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russell_brandRussell Brand has be getting a lot of attention due to his mainstream media appearances in which he has made bold statements that are getting people thinking. Whether he is speaking about the Illuminati, reptilian overlords, or revolutions of spirituality, Brand is making people reflect. However, what they are reflecting on seems to be of two different avenues.

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On one side of the Russell debate people are seeing Brand as a man with a message. He is talking about things that matter and using his popularity to reach people all over the world.

On the other side, people see Brand as a puppet for the Elite who is out in the forefront to distract and mislead people down a destructive path. Some claim he is very much involved with the elite and they wouldn’t let him speak out if his message truly had meaning.

Using a number of reasons people are building their case that Brand is in fact a puppet. Given his previous relationship with Katy Perry, pictures and images people are finding around the web and the fact that he is on mainstream news talking about it all, people suggest it is plausible that he is in fact part of some scheme. But that isn’t entirely what this is about as there is something more important that many of us are missing.

It is not so much about the messenger, but instead the message. To truly embrace what this means, we have to be willing to look at what Russell is saying for exactly what it is. Before we even jump to conclusions about his potential elite involvement, let’s look at what Russell is sharing.

His two most popular videos can be seen here and here. In one he speaks mainly about his beliefs in that people need to begin to opt out of the system and begin creating a revolution of society. He supports certain ideals within an Egalitarian system and believes the people have the power to make this all happen through spiritual revolution. In the other video, he speaks casually about the Illuminati, reptilians, how various systematic facets are put in place to only benefit elites and how we need to create a spiritual revolution.

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Regardless of the fact that most of what he says seems quite harmless, what seems to be causing of most of the fuss is the fact that he is calling for something like an Egalitarian society and the fact that he got mainstream media attention. The reason why many of us fear something like an Egalitarian society is because we have been taught to fear communism and for a number of reasons. Now I’m not saying I support communism, in fact I don’t support any particular political view because I don’t think humanity has created one that works yet, but when you think about what is causing such a huge fuss, it boils down to lack of understanding and cultural conditioning.

When the average person thinks of communism they think about countries that are poor, run by a rich and powerful person who makes all the decisions while leaving the people to be equal and scrape by. In western society especially, we sometimes live under the illusion that democracy is a great and powerful means of politics that creates a much better world. In order to reinforce this view, democratic countries quickly use communist countries as a means to prove how good democracy is thus creating a cultural fear around communism. Now, anytime we hear the words fair or equal in a political context, we immediately think of communism and begin ridiculing and fearing whatever comes out of the person’s mouth who is saying the words. It’s not so much important to compare political styles here, but more so certain key words. I’ll explain.

If Brand is calling for a world that is built on fairness and equality, where less focus is put on fighting against each other to get ahead and less focus is put on trying to be the best, competing and being greedy, why is this so bad? Because perceivably we think this means communism, but it’s nothing more than conditioning to think this. Every person I have conversed with about Russell’s message over the past month had nothing of substance to say when his message was broken down to simple terms. Once all filters or conditioning are removed, his message makes quite a bit of sense.

Is he really saying anything that monumental? Are his words really going to create sudden change in either the direction of a beautiful world or a destructive world? No. So why do we so greatly fear and ridicule the messenger? Because we focus too much on circumstance. Russell is on mainstream news so it must be bad. Russell is rich so it must be bad. Russell dated Katy Perry so it must be bad. Russell wore an item of clothing made by the brand OBEY so it must be bad.

We have to remember to check with our hearts and our intuition before we get lost in the fighting, blaming and separation that is created when we start exploring new ideas. We need to focus less on semantics and more on the simplicity of the message. We have the power to decide where this world goes and what we make of messages shared by people. Even if Brand was part of the elite, why does it mean we have to choose the path of destruction? Why not just take what is great and meaningful from his message and leave the rest behind? Even if he was part of the elite in the past, what if he is breaking free? Even if his whole message is a set up, who’s to say it won’t backfire and wake more of us up? Lets think outside the box.

Ultimately each of us choose how we wish to perceive these kind of messages. It’s time we stop feeling so powerless. The responsibility is on US not the elite, not the people saying things in the media, nor anyone else in the forefront. It comes down to how WE react and what we take from it. Stop pointing the finger and instead look at how we are responding. That is the only thing we have control over.

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