Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Breaks All-Time Record

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iceDespite the overwhelming number of commercials, educational institutions and global organizations that have been warning humanity about the melting of sea ice in the Arctic, things aren’t always as they are made to seem. This may sound hard to believe especially considering ‘global warming’ has been dominating human perception for years. Arctic ice extent makes up 10 percent of the world’s ice extent, it’s this area that is used as one ‘proof’ to suggest that global warming is accelerating.(16) Antarctic ice extent, on the other hand, makes up 90 percent of the world’s ice extent.(16) The worlds ice extent doesn’t really seem to be melting. Antarctic sea ice extent is currently at an all time high, and has many scientists scratching their heads. (1)(17) We are supposed to be experiencing significant global warming, so why is the ice growing and not melting? The Antarctic has even recently broke the all time record set for ice extent in recorded satellite history.(17)

Please keep in mind that if you doubt global warming, and the current explanations for climate change you are not alone. That is touched upon later in this article so please read before you comment. This article is just presenting information.

Antarctic ice extent has reached approximately 20 million square kilometers, it’s already broken the all-time record ice extent set in September of 2012. (1)(2) Melting sea ice in Antarctica has long been attributed to global warming. This was the generally accepted idea, but it’s important to note that the increase in sea ice extent does not necessarily contradict global warming. A study published in the Journal of Climate by Jinlun Zhang, a University of Washington scientist reports that:

The polar vortex that swirls around the South Pole is not just stronger than it was when satellite records began in the 1970s, it has more convergence, meaning it shoves the sea ice together to cause ridging. Stronger winds also drive ice faster, which leads to still more deformation and ridging. This creates thicker, longer-lasting ice, while exposing surrounding water and thin ice to the blistering cold winds that cause more ice growth (3)

As far as why the winds are behaving this way, it is unknown. At the same time, we also have published studies in the Journal of Climate that notes computer models simulating a decline in ice extent, not an increase. (4) This goes against everything, given the fact that we are observing an increase in sea ice extent. This is, and was completely unexpected.

A study published by Lorenzo Polvani and Karen Smith of Columbia University says that the sea ice increase may just reflect natural variability. And others say that the recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer (which is happening now) maybe be slowing/delaying Antarctic warming and ice melt.(5)

Another study out of NASA says that the oceans are warming, and that this is melting the ice from underneath.(6) This study came out around the same time that we are observing greater sea ice extent. With so many explanations and possibilities, coupled with contradictory statements from different published studies, it’s hard to know what is really going on, and ignorant for anyone to say that we know for sure. There are so many factors with regards to climate change that it’s necessary to keep an open mind.

Several possible explanations have been offered for the increase of ice, and based on the different explanations it’s hard for anyone to say for sure what the cause of the growth in ice is. Here is yet another explanation from Climate Central:

The seeming paradox of  Antarctic ice increasing while Arctic ice is decreasing is really no paradox at all. The Arctic is an ocean surrounded by land. while the Antarctic is land surrounded by ocean. In the Arctic, moreover. you’ve got sea ice decreasing in the summer; at the opposite pole, you’ve got sea ice increasing in the winter. It’s not just an apples and oranges comparison: it’s more like comparing apple pie with orange juice (1)

The point I would like to get across is that there is no explanation for the increase in Antarctic sea ice extent, this paradox remains to be solved and many theories and possibilities have been proposed, each suggesting something different.

What also brings more confusion to this subject is the fact that we know very little about Earth’s climate, climate change and what triggers global change on our planet. Sure, the pollution we create definitely doesn’t help, it’s responsible for destroying ecosystems and habitats all over the world, which I believe does play a role in climate change. As far as what role it plays remains unclear for a number of reasons.

One reason (as mentioned above) is the fact that we know very little of what influences the Earth’s climate. So much emphasis has been pointed towards human activity, that most people don’t even realize there are other factors that play a key role.

One of these factors is the Sun. (0)(7)(8)(9) The sun goes through an approximate 11 year cycle of activity, from stormy to quiet and back to stormy again:

The fluctuations in the solar cycle impacts earth’s global temperature, which becomes slightly hotter during solar maximums and cooler during solar minimums – Thomas Woods, University of Colorado in Boulder (7)

Scientists have learned that about 1,361 watts per square meter of solar energy reaches Earth’s outermost atmosphere during the sun’s quietest periods. But when the sun is active, 1.3 watts per square meter more energy reaches Earth. This measurement is extremely important to climate models that are trying to assess Earth based forces on climate change. (7)

Everything in nature is cyclical, it’s also reasonable to assume that  temperature and climate change on the planet are a result of nature. I’m not saying that human activities do not have an impact on climate, I am just saying that we have greatly overlooked the natural cyclical nature of our solar system, as well as other factors that effect climate change. Human activity is not the only factor, there are a myriad of other factors.

Another greatly overlooked factor could be human consciousness. Recent studies within the realm of quantum physics have shown that consciousness, thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a direct effect on our physical material reality.

