Geneticist David Suzuki Says Humans “Are Part Of A Massive Experiment”

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gmoWe are doing our part to try and spread the word about GMOs, (genetically modified organisms) but we’re not the only ones. Multiple public figures, scientists and researchers have been speaking out about GMOs for a number of years. For example, not long ago a former Canadian Government Scientist at Agriculture Canada, Dr. Thierry Vrain (one of many) spoke out against GMOs. Another prominent public figure, Geneticist David Suzuki has been a long time advocate against GMOs, and has been speaking out about how they can be hazardous to human health as well as the environment. Below, I’ve provided a video example of Suzuki explaining why he feels the way he does about GMOs. Public figures with a wide audience can have a great impact on the consciousness of the masses, they are great ‘tools’ for waking more people up to the reality that GMOs can  be harmful to human health as well as the environment. It’s time to pay attention, do your own research and to question what you’ve been told. We can no longer trust branches of the government that deal with food and health, we must not take their word for it, it’s better if you actually look into it yourself rather than blindly believing what your are told.

It doesn’t seem to be much of a debate anymore, it’s clear that GMOs can indeed be harmful to human health. There is a reason why a majority of countries around the world have permanently banned GMOs, so what’s taking North America so long? One reason might be the fact that biotech corporations like Monsanto seem to be above the government and influence policy, but thankfully these things are changing. Big Island, Hawaii has recently banned all GMO products and bio-tech company products. Various bills calling for moratoria on GE food include Vermont, North Dakota, Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco and more.

This large movement against GMOs is not based on belief, multiple researchers and scientists all around the world have shown that GMOs can be harmful. Here is a study that shows how Bt toxins found in Monsanto crops can be damaging to red blood cells, and potentially cause leukemia. Here is another one that shows how GMO animal feed caused severe stomach inflammation and enlarged uteri in pigs. There have been multiple studies linking GMOs to cancer, and a range of other diseases. Scientists all over the world have come together to show their support for the ban of GMOs.

Along with GMOs come the pesticides, which have been linked to cancer, parkinson’s, autism and alzheimer’s, to name a few.

As you can see, alternative media outlets are not the only ones doing their research. Most who investigate this topic, and do the research for themselves will come to the same conclusions. This is what David Suzuki and many others have done as well.

By slipping it into our food without our knowledge, without any indication that there are genetically modified organisms in our food, we are now unwittingly part of a massive experiment.

The FDA has said that genetically modified organisms are not much different from regular food, so they’ll be treated in the same way. The problem is this, geneticists follow the inheritance of genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to take this organism, and move it horizontally into a totally unrelated species. Now David Suzuki doesn’t normally mate with a carrot and exchange genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to switch genes from one to the other without regard to the biological constraints. It’s very very bad science, we assume that the principals governing the inheritance of genes vertically, applies when you move genes laterally or horizontally. There’s absolutely no reason to make that conclusion.

Below is an article written by David Suzuki and Faisal Moola. At the beginning concerns with the 210 release of the super-genetically modified corn called ‘SmartStax,’ are mentioned which has now shown to be harmful to human health and banned all over the world. This article was written in 2009, but still has some good information.

By David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

In gearing up for the 2010 release of its super-genetically modified corn called ‘SmartStax’, agricultural-biotechnology giant Monsanto is using an advertising slogan that asks, ‘Wouldn’t it be better?’ But can we do better than nature, which has taken millennia to develop the plants we use for food?

We don’t really know. And that in itself is a problem. The corn, developed by Monsanto with Dow AgroSciences, “stacks” eight genetically engineered traits, six that allow it to ward off insects and two to make it resistant to weed-killing chemicals, many of which are also trademarked by Monsanto. It’s the first time a genetically engineered (GE) product has been marketed with more than three traits.

Canada approved the corn without assessing it for human health or environmental risk, claiming that the eight traits have already been cleared in other crop seeds — even though international food-safety guidelines that Canada helped develop state that stacked traits should be subject to a full safety assessment as they can lead to unintended consequences.

One problem is that we don’t know the unintended consequences of genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) foods. Scientists may share consensus about issues like human-caused global warming, but they don’t have the same level of certainty about the effects of genetically modified organisms on environmental and human health!

A review of the science conducted under the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development in 2008 concluded that “there are a limited number of properly designed and independently peer-reviewed studies on human health” and that this and other observations “create concern about the adequacy of testing methodologies for commercial GM plants.”

Some have argued that we’ve been eating GM foods for years with few observable negative consequences, but as we’ve seen with things like trans fats, if often takes a while for us to recognize the health impacts. With GM foods, concerns have been raised about possible effects on stomach bacteria and resistance to antibiotics, as well as their role in allergic reactions. We also need to understand more about their impact on other plants and animals.

