78 Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder Might Make You Reconsider Your Diet

Jim Morris was a competitive bodybuilder for 30 years, and became vegan within the past twelve. At 50 he was a vegetarian, and at 65 he was a vegan.  Our understanding of human health continues to evolve and change over time, just like anything else. As science continues to shed light on the health benefits associated with eating less meat and more ‘earthly’ foods like organic fruits and vegetables,  more people around the globe are making a transition to a vegetarian and/or vegan diet for a variety of reasons. There is a reason why a plant based diet can help prevent over over 60% of chronic disease deaths.

Jim isn’t the only one, I wrote an article in November of 2013 on Frank Medrano, another Vegan bodybuilder who displays enormous amounts of strength. I show these videos to dispel the protein myth that commonly plagues vegans and vegetarians. It’s not like you’d ask a Gorilla where it gets its protein from, would you?

Research indicates that rates of heart disease and certain cancers are strongly associated with animal-protein based diets. Plant based foods on the other hand has plenty of protein and calcium along with far greater amounts of other essential nutrients like antioxidants and complex carbohydrates that you won’t find in meat or dairy products.  Here is a list of 10 protein packed plants if you would like to get started.

“The protein in animal products is filled with fats and chemicals and all sorts of stuff that’s harmful to you. When I was competing and stuffing down all that stuff, I had lots of digestive problems, I was constipated and bloated, just miserable all the time. I don’t concern myself with protein anymore, because there is enough in what I eat. I am not only healthy, but I feel better about myself and how I relate to other creatures in the world.” – Jim

If you are curious about vegetarian and vegan diets, hopefully this article will inspire you to look into it further. Studies show that vegetarians and vegans live, on average, 6 to 10 years longer than meat-eaters and they’re less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses. It’s always important to do your research if you are considering a major dietary change, don’t just take my word for it, look, search, and you will see for yourself.

Below is an interview with Jim and PETA, he talks about health problems he endured when he ate meat and dairy products. He explains that if he continued to eat unhealthy animal based products he wouldn’t be alive today.


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- See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/11/28/vegan-bodybuilder-displays-enormous-amounts-of-strength-in-must-see-video/#sthash.3INEzl6P.dpuf








Here is a list of 10 protein packed plants if you’re interested. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/11/28/vegan-bodybuilder-displays-enormous-amounts-of-strength-in-must-see-video/#sthash.2ZHa67Xb.dpuf

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53 comments on “78 Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder Might Make You Reconsider Your Diet

  1. Bert

    Sooo, please show me a vegan body builder who was vegan at birth from vegan parents. There aren’t any. And you know why ? Meat is essential for proper child development and growth. Becoming vegan after the fact means nothing and your whole premise is invalid. Being on a diet which is lacking in certain nutrients which have to be supplemented is not a natural way to go. Vegans are biased in their thinking which taints any form of quality discussion.

  2. stephen

    Most people on here are brain dead. They like eating meat so they cannot admit how unhealthy it is. No wonder cancer and other chronic illnesses are so common in the West. I guess the sheeple will never wake up.

    • S. Lavergne

      Not to throw oil in the fire, but yours is exactly the kind of extremist reaction that makes the vegan movement seem excessive and irrational to the uninitiated. No room for argumentation, just an assumption that you know an obvious, undebatable, universal truth and that therefore everyone thinking otherwise is wrong (not to mention the name calling – discrediting yourself further). It’s the food equivalent of racism in my book.

      And of course, bundling up all animal protein as being equal is simply ridiculous. Do you seriously believe that, say, sustainable wild salmon, grass-fed deer and hormone-pumped soy/corn-fed beef all have the same effects on human health? If you do, then of course by all means, you should indeed avoid ALL meats to stay out of trouble. :)

      Those of us seeing the shades of grey between black and white however, or distinguish different meats and how they were raised in this case, can make informed decisions about what we eat for a more varied and complete diet. For what it’s worth, you could do more long-term damage to humans with GM soy than some meats…

    • dfalir


      I think you know that cancer is a psychosomatic disease, and is not the result of luck of healthy food only. Its caused by a combination of factors, food being one of them, immune system the other, even psychology factors. Nobody hear argues that eating only meat is not healthy. But I don’t think that eating 1-2 maybe even 3 times a week, meat that is of good quality food (same goes to vegetables as well), is a risk for cancer. I would say that many researches state that importance of meat in our diet, is “measurable allowed quantities”, just like they state the importance of vegetables. I would like to see any research from a couple of well respected universities that state the opposite and I will have second thoughts about it, then. Do you have any evidence for supporting your view? I would be glad to read it.

