78 Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder Might Make You Reconsider Your Diet

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Jim Morris was a competitive bodybuilder for 30 years, and became vegan within the past twelve. At 50 he was a vegetarian, and at 65 he was a vegan.  Our understanding of human health continues to evolve and change over time, just like anything else. As science continues to shed light on the health benefits associated with eating less meat and more ‘earthly’ foods like organic fruits and vegetables,  more people around the globe are making a transition to a vegetarian and/or vegan diet for a variety of reasons. There is a reason why a plant based diet can help prevent over over 60% of chronic disease deaths.

Jim isn’t the only one, I wrote an article in November of 2013 on Frank Medrano, another Vegan bodybuilder who displays enormous amounts of strength. I show these videos to dispel the protein myth that commonly plagues vegans and vegetarians. It’s not like you’d ask a Gorilla where it gets its protein from, would you?

Research indicates that rates of heart disease and certain cancers are strongly associated with animal-protein based diets. Plant based foods on the other hand has plenty of protein and calcium along with far greater amounts of other essential nutrients like antioxidants and complex carbohydrates that you won’t find in meat or dairy products.  Here is a list of 10 protein packed plants if you would like to get started.

“The protein in animal products is filled with fats and chemicals and all sorts of stuff that’s harmful to you. When I was competing and stuffing down all that stuff, I had lots of digestive problems, I was constipated and bloated, just miserable all the time. I don’t concern myself with protein anymore, because there is enough in what I eat. I am not only healthy, but I feel better about myself and how I relate to other creatures in the world.” – Jim

If you are curious about vegetarian and vegan diets, hopefully this article will inspire you to look into it further. Studies show that vegetarians and vegans live, on average, 6 to 10 years longer than meat-eaters and they’re less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses. It’s always important to do your research if you are considering a major dietary change, don’t just take my word for it, look, search, and you will see for yourself.

Below is an interview with Jim and PETA, he talks about health problems he endured when he ate meat and dairy products. He explains that if he continued to eat unhealthy animal based products he wouldn’t be alive today.


(1) http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10000872396390444184704577587174077811182





– See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/11/28/vegan-bodybuilder-displays-enormous-amounts-of-strength-in-must-see-video/#sthash.3INEzl6P.dpuf








Here is a list of 10 protein packed plants if you’re interested. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/11/28/vegan-bodybuilder-displays-enormous-amounts-of-strength-in-must-see-video/#sthash.2ZHa67Xb.dpuf

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  1. Michael Federoff


  2. Dan

    I f****** love science. Studies are done for a reason : proof. And even then, the only good studies are the ones that do NOT look for any specific data to boost one diet over another. I hate it when people refer to subjective statements or unidirectional research subjects because it fits their point of view : “SomeONE said that this is bad”… “Some other said it is good because HE thinks that”…”Research says that you get more magnesium being a vegan”…”Research says that you get more good protein if you eat meat”… Loads of crap and useless biased information. And human evolution, unique or cut-out sicknesses or physical attributes? Gorillas? I have teeth, the fork has teeth, I’m a fork? Seriously people, come on, humans are humans, stop comparing to other species or lifeform, no one here has a primate’s dna, body constitution or brain chemistry (I hope not)… Bottom line, all objective and not specifically oriented studies are pretty formal about one thing : just feed yourself all what your body needs to live and voilà! Whatever it is, so long as it’s a variety (more of one or the other is meaningless) of vegetables, meat, nuts, fish, plants, trees, dirt, animals, rocks, alguae or funny-looking-green-vegetanimalistic stuff… as long as it’s unprocessed and, hopefully, not chemically or genetically tainted food, you’re in for a long, healthy and happy life! Special note : of all the above, the arguments that take in consideration only a couple of individuals and their respective diet to prove an “absolute” fact is “absolutely” ridiculous.

  3. xyz

    a lot of people say: animal can think, feel.
    I’m asking, how many of them have read, know also plants are feeling, understandin our thoughts, so they can think..and comunicate between them???????????????????
    Al what I said it is scientificly demostrated, just read more ;)

    So..it is a dilema adout eating and feeling, because if plants are thinking, feeling too..we assume the best way to feed it is prana, like yoga say! :)

    Ps: i’m not yogin, just like to read, know, think, evolve :)

    • Bob

      I can barely understand you are trying to say. I don’t know what you are talking about with what you say being “scientifically demonstrated”. Animals have a nervous system and can therefore feel pain. Plants do not have a nervous system and are not “thinking, feeling too…” as you so eloquently put it.

