the difference between cannabis oil and what I do and offer? Absolute immunity to disease is what I offer and with immunity and disease a person had is cured.

          What’s that, you say I sell my information? You would say that. My Facebook page is free, all three of them matter of fact however my forum requires a donation for people to gain access to it because I have to pay to keep it up and the only people who use it are there because they want to be cured of herpes and like you they have no idea how to cure anything or be immune to anything. I’m sorry to be so brutal with you but brutal honesty is the step to immunity.

          You see people who have been diagnosed with HERPES have been 100% misinformed. There is not ONE single truth behind and data about HERPES. But I have discovered ONE truth about the suffering known as HSV, even when people are cured of their sores they don’t talk about being cured of it. I have helped thousands of people be cured of the disease known as “herpes” without charging a dime thinking one day I might be rewarded for my kindness. The industry of health care does not reward for righteous work and I am not about to start to peddle some kind of gimmick product like cannabis oil to make up for my sacrifices.

          Another reason I require a donation to get into my forum for cures and immunity to HSV is the fact that there are prescription drugs that will cure many people diagnosed with HSV and when they use the drug to be cured, the truth about the immune system and HOW EASY it is to be immune to all disease, including “cancer” it does not benefit our race one bit.

          So why you sell snake oil that has a 1 out of 1000 chance of creating a short term placebo and a 0 out of 12000 chance of creating a long term cure I provide people with a 99 out of 100 cure, and that one person not cured is the one person that refuses to follow direction or is already dead and doesn’t know it because the human immune system is perfect in every way and is meant to be controlled by wisdom not sugar pills or cannabis oil.

      • SHW

        I am a long time Holistic Therapist using gentle effective “original plant medicine” for healing many diseases, including cancer. Cannabis is something I have included with teas, edibles, tinctures, and juicing leaves. Rick Simpson began his journey to heal himself of cancer when conventional treatments failed. He made the original oil and passed it to his friends with amazing results. He is exiled in a foreign country or he will go to prison for his efforts and without receiving money for what he does. He up for the Nobel Prize. For the past 3 years, I have worked with infants born with incurable brain stem cancer who have healed with rapid timing; without brain surgery, radiation, or surgery. Babies receiving chemo, radiation, surgery and pain medication are following the rest of American’s dying because of “allopathic toxic medicine.” DuPont and Rockefeller banned a God given healing plant to make their next fortune in synthetic chemical fibers and deliberately ended Scientific Studies for Natural Medicine and the use of food supplements for the long term treatment of disease, including all the teaching materials for medical colleges. Times Up! The Western Medicine Cancer …Including Run for the Cure…Give Me Donations Because the Cure Is On the Way…..need to admit, “We have failed. And, we have failed, miserably!” This Trillion dollar industry needs to be sued for every infant, child, and adult they have killed by peddling their toxic medicine. Bottom line: Cannabis Heals and Chemo Kills. I am personally going to Run From the Cure! Google: The President’s Cancer Panel Report 208-2010. Millions of more Americans are going to develop cancer because of the increased global environmental pollution.

        • Not really SHW. The human immune system cures people not cannabis.

          • SHW

            Cannabis super boosts the immune system and is a super omega and antioxidant. It is also loaded with chlorophyll adding cleansing to the blood, tissues, cells, and organs and a shot of oxygen…it assists the body to do what it does, naturally. Build, repair and expire cells to maintain health. This is the job of a fully functioning immune system. Constant bombardment and the accumulation of toxins creates a high acidity internal environment that breeds disease. Chemo further weakens the immune system by adding for toxins to the blood stream. Read the President’s Cancer Panel Report 2008-2010.

            • SHW says “Read the President’s Cancer Panel Report 2008-2010.”

              Every single word printed on the “President’s Cancer Panel Report 2008-2010” is as false as your comments about cannabis.

              There is no truth whatsoever in today’s medicine or your comments on cannabis, at least cannabis is a feel good drug.

              Today’s medicine is made up of weak chemistry and weaker hypothesis. SHW, you cannot post ONE single fact about the disease known as “cancer” or how “cannabis” works. Every word you share, copy and paste is pure and flimsy hypothesis. Hypothesis CANNOT cure or prevent disease so therefore neither can cannabis.