  3. On milk:

    Aside from everything Jim Morris points out about milk in this inteview, it should be noted that something like 60% of the human population is lactose intolerant to some extent (take the “gallon milk challenge” as evidence). Those who aren’t have an ancestral link to Scandinavia. For the rest of us, it’s much healthier to drink goat’s milk. From my own experience, a glass of raw, unpasteurized goat’s milk is about as good as it gets. For you milk-drinkers out there, just make sure your milk comes from a farm where the cattle (or goats) are allowed to roam free, and allowed to mate and feed their calfs as nature intended. Milk doesn’t have to come from rape and thievery!

  4. Dave S

    It’s too bad this article is way off and the irresponsible journalism will probably cause a lot of damage to people. The human body is supposed to eat meat, the reason why you were genetically given K9′s. All amino acids are important Branched chain and non-essential, not just the 9 essentials which is why we need a variety of sources for protein. Example, your body needs 191 different amino acids in a single chain polypeptide in order to create IGF-1 which is used by many glands including your thyroid to produce HGH, testosterone and several other much needed hormones. HGH is essential for repairing cellular structure and damage to the body.The amount per day cannot be met by eating vegetables alone, since your body requires 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight per day. Plants can never fulfill the amino requirements the body needs.

    • Sven Stenberg

      I’ll give u 5 names of vegans u might have heard about, Da Vinci, Einstein, Socrates, Plato and last but not least mr. Gorilla. Tell me, does mr. Gorilla look like he is protein deficient?

      • S. Lavergne

        Seriously, you’re going to bring a gorilla into this debate? :)

        Aren’t you aware that they have to eat tens of KILOS of plant matter each and every day to get all the nutrition they need? Not to mention their huge relative digestive system size and only 1/3 of the relative brain size compared to us? Lastly, gorillas have type IIb muscle fiber in abundance, whereas we don’t have much of it at all, which gives them volume with relatively little effort/nutrition.

        Quick fact check about Einstein: he only became vegetarian in the LAST YEAR of his life, after taking ill. So let’s take his example with a grain of salt, please.

        • I think a gorilla is a great example :) lol I see your point, but it just means humans don’t have to eat tons and tons to get the nutrition they need, but they do need to eat would we would see as ‘lots.’

          • S. Lavergne

            Actually adding animal fats and meats to our diets (which previously must’ve been limited to plants and insects) was a crucial part of our evolution from what I understand: it’s how we’ve managed to shrink our digestive system considerably and how we continued to grow our brains (I hear cooking also helped those). Our modern digestive systems literally could not cope with eating, say, 20 pounds of raw leafy greens per day. (Heck, just 100g of raw broccoli and my digestive system becomes somewhat anti-social already, but I digress. :P )

            On that note, I do agree however that modern vegetarian foods are promising as a means to reduce the amount of animal sources we eat down to luxury level instead of necessity (and I don’t mean the low-nutrition industrial-scale meat here, either, which I avoid entirely). For example I’m particularly fond of the 70% hemp protein we have here in Canada. You won’t get EPA/DHA fats from that (long live wild salmon!), but it’s a great dense source of complete protein which we didn’t have access to until recent times.

            I guess my main “beef” against radical vegetarianism (or “radical” most anything…) is that we are still learning tremendously about human nutrition and physiology and thus we shouldn’t pretend like we understand it 100%. (Same reason why I disagree with the industrialization of our food supply, which changed the composition of what we eat without much thought.) For example there are 34 different types of saturated fats, which we’re only now starting to understand have wildly varying positive and negative effects on our health, which just a decade ago we grouped together as all “bad”.

            All in moderation…

    • Jose Silva

      I strongly agree with you regarding the irresponsible journalism and the human body needs, you giving very good information. However I would simplify for those who didn’t got it, that, the most skilled, fast, critical thinking and intelligent animals eating meat, like the Eagle from the sky’s or the Tiger from the land or the Dolphin from the sea are just a small example we can have to describe the meat rule in our lives.
      Thank you very much to alert the people.