Massive bodies flying in and around our solar system also have an effect on the weather of all the planets in our solar system. It’s well documented that solar activity has a direct effect on weather here on Earth, and that comet activity has a direct effect on solar weather.(7)(8)(9)

Research results presented at the 2012 Fall American Geophysical Union illustrated that comets help highlight the intensely dynamic environment of the sun’s atmosphere. As a result they have a direct effect on the weather of all the planets in our solar system, and the Earth’s own magnetic field.(9)

Again, the point I am trying to get across is that there are many factors that could be responsible for the fluctuations we see in our climate over the years.

A recent report by Principia Scientific International’s (PSI) Martin Mlynczak alongside NASA tracked infrared emissions from the Earth’s upper atmosphere during and following a solar storm last March. They found that the vast majority of energy released from the sun during this coronal mass ejection was reflected back up into space rather than deposited into Earth’s lower atmosphere.  The result of this was an overall cooling effect because carbon dioxide and nitric oxide (greenhouse gases) were reflecting heat energy rather than absorbing it. (10) This study suggests carbon dioxide is in fact cooling the atmosphere. These findings correlate with the Vostok Data.(11)(12)

The Vostok data refers to an ice core sample that was obtained by drilling down into the ice above Lake Vostok to a depth of 3623m. The graph built from the Vostok ice core data shows us the relationship between CO2 in the atmosphere and global temperature. The Vostok data showed that CO2 increases lag behind temperature increases by about 800 years. This means that CO2 is not the cause of the increased temperatures, according to this data.

Remember, if you are questioning global warming, you are not alone. There is no hard scientific data to prove the theory correct, it is simply based on assumption. There are multiple scientists, researchers, professors, as well as weather and climate change experts that have come out within the past couple of years and have openly admitted our current understanding of climate change and global warming to be false.

Not long ago NASA was recently blasted by approximately 50 of their own personnel regarding their global warming stance. (13)(14)

The founder of The Weather Network also expresses similar beliefs.(15) The scientific community is now officially split on this subject, whereas before there wasn’t much of a split. More people are sharing what they know and are not afraid to do so.

Personally I believe it is always best to keep an open mind. I think it’s dangerous for the human race to assume that it ‘knows’ when it comes to climate change. Most of that ‘knowing’ comes from mass propaganda and programming, without us realizing that there is a plethora of climate change related phenomenon that has been left out of the equation.

Much of what we know and conclude about climate change is based on computer models, which have proven to be inaccurate over the years, and the Antarctic sea ice growth is another example of where the model went wrong.




















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  1. Scientific American published, back in the ’70’s that the Earth has been “cooling down” for the past several thousand years! AND there isn’t a single year since in which to change that idea! NOT one year in “recorded” history has the Earth done anything except become “cooler” each and every YEAR!

    “Global Warming” IS and ALWAYS has been a…”FARCE!”

    Get over it people!

    Move ON!!!

    • ESchroedinger

      The 10 warmest years have all been since 1997. The 2000s were hotter than the 1990s, which in turn were hotter than the 1980s, which were hotter than the 1970s.

      • I don’t post “lies!” I only post what I’ve read about this in scientific journals which “show” the continuing “cooling” trend of the World! Not some “independent” studies that are which you reference based on specific info rather than the overall Planet! The “MEAN” temperature has continued to “cool”…just as it has been doing for the past 10,000 years or so!!!

        Publish whatever you want, you ARE the one passing the “LIES” just as Al Gore…DID!

        “Get a LIFE! We’re tired of…LIES!”

        “…’nuff said!”

        You probably believe Obama’s speech he made today in which he said Nelson Mandala makes him want to be a better man…huh!

    • Carl Smith

      Strange bobby90247… your suggestions above appear to actually be the polar opposite of every reputable scientific report that has been published stating just the contrary; that global average temps have been steadily on the rise during this same period. Please do some homework beyond news-sources backed by fossil fuel industries. Start with the UNFCCC summaries and it’s pretty much impossible to argue what the scientific community’s consensus is on the issue at hand. Happy reading.

      • You mean from “accredited” Scientist’s from “reputable” schools funded by the “immorally rich” that CONTROL everything “YOU” think AND believe in!


        BUT, you go ahead and continue reading the propaganda ALL about your Scientific Community’s “Consensus” which is NOTHING more than just that…”THEIR CONSENSUS!!!”


        • Adrian

          This article puts my former belief in “global warming” into question. But there is very real proof of the “immorally rich” aka oil companies funding anti global warming groups and scientists for decades.

          What I don’t understand is how some people don’t think humans are impacting global climate and ecology. The Ozone hole and humanities reaction to it seems to me to qualify as proof.

          If petroleum use is not a cause of negative climate change, that doesn’t change my opinion that its use should be curbed. Over reliance on any energy source is destabilizing and destructive, and petroleum in particular is a great source of income inequality and the creation of the “immorally rich”. I think the majority of the worlds population would like to get away from energy sources that are easily monopolized by the few with the power to extract them.

          I like the authors skepticism and openness to his own “not knowing” or ignorance. I don’t like the way bobby and others who believe or don’t believe in climate change, god, eating meat, not eating meat etc. etc. use their opinions to vent anger.

