The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact

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The reality of extraterrestrial contact with human civilization is becoming more clear by the month as streams of information about the extraterrestrial presence and past influence hits. While some of us still have our doubts about ET contact, many are starting to realize the truth that has been talked about for centuries. One big story involves the Mexican government who has released documents and images of objects found on the site of Calakmul, Mexico which help prove the reality of ET contact.

Thanks for this release can be given to the  National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) who found these fascinating disks in Mexico. This new discovery strikes a hefty blow to the secrecy that has been purposely created surrounding the true history of our earth. The disks are of Mayan creation and were found about 80 years ago according to the INAH. These amazing archaeological pieces have been presented before and will be the subject of a documentary produced by Raul Julia-Levy and directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo , the winner of the 2006 Sundance festival with his film ” In The Pit.” The documentary is currently titled”Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and beyond.”

“Mexico will release codices, artefacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists,” he said. “The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own – everything we say, we’re going to back it up.”

The Mexican government is releasing these state-held secrets that have been protected for about 80 years. Although photographs of the disks were first presented by Klaus Dona and Dr. Nassim Haramein during a conference held in Saarbrücken, Germany in June 2011.


Ancient Mayan disks describing extraterrestrial contact.

Above is an image of the disks in question. Various areas have been numbered so we can discuss each image depicted.

1) Is believe to be the earth and its atmosphere. This is depicted by two rings.

2/3) It is believed to be a comet or asteroid moving in towards earth.

4) Is believed to be a specially designed spacecraft to hit or deflect the comet.

5) Believed to be an astronaut controlling the craft.

6) Believed to be an intelligently controlled spacecraft.


Luis Augusto García Rosado is the highest ranking government official in Mexico that has gone on record about extraterrestrials. Rosado has spoken of contact “between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of certain codices, which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time.”  He has also mentioned “landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old.”

No further information about the documentary has been given. It’s IMDB page does exist but there is currently no release date. Possibly one of the biggest reasons behind the documentary seeming to have fallen apart is the fact that the producers seem to be fighting over contracts for the film. One would think that with information this important, something like fame, money and credit wouldn’t be a deciding factor for releasing the film.


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  1. Those in no way whatsoever are complete fakes

    • Dave

      The bible talks of ET’s (Gods)
      coming down to earth in shiny vehicles with smoke and thunder and of angles climbing down ladders to interact and breed with man… I can go on and on throughout the entire Bible, even Jesus himself said that he’s not of this world.. come on you dumb humans wake up and see the real story. The Bible is 100% accurate and without it I would not have believe in Extraterrestrials.

      • Where does the Bible mention these “gods” in chariots of fire?

        • And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

          Second Kings, 2:11

          • I asked where the Bible mentions gods in chariots of fire, not prophets.

  2. Rob

    Totally not Mayan art. lol. Fake.

  3. Flako

    ok ..agree..not made by Mayas but what about by another culture (older)..a gift that they keeped? uhmm

    • jami


    • Not even a good attempt at Pre-Columbian art
      AFAIK there would be no attempt at the perspective underneath the “UFOs” which are depicted here as ellipses.

  4. Yep…fake as Sharon Osborn’s face ……to much info cramed in to convince people…….

  5. jstormrage

    lol :)) i wonder what will future earthlings make of our current comic books. when they “uncover them” 10 000 years from now.

    • You hit the nail on the head! Even if these artifacts are authentic, they don’t “prove” anything. Although quite amazing I will admit. Imagination is not exclusive to Modern Man.

  6. sdfsdafsdf

    “mayan” lol.

  7. Andrew

    Why would the mexican government keep fakes confidential.. I know a few shady mexicans, but I don’t think their government would declassify fake relics. I know they’ll murder you and feed your fingers to dogs, but releasing inaccurate historical artifacts is just barbaric..

  8. those could be mushrooms

  9. passenger

    This would be really cool if true.

    However, I have to say I have my reservations. The images of the spaceman and the UFO seem too …cartoony and modern for me to believe. They just smell of fraud.

    Now, I know that doesn’t prove they aren’t real. But to me they just don’t pass the ‘eye test’.

    • Lyndon Eaton

      the size of the artifacts makes it appear fake as is difficult to disapprove a small artifact, but when you see something several feet wide attached to a stone wall the correct age, then it is more belieable. As far as the cartoonish drawings, this is actually how the originals were drawn, which were stored in Europe for over a hundred years. The Dresden documents that discussed the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar had drawing that were in full color and looked like modern cartoons. How can they prove these artifacts were under Mexican gov. control for 80 years?