    • Gorillas have K9s, Hippos have K9s, Gelada Baboon, Peccary, and Saber-toothed deer have K9s; they are all vegan except when stressed. Your dull canine teeth make no point. Pun intended. Have your total cholesterol taken – if it is over 150, you are at risk for a heart attack. Meat eaters have a hard time staying that low in fat since it is laced in the meat. Mine’s 120 and I am 57 years old, a 5 year vegan (gee, how did I survive according to your paragraph?), and the same weight and height I was in high school: 5’4″ and 116. Dave, you know nothing about being vegan apparently. We eat grains, fruits, veges, legumes, and other products. I am huge on starches. I definitely get my protein. Stop worrying about us and worry about the animals instead.

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  6. Can you provide links to these studies that link animal protein to diseases? I’d like to take a look at those results.

    • You can either look under PCRM.org or tons of referenced articles under Drmcdougall.com. Click on Dr. McDougall’s site, then go to Education and find your way to Hot Topics. Scroll down and you will have hours of peer reviewed research to look at.

  7. Do you ever write about other vegan products like beauty products. The skin absorbs 60% of all topical products into the bloodstream. A lot of soaps are made with tallow.

  8. Seee James

    You can not get protein from any external source! Can not! The body makes its own protein. That’s it. The great type of protein in a Salmon (for example) – ONLY works for the Salmon – Not you.

  9. Braven

    Can we as humans stop coming up with stupid diets? Veganism is not a viable option and even the most dedicated crazy followers end up quitting due to decreased health markers. You don’t even have to google it, go on youtube and see loyal followers of 10 15+ years quit. Vegetarianism on the other hand if perfectly viable because we need fats and other nutrients from animal sources, and you can avoid meat if you want to. Learn your body, strive to eat better foods, become healthier and you’ll be surprised how well the body can change.

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  11. dfalir

    This Broccoli died [Fresh broccoli photo], just so YOU could be a vegetarian!
    Have a heart! Eat a rock!

    • You sir made my day :))

      • Dionisis

        And so did you sir, by posting such a nice comment! Thank you, glad you liked it! :-)

        • jesus

          y’all both made my day by making each others’ days. this is what humanity should be all about !!!

          • Abel

            For once, I agree with Jesus.

    • 2pink4u


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  13. Well when the milk is unpasteurized, raw, grass as opposed to grain fed, full fat – the natural probiotic bacteria help break down and assimilate it.

    Should you drink it every day, at every meal? Of course not. Your body only needs so much from one nutritional source. But, when push comes to shove and the body needs some serious mineral content (like when one ex-vegan commenter replied that his/her finger was taking much longer to heal) animal products can be amazing.

    I used raw milk, butter, and bone broth to heal a tooth infection to the point where the dentist was shocked that I didn’t even have a cavity anymore.

    But when I am not otherwise injuring myself, I like to eat lighter and avoid animal products that will build up in my body if I’m not using and absorbing everything they offer.

    You just don’t need calcium after a certain point, unless your body is trying to heal bone damage.

  14. Joshua Trahair

    Just read on another website that this guys takes a 2 weekly testosterone injection. Perhaps he should be promoting testosterone instead of a vegan lifestyle?

  15. Martin Pribyl

    “It’s not like you’d ask a Gorilla where it gets its protein from, would you?” -Yes, but Gorilla spends up to 14 hours a day feeding!
    I’m sorry, I was a vegan 2 years ago, until I broke my finger. After 8 weeks when it just couldn’t start to grow together (normal time to heal is 5 weeks), I started eating animal protein again and it healed just fine after another 5 weeks. Having not enough protein is a bitch!:)

    • stephen

      Martin, you can get protein from greens, seeds, and nuts. You can now get plant protein powders that are high in protein. You don’t have to eat a dead animal to get protein. Eating a dead animal with rot inside your digestive system, and this will increase the risk of disease. Why else do you think Western culture is so sick? Go figure!

  16. His steroid use helps him stay in shape also… I train people pike this for a living, there’s no way he’s “Natural”

  17. Dionisis

    God gave us the animals to support and serve the human kind. Drinking milk especially at young ages is as vital as eating vegetables. Animals and vegetables are equally important for the human kinds nutrition. And the damage that can be caused by eating meat from animals that are tortured or stuffed with hormones can equally be caused from vegetables that are full of chemicals and fertilizers in order to grow. So it’s not whether vegetables are better than meat. It is to know where you food comes from, to respect your food, and as ancient Greeks said, do (eat) everything with balance. Eating only meat, is just as bad as eating only vegetables.