          • Yes, I don’t get the anger either. I don’t believe in manmade climate change, and I think there could be an argument that this is a great money spinner. Burning fossil fuels only releases gases that are natural to this planet, and we have been burning them for centuries. So what are people supposed to do that live in cold countries? Freeze to death? Is this David Cameron’s plan. Kill all poor people as they contribute to global climate change keeping the fire on, so he has made it economically unviable for the poor to heat their homes and eat?

          • Andy Lee Robinson

            “This article puts my former belief in “global warming” into question.”
            It should call your belief in blogs and opinions into question.

            Highlighting that there are people that deny AGW is happening is symptomatic of concern trolling – they are just a small but disproportionately loud and well-funded sect bent on making sure that the turkeys keep voting for Thanksgiving Day.

            There are also people that still believe that the Earth is flat and the Moon is made of cheese.

            97% of scientists that study Earth systems are sure that the planet is warming dangerously and that fossil fuels are the cause.
            A future intelligent species will find out for sure in the autopsy.

            What is happening now with the rate of change of atmospheric chemistry, acidification and warming, is unprecedented at least in the last several million years.

            TEDxNASA – Bruce Wielicki – Climate Change: Fact And Fiction

            Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012

            • “…TEDxNASA – Bruce Wielicki – Climate Change: Fact And Fiction…”

              “Climate Change” is FACT AND “Global Warming” is FICTION!!!

              Thanks for the “PROOF” AND “CONFIRMATION!!!”

  2. Jason

    Man is having devastating effects but few understand the nature of reality, the world will always seek balance and this is part of that, not to say that we can do whatever we want without consequences because that is not true but there will always be balance but we might not like what has to happen to achieve that

  3. Geo-engineering is clearly effective at cooling the earth but i find the artificial clouds to be unpleasant to the eye.

    • Bill Agans

      those “artificial clouds” ur talkin’ about r actually chemtrails which contain chemicals, particles of metal (barium, aluminum, etc.), etc. apparently, they’re bein’ sprayed throughout the skies to control the weather. plus, a major reason y people r gettin’ more sick nowadays. at least, that’s what i’ve read about them.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hey James, curious on whether or not you have found any research to suggest it is currently effective.

  4. Tom Reinke

    Climate change deniers will continue to be the dim-witted sops; fearing the change in their lifestyles needed to curb the growing problem most scientists agree is happening, evidenced by warming oceans, increased superstorms/tornados, and measurable rises in CO2 content in our atmosphere. Take a look at any other ice on the planet and you see glaciers disappearing a ever increasing rates throughout mountain ranges worldwide.

    • Ryan

      Nobody is denying these things are going on. Can you, or anyone else prove the causality? No, it is an agreed upon informed hypothesis. Could very well be true as much as its possible it is not; we cannot pretend like we ‘know’ when we don’t. It does everyone a disservice.

    • “WOW!” Your “link” is to “What?” I can’t even look at it as I already “know” if it is attempting to show a “Global Warming Trend”…then it’s TOTALLY WRONG!

      DO NOT BE FOOLED by these “specific” instances which add up to NOTHING when compared to the overall scheme of things with the Earth! There isn’t a single year within recorded history whereby the Earth has experienced a single year in which the Earth has seen a “rise” of it’s “mean temperature!”

      Global Warming is a…”JOKE!” Get over it!!!

      • Jimbobanz

        Bobby want to know how I know you’re an idiot?
        “I can’t even look at it as I already “know” if it is attempting to show a “Global Warming Trend”…then it’s TOTALLY WRONG!”


        • Phil H

          So, your answer to why someone is an idiot is to prove it by posting a straw man argument laced with ad hominem attack? Yeah, you’re really one to talk…

  5. Jules Bloke

    Mother Earth does not need us,to continue on her cycles, with the Earth travelling around Our God-THE SUN. Really, Every thing is affected /created,either directly or Indirectly by our Star. The Sun that heals the Holes in Ozone Bubble that it has created…Yin/Yang and Chaos /Order
    .Hows this Analogy; If water is Chaos as a Gas,& Order when Liquid,
    But also Chaos as a Liquid,& Order when Frozen,
    yet it expands when heated to a gas,and expands when frozen
    .As a Liquid is can be changed/mixed,and ice/snow float there are only 8 shapes it makes as snow,and 8 icicle shapes when it purifies- Relative to Temperature ie Energy….think less it makes more sense….

  6. James

    Life from the macro to the micro is essentially about change and balance that’s a given. What is frustrating is I still keep hearing people talk about Global warming…..its not about WARMING its about Climate CHANGE! and most importantly the accelerate rate in which that it is happening.
    Of course their are many factors at play but human activity and the exploitation of our environment due to an ignorant perspective about our self’s and our world is central to the extreme weather patterns we are and will be increasingly experiencing in the future.
    Like every organism the earth seeks homeostasis. The human organism is but a bacteria that is getting out of control in the body of the earth, we are making her sick but she is strong and will endure. I am not sure we will….