  10. mojo311

    I see this and think Stargate. lol


    Kutatásom bölcsője és már a vimanát tervezem

  12. “WOW!” All these negative thoughts!

    I, for one, believe the theories that Nassim Harramein has put forth as they are more “plausible” than anything “modern-science” has invented or theorized within the past fifty years…PERIOD!!!

    btw…EVERYTHING, that “science” has put forth as being “FACT”…is already being re-written by the “scientific community”…of course, they only accept “peer-reviewed” studies by the same corporations that run this World.

    • Phil

      Lol, disbelief in “evidence” isn’t a negative comment, unless you’ve got some stake in the evidence being true…”modern” science isn’t really a thing, either. Modern technology, yes, but science is just good science or bad science. And science doesn’t have an agenda, it’s a methodology. Individuals have agendas. And are you saying that we should put more stock in the products of pure imagination than in reproducible studies conducted by people who spend years studying in their particular field? Uh, OK.

    • Deniz

      There is no such thing as fact in science, only good and bad theories :)

      • And this is a bad one

      • There is also a thing called Occam’s Razor.
        Don’t cut yourself shaving with it.

      • “Exactly!!!” lol

  13. Disinformation agents will and are jumping on this hard in an attempt to refute this information. These relics of Mayan contact are 100% real. I’m wishing for us all to remain positive: the truth is truly out there and can’t be hidden any longer. Thank You for your site and the work that goes into it .

    • Eric

      Oooooh! They’re “disinformation agents.” Like you’re going to imprison one if you ever catch them and do bad things or something. I don’t think any of ’em are running skurred.

    • Hello Harry!

      Exactly! Why would anyone want to attempt to “fake” something of this nature knowing full well that it would be discovered as “FAKE?” Nassim Harramein, has the first theories that make physics “plausible” and conform to “common sense” than anything modern science has come up with in the past 50 years or more!

      The pseudo-sciences being propagandized in the world of academia is being “turned upside-down” with his theories and threatens the control the elite has over the world…PERIOD!

      Every so-called “Physicist” in the world “SLAMS” Nassims theories and calls him a “crackpot” rather than embracing his theories and expounding upon them. Why? Because his theories don’t conform to “their” science which is based on “hypothesis”…nothing more!

      Case-In-Point: “String Theory” At the heart (beginning) of this, enormous equation, is an “hypothesis” upon which the entire formula is based, not a FACT…PERIOD!

      So what’s the big deal, when Nassim bases his theories on an idea (“hypothesis”)? It’s no different than that which is accepted in the very “bogus” string theory!

      Save your comments…I don’t want to hear ’em…they’re all “bogus” anyways!

      Personally, I believe in the “…Teachings of Jesus Christ…” AND, am awaiting His Return!

      • “Save your comments…I don’t want to hear ‘em…”

        Well it’s up to you. You are fully entitled to walk in an ignorance you believe to be the truth Bobby.
        Sticking your fingers in your ears and humming a tune will only get you so far in life.
        You should try listening to the symphony.

    • Excuse me but referring to someone as a “disinformation agent” because they disagree with your opinion based purely on belief is rather silly.

      Again, as I stated earlier, the style of the “artefacts” is a poor pastiche of Mayan art.
      Nor, to the best of my knowledge, did they ever use perspective as shown on the images of the c1956 type flying saucers.

      it is reasonable to conclude that these are fakes. I have come to my conclusions based on previous studies of Pre-Columbian art.
      If I am wrong prove me wrong with evidence, not acceptance of what you want to believe to be true..

  14. OpenBox

    What if in the future we invented space crafts that are saucers and we also invented the ability to time travel living things(so far it’s just gold traveling)? Anyways, from the pictures, if the above would be possible in future cases, then that astronaut we know of as human beings could be what they considered ET. With the two rings shown as earth’s ozone layers, the astronaut could’ve taught the Mayans about that as being an astronaut’s common knowledge. Also, with the drawings being so “cartoony,” the astronaut could’ve done that which would explain the modern look to it.

    It’s just an opinion people. A what if theory.

    • Want evidence? The evidence shows our alien Reptilian cousins, (the Serpent Race from the Bible), are still here as part of our Food Chain with a logistical human harvesting program that will knock your socks off. I’ve been spreading information about the Big Picture to inform everyone on all sides as to who is really behind these wars, jihads, and mass death. Follow the meat. This is no joke or science fiction conspiracy theory. It is deadly serious.

