What If Animals Could Talk To You? Fascinating Woman Speaks Telepathically With Animals.

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Anna_BreytenbachI’ve just watched the most incredible film about communicating with animals. The message it brings us is so deep. I feel that Anna Breytenbach, a highly skilled telepathic inter-species communicator, holds an important key to the evolution of humanity and this planet. Anna understands the trauma experienced by the animals in the documentary in a way that I have never seen before; transforming a deadly growling black leopard into a peaceful cat; having wild baboons groom her hair; experiencing fish swimming right up to her in a river; wild birds landing on her shoulder and more.

It’s all about the vibration! So what does this mean for us?

It’s no secret that the human race as a whole has lost something incredibly sacred and divine; the ability to communicate soul to soul with absolute authenticity. We have lost the ability to permeate through the veil of illusion and connect with what is really real. If people are able to openly embrace the gift of communication with other animals and nature, we’d experience first hand the inter-connectedness of all life. We’d sense the need to honour and respect the earth and all of our fellow sentient beings. For humans this would mean reclaiming the lost aspects of our soul and meeting in the place where we no longer judge one another; the space where we align with the natural flow of the universe. We’d know exactly how we are meant to co-exist and live in harmony with this world. This opens the pathway to the higher paradigm.

I can highly recommend this full length 52 minute documentary film on the art of animal communication, viewable at the link below.

But first watch this deeply inspiring clip about the amazing story of the black leopard encounter. Does this inspire you to want to get in touch with communicating with animals?

Written By: Trinity Bourne
Republished to CE by request.

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  1. Sam Allen

    Watch the full 50 minute documentary here:

  2. Ben

    So powerful!
    Thank you :)

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  8. Being a naturalist for most of my 50+ years has convinced me that commuication with animals is possible on a few levels. Most of us understand body language and this what we primarily use to exchange information across species. However, I have experienced “telepathy” with animals many times. One needs to be “tuned in” to the natural environment and be receptive to these images and emotions that can be communicated. It is a real phenomenon that most of us just can’t accept, let alone practice. I have found it easier to express emotion to and from wild animals because imagery, for me, is much harder to convey and recieve. Most wild animals are forgiving and accept your effort to communicate telepathically. They immediately become at ease and become curious to know more about who you are and what you are doing. They don’t flee, but will approach calmly. I have had them lay down beside me and just “hang out” These are wild animals such as deer, beaver, birds. Once they understand that you are not a threat, it is amazing to feel their relief, calmness, curiosity, and acceptance.

    If one can live close to nature and spend the time observing inter-species communication it would become apparent that telepathy between species happens all the time. I believe this woman has discovered this and spends a great deal of time practicing her “gift”. Maybe the videos are edited and the story is made to be more than it is in reality though. I found myself skeptical of the video, but I don’t doubt the premise of communicating with animals on a mental level. I do it myself almost everyday because I live within the natural world and am tuned into its ways. There is far more going on than people can understand or accept.

    • Awesome preview and I will buy the DVD if it supports more work like this with animals that are displaced by human greed, etc.

      If I had any concerns it would be that this documentary will be the tipping point that convinces people to obtain a wild animal for a pet. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen!

  9. Enkil

    One of the most beatiful films I have ever seen. Wether it’s “true telepathy” or not, she has an amazing gift and a powerful presence.
    I have only begun delving deeper into this. The rational, conditioned, “scentific” part of my brain still has trouble believing it although the part with the baboons and the panther was pretty goddamn convincing! They were angry and pissed off and she made them as calm as cucumber within minutes.
    I’m super sad they haven’t released it for free since I can’t show my family and friends after the screening was taken down :(
    Anyone found a mirror?
    I live on the other side of the world from South Africa..
    A remarkable insight into the emotional lives of animals as small as that angry white bird!
    Great, concise and beatiful documentary. Leaves you wanting for more details, more examples, more studies, more everything :D

  10. Rodrigo

    This is another rip of. They are lying, we never see the communicator and the animal in the same shot,. Buy the dvd and pay for the workshops. BS!!!

  11. you just made me cry with the preview… and just bought a copy – came out to 27usd when shipping. it’s in south african rand which I thought was kinda neat.

    @blue – it’s under the about – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwHHMEDdT0

  12. While this woman probably believes she’s telepathically communicating with the animal. She’s also giving off different cues this animal can understand. They understand facial expressions, the tone of your voice, and other non-verbal cues. Since they cannot actually speak, their entire lives have been conditioned to read the non-verbal signs. People give off different energy, and I believe animals can sense that.

  13. Part of me is fascinated by this, but there’s also a side of me with a lot of pessimism. They seem to be insinuating that the animals understand English. How is that at all possible?

    • As you’re expressing yourself in spoken English, you’re also ‘sending out’ the energy at the same time – the telepathy thing. And this is all also complemented by body language, energy, and so forth. So the animal may not literally understand the English language, but he understands the energy part.

      • They also said in the beginning that she communicates via pictures, she receives images from the animal and translates that into words, also, sends images to the animal as a means of communication. and right on about the energy part, that is a huge part of it.

  14. Can’t find the full version to watch anywhere… dang. :(

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