  7. GE_3k

    hurdy hurdy hur hurdy hurdy hur hur hur hur hur hur

  8. Nadine

    A few months ago e read an article about this and what they explained was, Antarctic Sea ice was raising but the amount and speed it’s not even close to the ice that’s melting on Arctic sea. So I think global warming is still a big problem,

    • “READ” the article…again! The ARCTIC only comprises 10% of the ICE while the ANTARCTIC comprises 90% of the ICE! ergo…the entire ARCTIC could melt and NOT make any difference as to “GLOBAL WARMING!”

      GLOBAL WARMING IS A COMPLETE…HOAX!!! For “Christ’s Sake”…get over it! PLEASE!!!

      Let’s “move-on!”


      • ESchroedinger

        False. Arctic SEA ice is several times Antarctic SEA ice. Arctic SEA ice is melting, at a greater rate than Antarctic SEA ice is growing. Antarctic ice — ice on the continent — is melting, as is ice on Greenland.

        • Phil H

          Well, you’ve just been proven wrong…

          Arctic ice is at the highest level in 6 years, the earth hasn’t warmed one degree for 17 years officially, AND the antarctic just broke its record for ice growth in satellite history. Let’s also ignore the fact that there are 4 other bodies in the solar system whose climate patterns change at the same rate at the same time. I notice you also claimed a moniker that implies intelligence when everything I’ve read from you so far amounts to nothing more than a self absorbed blow-hard.

          • “EXACTLY!!!” The couple of times when it was “supposed to” have warmed up, the Earth was simply “stagnant” for a couple of years out of 10,000 or more!!! In other words, it remained the same as the previous year…not ONE YEAR has the Earth’s MEAN TEMPERATURE increased in more than 10,000 years…PERIOD!

    • Sergie Kent

      Please go back and read the article again. 1) antarctic has nine times the amount of ice that the arctic has, so what you say you read about the arctic loss more than making up for the antarctic gain makes no sense. 2) meanwhile the amount of ice still left in the arctic this year after the summer melt was the most in five years.

  9. Joao G

    Well, my comment is simple. Throughout its history, Earth has always changed its climate patterns! Science has unarguably proven this! So to say there’s no climate change going on just now, may be wrong. There might be a change in global climate already starting, for all we know. What needs to be assessed, if it does happens, is whether it’ll be due to a natural cycle or if indeed human influence has something to do with it! Also, we need to bare in mind that our records and monitoring of this Planet are ridiculously small, taking into account it’s billions of years of history. If climate is indeed changing and the Planet is warming, we’ll probably only see/feel its effects centuries from now. That is if we last that long as a species… We are inhabitants of a “living” Planet, that’s constantly changing. This is not a dead rock floating in space. Based on this I can say for sure that climate and the world as we know, will change for sure sometime in the future. Not just tomorrow though…

    • ESchroedinger

      Actually none of them are science links. Tell you what — you find scientific journal references, or scientific organizations which agree with you, and post them for people to read. Oh, and find out what “science” means.

    • Thanks, Padma Drago!!!


      It’s NOT that they’re STUPID, so much as it is that they ARE…”ARROGANT/IGNORANT!!!”

      • Why do you think screaming will work, when you can’t do basic science research?

        • Lol, but his reaction is entertaining.. ;p

  10. “The pollution we create definitely doesn’t help, it’s responsible for destroying ecosystems and habitats all over the world, which I believe does play a role in climate change.”

    Thank you for putting this irrefutable fact at the bottom of the article. CARBON EMISSIONS WARM THE PLANET !!! Stop creating ignorance to a fact that has been proven over and over again.

    97% of Climate Change Scientists believe you should have put this fact at the top of the article, not the bottom.

    • If you believe that pollution is a problem, then that is a serious problem in itself which needs rectifying. You don’t need to back it up with the threat of climate change. Climate change is a natural normal behaviour of our planet. Which has happened many times before. We cannot influence the planet in this way- we are like ants in that respect. But we do need to protect our planet because it is a better way of living. Which should be reason enough.

    • “…Stop creating ignorance…” PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!

      “…97% of Climate Change Scientists believe you should have put this fact at the top of the article, not the bottom…”

      ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU TOOK A POLL OF ALL “Climate Change Scientists?” (you mean, “Climatologists”…right!) lol

      Talk about “Ignorance!”

      • ESchroedinger

        Actually a poll was taken, by a university. In addition, THREE published studies which looked at the scientific literature found 97-100% consensus. Among national science academies and scientific organizations, there is 100% consensus.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I’m not sure about WARMING…I was talking about damage. There is evidence to support that carbon emissions don’t warm the planet, I put some of it in the article. Those who believe the story of global warming to be a hoax are not alone, they are joined by many experts and scientists within the field. Same story goes for those who believe it to be real…

  11. There has been no net warming since 1977 with CO2 up 8%.The earth has been cooling since 2003 a trend which will probably continue for another 20 years and possibly for hundreds of years beyond that.
    The key factor in making CO2 emission control policy is the climate sensitivity to CO2 . By AR5 – WG1 the IPCC is saying: (Section
    “The assessed literature suggests that the range of climate sensitivities and transient responses covered by CMIP3/5 cannot be narrowed significantly by constraining the models with observations of the mean climate and variability, consistent with the difficulty of constraining the cloud feedbacks from observations ”