      BY Art Greenfield
      Founder UFO Channel

      Everyone is welcome to help me bring an end to all these wars that are started by outside influences. We are up against forces that have advanced capabilities which make this work dangerous beyond description. So that you don’t think I am crazy, I’m enclosing information from some famous Muslim leaders themselves, who admit publicly they are controlled by these aliens. (Other leaders like Putin and Obama are controlled against their will too.)
      I recently talked to a Muslim man on Facebook who was skeptical about the existence of UFOs and Repto Sapien aliens. if you are a Muslim you should believe in them because it is in the Quran. Watch these videos put out by the Muslims that show Muhammad was influenced and guided by them. Even today it shows that they are guiding modern Muslim leaders like Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, both of whom swear that they were taken up to the mother ship and say they are now completely guided by them. Do you think these famous Muslims are lying? I know they are telling the truth. The Repto Sapiens always “guide” key religious, military, and political leaders of all religions and nations to bring about war to generate dead bodies for the reptilians to harvest.
      There are old Arabian legends that tell of the bodies of dead warriors being floated up into the sky at night after big battles. There are Norse legends that say that too. Hitler said that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him. Follow the meat. They do this about every 50 years. We are all being harvested, people of every race and religion. We must stop slaughtering each other for them. We can supply their needs by entering into a mutually beneficial trade agreement with them. These Muslim leaders are already in contact. They need to ask our alien Repto Sapien cousins to come to the U.N. to negotiate.
      Listen to every word that the Muslims believe:
      The Reality Of The Wheel(s): The UFO Phenomenon
      UFOs Prove The Nation Of Islam Is Right And Exact!
      The Mother Plane (The Truth About UFO’s)
      The Wheel and The Chosen People of God
      Louis Farrakhan’s 2011 Nation of Islam on UFOS with the New Ager Jaime Maussan
      Farrakhan Dares The World To Challenge Him On UFOs –
      UFOs And The Nation Of Islam – Minister Farrakhan’s Proof!
      Aliens in the Quran
      Check out the patents on electronic mind control equipment. This is how they control the minds of certain world leaders. Some devices here were back-engineered from recovered alien equipment:
      ‘Reptilian Breeding Zoo’ – Interview with Art Greenfield on the Reptoid agenda:
      Aliens On The Moon – The Truth Exposed 2014

      • Video links of “believers” is not evidence

        ” Hitler said that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him. ”

        Do you have a Reliable source for this anecdote please.


        That is on the website of my friend theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti. Jack is a modern day Einstein who works under direct contract with the USG on advanced propulsion and weapons systems. Quantum entanglement and signal nonlocality are the terms physicists use to explain how telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, and more work in scientific terms. Einstein called quantum entanglement, “spooky action at a distance.” Dr. Sarfatti is also one of the 400 physicists and scientists who has personally witnessed our alien cousins using time travel and time signaling. A few years ago our physicists demonstrated in the lab that signals can be sent back and forth through time. That applies to telepathic signals too. That’s how we get “premonitions,” that are telepathic thoughts from ourselves in the future. Any questions?

  15. Johnny
  16. Hmmm…

    At first sight it looked a bit cartoonish, smooth in ways yet also very bad in others… don’t know… it’s a couple of pictures… need more evidence + examination of the artifact… preferably by independent sources… publicly disclosed… carbon dating, interpretation of many archeologists… more, just… I need more!!!

  17. jeff

    I believe those spaceships are lost technology from ancient civilizations that predates recorded history, man has been around for millions of years, civilizations rose and fell under the sun along with technology

  18. mike

    ET’s are actually demons in disguise. All part of the plan to deceive. I have looked into this for well over
    10 years. I urge people to do their own research. A lot of stuff on the internet. Some real, some fake. But
    it all leads to the truth.

    • Well, I have been doing research for over 50 years and you can find the result in . You can judge by yourself what “stuff” on the internet is more reasonable unless you suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, a psychological condition that many people have, which prevents them from accepting ideas which clash with their preconceived beliefs

      • Well said…NOT!

        Psychological term “Cognitive Dissonance” conceived by those you and other’s consider authored by Educated Scientists which are nothing more than the Pharisees of yesterday.

        “…’nuff said!”

