Comet ISON: The Sungrazer That’s Approaching Earth – What Can We Expect?

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Comet ISON, also known as C/2012 S1 was discovered in September 2012 by Russian astronomers Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski using data from the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON). It’s a ‘sungrazer.’ A name given to comets that come very close to the Sun. Preliminary measurements from the Hubble images suggest that the nucleus of ISON is approximately 3 – 4 miles across. It’s the size of a small mountain, and weighs between 7 billion and 7 trillion pounds (1).

We estimate ISON is emitting about 2.2 million pounds (1 million kilograms) of what is most likely carbon dioxide gas and about 120 million pounds (54.4 million kilograms) of dust every day (2)

We’ve heard very little about ISON, which has more people asking questions about it. You would think a comet that nearly collided with Mars would be making big news. Coincidentally, ISON’s passing of Mars coincided with the Government shutdown which also saw 97 percent of NASA personnel sent home, so even if it did come into contact with Mars we wouldn’t know about it. That was unfortunate given the historical significance of this comet and its path through our solar system.  Never before have we seen a comet of such magnitude come so close to colliding with a planet in our Solar System. Events like this one are not very common. If ISON makes its way around the Sun successfully, it might light up the night sky showing up brighter than the Moon.

Trajectory of Comet ISON

You can see a live demonstration of Comet ISONs path here. Below is a picture of ISON on it’s way out of the solar system after it makes its way around the Sun on November 28th. The comet will come approximately 40 million miles from Earth at the end of December.


What Can We Expect?

As shown in the image above, ISON will pass through Earths orbital path with whatever it is dragging along with it. Its giant tail along with more than 100,000 pounds of dust spewing from the comet every minute, has NASA letting us know that some debris may indeed hit our planet (7). Some models show Earth crossing ISON’s orbit two times, once on the way in and once again on the way out. Other models show the Earth crossing ISON’s path once. This could produce meteor showers and meteors similar to the Russian one seen, felt and heard around the world (8). It made headlines everywhere, injuring many people as it hit so hard that buildings shook and windows broke.

With ISON being a Sun-grazer, it will come approximately 750 miles from the Sun.(1) Most comets do not survive their trip around the Sun due to the Sun’s intense radiation and gravity. ISON however, is much larger than the typical Sun-grazer comet. What is very unusual and surprising is that comet ISON has remained intact throughout its entire journey towards the Sun. At 230 million miles away from the sun, the radiation alone begins to boil its water which is the first step towards breaking it apart. Comets usually experience at least some level of break up from the Sun before they get close to it.

One thing to definitely expect are changes in weather. Believe it or not, massive bodies flying in and around our solar system have an effect on the weather of all the planets in our solar system. It’s well documented that solar activity has a direct affect on weather here on Earth, and that comet activity has a direct affect on solar weather (3).  Within the past week, we’ve had three giant solar flares, and a total of 28 (4)(9). What is interesting is that scientists have discovered that comet tails are affected by the sun’s magnetic field. Could ISON be partly responsible for the recent, massive flares we are experiencing now?

Understanding such magnetic systems is a crucial part of space weather research and the study of how magnetic energy is converted to giant explosions on the sun such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections.(3)

Research results presented at the 2012 fall American Geophysical Union illustrated that comets help highlight the intensely dynamic environment in the Sun’s atmosphere (3). As a result they have a direct effect on the weather of all the planets within our solar system, not to mention the comets effect on Earths own magnetic field(3). There are a number of factors to consider here, expecting weather anomalies and correlating them with the entrance of celestial bodies into our solar system is rarely considered, yet highly proven.

Solar flares are like a giant EMP. A direct hit on Earth could disrupt Earths entire electronic grid, taking approximately 5-10 years to fix. Imagine that, if it’s something the human race needs, it’s something that will happen.

Lately, we’ve had some pretty big Earthquakes that might have something to do with ISON as well as solar activity. There is a very high possibility that these are correlated with space weather. Today, Earthquakes of such magnitude seem to be normal even though we rarely hear about them like we used to.