Of course, these aren’t the only issues with GM crops. Allowing agro-chemical companies to create GM seeds with few restrictions means these companies could soon have a monopoly over agricultural production. And by introducing SmartStax, we are giving agro-chemical companies the green light not just to sell and expand the use of their “super crops” but also to sell and expand the use of the pesticides these crops are designed to resist.

A continued reliance on these crops could also reduce the variety of foods available, as well as the nutritive value of the foods themselves.

There’s also a reason nature produces a variety of any kind of plant species. It ensures that if disease or insects attack a plant, other plant varieties will survive and evolve in its place. This is called biodiversity.

Because we aren’t certain about the effects of GMOs, we must consider one of the guiding principles in science, the precautionary principle. Under this principle, if a policy or action could harm human health or the environment, we must not proceed until we know for sure what the impact will be. And it is up to those proposing the action or policy to prove that it is not harmful.

That’s not to say that research into altering the genes in plants that we use for food should be banned or that GM foods might not someday be part of the solution to our food needs. We live in an age when our technologies allow us to “bypass” the many steps taken by nature over millennia to create food crops to now produce “super crops” that are meant to keep up with an ever-changing human-centred environment.

A rapidly growing human population and deteriorating health of our planet because of climate change and a rising number of natural catastrophes, among other threats, are driving the way we target our efforts and funding in plant, agricultural, and food sciences, often resulting in new GM foods.

But we need more thorough scientific study on the impacts of such crops on our environment and our health, through proper peer-reviewing and unbiased processes. We must also demand that our governments become more transparent when it comes to monitoring new GM crops that will eventually find their ways in our bellies through the food chain.


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  1. Kev

    Oligarchs control the world supply for a reason. They are trying to control human growth.
    Last year Russian scientists released information showing that by the third generation, rats eating GMO corn had an infertility rate of 97%. They banned all American corn imports.
    Farmers in Mexico are now trying to combat the invasion of this parasitic species which is invading their land
    Monsanto is spreading their genetically modified seed, trying to create hybridization among the existing 170 (or more) strains of corn in the Oaxacan valley. They are then suing any farmer producing THEIR DNA, and seizing the farmland.
    This is akin to a viral research facility suing the population after releasing a genetically adapted virus into that population, for having their property in their bodies!
    This is simply insanity and it must be stopped.
    Monsanto needs be held liable for damages done to other peoples property. And our bodies. And our children’s future.
    Now, before it’s too late.

  2. celio martins

    In Brazil already eating apples with poison for a long time.And the authorities do nothing against

  3. antoon soetens

    GM plants are illogical
    Pills, drugs are illogical
    Pesticides are illogical
    Food with chemical additives: colors, emulsifier, stabilizations, flavors,…are illogical

    Conclusion: we are poisoned from the morning to the evening and the politicians are doing nothing more they support these actions with money !?
    Let start a new world in collaboration with collective- evolution because we have the solution
    See and you understand everything.
    Contact me with your ideas to get started.

  4. jun

    It’s a lifestyle. People demand global fast production of all type of commodities. It cannot be done by simply following the flora of each species and organisms to maintain a stable production. It goes back to early days when we invented farming and it’s a form of minuscule GMO. The only difference today is that we developed a whole range of diverse modifications often disorienting the natural equilibrium at a faster phase which unable us to cope up with the changes thus resulting to such imbalances and a faster collapse genetically. Everything is relative. It’s only a matter of slowing down the collapse and adapting to changes.

    GMO’s are over-hyped. Although most of the product possesses some degree of effects (long or short term) relative to our rate of adaptation. It boils down to comprehensive management except for “substance that our genetic information hasn’t figure out or yet adapted” like arsenic, lead, etc etc.^^

    • - Collective Evolution

      I don’t think people demand global fast production, I think it’s forced upon us. We can easily feed the world and maintain stable production doing it the correct way.

  5. 1st time in a long time that I agree with Dave, after all the BS propaganda bout time the guy stands up for humanity and not eugenics

  6. The only reason we have these evil Gmo’s foisted upon us is for greed from the HUGE corporations and the Elite wanting a cull and a profit.Read about the Rothchilds and be shocked about who really runs the world.

  7. owadac

    The problem is that there are just so many things that are wrong. Take not only the GMO itself, but when you think about injected hormones and all of these other things that are in our food sources. We even have to worry about how much fish we eat due to mercury, if this is organic, how do we afford it? When people have so many stressful things in their life, spending more time and money on getting similar tasting foods for more effort isn’t common. We need actual change movements. Are there any large organizations that really allow people in a county to discuss topics like this to start regional changes that can later spread to more national standards?