      • Buzzz, wrong. Religions were started by the Repto Sapiens as logistical social harvesting tools. Religious wars yield meat. Cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder.
        The Repto Sapien food agenda is not “evil,” it is a natural equation of all life. The equation that the Repto Sapien ETs fit into is the continuing equation of the food chain. It is the primary equation that keeps all life going. Life feeds on life. For the religious people amongst us, in my book I present the subject in a way that will open their eyes as to why God does not interfere to stop these devastating events that result in massive loss of life. (The reason? God does not interfere in HIS food chain.) It is all very basic and easy to understand once you see the big picture. This race of “aliens” has been interacting with humanity for millennia. I named them Repto Sapiens. They are only “alien” in that they no longer call Earth their primary home. They came from here originally.
        Food chain

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

        Food chains and food webs or food networks describe the feeding relationships between species in a biotic community. In other words, they show the transfer of material and energy from one species to another within an ecosystem. As usually diagrammed, an organism is connected to another organism for which it is a source of food energy and material by an arrow representing the direction of biomass transfer. Organisms are grouped into trophic levels ”from the Greek for nourishment, trophikos” based on how many links they are removed from the primary producers. Primary producers, or autotrophs , are species capable of producing complex organic substances (essentially “food”) from an energy source and inorganic materials. These organisms are typically photosynthetic plants or algae, but in rare cases, like those organisms forming the base of deep-sea vent food webs, can be chemotrophic.

        Food chain

        A food chain describes a single pathway that energy and nutrients may follow in an ecosystem. There is one organism per trophic level, and trophic levels are therefore easily defined. They usually start with a primary producer and end with a top predator. Here is an example of a food chain: phytoplankton >copepod >fish >squid >seal >Orca This “chain” can be described as follows: Killer whales (Orca) feed upon seals, that feed upon squid, that eat small fish, that feed on copepods, that feed on microscopic algae . In this example, algae ”autotrophs by virtue of their ability to photosynthesize” are the base of the food chain. It is always the case that numbers ”or at least biomass” decreases from the base of the chain to the top. In other words, the number and mass of phytoplankton cells is much greater than the number and mass of copepods being supported by the phytoplankton. Viewed another way: to support one Orca requires many seals, large numbers of squid, huge numbers of fish, and so on down the chain.

        In our case, our alien Repto Sapien cousins are the top predators in our food chain. Luckily for us they have moved their total Earth population to other home worlds long ago and only stop by every 50 years or so to restock the meat supplies on their mother ships transporting migrating Reptoids to ease overpopulation pressures on those adopted home worlds. If they maintained a large presence here it would really take a huge bite out of our world population. Professor Scott Littleton’s premise of alien Raj domination is pretty close to reality.

        See: scroll down to comments section to comment by Art Greenfield.

        The Repto Sapien’s ancestral homeland is Earth and they have every right to expect to harvest the lower creatures on the food chain here just like we do with our cattle. If we developed the means to move our population out into the galaxy and settled other worlds, we would remember our roots and would probably stop by too if we needed food when we were traveling in this area. If the cows and pigs we left behind had become smarter, we would still need their meat. You can’t grow meat in space. As NASA has found after 30 failed experiments, you can’t grow vegetables in space either. So, any protein that was easily available on Earth would look pretty good. I’m sure there are alien species out there that are not related to us that are all sweetness and light and might be interested in giving us a helping hand to a new age of enlightenment. The Repto Sapiens are going to be eating meat for many more millions of years and we need to arrange a trade agreement with them to supply them with beef and pork on demand in exchange for whatever we need. Otherwise they will keep instigating war here between groups of humans every fifty years or so to keep their basic equation of “cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder” functioning.

        One thing to keep in mind, our Repto Sapien cousins DO NOT pose a threat to the survival of humanity any more that a cattle rancher poses a threat to the survival of his cattle. The cattle rancher needs his livestock to continue living and breeding to keep him in business and supply meat to the hungry public. If the Reps wanted to wipe out humanity, they could have done it at any time throughout history when we didn’t even have guns. They are still not worried about our military capabilities. Human weapons technology won’t defeat them. Even though we have now copied their weapons technology and we could use it to beat them, they still have no intention of wiping us out. They need the meat and will always be stirring up nations and peoples to go to war with each other. Then they just sit by and wait like vultures to pick up the dead bodies from the battle fields. By stirring wars up between countries that do not have the advanced weapons we now have, they avoid being fired upon when they show up to collect bodies. If they started a war between African tribes that resulted in the death of millions, the African countries don’t even have radar to see the Reps coming. It will be as easy to collect bodies as when they were following Alexander The Great around and picking up dead Persian bodies. They ever helped Alexander. He reported in his writings that silver flying shields shot out beams of light at the walls of the city of Tyre, knocking holes in them so that his men could rush in and slay all the inhabitants.