    • g1

      Human milk maybe, but certainly not cow’s milk – that stuff isn’t healthy at all in the quantities that it is pushed on us. Not to mention, the calcium that’s in cow’s milk is very hard for the body to absorb/process.

    • I think humans have a limited understanding about our history, and our ancient history which makes it hard to know much about diet. I agree with you, it must all be organic and pesticide free!

    • Lindsay

      “God gave us the animals to support and serve the human kind?” Quite a narrow minded opinion, if you ask me… I am not vegan or even vegetarian, but I don’t think that Earth, or the animals and life forms inhabiting it, were created solely for the benefit of humans.

      I agree with some of your other points but I do think that a healthy diet can be achieved as a vegan OR a meat eater. I think the source of the food and limiting processed, refined foods is the key. I believe a vegan with a diet heavy in refined carbs and sugars can be far unhealthier than a meat eater eating clean, unprocessed foods.

      • dfalir

        Actually it seems that you agree on all my points Lindaay! I did not mentioned anywhere the world “solely”, and I agree with you. And besides the fact that I did not mention the word, of course animals only purpose of existence is not to solely to feed humans. But I can’t believe that animals and animal products, are by any way harmful for humans!!!! Quite the contrary! As long as humans race existed, and up to this point, human’s main source of food was animal meat and animal derived products along with vegetables. And this source of food has made us reach this far through million of years!!! Even carnivor animals do eat animals AND vegetables! And your second paragraph states exactly the same things that i stated! All the increase in cancer and diabetes and so on, are a product of Man intervention in the food industry, for larger profit and more and faster production of quantities…

        • Hmmm

          Carnivores eat only meat/insects.. Omnivores eat meat/insects and vegetation.. Herbivores eat only vegetation.. duh.

    • God did’nt give you or me animals to eat. We took them in our imperfection. He gave you perfection where no animal eats another. Likewise, the bible ways that when we return to perfection, the Lion will lay with the lamb. Don’t use Gods name in vain………………idiot!

      • Dionisis

        The lion will lay with the lamp and you with your grandmother! Hahaha! Paradise as described in the Bible, was meant for people with brain capability of 3000 years ago! Just like yours still is, from what I see! Paradise (and hell) is the state (not a place you idiot) of your soul, because your will soul will continue to exist after your body is gone. At least that is what Christians believe. And according to the deeds you have performed in your life, if you are at peace with yourself and your consciousness, in other words if you feel and know that you have done good in your life you will be happy and in peace with God…no matter whether you have been a Christian or a Muslim. And I am not using God’s name in vain, because as I see you will learn something from this discussion… Now go crawl back to your cave, make and your brain a little smarter and learn to have a proper discussion because calling other people idiots it’s not very Christian is it? and as you saw I can reply to you just like you can…. Idiot.

        • carbonunit

          It IS written in the Bible, the end of the world WILL come, when man IS too powerful in WISDOM….and like minded people like yourself and your almighty powerful wisdom that venerates you in your self appreciated and self approved grade….will NOT prevail.

          Yes you ARE wise…very wise…scary actually! So smart and wise that it triggers what i know and believe in my faith!

          FYI, your comments based on self absorbed narcissism and extreme aspirations does not mean that this world is nor will be a better place! Hitler tried and well… the rest is history!

          I wouldn’t even dare ask you to be humble…why…simple, because this is the way it is supposed to be…yes, people with attributes of high esteem! The Romans not only jeered,scoffed and laughed at Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross to die for mine and YOUR sins…you have admitted here how you conduct your life just the same way….jeering and scoffing! Don’t worry…your over-zealousness is normal in these times of these days!

          Unless you are humble and non-judgemental…you heart will NEVER EVER be at peace !!!

          Good-luck….and oh….I do pray for souls like yours too…to be helped in grace…regardless.

    • The animals are here to live their own lives – not to be food for your purposes. Take yourself down from that pedestal and let your religion evolve, as we have more knowledge than we had 2,000 years ago. Amazing people do not see how selfish and egotistical their position is – and that supposedly came from your God? If my morals are better than your god, you should reflect and be more expansive than “just humans.”