              SHW is trying to PAVE the way for the legalized cannabis industry and nothing more. Cannabis will be sold as a “cure all” medicine, people will get hooked on it and it will NEVER EVER EVER get in the way of natural or western medicine. It will compliment the commercialized industry of medicine like no other product will.

              Get the truth from Facebook

  8. MattMatt

    There is a dangerous misrepresentation here. It speaks about the studies that show cannabis as a potential cancer treatment and then goes on to speak about raw cannabis being more therapeutic. But the studies showing anti tumour properties are concerning decarboxylated THC and CBD. The raw cannabinoid acids like THCA and CBDA don’t have the same properties and are not proven to kill cancer cells. So while it is true that heating it causes THCA to lose it’s acidity and become THC, which also makes it psychoactive, it is not true that this decreases it’s therapeutic potential. In fact decarboxylation is necessary to activate the cancer killing properties. THC kills cancer through activation of CB1 and CB2, CBD does it through CB2 and GRP55 receptors. Raw THCA cannot activate any of these receptors so cannot kill cancer cells through the same methods. There are theories that THCA has anti cancer effects through other pathways, but this remains unproven and the pathways involved remain unknown.
    I am not knocking the benefits of raw THCA and CBDA. But they should not be confused with decarboxylated THC and CBD. It is THC and CBD that are proven to kill cancer and while you can take larger quantities of THCA than you can THC with out getting high, this is of little value for cancer patients if the effects of THCA are not comparable to THC.

    • MattMatt,

      How could you put any stock in any research? All the hoopla in regards to cannabis is about making a highly profitable industry for cannabis as states begin to legalize it. I’ve seen a lot of spam here trying to sell cannabis oil and what not.

      There simply are no experts in the field of health care so there will be no valid research or studies. Harvard and Berkeley train their students to fail. If there were trained experts we would be seeing cures and preventions. That will never happen. There is no desire to cure and or prevent disease.

      I will spam the truth.

      If anyone wants to visit the truth about health, healing and disease and how the human immune system is designed to provide immunity to disease, feel free to stop by my facebook page. I assure you, it will save you money when you know the truth about today’s natural and western medicine and how ineffective both are.

      • I don’t believe that Tommy Chong cured his prostate cancer with just a good diet. It was the cannabis oil. You have no grounds to say that this research is bullcrap or otherwise unreliable, and your weak strawman about monetary incentive holds no water. I also think if you’re about to give me some excuse about how Tommy Chong didn’t really cure his prostate cancer with cannabis, that you are delusional.

        • Just as many people have cured their “”””””cancer””””””” with urine therapy as with cannabis oil. That’s drinking their own urine, like “cannabis” is was all the rage. Fact is the only product you can put your hands on that will cure the disease known as “cancer” is Lamisil Tablets.

          But I am open to the possibilities to the powers of cannabis oil once I see it with my own eyes, if cannabis oil will cure the disease weakly known as “cancer” it will also cure athletes foot, nail fungus, jock itch, psoriasis and eczema. Used topically it would cure all fungal diseases and make no mistake psoriasis and eczema are fungal diseases and nothing more.

          However I am brutally honest with myself. When I see how the medical industry and science industry fails 99% of the time while being paid dearly to do so I see the problem you refuse to see.

          You pick and choose what you want to believe, I have to see it with my own eyes because I will always know that cannabis oil is an industry in it’s self and I am use to seeing crazes come and go. I have been making people immune to all disease for over 20 years so I have kept tab on all the latest and greatest crazes. I also know behind every healing is a human immune system designed to offer immunity without the use of any products which means that any product be it urine or cannabis oil can be a placebo.

          YOU respect products and capitalism and I respect the immune system and with us the two shall never meet. I provide cures and immunity and you provide flimsy commercialized data.

          Put some cannabis oil in my hand if I will give it to people with psoriasis so they can dab it on twice a day and if in a month or two’s time their rash is all gone then I will take back all my words and I will stand up for cannabis oil. Because if it eliminate psoriasis rashes it MIGHT have a chance of being effective against the disease fraudulently known as “cancer”.

