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marijuana-uraguay Last Tuesday Uruguay officially became the first nation to legalize the sale, growing and smoking of cannabis or more commonly referred to as: marijuana.  A government-sponsored bill was approved by 16-13 votes, which will provide for the regulation, distribution and consumption of marijuana. This is an attempt to put an end to creating business for the criminals in the small nation of Uruguay.

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As a result, The United Nations is quite upset as Uruguay went against the international treaty they are a part of. In response to Uruguay’s decision, the INCB expressed “regret” and “surprise” that Uruguay did not at least take up the organization’s calls for a “dialogue” before passing the law. It’s hard to blame Uruguay when you look at the intense stigma the UN would have with Marijuana, not to mention the UN’s clear corruption.

It is understood that a regulation-based policy has positive consequences for health and public security, given that, on the one hand, it can produce better results when it comes to education, prevention, information, treatment and rehabilitation in relation to the problematic uses of drugs,” said Sen. Roberto Conde of Uruguay’s Broad Front coalition, which supported the measure. “On the other hand, it helps fight drug trafficking, which fuels organized crime and criminal activities that affect the security of the population.

The new law states that Cannabis users will be able to buy a maximum of 1.4 ounces every month from licensed pharmacies so long as they are Uruguayan residents and over the age of 18. Their purchases will be monitored in a government database.

Once the law is officially implemented in about 3.5 months, Uruguayans will legally be allowed to grow up to SIX marijuana plants in their homes per year! They also will have the option to form smoking clubs ranging from 15-45 members and grow as many as 99 plants per year.

Many other countries are looking at this as an experiment and if it all goes smoothly it could provide an alternative to the failing and controversial U.S. led “war on drugs.”

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Although, there has been some head way made with the strict U.S. laws as last year 2 U.S. states: Washington and Colorado both passed initiatives that legalize and regulate the use of recreational marijuana.

It is funny how it seems so amazing that marijuana is now legal to grow and trade in Uruguay. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t we be shocked that a country would actually ban the sale and distribution of a plant that grows naturally from the Earth? How does one obtain the rights to make anything that is provided naturally to us from Mother Earth herself illegal? When you really look at this it is easy to see just how backwards this really is. When you look at some of the amazing healing properties of cannabis for many different ailments and you can see how hemp can literally change our world it all seems to make sense. That’s when it becomes crystal clear whose interests are really at heart here.

Luckily, more and more awareness is spreading and people are coming together to make these big changes, that even just a few years ago we may have never thought possible, a reality! Just imagine what else we can accomplish!

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