        As a side note, it is my opinion that the Repto Sapiens on those migration fleet ships enjoy being spectators at our wars. I bet they find it exciting and it whets their appetite for those meaty soldiers.

        WE all need to get the US government to negotiate a trade agreement with the Repto Sapiens from a position of military strength. It is bad for business to kill your prospective customers, so we don’t really need to fight a species that is so close to us genetically that they can interbreed with us. They have a periodic need for food when they migrate, and we can fill their needs from cattle we raise for the purpose. No war is necessary. The Repto Sapiens just need to realize we won’t be their unwitting food prey anymore.

        The Repto Sapiens have been seriously trying to get a major war for meat started anywhere they can worldwide for the last 15 years. They were successful with the civil war in Rwanda but have been unsuccessful since then. The Mexicans coming in to the US and the Muslims coming into Europe are Reptoid caused “cattle drives” designed to start civil wars for meat. The Muslims have been rioting in many European countries but are not organized correctly to get a real civil war off the ground. The Mexicans are the same with their Repto Sapien inspired Reconquesta program. (That means re-conquest). Real civil wars require logistics and structured military organization, like a command and training structure. Mexican and Muslim civilians can not financially set up the logistics required to supply food, ammunition, and transportation to maintain armed forces in a civil war situation.


        A Muslim “reconquesta” of Andalusia

        Is war evil or not? Why do the same groups like communists and Muslim Jihadists keep starting wars? Take the communists, please. LOL The communists have been the “Useful Idiot” hand puppets of the Repto Sapiens since 1917, and the Islamic Jihadists since Mohammed. Whether the Repto Sapien’s entire food gathering operation is evil or not is another matter. Instigating wars amongst our people so the Reps can retrieve dead meat is analogous to our ancestors stampeding buffalo herds over a cliff so that they could gather large amounts of meat.

        To date the Communists have killed 160 million people.

        Logistically, it’s the easiest method to satisfy meat demand that the Repto Sapiens can use here.


        1 : the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement,maintenance, and transportation of military matériel, facilities, and personnel.
        2 : the handling of the details of an operation. Otherwise, they would have to personally take on the logistics of our own cattle and meat-packing industry. They would have to breed, raise, feed, transport, and slaughter “cattle” (us) using their own personnel and operating their own farms here, transportation system, and meat-packing plants. That industry is very labor intensive. Ask a cowboy or meat cutter. It is hard dirty work. I know. I worked as a meat cutter for two years. The Reps just found a way to get us to do all the dirty work and slaughter ourselves for them. All the Reps have to do is pick up dead bodies from battlefields, or out of mass graves. Our murdering each other in war for no good reason is evil. The Repto Sapiens causing it to happen, technically, is not evil because they are doing it for food gathering purposes, just like we slaughter our own cattle. It is the equivalent of us getting cows to slaughter each other so that all we have to do is go pick up the meat that we will be using for food. The food chain is not evil. The way the Reps do it to us is kind of unfair to us. We are capable of raising sufficient cattle to meet the Reps periodic food needs every 50 years when their migration fleet stops by. That is what I am working for. WE raise food for them, and trade it to them in exchange for trade goods, technology, knowledge, etc, that we can use. However, the Repto Sapiens are hardheaded and set in their ways, so we will need to negotiate from a position of military strength on a parity with them. They are not stupid and understand the true purpose of war.

        They have been steadily interacting with humanity for millenia. It’s called the FOOD CHAIN. IF THEY WIPED US OUT THEY WOULD GO HUNGRY. Follow the meat.

        There is no need for an invasion. Our Repto Sapien cousins already own the Earth and us. Why would a cattle rancher invade his own ranch when he already owns it and all the sheeple. According to the oral history of 66 Native American tribes, their peoples have been taken to 5 other ranch planets by the “ant people” and “lizard men,” (Gray and Reptilian beings). The Native Americans do not speak with “forked tongue.” That expression came about because the American Indians know they were lied to by the creatures with those forked tongues.

    • ‘Reptilian Breeding Zoo’ – Interview with Art Greenfield on the Reptoid agenda:

      • UFOs are not all flown by true extraterrestrials, the majority of them are owned and operated by our advanced Repto Sapien cousins, who share the Earth with us as their ancestral home world. They are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible, being described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS AND IS AS TALL AS A CAMEL (8 FEET TALL). There are statues and temple paintings of them in nearly every ancient society. This has nothing to do with “religious beliefs.” It is a proven historical and archaeological fact. That’s why I wrote a book showing all of the real world evidence.