Our planet’s weather, and the weather in our solar system seem to be coinciding with the massive shift in consciousness that’s taking place. Quantum physics is shedding light on how consciousness can have a direct effect on our physical material world, so maybe this is something to consider? Don’t forget a about chronobiology, it’s a field of biology that examines periodic cyclic phenomena in living organisms in relation to solar and lunar related rhythms.  I believe we have the ability to change, or even lessen the effects of whatever potential incoming cataclysms might have. That’s why it’s important to become aware, so we can begin changing things.

List of recent earthquakes

  • 7.7 E of Khash, Iran
  • 7.2 in Kuril’sk, Russia
  • 7.4 SW of Vaini, Tonga
  • 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk
  • 7.3 ENE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
  • 7.3 in the South Sandwich Islands
  • 7.0 SW of Atka, Alaska
  • 7.7 63km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan
  • 7.1 5k SE of Sagbayan, Phillippines
  • 7.1 Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Other Explanations

It’s becoming increasingly more clear that what most of our mainstream corporate media reports is highly controlled and manipulated. We haven’t heard too much information regarding comet ISON, and it is safe to assume that everything we are told with regards to ‘space affairs’ could also be fabricated to some extent. Garry Mckinnon shed light on this fact not too long ago -his case is one of many. Government secrecy is not so secret anymore. We have plenty of reason to speculate, another example are the recent leaks from Edward Snowden that have shed light on the black budget and how trillions of dollars a year are put towards projects the human race knows nothing about.

More people on the planet are open to the idea that not everything is as it seems, or as we are told. As we continue to uncover the lies we’ve been told on so many different levels, we start opening our minds up to possibilities that once could not even be imagined. A popular name for NASA floating around is “Never A Straight Answer.”

Comet ISON has been brightening as it continues its path towards the Sun, many are labeling it ‘the comet of the century,’ but can we be entirely sure that it’s a comet?

commet ISONThis photo in particular became extremely popular, showing that the object comprises of three objects rather than a solitary nucleus, as claimed by NASA astronomers. It was taken by the Hubble space telescope on April 30th, 2013 (5)(6). This is one reason we have to speculate that what we have been told is not the truth. Another explanation is that ISON has been accompanied by multiple UFOs. Mainstream media instantly jumped onto this idea, providing an explanation right away (5).  What do you think? Does this look like a comet to you?

It’s all about making connections, critical thinking and questioning. Albert Einstein once said that “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Many readers will instantly want to criticize this possibility, without having investigated previous comets, the UFO phenomenon and more. There is plenty of validity in the assumption that this is an intelligently controlled object, just as much validity in the assumption that it is not.

Apart from this picture, there have been a couple of whistle blowers. One in particular is Dr. Edward Norton. It’s not his real name, and the interview conducted with him was done by secure team 10, a popular you tube channel that investigates matters like these. This isn’t strong evidence, but the picture above taken from Hubble makes it worth listening to and considering. Dr. Edward Nortan says that he is a former NASA and NSA contractor. He says that that these are intelligently controlled objects.

If we accept it as a comet and don’t remain open to other possibilities, it is likely we are believing what we are told by the government without further questioning. We know from previous events that there are often many details left out of the story. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that the ones we look to for information about our world and our universe would fabricate stories. At the same time, we have a large amount of evidence and proof that illustrates how our government has lied to us time and time again with matters both on this world and off of this world. One great example is the topic of UFOs, which have now been declassified by dozens of governments, high ranking political and military figures worldwide. Is it possible that Comet ISON is a UFO, or accompanied by UFOs? It might sound outrageous, but I think it’s definitely a possibility, and something worth exploring. Maybe we will find out within the next couple of months?

Below is a video done by Dr. Michael Salla. Dr. Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy. He is the author/editor of multiple books and has held academic appointments in the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); and the Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C (2002). He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He is also the founder of the Exopolitics Institute and the Exopolitics Journal.

This video is for those looking to explore more about ISON, it’s something to consider. I’ve come across what I believe to be good evidence to support this claim. I will not be sharing it in this article however, due to the fact that it is based on years of research and would be another entire article by itself. I don’t know what ISON is, it might be a comet and it might not be. I think it’s important to entertain multiple possibilities. It is possible that we might never know the truth about this particular object.

