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With bikes becoming increasingly more popular as people begin to steer away from cars and toward cleaner and healthier transportation options, innovations are on the rise, and a fresh new idea for bike safety has recently come onto the scene. “Out with the old and in with the new,” declares the Invisible Bike Helmet.

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Imagine getting on a bike and not having to wear anything on your head, yet your head is still protected. You’re probably imagining riding encapsulated within some kind of bubble, but I promise you, that isn’t the idea here. Take a moment to look at the picture above; can you figure out how this works before reading on?

I will admit that, personally, I don’t always find wearing a helmet comfortable while riding my bike, as there is a feeling of freedom that gets lost once you put one on. But don’t get me wrong — I believe bike helmets are necessary for safety, especially in cities where you battle for the road with other cars. I just think that they may not always be the best and most practical solution. This is why I’m very intrigued by what this pair of daring Swedish women have come up with.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alsti have created the world’s first invisible bike helmet. It’s called the Hövding helmet, and you truly have to see it to believe it (hah hah). I already know what’s been going through your head since you first clicked this article and looked at the image. Something along the lines of, “Where the heck is the helmet?” I said the same thing. It wasn’t until I watched the video below that I realized exactly how this works and how impressive the technology is.

The clever pair of inventors studied bicycle accidents one after another and finally came up with a mind-bending solution that uses many familiar technologies in a very creative way. The idea behind this project is truly imaginative, and while it is tempting to describe it in complete detail, the video below does a much better job.

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This is your last chance to figure out how this thing works before watching the video. Any ideas? If not, click play below and enjoy the world of creativity and innovation. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Did you figure it out before watching the video? What do you think of the design?


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