Two Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

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With bikes becoming increasingly more popular as people begin to steer away from cars and into cleaner and healthier options, a fresh new idea has come onto the scene with regards to safety. Out with the old and in with the new declares the invisible bike helmet.

Imagine getting on a bike and not having to wear anything on your head, yet your head is protected. Immediately you are probably thinking you must be in some sort of bubble while riding the bike, but this isn’t the case. Take a moment and look at the picture above, can you figure out how this works before reading on?

I can say for myself, I didn’t always find it comfortable to wear a helmet when riding a bike, and there is some sort of freedom you lose once you are wearing one. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bike helmets are necessary for safety especially in cities where you battle for the road with other cars. I just feel that they may not always be the best and most practical solution. This is why I’m very intrigued by what this pair of daring Swedish women have come up with.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alsti have created the worlds first invisible bike helmet. It’s called the Hövding helmet. You truly have to see it it believe it.. hehe. I already know what you are still thinking since you first clicked this article and looked at the image, “..the heck is the helmet??” I said the same thing. It wasn’t until I watched the video below that I realized exactly how this works and I was very impressed by it all.

The clever pair of inventors studied bicycle accidents one after another and finally came up with a mind bending solution that uses many familiar technologies but in a very creative way. The clever thought that has gone into this project is truly unique. The Hövding helmet works in a way not many would imagine it to and although it is tempting to describe in complete detail how it works, the video truly does a great job of bringing it all together in a suspenseful manner.

This is your last chance to figure out how this thing works before watching the video, any ideas? If not, click play below and enjoy the world of creativity and innovation. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Did you figure it out before watching the video? What do you think of the design?


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  1. Diiane

    I would certainly try it. I’ve been thinking about getting one. Cost would need to be reasonable, in line with other helmets.

  2. Fabulous! Go girls.

  3. tl paddock

    Having broken my collarbone once via bike crash, which required installing and then months later removing a metal plate and 8 screws, I’d be far more interested in this concept to protect the collarbones! As for my noggin, I’ll stick with the traditional brain-bucket.

  4. A. This clip has been around for over a year, so hardly new.

    B. All the questions asked here are addressed in the FAQ and on the designers’ website – with experimental data as back up. Additionally, each accident is recorded in a black box, and the designers specifically request that it be shared so they can improve their product.

    C. It is really unreasonable to expect a promo-video to provide exhaustive technical information. It’s a teaser – for marketing purposes.

    D.Take the time to inform yourself before you start complaining or dissing something. Negativity is really unsightly. Creativity and research should be encouraged.

  5. Kris

    Is there an equestrian version? This is very exciting!

  6. Susan G

    Awesome! I’m wondering how comfortable it is to wear in hot weather, though, since it goes around your neck.

  7. Nicki

    How does it know when to activate?

    • Tom

      I imagine it has some kind of sensor to detect extreme movement, even something as simple as a ball being affected by gravity or centrifugal force which moves around and gets picked up by the sensor.

  8. Dan

    You all look stupid and there no need for a helmet on bike unless your to stupid to know how to ride and obey the traffic laws the same as any other vecial does And that include riding on the proper side of the road. NOT. HEAD. ON. INTO. TRAF

    • metaphysical ninja

      Grow up, stop being so ignorant. Explain how you can control other people in vehicles to avoid an accident. If someone is texting and driving and drifts into the bikelane, how is the biker supposed to avoid that?

      • TC

        I’ve almost been knocked off my bike plenty of times by drivers who don’t pay attention, mainly taxi drivers. So wearing a helmet doesn’t look ‘cool’. So what? Are people so worried about what everyone else thinks of them that they won’t be safe? I know somebody who rode their bike without a helmet. Their back wheel got clipped and they hit their head on the pavement and now they need constant supervision. Just because they didn’t think wearing a helmet would please the fashion tastes of all the strangers; who you’ll probably never see again, think of them. This is a very good idea. It’s just a shame that they want to ‘save the world’ by making everyone pay loads of money for the product. Sure, the odds of being hit off your bike isn’t very high. But all it takes is that one bad driver or pedestrian walking out in front of you.

    • lisa

      News flash: not every car obeys traffic laws, people get distracted while driving all the time. Helmets are a absolute necessity saying that you dont need one if you know how to ride a bike is the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard. Of course its your right not to wear one if you get hit by a car and suffer some brain damage i’m sure no one will notice.

    • SC87

      I was knocked off a week ago, last Friday. I was going around a roundabout, already on it so had right-of-way, when a woman pulled out in front of me after making no attempt at slowing down. She side-swiped me, knocked me off, and my helmet saved me a trip to the hospital. (Took a very hard knock to the head.)
      So tell me a) why I shouldn’t wear a helmet and b) how that was my fault. Idiot.
      It’s not the first time I’ve had encounters with cars that have almost led to being knocked off either. I have never EVER been at fault for any of them.

      But on the subject of these “helmets,” ridiculous, awful idea. Stupidly expensive for a one-time-use thing, and they go off at the lightest of falls. A clipless-moment that is nothing more than a low/zero speed gentle fall to the side makes it go off.

    • In some countries it’s a legal requirement to wear a cycling helmet of some kind.

  9. Dan

    I have never worn a helmet and never

    • Toni

      That gives me, an x-ray tech, job security.

  10. Caroline

    As for downhill off road cycling I can’t see it working. It would be set off everytime you did a steep downhill, and as for not being able to reach for your water….! I think keep things simple, less to go wrong. And the helmeet would cost more than my bike!!

    • Dylan

      It’s possible for this to detect a “free fall” rather than impact. Like some laptops that detect when they’ve been dropped.

  11. Ddraper135

    That’s not an “invisible” helmet. Its a neck brace with an air bag.

  12. I fell of my bike all the time as a kid and as an adult I still do but less so my question is how many times can this invisible helmet be deployed ? If its once only I would rather stick with the original.

    • SSevilla

      Once you have had an accident involving your helmet, it should be replaced as well.

  13. Interesting idea, but it seems unlikely this would have a hard and smooth enough surface to facilitate sliding along the ground with little friction like a normal bike helmet. If I’m right about that, it can, and likely will, cause neck injuries on some of the most common crashes that do indeed, involve a body sliding along the ground with considerable momentum, and the helmet sliding along smoothly, unless it’s made of fabric that can catch on a rough road surface, and snap the head back.

    Other than that, they look as hot as a scarf, which is great when it’s cold out, but bad in hot weather.

    • Josie

      Remember helmets are also bad in hot weather

  14. Mark

    I love it! I love riding and did it as a kid for years without incident. So, I’d gladly pay $500 to feel the wind in my hair again and not feel like such a gober wearing some clunky piece of plastic so as to appease those good citizens that are so concerned about my safety that a law passed.

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