          • David flowers your point of view:
            The products of the pharmaceutical industry are worthless.
            CORRECT, because one cannot treat the unprecedented biological system with pills without causing damage.
            Swallowing pills is a manipulation, as the mouth cannot verify the contents.
            The mouth, our first filter would normally react: “spit out that poison”.
            The side effects are evidence of poison and one is not cured because the cause was not treated: the faulty bio-computers.
            Solution: there is other method known to man can heal and that is an external treatment: osmosis effect: the biological system selects the necessary ingredients. see detail of the
            1. restore bio-computers – 2. circulatory system – 3. immune system – 4. organs – 5. nervous system
            If one follows the logic one can cure ANY illness and cannabis oil can cure cancers.

            David, your method does not follow the logic by lack of diagnosis.
            Therefore you do not know which treatment should start first, you start always with the immune system which is incorrect.
            It proves that you have a lack of knowledge: you have not studied chemistry, biology and you have never done research. Sometimes you can be lucky but that is not a medical method.

            • Antoon, the human immune system does not care one wit about commercial science, commercial studies, biology, chemistry, names of disease or diagnoses, not ONE TINY BIT. Furthermore there is nothing in those listed relms that can hold water or stand up under any scrutiny whatsoever.

              As for my work, if a person is not to the point of eminent death because they waited until their body, organs, glands and systems are past the point of repair my work is 100% consistent.

              You and I both know from previous discussions where this dialogue will end. You sell gadgets, beliefs, theories and misinformation and they don’t lead to any consistent cures or preventions because you are running a business where I run an immune system. You rely SOLELY on placebo I rely SOLELY on science. I am the ONLY person who relies on real science in matters of health so if you have not studied under me, you simply are not qualified to offer advice or opinion. I can take 99% of the people reading this and have them immune to all disease in 2 weeks or less, the other 1% will not live for another 6 months because they are have drank your cool-aid and subscribed to gimmicks. Readers, see the first paragraph because that is why you are not immune to disease right now. You body does not care about Antoon’s placebos or diagnoses, it is designed to create immunity and immunity is immunity. The immune system has no need for any commercialized data or products or gadgets, it simply needs wisdom and the will power to forsake the BS that saturates the industry of healthcare.


            • David when you start a discussion, you just look in the mirror.
              An advice: restore your immune system because it has a connection with your brain.

            • Antoon, if you were able to consistently make people immune to ALL disease in two weeks or less you too would have no use for discussion, theory or debate.

              Either you choose to become immune to all disease and provide it to others or you choose to discuss it

              There’s discussion and there’s doing. I provide full immunity through pure science and honesty and that’s why I have no need of discussion or debate. If you could do the same we could discuss some things but if you have no intentions of being an effective immune provider all you and I can do is debate.


  9. I took a long pause from contributing to this thread after my first comments and a brief banter with David Flowers (we did agree on something at least).

    The world is a variety show where each brain contains around 100 billion neurons (give or take a few billion) so you can imagine the inconceivable number of cells in just one neuron. That tells you it would be impossible for everyone to agree on the same of anything (unless we came from a different dimension) and this thread is such an example.

    We as a species are as one with this planet which means compatibility at every level: Oxygen, water, plants, minerals and so forth and that means cannabis in included. I am tired of reading about publicly accessible clinical trials on cannabis and its benefits by people in various countries of certain ‘scientific’ acumen. Now, did all these people create fake identities and use the sugar pill excuse to lie to us in order to boost cannabis for commercial exploitation? Is there a hidden and sinister reason for this? What possible benefits would there be for the Duponts and Rockefellers of this world to encourage the awareness of Earth’s natural resources for the betterment of one’s health? I wonder how things would have gone if money was out of the equation.

    According to the history books George Washington grew hemp at Mount Vernon as one of his three primary crops which was used for rope and fabric. Medicinal preparations of cannabis also became available in North American pharmacies in the 1850’s. Up until 1937 hemp was part of the industry. Now you tell me why anything to do with hemp/cannabis was swiftly outlawed since 1937. Your intelligence may give you the answer.

    One thing I agree with anyone that cares to agree with me, in reference to my second paragraph, is that our brains are much more powerful than we even dare to think…and for me it has to do with the higher-self.

    • James, I’m sure you can see the value of well written research and though you may wish to disagree and may even do so, you and everyone else who is following this know in your hearts that research is ONLY for marketing and promotion. There is NO research for improving health, medicine or human evolution, not by anyone but myself. The reason I have been interested in improving health is because I discovered the fact that humans do have an immune system designed to give humans immunity to all disease. Guess what, being immune to ALL disease is so stupid easy it is meant to be involuntary, like a conscious no-brainer thing, something you don’t even have to think about.

