Two Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

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With bikes becoming increasingly more popular as people begin to steer away from cars and into cleaner and healthier options, a fresh new idea has come onto the scene with regards to safety. Out with the old and in with the new declares the invisible bike helmet.

Imagine getting on a bike and not having to wear anything on your head, yet your head is protected. Immediately you are probably thinking you must be in some sort of bubble while riding the bike, but this isn’t the case. Take a moment and look at the picture above, can you figure out how this works before reading on?

I can say for myself, I didn’t always find it comfortable to wear a helmet when riding a bike, and there is some sort of freedom you lose once you are wearing one. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bike helmets are necessary for safety especially in cities where you battle for the road with other cars. I just feel that they may not always be the best and most practical solution. This is why I’m very intrigued by what this pair of daring Swedish women have come up with.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alsti have created the worlds first invisible bike helmet. It’s called the Hövding helmet. You truly have to see it it believe it.. hehe. I already know what you are still thinking since you first clicked this article and looked at the image, “..the heck is the helmet??” I said the same thing. It wasn’t until I watched the video below that I realized exactly how this works and I was very impressed by it all.

The clever pair of inventors studied bicycle accidents one after another and finally came up with a mind bending solution that uses many familiar technologies but in a very creative way. The clever thought that has gone into this project is truly unique. The Hövding helmet works in a way not many would imagine it to and although it is tempting to describe in complete detail how it works, the video truly does a great job of bringing it all together in a suspenseful manner.

This is your last chance to figure out how this thing works before watching the video, any ideas? If not, click play below and enjoy the world of creativity and innovation. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Did you figure it out before watching the video? What do you think of the design?


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  1. Dan

    You all look stupid and there no need for a helmet on bike unless your to stupid to know how to ride and obey the traffic laws the same as any other vecial does And that include riding on the proper side of the road. NOT. HEAD. ON. INTO. TRAF

    • metaphysical ninja

      Grow up, stop being so ignorant. Explain how you can control other people in vehicles to avoid an accident. If someone is texting and driving and drifts into the bikelane, how is the biker supposed to avoid that?

  2. Dan

    I have never worn a helmet and never

  3. Caroline

    As for downhill off road cycling I can’t see it working. It would be set off everytime you did a steep downhill, and as for not being able to reach for your water….! I think keep things simple, less to go wrong. And the helmeet would cost more than my bike!!

  4. Ddraper135

    That’s not an “invisible” helmet. Its a neck brace with an air bag.

  5. I fell of my bike all the time as a kid and as an adult I still do but less so my question is how many times can this invisible helmet be deployed ? If its once only I would rather stick with the original.

  6. Interesting idea, but it seems unlikely this would have a hard and smooth enough surface to facilitate sliding along the ground with little friction like a normal bike helmet. If I’m right about that, it can, and likely will, cause neck injuries on some of the most common crashes that do indeed, involve a body sliding along the ground with considerable momentum, and the helmet sliding along smoothly, unless it’s made of fabric that can catch on a rough road surface, and snap the head back.

    Other than that, they look as hot as a scarf, which is great when it’s cold out, but bad in hot weather.

  7. Mark

    I love it! I love riding and did it as a kid for years without incident. So, I’d gladly pay $500 to feel the wind in my hair again and not feel like such a gober wearing some clunky piece of plastic so as to appease those good citizens that are so concerned about my safety that a law passed.

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  9. Genius lies in simplicity

  10. What amazes me is how the raised 10 million for this stinker of a product.

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  12. Shadree

    I thought air-bag helmets were old news by now. I also think it’s not a good idea. If I accidentally drop my helmet, I watch it bounce a couple of times and pick it up. If I dropped this one, I’d have to buy a whole new one…

  13. mergon

    Well for one i like to be seen in a helmet, two if you get a defective co2 valve you can end up with your head smashed in , if it accidentily inflates it can cause a crash ,and last i can buy a crash helmet for £1 at a bootsale
    saving a small fortune !

    • But this “invisible” Bike Helmut (okay, helmet) is “sooooooo…FASHIONABLE!!!”

      You can have several to “accessorize” whatever you decide to wear for the day or the for the season!

      I think it’s such a “wonderful” idea!

      I’m sure, you agree!

      Heck, I’m sure even YOU, will run out and buy at least two or three…eventually!!!


  14. john

    it probly is the same as a diving vest deflatable with excangable co2 cartons

  15. B73

    as for the one_time use issue, all helmets are supposed to be replaced once you’ve been in an accident anyway. You don’t hit your head on the ground and then keep using it. It’s been structurally compromised at that point. But the cost to replace would be considerably more I guess.

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  19. SO, please read the whole thing, not all of it is downing the work they did.

    Issues from comments i read;
    Some of you said that this thing is unpredictable i disagree i think the moment this thing moves from a parallel angel to the ground this thing erupts, im gonna guess about 45 degrees or so. Reaching for your water bottle, not advised.

    Given what was stated above a tree branch is not your best friend. That’s amazingly fashionable, but that scar your going to get from a injury to the dome from that, is going to be just as fashionable.

    My own;
    I’m gonna ask this BECAUSE it was not mentioned in the video, IS THIS A ONE TIME USE HELMET? You have a (what im gonna guess) a quick release of air via chemical compound inside of this thing, if so im going to guess the answer there is yes.

    Next im going to guess that a helmet like this will cost maybe $500, (though i assume it could be much more) vs a $40-$150 helmet.

    HERE IS A POINT TO THINK ABOUT if you live in the city where there are no tree branches (OK fine but if you hit one im sorry you really need to wear glasses or they need to fix the lamps) and the thing you need to worry about are cars, being close-lined witch im sorry this helmet would save you only the falling to the ground, witch could be the worst part of that. Falling sideways off your bike or any other front flip or back flip would be activated by this helmet, this would be great for a CITY area but not for a SUBURBAN area where it would lack the safety standards that we really need there. We will never see this helmet in the US because someone will take it out into the country, get hurt, and then there will be a lawsuit, simple as that.

    • The comment about lawsuit in the U.S….for sure!

      “One-Time Use”…probably!

      As for the “PRICE?” Heck, if you have to be “fashionable”…$500, no problem!

      Personally, $50 is too much for a helmet!

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