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I decided to explore some of the ways visuals and language, which after all are both symbols, convey our reality—and specifically from the “ground zero” of what we know for certain (i.e. truth.)

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So I begin with the famous Pythagorean Theorem.  It seems obvious to me that this spatial relationship is always true for a right triangle, no matter what we name the three sides. If we call them “a” or “x” they are variables, and then whatever number (or value) that the two right angled sides hold, the hypotenuse will ALWAYS be the sum of their two squares.

I happen to believe that this is a “sacred” truth that was encoded with other similar mathematical “constants” in the Great Pyramid to signal the existence of a higher intelligence before recorded history.

The other so-called “mathematical truth” encoded in the Great Pyramid, Phi is the “golden mean” also called the Fibonacci sequence or the Phi relationship (math symbol ϕ.)  This is the numerical sequence where each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.


This was a “sacred” relationship which forms the basis for much Renaissance art, including the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

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So now what we see in nature is the “natural” (living) expression of this same principle of mathematical perfection – most obviously in the spiral shapes that follow the Phi progression.


So this brings me to how we use language and symbol to represent truth in other areas. The one truth we can hopefully agree upon are these mathematical constants that we use language and symbol to go out and discover and describe the world that is always changing and never constant. And when we do this, we fill our symbols with more and more subtle meaning beyond the certainty of number; for example we use language/symbol to give us an individual identity (name, “I”) and yet now we begin to sense that this is beyond certainty, because in the realm of language/symbol what you think is “a” and what I think is “a” can be very different.


As we go deeper we begin to recognize how our interpretation of reality via symbol and language directly reflects our “being” or nature –as we link this recognition to our direct senses –sight, sound, touch and so on. And yet, as we dig deeper into nature—even into our own cellular instructions (DNA) we find evidence of codes or patterns that reflect a mathematical order beyond our own interpretation; DNA is symbolic and numerical.

Similarly certain harmonic patterns resonate as “music” rather than merely sound, and these are found to also correspond to mathematical progressions that are orderly and “true” beyond what is only our opinion.  And yet the sound that we deem “music” as opposed to “noise” is ultimately just vibration—noise would be discordant, random vibration while music is rhythmic, orderly mathematical vibration, according to a set of patterns that can be symbolically “written” and represented.


The “scale” of Beethoven for example is mathematically pure, and there are findings of science and teachings that suggest that this degree of order is also reflected in nature. One interesting aspect of the video is that the first people I showed it to were “disturbed” by the absence of audio.  This is deliberate –there is no “commentary” in reality –it is part of the “overlay” of our brain/mind that deludes us into a feeling of “specialness.” Space is silent and the music happens/appears strategically out of silence, and returns there –just like our own thoughts and mental commentary.

As humans, as we’ve decoded nature and our own being we discover that it seems to be a unique quality (Mind) that enables us to discover these patterns and to use symbols and language to effectively write and communicate.

But what happens when it becomes increasingly obvious that this quality of Mind preceded us (we’ve only been here for a little while, after all—the life forms expressing these constant—and the underlying “mental truths” themselves have been her perhaps forever).

I came to this recognition through the awareness of how computer code can manifest numeric truth in a non-human machine—and also that this is the same means of encoding that is present in our own DNA.

mindTo me this is deeply awe inspiring.  It means that beyond our conceptual mind (our senses, symbols, language, brains, neurons and synapses) order and Mind exist without us and have always existed. Mind or intelligence is not a human province exclusively, nor can it be partially attributed only to dolphins or whales, or cats and dogs, or extraterrestrials…

Mind is primary to existence.  Without Mind nothing would exist.  And our awareness of this, and our depth of awareness and mental capacity is a function of our biological being (brain, senses, awareness, symbol, language, music, art, and so on).

But just as we “see” only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, so must it be obvious that the true breadth of potential  Mind is far beyond our own capacity to comprehend—as far as we have come through evolution or whatever our past as humans may be—and sense that we know “real truth” beyond our own conceptual beliefs, and beyond the constants of the geometry of our dimensional reality, is a delusion.

Mind is ubiquitous and infinite.  Life is Intelligent.

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