Incoming celestial bodies with this path in these times have been prophesized by multiple cultures throughout human history. We are living in a time of rebirth, a time of choice, and a time of purification. It’s an interesting time to be alive. These are the many reasons why it’s important to speculate!











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  1. Is this a “re-posting?” I had a little trouble accessing the first one.

    • Nope :) This is an original post

      • Understood! I wasn’t referring to “originality” but to the technical aspect of the posting as when it first appeared on my Yahoo Inbox, I had trouble bringing up the article got an “ERROR 404” code. On the third or fourth “try” I did bring the article up, read it, AND made a comment! At which time I “deleted” it from my “Inbox.”

        AND THEN, the very next morning, here it is again and my original comment is NOT listed???

        Hence, I was wondering if you had “posted” the article and made a revision or something and then “re-posted” it again?

        Anyway, I really “like” the way in which you presented this as it IS presented in the manner that made me “want” to read your articles to begin with!

        Keep up the “Great Work!”

        Take Care and God Bless!!!

        • - Collective Evolution

          Thanks bobby!

  2. John

    “It’s well documented that solar activity has a direct affect on weather here on Earth, and that comet activity has a direct affect on solar weather (3).”

    Really, Arjun?! I read your link to the NASA webpage and it DOESN’T say “comet activity has a direct affect on solar weather.” Seeing as this is the basis of your entire article, I stopped reading at that point.

    Your NASA reference says THE OPPOSITE of what you claim it says!

    Your NASA reference states that comets can be used to measure solar weather. Solar winds blow the comet tails. That’s it.

    You need a sanity check before you publish articles. A comet flying near the sun is much like a frozen, ice-covered pebble flying through the earth’s atmosphere. No, the pebble won’t change our weather. But much of the ice on the pebble will get blown off.

  3. juslikeyou

    ‘NASA says’… Hate to break it to you John – The dirty snowball theory has been debunked (Thunderbolt project) just as all the other rot that PR company spews

  4. juslikeyou

    Love your work Arjun… keep it up man!

  5. Truth

    Wake up, the dirty snowball model is obsolete. Check the data from NASA’s deep impact probe and then watch The Electric Comet. Dirty snowball.. how ridiculous. It’s not 1930 anymore.

  6. bigwhitej

    750 000 miles from the sun. Not 750 miles

  7. phoebe

    There is NO sole point where Earth orbit crosses ISON trajectory:

  8. Reply
    • The Rev

      I read the article. It is not correct.
      Independently verify the information released by that article. Also research the fellow who stated this misinformation. Ask yourself how, according to his description, those angles would even be possible. Also ask yourself how these “time lapse pictures” could be taken without background distortion. This information is simply not credible..and there is relavent information that dissects these claims.

      Independent radio telescopes are also picking up abnormalities that NASA and the United states Space Command, run through the Office Of Navel Intelligence, is hiding from the public.
      The security protocols surrounding this information have expanded. This is now the primary concern of the World Industrialized Establishment, run by the Bilderberg group, the worlds leading industrialists. These people are not the leading edge of Human Intelligence, more the poisoners of it.. But they do control those that are.
      And through this control, the future of Humanity.
      Oh …and I also have pictures of the “L-shaped craft” that were following ISON as well as a telescopic photo that corroborates what the SOHO radio telescope images show as an enormous magnetic field following behind ISON. I have an image showing at least 4 different objects inside what looks to be some sort of magnetic force field.
      I have a few close up images of these craft as well. Email me for copies at



  9. Robert

    724,000 miles is as close as Ison will get to the sun’s surface not 750 miles, as stated above. 😉

    • Hey Robert!

      Got a question for you. “Do you think the Comet will have enough momentum to escape the Sun’s gravity seeing as how it will be going that close to the Sun?”

      Also, “Doesn’t the Sun’s Corona extend, at least, a million or so miles from it’s surface?”