    In plain English this means that they have no idea what the climate sensitivity is and that therefore that the politicians have no empirical scientific basis for their economically destructive climate and energy policies.
    In summary the projections of the IPCC – Met office models and all the impact studies which derive from them are based on specifically structurally flawed and inherently useless models. They deserve no place in any serious discussion of future climate trends and represent an enormous waste of time and money. As a basis for public policy their forecasts are grossly in error and therefore worse than useless.
    How then can we forecast future temperature trends.? A new forecasting paradigm is required .
    In earlier posts on this site
    at 4/02/13 and 1/22/13 I have combined the PDO, ,Millennial cycle and neutron trends to estimate the timing and extent of the coming cooling in both the Northern Hemisphere and Globally.
    Here are the conclusions of those posts.
    1/22/13 (NH)
    1) The millennial peak is sharp – perhaps 18 years +/-. We have now had 16 years since 1997 with no net warming – and so might expect a sharp drop in a year or two – 2014/16 -with a net cooling by 2035 of about 0.35.Within that time frame however there could well be some exceptional years with NH temperatures +/- 0.25 degrees colder than that.
    2) The cooling gradient might be fairly steep down to the Oort minimum equivalent which would occur about 2100. (about 1100 on Fig 5) ( Fig 3 here) with a total cooling in 2100 from the present estimated at about 1.2 +/-
    3) From 2100 on through the Wolf and Sporer minima equivalents with intervening highs to the Maunder Minimum equivalent which could occur from about 2600 – 2700 a further net cooling of about 0.7 degrees could occur for a total drop of 1.9 +/- degrees
    4)The time frame for the significant cooling in 2014 – 16 is strengthened by recent developments already seen in solar activity. With a time lag of about 12 years between the solar driver proxy and climate we should see the effects of the sharp drop in the Ap Index which took place in 2004/5 in 2016-17.

    4/02/13 ( Global)

    1 Significant temperature drop at about 2016-17
    2 Possible unusual cold snap 2021-22
    3 Built in cooling trend until at least 2024
    4 Temperature Hadsst3 moving average anomaly 2035 – 0.15
    5 Temperature Hadsst3 moving average anomaly 2100 – 0.5
    6 General Conclusion – by 2100 all the 20th century temperature rise will have been reversed,
    7 By 2650 earth could possibly be back to the depths of the little ice age.
    8 The effect of increasing CO2 emissions will be minor but beneficial – they may slightly ameliorate the forecast cooling and help maintain crop yields .
    9 Warning !! There are some signs in the Livingston and Penn Solar data that a sudden drop to the Maunder Minimum Little Ice Age temperatures could be imminent – with a much more rapid and economically disruptive cooling than that forecast above which may turn out to be a best case scenario.

    It is long past time for the scientific and political establishments of western governments to cast off their warming delusions, look at the real world data instead of useless model projections and start preparing for the coming cooling.

    • dbee

      therefore concluding that its just the end of the earths natural cycle….I mean the oceans give out more carbon then anything we do on the earth!and old mate mentions the pentagon and nasa have known for years yer no shit why you think there building underground bunkers and hoarding food etc…..depletion of the magnetosphere is the reason we are warming when that goes BOOM! pole shift everything on earth will rearrange new continents formed old ones sunk and the next cycle starts

    • ESchroedinger

      Simply not true. The earth has warmed since 1997. A new article out today reinforces that: An apparent hiatus in global warming? by Kevin E. Trenberth, Further, a study by the Max Planck Institute shows that the yield of crops grown for food in many places may actually drop with increased CO2.

    • Also based on known variables but this too could be incorrect. Why can’t humans just admit that while we are learning much on this subject, we just don’t know. We will let you know when we are sure but until then we will just speculate based on our current knowledge, AND by the way we probably won’t be correct……lol. It’s our arrogance and pride that keep that from happening. The two things that cause misunderstanding, anger, hate and ultimately much human suffering. These are the primary reasons keeping us from evolving as a race.

    • Thank You, Dr. Norman Page!

      I will NOT pretend to understand everything that you wrote but, I DO understand the cooling trend you explained very well as I HAVE read about this before and therefore DO understand “some” of it. The “change” in Earth’s temperature is “ever so slight” that it takes centuries for the change to be felt…”Globally!”

      Like you said, “…politicians…” don’t have a “clue!!!”

    • Sorry – Typo in first line of original post – should be 1997 not 1977.

  12. Mike

    The article is misleading. The scientific community is not split. There is a 98% scientific consensus that G/W is occuring. Even the deniers own study(s) which set out to disprove the G/W hypothesis concluded that it is occuring & over 70% is human caused.They were blown away & converted. NASA,the Pentagon, etc has believed it for years.
    That being said ,most people will continue to believe what they already believe despite the evidence , per the confirmation & normalcy biases & others.
    My own thinking is that whether one believes it or not we can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand & wait longer to see. If it is true it may already be too late to prevent all but the future worst catastrophies. We should proceed “as if” it is occurring & take necessary action. We wait at our own possible peril & demise.
    Also, we need to abandon fossil fuels & their extraction anyway , That’s an unsafe endeavor in its own.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Not sure about that percentage, I know its been said. The article isn’t misleading, it clearly shows why those who do not believe the global warming hypothesis are not alone. It is also simply just presenting information, it’s not saying if it’s real or not.

