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milkThere is just something so eerie about this commercial promoting the idea of drinking milk. From the moment I first saw it in the theatre it actually left me with this bone chilling feeling… I was literally left thinking “what the f@*k?” The picture alone is enough to make you wonder, what kinds of friends are saying cheers to a glass of milk? The whole thing is just strange…

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This ad showcases many different scenarios of kids being playful, curious and doing all of the silly things that kids do. It brings back a nostalgic feeling of being young and curious. The commercial is set between the 70’s and 90’s so it is easy to see that this commercial is targeting teens to middle aged men and women. At the end the narrator says “Not everything made sense when we were kids, but drinking milk did, and still does.” OK, I get the point… you want us to drink milk. But who are you, and why do you care if we are drinking milk? What gets me the most is that there is no specific brand or funder listed. It wasn’t Dairyland, Lucerne, Parmalat or Lactina -it was just milk. Alright, here it is, the much anticipated, milk commercial… 

Upon further research of this commercial I found out that it is funded by The Dairy Farmers of Canada as part of their campaign called “Milk Every Moment.” This means that numerous farmers from across the country came together with the common goal in mind, to promote the consumption of milk. Not only promote it, but make it seem warm, and nostalgic as well.

As of late, more and more people have been waking up to the truth about milk, how the dairy industry functions, and also about factory farmed dairy cows. This now makes a little more sense, the dairy industry needs to scramble to come up with something in the hopes that people will continue to drink milk. Knowing what I know about the truth behind the dairy industry made it easy to see that this advertisement is clearly propaganda. This got me thinking of those “Got milk?” advertisements that have been very popular within the last couple of decades. Those ads featured celebrities that were popular at the time with a bright white milk moustache. Again, this is obviously aimed towards making people think that it is cool or hip to drink milk, but why? What is the purpose? Why do they so badly want us to be consuming milk? Well maybe it’s because “milk does a body good.” Yes, calcium is important for our bones and teeth, but there are an increasing number of studies being done to show that calcium from milk cannot even be absorbed into the body.

Milk is actually toxic for our bodies to consume; especially milk from another animal. Human beings are the only species on the planet that consume the milk of another species. Also, we are the only species on Earth that consume milk past the infantile stage. It is becoming common knowledge that milk that is coming from factory farmed dairy cows is laden with hormones, additives and in the USA rBGH, (recombinant bovine growth hormone) which is a known carcinogen.

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Please check out the following sources to find out why pasteurized milk is not safe for us to consume.

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