      Obviously, I could look it up, but I think if you could answer it here, a lot of people would appreciate it! I’m asking you in particular as you have given the most precise distance it will approach and therefore must have access to better information than anyone else.

      “props!” to you!!!

  10. There are some great Youtube vids on this, Suspicious Observer is really good…. oh and don’t trust what NASA puts out there, they will choose what they want you to know. Peace

  11. Matt

    This article is a complete sham and full of completely illiterate astrophysical information, and general rubbish. Let me clear up some facts for you.

    1.) The comet will pass within 28 million miles from earth at its closest, not 40 million.

    2.) ISON will come within 730,000 miles from the sun not 750 miles.

    3.) ISON or any comet for that matter does not have any effect what so ever on our weather here on earth. Especially when it’s are 28 million miles away! And nor do they effect other planets weather. In fact it is the planets that affect the comet not really the other way around, unless the comet physically hits the planet, only then will it truly affect a planet.

    4.) Nor is ISON responsible for solar flares especially giant ones. If you actually knew your astrophysics you would know that 2013 is meant to be the suns year of its solar maximum which would completely explain why we are seeing so many solar flares/ Coronal mass ejections (CME).

    5.) ISON or any comet for that matter would not and could not cause the massive earthquakes that you are so intent on thinking. It just cannot happen, if you think a comet like ISON can cause earthquakes here on earth from a distance of 28 million miles away then by your thinking mars would rip us apart when it passes us. It would take a large almost planet sized object hurtling past us thousands of miles away for massive earthquakes to hit us caused by the gravitational pull yanking on our planet as it passes. Not a few miles across 28 million miles away.

    6.) lastly. No ISON is not accompanied by or is a UFO the three parts can be easily explained through the fact the comet is nearing the sun and therefore breaking up causing a segmented comet, and these separated pieces will still follow the main comet as it broke on the same trajectory.
    When a space man exits his craft in space he doesn’t immediately fly off in another direction, he stays with the craft because he is going at the same speed an trajectory of the spacecraft, the same rules apply to the comet. But that being said the energy given off via the water vapor and the increasing energy provided by approaching the sun could push the three segments in differing directions.

    So people please don’t take what this article says and please read up on the facts, because the guy in this article clearly doesn’t know what the facts are.

    • The Rev

      Matt, you evidently don’t have access to relevant information. If you did you would know that ISON has affected Mar and its weather on a massive scale. Volcanic eruptions are now evident and this has caused Mars to light up in a “Coma”. It is also extremely electrified at the moment due to debris smashing into the clouds being emitted by these massive Volcanic eruptions. It is an electrostatic wonder to see.
      Also research the recent volcanic eruptions all over the planet as the gravity wave emitted by this passing mass has already been observed here on Earth. There are concerns RIGHT NOW about any influences this may have on the very delicate balance between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.
      I have no idea what “facts” you are referring to.The facts are being suppressed under an incredibly tight security protocol, that is abnormal in the astrophysical scientific arena.
      This entire project, including an attempt (caught on SOHO!!) to somehow shoot or deflect this object, is under the highest security classification.
      Airforce Space Command(Peterson Airforce Base, Colorao) is not in any way part of NASA and does not share ANY classified information with them.

      Some of my family members have worked with and dealt with some of these agencies and had military classifications assigned to them, even under civilian oversight.
      This oversight was largely Corporate based, using military doctrines to control their employees.

      None of it can be viewed by the public. Much of it is now privately owned. Patents are coming, i presume.

      More than that, there is a large mass or gravity field following ISON. This too has been caught on SOHO telescopes and is remarkably similar to an object seen inside the suns corona earlier this year.
      I have new pictures obtained this week that shows Mars experiencing an electrostatic event. The Mars picture is taken from the northern axis and shows an incredible gaping cavern at its pole. Along with this picture, I have several of these “L shaped craft” that our space telescopes have picked up earlier this year.
      I also have telescope pictures of the field of force, some sort of magnetic wave or force field, deflecting dust particles and other matter away from this fleet and close up pictures of individual craft.
      I will send them to you if you wish.