    • CIprian

      This comment is really smart. I am also thinking about this, the repercussions of the present actions which are going to echo into the future. Long story short our only chance is sticking together no matter how hard, for only united in masses we can impose change which governments will have to comply to.

  8. I wonder about the affect this genetically-modified food on brain function and personality traits such as aggression and intellect?

    • antoon soetens

      That’s the problem, no one knows what will be damaged.
      In another interview David Suzuki reported a modified gene can be lethal.
      There are billions of genes, but they do not know the properties of one gene, their intervention is clearly a manipulation that harms health.





  10. Sandra

    You are what you eat? Frankenstein food, frankenstein people? Stealth eugenics. Genocide.

  11. David King

    David Suzuki was in Sydney Australia 4 months ago? On national TV he said he thought GMOs needed more research because the technology was so powerful. However, he also said that he thought it was GOOD. One guy in the audience was involved with a GMO banana that had a high vit A content. They were developing this for Africa. David Suzuki thought that that was very good.

    • Margie

      I just watched this short video and I thought Mr. Suzuki’s arguments could have been much stronger. By saying it’s too late and the genie is out of the bottle is hogwash. If nobody bought GMOs, Monsanto, Dow and other big companies would be out of business. It’s happening and has happened in other countries. This one statement made me suspicious of Mr. Suzuki. I would much rather ascribe to Jeffrey Smith’s tenants.

  12. There is only one reason to not buy into GM – it is based on the theory of scarcity. Currently, we trade and share seed, creating abundance. When seed is “owned” by only a few, we create a world no one, not even the GM creators, would be willing to live in. Yes, the issues of health, corporate control and destruction of the natural environment are important, but when you create anything that dis-empowers the planet energetically, no one wins.

  13. Let me just ask one question… What will you tell the staving masses, and how many countries have banned wheat, corn and rice all three have been modified for thousands of years. Dont believe the crap this man spews any longer.

    • Bill, what will you tell our future generations when the masses are starving because our plant pollinators are extinct, the health of humans and animals – and the health of their progeny is damaged and degenerating, and wide spread permanent destruction of species and our environment? Wakeup and do some independent research instead of regurgitating nonsense.

      • Chris

        We can tell them the exact same thing we can tell the future generation suffering from starvation because there is not enough arable land for everyone to grow their own organic crops and still survive. Science is needed to continue to support even our current population numbers, so unless you advocate a population cull, starvation will happen. GMO is controllable, and the science allows us to improve crops. Science is still progressing despite your fear of it, and the world has not ended yet despite humans cross breeding species since the beginning of history.

        • @Chris…then can you explain why the bees (which are needed for our food source, and the butterflys are dying off. It is because of this poison!

    • What? Do you have stock in Monsanto?

    • WOW, how old r u???? When I was a kid we grew up with organic food, free range hens, and any meat we ate came from farmers who didn’t use GMO crops. None of us ever got ill, and if we did, we only ever needed one dose of anti biotics. I worked most of my life in Health, I have never seen so many ill children, from stomach bugs thru the terminal cancer.. and I live in a Western Country, with Top health cover for both wealthy and welfare. And you want them to send GMO products to third world countries who do not have the same medical in place, as we do in western countries. My advice to you is take a position as a volunteer in a hospital, preferably pediatrics, and take some time out to view your water ways. They are polluted from all the chemicals now available to the farmer. If you don’t wake up after viewing your environment and the health industry, Then your fate will be doomed to your western pharmaceutical companies to supply your demand of drugs to fix your health once it has been exposed to years of damage from harmful chemicals.

      • Chris

        When you were a child, your world view was sheltered as that of a child – we don’t normally subject our children to the disease and death around them. Disease, illness and death still occurred wether you saw it or not, ate GMO foods or not. GMO serves a purpose, if it didn’t farmers wouldn’t use it would they?

    • Spencer Keel

      Bill your comment is ignorant of all the very real issues the man has just put forward. The truth is that these crops are not good for us or the animals we feed them with. They have caused numerous diseases in the liver, lung, gut and endocrine system which will only cause dependence on man made drugs to fix them. These crops are a threat to a human homeostasis. Let me ask one question.. why is it Illegal to even test GMO seeds made by monsanto? – Answer: because they’re yield is toxic to all the life that consumes it. The Truth will destroy all evil. A light has shown in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.