  18. Tarran Kent-Hume

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I appreciate the different perspective and outlook on heath. Diet is a massive part of our health and something that is always overlooked, for example if a business provided heathy slow release energy meals for lunch the productivity would be far better in the afternoon than if you have a high carbohydrate laden lunch which creates an energy slump.
    It does make me and I hope others question what we are eating and why. Thanks again for sharing the video – @tarran008

  19. Nikole

    Thank you for your article. It had great insight and I thought it was a nice read. Food for thought ;)

  20. David

    unless you have an organic farm where the animals are able to have a close to free roam existence than it Is UNETHICAL to eat meat, and you’re perpetuating the vile food industry. f*** that politically correct first response . Our world is dying and becoming exhausted, and people are worried about respecting ignorant peoples life choices. I’ll be the first to say it then. Some things are just wrong. you cannot even come close to comparing religion to our food industry lol…American privilege, and attitude though I suppose

    • shon

      You tell em brotha

    • passenger

      “…Our world is dying and becoming exhausted…”

      You might to want to reflect a moment and reconsider that statement. Mostly because it is completely wrong. According to the World Food Programme (http://www.wfp.org/hunger) one in eight (1/8) of people in the world “do not get enough food”. That’s a sad number. But it’s probably the best ratio of starvation to sustenance that has ever been known. The standard for most of human history has been the exact opposite: meaning that 7/8 of the population was in danger of dying of starvation at any given time.

      We are living at an unprecedented time, whereupon most people can get the food that they need without fear of starvation. Granted, we can still do more. We need to reduce the ratio of people in hunger from 1 in 8 to 1 in 888 to eventually nobody. That day is not here but our progress can make it so.

      But to claim that we are failing and dying is a complete and utter lie and a denial of all human progress. It is a surrender and counter to our human spirit. We are producing more food to more people than ever before. The answer is not to proclaim “game over” and retreat but to advance further and find a way to feed everyone.
      Go forth and multiply. We will find a way.

  21. Everyone’s body is different. What works for one person, may not work for another in most cases. I enjoy eating meat, I have no problems with it what so ever. Simply because this man had issues with meat does not mean everyone will. Do what works for YOU, and be respectful about what OTHERS deem as appropriate for themselves. Don’t push your agendas on others, be it through diet strategies, religion or politics. We are all individuals. Accept that fact and you’ll be happier.

    • Nice comment :) Thanks for visiting, definitely don’t feel like I was pushing, just offering some information for those who are thinking of making the change.

    • Dillon

      Now, I am not a vegan myself, and I’m just new to the concept, but I think the highest form of pushing your views on someone is eating them. They die just because you believe you have the right to eat them. Just a thought.

    • While I wouldn’t say that the author was pushing anything onto us, I strongly agree that we’re all different. Myself, for some reason I feel a lot better when I eat as much as 2.5g/kg (1.2g/lb) of protein per day, so the recommended 0.8g/kg is way off for me. I feel hugely different when I favor carbohydrates (yes, even just the slow type) or fats instead of protein in my diet.

      I eat a lot of it from plant sources but eggs, dairy (whey protein!) and several weekly portions of a high-quality meat are an essential part of it. I choose meat without chemicals and crappy fats like wild salmon, organic poultry and a hidden gem called bison which is nearly organic by law here in Canada. I think that as long as we recognize that animal protein is somewhat of a luxury and that not all sources are created equal we’re on the right track. (i.e. BIG difference between Omega-6 filled grain-fed beef and the balanced grass-fed, for example!)

      PS: CE folks: I couldn’t comment using Google+ credentials. In fact, there are a lot of JavaScript errors on this page, at least using Google Chrome.

    • Salar Ansariansari

      Hey Matt … Before all let me clear that this is a peaceful message and there is no offense.
      I guess you are here because you clicked on a link or something so there was no push but your finger on the mouse or a trackpad. Second of all this sounds more like a suggestion not a disrespectful push of an agenda. Also do try not eating meat for 40 days or so and see if you feel better or not. Maybe you have and it didn’t really work, if so then keep your diet the way you like it and enjoy it.
      I also find this type of videos annoying not because of the message but because of the way they are presented. The main point of vegetarianism or veganism is feeling better inside not not killing the animals however that is also a terrible side of it.

    • Olivier

      Umm not really. Some people may have digesting problems but in our genetics, we all need the same diet. Everyone’s body is different, it is true but at a certain point. We’re all the same, only with small differences but on a regular bases, genetic give us the same needs with mega-tiny differences between each other.

      - Evolution theory

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