      I also need to reiterate about the closures and withdrawing of government funding for astrological research, observatories and other space related investigation.

      These is also the media blackout about this event, which can’t be argued to be anything less than historic.

      Add this to the FEMA region 3 scenarios being carried out right now by the United States Military Dictatorship. Something is up.

      Have fun.


      • The Rev

        Kirk, you also are believing what this group, often referred to by employees as “Not A Straight Answer”, tells you. This is simply NOT CREDIBLE INFORMATION.

        How many family members do you have with security clearances?

        The members of my family that did, are no longer with us.

        Unfortunately for BOTH of you, Matt and Kirk, you fail to understand that, as a CIVILIAN administrative group, NASA has very little access to pertinent military data that is classified beyond the reach of these civilian subordinates.

        There are dozens of groups inside government departments, some you may know, like the CIA, the NSA, the ONI, This may make you sick as I list some of them.

        : United States Intelligence Community
        Office of the Director of National Intelligence
        Independent agencies
        Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
        United States Department of Defense
        Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
        National Security Agency (NSA)
        National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
        National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
        Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA)
        Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
        Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA)
        Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
        United States Department of Energy
        Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI)
        United States Department of Homeland Security
        Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A)
        Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI)
        United States Department of Justice
        Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
        Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of National Security Intelligence (DEA/ONSI)
        United States Department of State
        Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)
        United States Department of the Treasury
        Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI)

        None of these agencies share classified data with NASA.

        And, for every one that you know about there are ten that you don’t.
        Even the departments that you know about have divisions inside them that very few people actually know exist, so very few people have full access to this information and to the truth about what is going on.

        Also realize that these agencies are only the ones run by the United States.

        You need to realize that The President of the United States doesn’t meet the security protocols needed to have access to much of this information.

        Neither do you.


    • - Collective Evolution

      1) this was my source for that info.

      2) As far as the Sun, numbers are approximate!

      3) Comets have a direct affect on the Sun, it’s sourced within the article. That in turn definitely affects our weather here! Just like the 2004 hurricane…

      3) Comets and Solar activity are related, giant bodies of mass flying around our system do…that’s also sourced within the article.

      ….All your claims are not backed by any sources, if you provided sources for what you are saying it would have been better! It doesn’t seem like you read the article or even bothered to look at the sources.

      • Matt

        Sorry Arjun. But absolutely nowhere within the articles source your provided does it say anything about comets having a direct affect on our sun and nor does it state anywhere that comets have a direct link to solar activity like Coronal mass ejections or flares.

        I may not have given sources listed but as a person educated on astrophysics id like to think i wouldn’t need to constantly google my sources as they are within the brain i used to learn about astrophysics, not to sound ignorant but I’m pretty darn confident my intuition and knowledge on this subject will back me up. As i am sure so will the actual physics behind the facts you are stating.

        Reading the article i would be inclined to believe that you may have confused the Sun, Surrounding stars and the general galaxies influences over the rocks within the Oort cloud which caused comet ISON decent to the sun with what you believe to be the comet having an effect on the sun and the solar system in general. But it is in fact the other way around.

        Comets don’t cause solar flares / Coronal mass ejections (CME’s). That is a fact. They are too small and insignificant in all aspects to cause such affects on the sun let alone the solar system on a relative scale in which we can detect. When passing a planet at very close ranges they might cause the planet to wobble through a gravitational pull but that wobble effect would be so miniscule it would probably wouldn’t register on any equipment and even if it did its affect would be so tiny that no one would feel it. Take it from someone who studies this. Comets don’t directly affect planets or the sun to cause Weather changes, earthquakes or Flares/CME when passing by.

        • Matt

          And to add. Like i said before the suns seemingly erratic and large flares/Coronal mass ejections at present are caused by the fact the sun is going through its Solar maximum which happens every 11 years and this year the sun is at the precipice of its 11 year cycle. So it will be erratic and highly energetic.

          • Kirk

            Arjun, your article doesn’t even brush what the NASA article said. You’ll be a great conspiracy theory writer. Write complete BS and watch a bunch of idiots agree with you. Thankfully matt was smart enough to post something worthwhile on here.

