One Of The Most Life-Altering Realizations A Human Can Ever Have

We wake up, we get ready, eat our breakfast and go to work or school. In our travels we might get annoyed at the traffic or dread where we are headed all together. When we get there we partake in whatever it is we need to in order to achieve whatever goal was set out for the day. We often immerse ourselves in our actions without ever realizing the beauty that is happening around us at all times. We often don’t pay attention to what we do or how it feels for our bodies to move throughout the day. Once our day is complete we head home, hopefully spend some time with our families and then repeat the process.

In the course of any given day we can experience a range of emotions, but often we are struggling to find peace or joy. The struggle to find peace often comes from getting caught up in the various actions of the day which we think are incredibly significant. This happens because we become out of touch with what is, who we are and the nature of our world. We don’t even have to look at things on a “spiritual” level to realize that we are just a spec in the entirety of our universe -of all that is. This is why “The Pale Blue Dot” is such a significant image. It reminds us not to take life too seriously.


“The Pale Blue Dot” Image taken by Voyager 1.

The spec you see in the picture above is us. It is Earth at a very far distance. Sitting in the midst of vastness just being, Earth is put into perspective when we see an image like this. Take a moment to realize where we truly are and how we ultimately are a tiny spec in a massive interconnected universe. Now I don’t want to create the idea that we are insignificant, because I don’t believe that to be true. Given we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us, we do have an impact on everything in our universe. Everything is ultimately equal and the same consciousness. Everything is one massive playground where many beings are playing together. I simply want to encourage reflection after looking at this image.

Are the things we get upset about, get angry about, worry about, have fear about, really worth all the emotional turmoil they create? Think of the pain, destruction, grudges and heartache that comes of even small actions due to how we make them so serious. Don’t get me wrong, there can be growth in experiencing these things, but is there a higher state of consciousness or awareness we can reach to see our daily “troubles” in a different light? To see our lives in a different light all together?

Take a moment and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Feel the true nature of who you are and realize that behind all we make serious with our minds, there is a feeling of peace that exists. This is what this image inspires me come back to. That peace is always there and can be an everyday occurrence should we shift out of making life so personal and so serious. World peace is ultimately up to us, not anyone else or any external factor.

Listen as Carl Sagan as he speaks eloquently about this image and its implications. It is life-altering.

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17 comments on “One Of The Most Life-Altering Realizations A Human Can Ever Have

  1. nadine

    as gifted and empowered as each of us humans are and could be , still this place we fill compared to the universe, doesn’t it prove to us our limits and limitations and that while I agre with all of what is above written the last conclusion that world peace is entirely ours to achieve is not what I think is realistic ! There are powers for good and bad way more powerful ! And that kust as we could have a small role while alive on this tiny speck , the powers of good and bad , right and wrong play also their [art and will in the big issue of how world peace is and will be achieved ! thanks alot for your posts and though-provoking notes.

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  6. hello,

    great thought ! peace of mind is positive thinking, that spiritual qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and love heal the mind and body.

  7. Franki

    I’m actually more affected by the rainbow in space. :) Now that’s just awesome.

  8. Franki

    An atom is similar in scale comparison, and yet without Atoms nothing would exist. Our planet may just be a speck in the Universe, but the Universe is just a Speck in the Father

    • “Good Post!”

      Finally, someone with the “right”…perspective!

      Take Care and God Bless, Franki!!!

  9. Madonna Nero

    The Mote in God’s Eye.

  10. kbthedreamer

    I hope this is humbling to people. Nobody is too good to love and care for one another and the planet. No one is above others. No single person has higher privilege than another. It’s time we start caring for one another, for we all are one.

  11. As for “…one of the most life altering realizations…” NO WAY!

    That Will be when you “know” Jesus…

  12. Our planet may be just a “speck” in the Universe, BUT, we shine very BRIGHTLY!!!

    “Trust and Believe!” for I “know” this for a “FACT!”

  13. Scott Pillgram

    I like it n share a lot of thoughts that are your websites, especially this one!
    You guys must get higher than me writing trippy sht like this out lol

  14. Cathy

    I think about this every day. Each and every one of us is a tiny star that shines bright for a short time and then slowly fades away. The universe will always be no matter what happens. It has no beginning and no end. Your life is an illusion but it matters to you and the ones close to you. So make the most of your star experience.

    • Sara

      We are as real as as the next born child,though how we impact this world is the key to how we matter to history.

  15. Uwe Freyer

    And watch Youtube “Spirit Science” and you will understand this and MORE

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