      I agree, we don’t need to use fossil fuels.

  13. J

    The earth moves in cycles, we are due for another ice age, I’ve been saying this for years… people mis-convince ‘global warming’. Good Article. Thanks :)

    • Jonny Barlow

      The Earth is going to flip on it’s axis because of the weight of the ice. North Pole will be south. Just going through another cycle.

    • We are not due another ice-age for roughly 60,000 years. The 3 main factors that trigger an ice age all need to be in effect at the same time. At present only one of these factors is in effect.

  14. “One reason (as mentioned above) is the fact that we know very little of what influences the Earth’s climate. So much emphasis has been pointed towards human activity, that most people don’t even realize there are other factors that play a key role.

    One of these factors is the Sun.”

    I love how people who don’t even have undergraduate degrees in particular subjects think people with doctorates haven’t thought about basic questions.

    And by “love”, I mean “am constantly amazed at the stupidity of”.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think you are assuming much by saying that….

      Clearly they have thought about it, but it is not brought up much with regards to climate change! I wasn’t assuming anything :)

      • And can you tell me how many (and what kind of) degrees you have in these subject as well.

        • Wah, you don’t need a degree to understand variables. Stop being so arrogant.

        • - Collective Evolution

          Education is no measure of intelligence, at it usually dims down ones intelligence and prevents them from seeing multiple perspectives ( I believe). That being said I have a minor in environmental studies…but ‘education’ as we know it in the modern world has nothing to do with this stuff. Simple independent investigation will do.

          • I think it’s sad that it’s the 21st century and people still believe that you must have a college degree to be educated. It’s also sad that people believe that peer-reviewed science is somehow flawless and irrefutable.

          • >Simple independent investigation will do.

            LOL. Wow is all I can say to that. You don’t need no degrees, you can google for a couple hours. No need to spend years observing and collecting data first-hand…you can claim such data doesn’t exist.


            If you actually had a degree in these subjects, you wouldn’t make absurdly ignorant assumptions about the state of knowledge in these subjects (i.e. “no one thought about the sun!?!”)

            • - Collective Evolution

              I don’t think I said nobody thought about the sun, I’m trying to get across that there are many other factors that play into climate change, yet human activity is greatly emphasized.

              I don’t think I am making ignorant assumptions, did you read the sources?

      • >Clearly they have thought about it, but it is not brought up much with regards to climate change!

        This just speaks to your complete and total ignorance about the research that has been done.

        Here’s where you should start reading…amoung many other places…to realize that just because you are ignorant of the research that has been done, doesn’t mean that research hasn’t been done.

  15. Daryl Nickerson

    “Another greatly overlooked factor could be human consciousness. Recent studies within the realm of quantum physics have shown that consciousness, thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a direct effect on our physical material reality.”

    What studies? This statement is pseudo-scientific hogwash. Walia gives no references for this, and fails to show how in any way it can effect global warming. Take this statement into consideration when evaluating his other claims.

    Quantum physics applies only to the sub-atomic level and has no bearing on the scale of reality we humans experience, let alone the scale of the earth’s climate. Used in this context, it is just a scientific sounding buzzword used to impress the unscientific.

    • Kbelle

      Quantum physics certainly DOES apply to everything!!!! And there is scientific proof of this! What we believe, think & feel creates a vibration. That vibration is sent out into the world attracting like energy to it. If you have a mass consciousness vibrating the same frequency, you can create/manifest things on a larger scale. Such as climate.

      • Mike The Knife

        I’ve long thought that is the reason that weekend days traditionally have better weather than weekdays here in Southern California. It really is amazing to watch crappy weather give way to two glorious weekend days and then back to less desirable weather during the week again, (and here’s the key part) *regularly* and often.

        • Hey Mike! Do you remember that “super-wet” December, many years ago? It was really…wet! It rained off/on for the first two weeks of the month, then straight through the last two weeks and first week or so of January. During that three week period (Dec/Jan) the ONLY time it stopped raining was at 7:55 AM – 12:15 PM New Year’s Day…for the “Rose Parade!”

    • Hey Daryl allow me to remind you that performing experiments in “Alchemy” could get you burned at the stake a few hundred years ago. Alchemy became chemistry not long after that and where would we be without that. ALSO considered at the time to be anything but important, sort of like the pseudo-scientific hogwash you talk about here. Perhaps it may seem like pseudo scientific to you but to many others who still have an open mind and not one closed by belief these studies are relevant to the point of being a real variable that we don’t fully understand. Being a scientist isn’t about shutting out new ideas, but rather considering new ones to further your development and understanding of the universe. Where would we be if all our scientists thought like that? Exactly nowhere new that’s where. The realm of not knowing is THE one thing that keeps us asking questions and striving for the answers. Open your mind. Saying that quantum physics has no bearing on reality is like saying that clouds have nothing to do with precipitation.

      • Jamie

        Just a question would so much increase throw the earths balance out?