  12. George

    How about this, NO ONE knows what the hell is going to happen for sure until it has come and gone, period.

    • - Collective Evolution

      true, but it doesn’t hurt to speculate and ask questions.

      • The Rev

        I have compared the trajectory of ISON and it is definitely not on the same projected path as Nibiru or wormwood, or Planet X, or whatever they are now calling it.
        ISON is also much much BIGGER than Comet Encke, as recent radio telescope pictures have shown. This is very disturbing as NASA and the International Space Optics Network (ISON!?!) have repeatedly claimed the exact opposite.

        What is VERY interesting is that the trajectory shown in the above article shows that this comet was in no way on a collision course with our Sun. NASA declared in late november that ISON had been destroyed, only to humbly declare a week or so later that they were wrong and ISON had indeed survived its’ close encounter with the Sun. As it has undoubtably done countless times before.

        There is a large mass at the outskirts of our solar system and it is heading our way. There is some recently released infrared satellite pictures that show several huge planets around this mass, one being approximately 5 times the size of Jupiter.

        What is also interesting, is the media blackout about this information, since the South Pole telescope has cost the U.S. taxpayers an extraordinary amount of money, and they have spent an enormous amount of time tracking these objects since 2001..

        Reading up on ancient predictions, i found that this “winged comet” is a forebearer of other spacial events. Unfortunately there seems to be negative consequences associated with those predictions.

        The Return of The Creator, the Destruction of Earth, The End of Times, or The Coming of The New Age, all depends on your point of perspective.

        I am just happy to be here to witness these events.

        What is not in debate is that we simply need a new way forward, because the direction that we have been going is not a healthy one for our future. I am hoping that this will be the signal that wakes up Humankind from its two thousand years of slumber.

        The Rev

        • “…I am just happy to be here to witness these events…” So am I…huh!!!

      • George

        What for? Once again, no one can predict what that thing is going to do. Just once, I would love it if when asked what its going to do, if the answer would be, “I don’t know.” That’s believable. Speculation is just that, speculation…Thing is, if it was going to hit us, they would NEVER tell us…And don’t think for a second that they would…If no harm comes from it, it would be cool to see the wicked light show it might produce…

        • The Rev

          What for?..

          To learn!

          Movements of mass through rotational cycles are HIGHLY predictable. Basing these predictions on mass and enertia, direction of travel through tangents and gravitational induction is all part of this process.

          Some of us try to find insight through the lies George.

          The fact that government sponsored media is saying NOTHING, may actually be cause for concern.
          Email me if you want the pictures.
          I will even throw in a few pics showing Kennedy’s driver, William Greer with a gun in his left hand. I have 4 different angles of this weapon so we can see that is definitely some sort of pistol. The site, trigger guard and ejector are all visible. I am curious as to why I am the only one so far on this entire planet, to pull these out of the Zapruter film.

          The connection between these events is Kennedy wanted the public to know about what space based telescopes had found on the Moon.



          • George

            NO, JFK’s driver did not shoot him, I have seen the pic you’re talking about and its b.s.. Anyone with firearm knowledge, knows for sure the shot came from behind. As far as this other nonsense, that’s what it is, nonsense. I have zero patience for Conspiracy Tard’s. No reason to respond, I will NOT see it. Seek therapy…

        • - Collective Evolution

          It’s in many peoples nature to question what is going on around them. As far as predicting, we can get a general idea of the potential affects comets have on our weather, and their path is usually very predictable. It’s not going to hit Earth :) In-fact I don’t even know if it’s a comet!

          I agree, we might be in for a spectacular show!

          • George

            Well, its NOT aliens dude, if that is where you’re going. I think they would be a little more advanced than to travel in a big freaking rock in flames…I don’t think its the 1st angel blowing his trumpet either. To me, its what it is, a great big rock with a mind of its own, and will end up where ever it ends up…I don’t think it will hit us either, but who knows??? I could however see my govt using this as an excuse to pull some of their bull crap, and get away with it like they always do…

            • - Collective Evolution

              I think it might be accompanied by some UFOs…who knows! And yes the Gov could probably use it for that,

  13. The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” – Albert Einstein.

    There is a law of gravity AND a theory of gravity (actually more than one.) The law of gravity tells us how gravity affects things. The THEORIES of gravity are explanations of why gravity affects things. The explanation is a theory. As is much of science..

