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lobsterIt’s the age of information, and the internet has become an excellent tool for sharing and coming together to spread awareness to begin taking  necessary action towards global change. Collective Evolution recently received an email from PETA, showing their interest in working together to spread the word about animal cruelty worldwide. It’s just another example of alternative media outlets working together as a team. We all recognize that we are working towards a common goal, and the potential we have when we come together is unlimited and far-reaching. If you haven’t checked them out, please do so here.

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PETA’s groundbreaking investigation of mass crustacean slaughter recorded animals who were ripped apart and boiled alive for Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster.

Lobsters and crabs feel pain. Lobsters do not have a centralized nervous system—but instead have ganglia, or masses of nervous tissue, spread throughout their bodies— so their deaths can be prolonged. A lobster’s nervous system continues to function even after the animal is dismembered.

Lobsters are like us in many ways; they have a long childhood and an awkward adolescence. They too carry their young for nine months and can live to be more than 100 years old.

Around 2.3 million lobsters and countless crabs will be killed at this slaughterhouse this year alone. Don’t let more animals suffer this fate.

Animals are conscious, and that’s something that is obvious if you’ve ever been around them. They are just like us in the sense that they are thinking, perceiving, and altruistic beings. Even mainstream media has recognized and reported on the consciousness of animals.

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I understand that the consumption of animals has taken place throughout human history, but back when the human race was driven by spirit, not ego, animals were killed only out of necessity. They were thanked, and laid to rest in a very respectful way. Today, it’s nothing short of a worldwide genocide.

This video is extremely graphic, in some cases it shows the reaction after the animal is torn apart. It begins moving rapidly in response and is clearly feeling a tremendous amount of pain. Owe it to yourself to be aware. I’m not sure if showing this video is necessary, but if you don’t like what you see then maybe you can help do something about it.

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