      • Daryl Nickerson

        Your comments reveal that you don’t understand how science works. Of course science has an “open mind”, but open to *good evidence*. The claim that “consciousness, thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a direct effect on our physical material reality”, not only has no good evidence, but when tested scientifically, it always fails. Anyone can put together a “study” that claims positive results for this kind of psychic phenomena, but how many of these studies have passed peer-review by a reputable scientific journal, which is the bare minimum bar any scientific claim must pass. Answer: zero. And it’s not for lack of trying. The James Randi foundation has offered a million dollars for decades for anyone who can demonstrate such phenomena. Many have tried. Zero succeeded. Once this much testing has occurred and failed, it is no longer “open minded” to be believe it exists, it is irrational.

        Since you seem to be interested in science, I recommend you listen to “The skeptics guide to the universe” podcast. There you can learn the skills of skepticism you and the author of this article clearly lack.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Go to the bottom of this article and look at all of the sources, maybe that can get you started if you are interested.

      I didn’t give reference to it because there are literally hundreds of studies that prove my statement.

      Quantum physics applies to everything, we are indeed existing at a sub-atomic level! Are we not? I definitely think it has a tremendous bearing on the scale of reality we humans experience.

      • Agreed. Science is constantly tracing its steps back to what the ancestors ‘intuitively’ have known. Conscious thoughts form matter. Our reality is more than 3D, and it expands and contracts. Before you diss a theory, test it out yourself, research yourself, and above all question with a bit of open mind. Dismiss the media because it is bullshit feed of what certain people want you to believe without questioning their authority. Truth is subjective to your experience.


  16. >I have investigated the ipcc…and their data is hard to trust for me.


    So you reject actual experts because you took a couple classes in college.

    > it just points out evidence on both sides of the coin,

    But you claimed no one else but you has ever noticed the big fusion reaction in the sky might affect climate…which is patently absurd…I even linked a number of studies about it….which you didn’t seem to know even existed.

    • “WOW!” You ARE so smart! I have absolutely NOTHING to add to your comments as they are so complete!

      I’ll bet you could “recite” an Encyclopedia if you had too…huh!

      AND, I’ll bet your I.Q. is immeasurable, also…huh!

      Just curious, what’s with your name? “Wah?” Are you crying?

      Oh well, I guess no body understands whatever point your attempting to make…huh! It’s just “over-their-head!”

      BUT then, NO one really expects you to understand, simple “common sense” as it is NOT taught in school which you clearly…LACK!

      • Here is what I do not understand, will never understand, and which disappoints me to no end:

        Why all the vitriol? Why can you and others not just respond with calm, educated and reasoned commentary? Why must you spew hateful language? It doesn’t make you look more intelligent.

        It really is not helpful.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I am not rejecting experts, by the way there are plenty of experts who reject the ipcc data! That’s also mentioned and presented in the article.

      • Kevin

        rofl – okay, you present your position based on antarctic ice — yet completely ignore the shrinking arctic ice, the acidification of the oceans and the thawing permafrost… to be generous I’d have to say you’re basing your article/opinions on incomplete data… thanks for adding to the noise and static.

      • Anna-Liisa

        Thanks a lot Arjun Wallia for this fine article. This helps people to think with themselves and not to believe all probaganda. Fear is the most paralyzing thing. Science do know so little about this universe and about human being and The Planet Earth! Everything is related to each other.

  17. Dr. Mahek Shah

    Loosely written article… Not that I am an expert. Most of it is your intuition… with the limited set of data you have been exposed to.

    You are trying to answer a wrong question: “whether there is global warming or not?”
    The correct question would be something on these lines: “Whether human industrialisation drastically effected the speed/nature of global warming cycle?” because other living species need to adapt to changing environment faster now and they may not be capable of it?

    • The fact is that noone knows for sure the answer to that question or it would have already been proven beyond any doubt and there would be no question to begin with. The real question we should be asking is this. “Should the human race be doing all we can to slow climate change?” It’s really a no brainer for me, because if man has sped up any natural climate change with our way of life, the change will keep occurring, at it’s current pace, if we do nothing and perhaps even become more rapid. And what is the worst case scenario regarding climate change??? The end of life as we know it. A catastrophe worse than any we have ever known. Global economic collapse, political, social, environmental, and health catastrophes all at the same time. And you can throw mass religious hysteria into the mix as well. So why would we NOT do all we can? Money?? Great reason not to conserve our Mother Earth.

    • “Aaahhhhh!” Great Observation, Dr. Mahek Shah!

      AND, in which case, I would agree that “we” have indeed, changed local/specific “climates” due to Industrialization whereby other living species are NOT able to adapt!

      Case-in-point: The South American “deforestation!” I haven’t kept-up with the influence of having done this as Main Stream Media no longer reports on it. Hmmm…Wonder why?


      What happened when these enormous “DAMS” were constructed in various parts of the World creating a “MAJOR” change in the topography and therefor the “local” climate?

      We hear about their construction and their “theoretical” impacts, BUT never about the “ACTUAL” impact!!!

      “…things that make you go…hmmmm!!!”