    There are now theories about Ison. Of course, my point is, no one knows for sure what will happen. Not even Matt.

    I read an article published in the Daily Mail in May 2012 where NASA stated that there was NO CHANCE of the (Russian) comet hitting Earth. Obviously, it did. Obviously, they must have known it would but chose to remain quiet. Interestingly,after the comet hit Russia the BBC reported that nobody had seen it coming.

    As Arjun points out Ison appears to be symmetrical. This is bizarre to say the least! How can two detached pieces of a comet be identical? What are the odds on that? How on earth can this possibly make sense no matter what you are told to believe by mainstream media?

    Good article Arjun!

    • Kev

      Indeed David, Indeed!

      There is also the magnetic field moving behind ISON in its debris path. SECCHI and SOHO radio telescopes have images of it. So do I now.
      This is a very odd comet. NASA hasn’t been correct yet in their released predictions.
      There is a very noticeable media blackout.
      Mars experienced massive volcanic activity at its passing.
      Mars is currently being peppered by the comets debris.
      North Pole telescope capture of Mars, plasma induced with a massive cavern at its magnetic Pole.
      Massive eruptions here on Earth within hours of each other..
      L-shaped craft captured by deep space telescopes with a perimeter force field creating a huge magnetic front.

      Very interesting.


  14. Nadine

    I’ve seen it about 3/4 days ago! It was a little bit larger than the stars and i would say 2x/3x brighter. Unfortunatly it’s always cloudy here in the UK.

    • Yep, I’m in UK and I saw it too!

  15. Cody Palmer

    Why is this article still up? If the sources are valid and the articles premise has fallen apart then take the darned thing down already.

    • George

      He doesn’t have to take anything down if he doesn’t want to. Get over it.

  16. oobuc5

    there is one problem with little green aliens coming to this planet = we have enough green taxes = they cant afford to come here ,simple !

    • The Rev

      “there is one problem with little green aliens coming to this planet = we have enough green taxes = they cant afford to come here ,simple !”

      Good one!

      Perhaps only the reptilians are green..!?

      If you read up on the IRS tax laws, you will find that there is no mandate authorizing this as it negates your primary goal rights, namely Freedom.
      This is why many IRS agents do not file. They know better.

      There is much information on this. Go find some!


  17. oobuc5

    If a comet / whatever has speed and density to avoid a gravity pull thats one thing but what happens when it break up surly then it does not have the weight to proceed on ,just a thought .

  18. oobuc5

    what would be the minimum size of of a meteor to hit the ocean that would cause a catastrophe ?

  19. mergon

    You got to work out that with billions $/£ worth of equipment trained on the skies how come no one had a clue about the Russian one ? i dont know it could be me !

    Can we trust the government depts to tell us the truth ? can we trust the institutions that they fund ?
    I doubt it ,weather it hits the sun and we get fried or lands in the splash and we all get drowned there is nothing we can do about it except trust in our own instincts and equipment for survival .

    Seems that there is lot of talk about hitting this or hitting that ,it may of course just pass by and keep going .
    If i see any ministers /mp,s trying out any luxury inflatable craft on the Thames close to Big Ben i will let you know.

    • When our earth was formed it has been said that the seas came form ancient comets has the recent dreadful floods in Europe and Peru etc have anyhting to do with the atmopsphere being disturbed as the comet passed near the sun

    • I doubt you’ll see them on the water. More than likely, they will ALL be taking vacations, leave of absences, or simply be unavailable, etc., and every effort to find them will be useless as the “cower” in their “private” bunkers hundreds of feet below the surface to “ride it out!”

      Count on Main Stream Media to tell us about it…after we are all dead!

      • George

        If we’re all dead, who would they be telling exactly? No one is going to die, and NO aliens either..,If we’re lucky, maybe we will see a cool light show…


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