        Statue of Repto Sapien god from ancient Sumer.
        On display in The British Museum.

        Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook:

        WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

        Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:


        • Great fiction, hope you make a lot of money. Good fiction is hard to come by, but even good fiction is still fiction, “proving” fiction with quoting
          other fiction is a circular argument. Statues and paintings in temples, illustrations of fictional stories, are not facts. Any skeletons around. that are identified as “Repto Sapiens” ( another fictional name) by respected archeologists? None. Great artwork though!

          • Ben, I do not deal in or write fiction. Do you think archaeology is a study of fictional artifacts? There are currently over 400 highly esteemed physicists and scientists who are actual eyewitnesses to our alien cousins using time travel. Our physicists have learned much from recovered and back-engineered alien craft and equipment. We have copied are currently use nearly every type of tech the aliens use. Much of it is patented and yhe patents are now on line at the US Patent Office. They do not patent fiction.

            Technology from Extraterrestrials:


        • WeAreAllOne

          How about that for fear hype! :)
          The only fear I have seen around me for the last 20 years have come from people inside of religious groups and people who believe them. Most of my friends have now left those groups and are using meditation and remote viewing to connect and communicate with the spirit world and ET:s. Since you use the word “alien” it is a tell that your energy level is very low and so your message will automatically fall within the realm of fear and darkness. Mankind have never been in a better position than today to go interstellar (we already have but haven´t told you!). All the technology we have can make this world a paradise and it is an ongoing process every day.
          The entire cosmos is made of joy, silence and meditation and I can feel it every single day.

          • Lyndon Eaton

            The big question is: which wealthy elite group is working with the aliens to create a global plantation of humans to subjugate?

          • Art Greenfield

            Weareallone, I am not hyping fear whatsoever. I am working to end the type of logistical meat gathering operation that our “alien” Repto Sapien (genetic) cousins run her’e, to stop the “wars for meat.” I want us to enter into a trade agreement with them, not fight them. It is bad for business to kill your prospective customers. I use the term alien in the sense that they no longer live here on Earth, which is their ancestral home world. Think of it like alien Mexican farm workers who come across the border to pick fruit and then go home to Mexico. The alien Reptilians come here to harvest meat and then use it to feed the migrant Reptilians on their fleet of large migration mother ships. You can’t grow meat in space. Welcome to MacEarth.

    • Lyndon Eaton

      ETs are not demons since there is no god and no devil. However, some of them may be unfriendly and want to do us harm. There are at least 4 different ET types, and one of them has the face of a reptilian, which in ancient times would have be labeled as demonic. They are called the reptilians, and are not benevolent.

      • Mike

        You can believe what you want. Your entitled to your own beliefs.

      • James

        Ya cool… except that they ARE demons that want you to believe silly crap like that. And God and the devil DO exist….you not believing it or DECLARING that they don’t exist as absolutely no influence on what is reality. Truth doesn’t need you to accept it or believe it to be truth.

        • godisntrealyoumuppet

          Just because YOU believe it doesn’t make it TRUTH.

        • HA

          And what makes it the truth? Your saying so?

          • Lol… he got this information channeled via aliens, telling him it are mere demons 😉

        • Conjur me a demon and I will prove to you it’s an alien in disguise…

        • James

          *HAS no influence….

      • William T. Frederickson

        Are you two even listening to what you’re saying?

        • Look… the spaghetti monster is real… therefor we most enjoy this battle between aliens and demons for the spaghetti monster predicted it this way 😉


            Anyone who knows anything about meditation knows a God exists. You guys are a joke and i for one was an agnostic atheist until i came face to face with a real physical ghost that was entirely consisted of raw energy. Demons exist but usually .01% of the time of what people claim, anyways … i’m no conspiracy theorist but its pretty obvious aliens exist. Hell… an Oath keeper nowadays is considered a terrorist; then why can’t common sense be dictated as conspiracy nowadays…. Though who gives a crap about beliefs if its a hoax… which it is


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Published: May 4, 2016

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10 Important Books You Don’t Know About That Will Keep You Reading Until The Very Last Page

**This is an updated version of an article we published last month. We will continue to update the list and re-publish it for those who are interested in some good reads! Reading is incredible. It sparks our imaginations, enhances our…