  18. Egan

    The real tragedy here is that discussions on this topic expose the awful arrogance of the academic/intellectual community.

    You’ve lost your essence when you rile on about who’s smart and who’s dumb.

    I love science but you’re doing it wrong!

  19. Fredrik

    I almost got lynched on Facebook because I linked to a pdf-book with some skeptic material on global warming. A very sensitive subject. I have become a skeptic mostly because of the fear aspect in all this. I don’t like when the population is scared into accepting new policies. With that said, there are many blogs about climate science. I like this list where you can find both skeptic and warmist opinions.

    • Phil H

      Agreed. Policy via fear mongering carries even less weight when it is executed by those who’s very ideology accuse others of fear mongering.

  20. I’m looking at how the planet as a whole is operating, more along the lines of a motor mechanic would look at your cars engine. So here’s what I see…

    The planet (your cars engine), runs in various cycles when it is being utilised, or driven. The planet appears to always be in a constant yet gentle state of change, sometimes a little warmer, sometimes a little cooler, and this is effected by how it is driven and the temperature surrounding it. Given that the industrialised era, and the constant removal of the planets vegetation is creating stress and generally a rise in global temperatures on the planet, (Australia seeing it’s hottest year on record in 2013!), I see it as no surprise that we are seeing such ice growth on the planet.

    Looking at your car now:
    When your cars engine begins to run hot, then it’s built-in cooling system (radiator and cooling fans) is ‘designed’ to cool it back down again, to it’s safest and most efficient ‘normal’ operating temperature. This is what I see our planet is trying to do right now.

    I see that our planet is trying to generate more cooling, whether in the form of more ice at the poles, or perhaps colder, and more extreme winters, to offset the hotter summers, or as I would prefer to say, to ‘Balance’ it’s system, back into a safe and efficient normal operating temperature.

    By constantly creating more stress, by polluting the planet( your cars engine), by running it too hot, the inbuilt mechanism strives even harder to try and cool it down back into balance, and whilst people will use the terms climate change or global warming interchangably, I would try and use the term ‘Earth trying to maintain its ecological balance’ instead.

    Yes, if we continue on this path of deforestation, more pollution from transport and industry, more thermal mass(the constantly growing concrete jungles most of us live in), and the constant release of toxic chemicals into the environment, then this can only lead us down the path to a more extreme Balancing act.

    Whether or not you believe in Global warming, or doubt it’s effects, the world is continuing to have hotter summers, and colder winters in most regions around the globe…. Only you can decide what you think and do about it.

  21. Gary

    Just a thought: maybe because the ice is melting, all the accumulative water is causing the ice berg to emerge from the water giving the appearance that there is more ice when there really isn’t.

  22. Reply
    • Werner B.

      Uhhoo, this is not really new. But: where is the proof, that doing nothing leads to the catastrophy? – I mean: Where is the proof in physics, because its physics, istn’t it? – By now I only heard, saw and read about proofs against the theory, that CO2 causes global warming or climate change. I have never seen, heard about nor read any scientific proof about what politicians are not tired of talking about: CO2 shall cause global warming. This is just a hoax, and there is no question about whether you are a good or a bad man. But if ever anybody has got a proof, but I mean a real one, then he shall SHOW IT!

      If you wanted me to show just one very simple one (among some more complicated ones), then just read this: By the end of World War II the global temperature, so far as such a thing is measurable, has decreased until the early seventies. When I went to the college, the meaning among the professors was: “There is a global ice age coming!” – By fortune, my prof said, “the climate has allways changed, so far as we can see it.” – Well, after World War II the economic growth increased mery much and the output of CO2 as well. So how could it be, that the global temperature declined? – Wanna know why? – CO2 has nothing to do with any global warming at all.

      • The proof is in the science. The Earth can’t survive beyond certain environmental limits. If man’s actions have influenced climate change, then it is safe to assume that man can change his actions to influence it in the opposite direction. The biggest problem here is people thinking that they know exactly what they can’t possibly know. And those people are on both sides of the argument. People like you……

        • Werner B.

          I don’t think that you read my response to the link you posted properly, unfortunately. Please read it again. I have to admit, that I changed my mind regarding these questions, but after having studied the matter seriously. And to say it again: You can search for proofs of man made climate change, and you will find, of course, all the things regarding cutting trees all over the world (and nowadays the advanced operations like “Owning the Weather by 2022”), But “mand made” CO2 has nearly no effect.. Read the simple proof again. (If you want to know something about prooving, read some math-books, Of course: What should science be without proof? – In this context: political correctness.)

  23. Dela TORII

    It’s because of “global warming”? :)

  24. With so many explanations and possibilities, coupled with contradictory statements from different published studies, it’s hard to know what is really going on, and ignorant for anyone to say that we know for sure. There are so many factors with regards to climate change that it’s necessary to keep an open mind.

    • Just keep in mind, that the “single” eruption from Mt. St. Helens, years ago, gave off more heat and fossil fuels than EVERYTHING “man” has burned since the beginning of time!

      “MAN” as being the cause of any kind of Global Warming, is just a FARCE!!!


      STOP believing the Pharisees (scientist’s of today) of yesterday!


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