      • Chris

        “These crops”.. which crops exactly? How are ‘these crops’ different from those crops which are good for us and the animals we feed them to? How are they causing these numerous diseases you attribute to ‘these crops’ instead of those crops and the general living conditions and state of the subject itself? How is it that all of mans afflictions only came about because of GMO – I was completely unware that life was a paradise before hand. Actual answer to your question – it is not illegal to test GMO seeds, from Monsanto or anyone else. The truth is something you want to avoid. You are confusing criminal law with contract law and property rights.

        • KJ

          The GMO corn for instance, was modified to resist glyphosate (Roundup) which is also a Monsanto product, Glyphosate kills off all plant life by shutting off their ability to absorb nutrients (in very general terms) The GMO plant is resistant to this and therefore the chemical can be broadcast over the entire crop and only the corn plant will live. This cuts labor and cultivation passes over a field. Roundup is in large part, the same chemical components of Agent Orange, another Monsanto product. Roundup is so overly used now it’s showing up in our water, food and our bodies, we know what Agent Orange did, now we’re being poisoned by Monsanto again here at home and are now protected by the Monsanto Protection Act, wherein they cannot be sued for any damages resulting from their GMO technology. Another thing, in order to buy Monsanto seed you must sign a contract you will not use the seed for any reason other than to plant a crop, any study or testing done on the seed is therefore inadmissable in any legal proceedings. Follow the money…

    • @Bill Gilson: who are you? David Suzuki has never spewed crap as you say. He speaks from knowledge, experience and certainly from the heart. You want to feed the ‘starving masses’ junk that will most likely kill them in the end? Like I asked: who are you?

      • KJ

        This guy Chris is probably a Monsanto employee, they are spending millions to counter the anti-GMO movement. Chris, it’s not the GMO so much for me it’s the right to know and choose whether to consume it. Further, the poisonous insecticides and glyphosate they are having to spray more and more of on the crops that GMO’s are resistant to are also a part of the GMO for profit formula, not to mention these chemicals are showing up everywhere we don’t want them, in our water, food and even now found in mother’s milk. Cut the crap and quit defending this, go spend your Monsanto check.

    • Sara Castilho

      What do you tell the starving masses now? Do you see any food being given to them? No, because they don’t care about helping people, they care about helping their own pockets. It only take a few minutes on the internet to find legit documents that prove that GMO’s are indeed very harmful to human health. And not just GMO’s, any product developed by Monsanto is only created to increase profit, not to help anyone really, hence not very trustworthy. Do a little research instead of blindly following anything.

      • Chris

        Do a bit more research then please. Every product out there is sold to increase profits. Profits are made only if it is successful, which only occurs if people find a use for it. If there it only takes a few minutes to find legit documents proving GMO’s are indeed so bad, how on earth are they not mainstream and instead can only be be found on the backwaters of the internet? Or maybe what you consider proof is a much lesser standard than everyone elses. A friend of a friend who may have a science degree and says in their opinion GMO is bad is not a legitimate source, nor proof. Proof would be adverse side effects shown in an actual study in an controlled environment. Lining pockets is easy – eco warriors also get funding somehow too don’t they? Producing an actual product that helps mankind is much more of a challenge

    • Marsaili

      Modified to withstand massive doses of poison that is damaging the earth for thousands of years? I think not! Keep your head in the sand if you will, but GMO’s are so dangerous that the obvious consequences are right in front of our faces and yet we are being lied to by the company who.has made billions inventing and selling poisons that KILL everything.

    • Don’t believe the crap this man spews. There is a clear difference in breeding and genetically modifying a life form in the modern way. As far as the starving masses go there isn’t one country that has banned wheat, corn or rice. They may ban purchasing it from certain countries to eliminate risk for contamination. So because of their fear it is GMO’s that is causing that particular food shortage phenomenon. GMO’s are completely unnecessary for supporting our growing population. Algae, insect protein and seeds are all that is needed to sustain us and we can create these sources almost infinite. WE DON’T NEED GMO’S. It’s a risk we just don’t need to take. Don’t forget Monsanto is responsible for the ongoing effects of Agent Orange. Do you really want to trust a company that didn’t know what they were doing then to know what they’re doing now?

      • Chris

        Way to miss the point. The point is that rice, wheat and corn being grown today are not the natural variants found growing wild millennial ago. We humans have modified and cross breed them selectively to find the most beneficial strains for continued use. We now have the same capabilities at the gene level, to do what nature does randomly but selectively. When you bite into an apple, what garantees do you have that it is the same as all the other apples in the bag or bunch, and that nature’s natural mutations won’t have adverse affects to your health or have produced some terrible variant? None, yet it is only a GMO label you seem to fear and rally against. Apparently you need to know how reproduction in nature actually occurs. Genes from one organism mix with genes from another to create a third. If a scientist does it selectively, or nature does it, the risk of adverse effects of the combination are going to be there. When scientists do it though, it is controlled – we will know what the end result is. Remember that the next time you peel a grapefruit or eat something made with wheat.