      Yes, have full immunity is all about the brain subconsciously directing and controlling the human systems and process so the brain and body is indeed powerful, so powerful we can achieve full immunity to all disease as nature intends us to have without using any “EARTH” products like skunk weed.

      You see, the researchers you spoke of, do not have to produce a single fact and like researchers behind “herpes” (HSV) and “cancer” they don’t produce a single fact. THAT’S RIGHT, there is not a single FACT written on paper or internet about “HSV” or “cancer”. Every word about those two so-called health concerns is pure science fiction disguised as scientific hypothesis. You could call the research behind “HSV” and “cancer” someone’s best guess because that is what a hypothesis is, but that wouldn’t be true either. The data behind ALL disease research is about marketing and isn’t even a “best guess”.

      The same goes for cannabis oil. The grand beauty of cannabis oil and the reason nothing I say will change it’s future is cannabis oil is like tobacco, it’s gonna make people feel good just like a cigarette.

      You see “natural medicine” and “natural healing” beat the “it’s of the earth” horse to death. The fraudulent industry of natural health has just about bottled and sold every natural plant known to man as a earthly healing agent and every single one except for black salve has failed.

      NOW, here we are about legalize pot, the very first “natural earth substance” that gives a buzz, something everyone wants in the first place and people like Rick Simpson or who ever he is, is going to naturally pay to have some research, or he will have investors pay for some high quality science fiction research to say weed does this and that and the researchers, like all researchers will SAY what they are being paid to say.

      In the end, weed oil is just another “all natural miracle cure” that can’t cure a thing, BUT gives a person a buzz which is more than any other natural product can do so don’t fret, nothing I can say will get in the way of the buzz because people will use cannabis for the buzz and the end results will be in your favor but make no mistake anyone who reads this comment here will know that cannabis oil is not a cure for anything, it’s just a buzz.

      If anyone wants to know more about their immune systems just click on my post name. James may be truly interested in see people improve their health and if that is the case he too will learn more about his immune system because that is something we all already have, we simply have been taught to discard such information for the sake of selling products.

  10. kay

    This is real take it serious, who will believe that a herb can cure herpes, i never believe that this will work, i have spend a lot getting drugs from the hospital to keep me healthy, it got to a time that i was waiting for is death to come because i was broke, one day i hard about this great man called DR.BRUDOS who is well know for Herpes, HIV, and Cancer cure, i decided to email him I didn’t believe him that much, I just wanted to give him a try, he replied my mail and Needed some Information about me, then I sent them to him, he prepared a herbal medicine (CURE) and sent it through Online Courier Service for delivery, he gave my details to the Courier Office. they told me that 3-5 days I will receive the package and after receiving it, i took the medicine as prescribed by him at the end of the one week, he told me to go to the hospital for a check up, and i went, surprisingly after the test the doctor confirm me Herpes simplex virus negative, i thought it was a joke, i went to other hospital and was also negative, thank you for saving my life, I promise I will always testify of your good works. if you are herpes simplex virus patient, contact him and I am sure you will get cured, contact him via: DR.UKPOYANSPELLHOME at GMAIL.COM OR DR.UKPOYANSPELLHOME at HOTMAIL.COM
    . HERPES
    . HIV/AIDS
    . CANCER

    • Kay, no herb will cure the disease known as HSV, HIV/AIDS or Cancer. The immune system of the person taking the herb will cure all three but a sugar pill will do the same thing as the herb.

      It’s important people understand there is no scientific proof or even respectable evidence of a HIV or HSV virus even existing. People assume it exist but NO ONE can prove they exist because no one can isolate them and say “see, there is is, right there.”

      In regards to HSV, there is no virus. HSV sores are caused by fungus OR allergies and nothing else. Fungus is contagious but EASILY cured by Lamisil Tablets and allergy Outbreaks are not contagious. Any sore brought on by a “trigger” food is an allergy not a pathogen and is not contagious.

      Regardless, the human immune system is the ONLY cure for HSV, HIV and “cancer” whether you use an herb or sugar pill to trigger the immune system or not. Kay, sell your herb but don’t short change the real CURE, the immune system.


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