        Yes, I trust a company behind agent Orange, or more importantly, I trust the scientists it employees. Just as much as I trust the scientists behind any other company, government or not-for profit. Probably more so than not for profit organizations unless their motives and money trails are known. A for profit public company is fairly predictable; its governed by laws and shareholders. And scientists are going to use the knowledge on hand and expand on it. If a company can turn that knowledge into a profit, something useful we can all use, good on them. If not, they go broke. Still a win for knowledge accumulation isn’t it? We don’t tell a farmer to test every single apple from every single tree to prove they are safe, so why are you demanding GMO do the same?

        • Rose

          Fruit farmers don’t cross their apples with say- Cats- ! If they did, I would want them to test that brand new never having existed ever before cat;apple for safety before I ate it. The genetic transfer taking place in the Bio-tech lab is between species, not varieties. The reason the UK calls GMO Frankenfoods is because they would not occur naturally, even with Mutation, because the genetic material of two entirely different Kingdoms/Phylum/Class/ Order /Family/Species do NOT naturally cross. Did you listen to David Suzuki’s explanation of Lateral/Horizontal transfer of Genetic material as opposed to Vertical transmission of Genetic traits? ? Nature has spent millennia perfecting bio-diversity, why do we think Man Made Mono Culture is superior?

    • kathy mayo

      Feeding the planet with GMO’s is bullshit!! This is a pesticide ridden food additive, that is killing off the bees, butterflies & is in no way making food any more available. It’s nothing more than a selfish, for profit, danger to our food chain.

    • Diggey

      THANK YOU! People are so on board this organic non sense that this is the new Anti Vaccine movement. He says do you’re own research yet I doubt anyone will look farther then this article as proof of the “harms of GMO.” Monsato is definitely a company to be concerned about but not GMO’s in general.

  14. Robyn

    Until we have honest, long term evidence of no ill effects from GMO’s, they should be banned – they are, at the core, a money-maker for the larger companies. Simply show the correlation between the introduction of GMO’s and the increase in Alzheimers, Autism, Cancer and Parkinsons.

    • Chris

      Correlation is not causation. Are you really going to blame Alzheimers, Autism, Cancer and Parkinsons on GMO foods? How about we blame refrigeration, its a modern convenience that seems to have a correlation with the increases in everything else. Or how about living longer in general? That too seems to correlate with the other increases, especially cancer. If we all just died at 30 or so, that would solve most cancer, parkisons and Alzheimer issues wouldn’t it? GMO is just another tool being used to make our crops better, just as selective and cross breeding have throughout human history. Should it be tested for unintended consequences? Of course, everything should. But do you really fear and advocating testing every apple from every tree when nature has its own way of splicing and mutating genes, and if not, why when it is even less controlled than GMO foods?

  15. Azul

    It is worthy of note that the authors of the pig study do not know the difference in autopsy and neucropsy. I failed college zoology, yet I learned that much. Hard to take them serious. We have had GMO s since before Mendel, he just explained it. Test them for sure, but advocating a ban is as uneducated than the authors.

  16. Wish the sources were viable. No doubt, GMOs have to go, but having iffy sources wont ever get the message across in the right light.

  17. Mikey

    I am no scientist and I also don’t agree with Suzuki some of the time but today “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so I happily slap Suzuki on the back for standing up against GMOs even though I can’t prove anything against Monsanto. In my opinion ANY company that pays millions to keep their product from being afixed to the packaging is not on the level. I would hope this action will be recorded with names and dates for future reference. In other words KEEP A WATCH FOR THEM NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.

  18. Chris you are right we have modified corn and rice etc so that they are hardly recognizable from their original wild forms…like numerous other things we have bred and selected for and rebred and reselected for….but this is not genetic modification…this is using what is in the gene pool of one plant and or closely related plants…when I was a kid nectarines didn’t exist, then suddenly, they did…again, not genetic modification but careful and sometimes manipulated cross breeding, this does not even compare to taking genetic material, in singular, separate from other attendant genetic material, and transposing it, and only it into an unrelated plant and in some cases, as with what Monsanto is doing, into another organism from another kingdom. HOLY SHIT !!! No comparison , for so many reasons, it would take pages to explain why. Go back to school

  19. Wilfred

    I would be inclined to go along if David Suzuki was not involved but he’s as believable as a thief saying he’s an honest man!


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