      • Zocha

        You are wrong, Bob… what have you done during biology lessons at school??? plants are not animals, so how could the nervous system look similar? look between animals – there are not only mammals… plants do feel, can communicate and react after a message from another plant… so I have respect for frutarians only… the rest is eating killed organisms – no matter plants or animals, they were killed to be eaten by humans…

        • Bob

          Everyone who takes biology in school knows that plants do not have a nervous system. Its not that they don’t “look similar”, its that with plants, the nervous system just doesn’t exist. period. This means that they cannot feel pain and they cannot suffer. If you think about it, why would an organism which cant move ever evolve to feel pain? It makes absolutely no sense. Plants cannot “feel or communicate” the same way animals or humans can.

          • here’s one to bake your noodle Bob – there have been experiments that show plants communicate with one another and have “feelings”; sans nervous system. Seems to me that would be an even more powerful argument… it seems you’re trying to argue

        • There are a few things to point out. First: (which has been said before, but good to reiterate) Plants do not have a central nervous system and do not have pain receptors. Without pain receptors, there is no pain.

          Second: we don’t have to kill a plant in order to eat from it. 90% of a plant’s body can be lost and still be entirely regrown from precursor cells, unlike limbs.

          Third: the fruits of the plant are the ovaries of the plant, but unlike animal ovaries, they are made again and again and are rejected from the plant in order to propagate their own seed.

          Fourth: Understanding why eating animal flesh consumption can never be Sustainable is as simple as understanding the ecological energy pyramid of trophic levels. At the bottom of the pyramid are primary producers (plants), primary consumers (Vegans), secondary consumers (animals that eat Vegans), tertiary consumer (animals that eat an animal who has eaten another animal), and so on. As one goes up the pyramid, 90% of energy is lost at each step–by the time you reach secondary or tertiary consumers (most humans being tertiary, seeing as the cows they’re eating are most often fed cow’s blood and rendering plant animals and are no longer herbivorous), it’s terribly inefficient.

          It takes many times more plants to create an animal, and every animal represents not only the plants and animals it ate, but all the plants it took to create the animals it ate, and so on. There can only be a small # of keystone predators. If humans were granted the “right” to eat animal flesh, shouldn’t all humans be able to do it? But no–more than 2 billion people die every year due to lack of fresh food and drinking water.

          We can already feed the world at least 1 1/2 times over (an additional 4 billion people) if everyone were Vegan. Source: http://prime.peta.org/2013/08/hunger

          To try to invert the ecological energy pyramid with a disproportionately large amount of secondary or tertiary consumers is to invite world devastation because it destroys carrying capacity of the land and ability to grow plants in the first place by pollution and destroying top soil, creating oceanic dead zones, and contributing to climate change. Link here: http://science.opposingviews.com/being-vegetarian

          Livestock’s long shadow, 2007:

          Source: Botany and Ecology classes, TWU

          • I’m going to quote you, on my Facebook! That was well said. God Bless you! Very organized and TRUTH!

      • Carmo

        But they are living beings too. I don’t know if they feel or communicate somehow, but they do live! So, if people don’t eat animals because they are living beings…Then we wouldn’t eat anything!

    • rob

      there are fruiterians out there also for the reasons your talking about

  4. doesn matter what my name is

    i will stay with my meat diet mix with some vegi here and there. There no saying we cant both co exist in this world ;D.

    • greg


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  8. Paleo forever ;)

  9. Bert

    He didn’t start out his life as a vegan. He built up his body first as a meat eater. No one has met my challenge yet which is to show me one vegan who was vegan from birth from vegan Parents who is a body builder. Especially without artificial vitamin and mineral supplements. There are none !

    • the witch

      It is exactly the same what I’ve meant :) I agree in 100%!

    • Regardt

      Hi Bert, I am a vegan for the last 14 years and before that i have was vegetarian…i’m 22 years old and have started body building beginning of last year, since then I have gained 12 Kg of muscle mass and my body fat index is 6%…The human body was not designed to eat meat, any real Doctor can tell you that if you are a athlete or Body builder you will have more success on a vegan diet.

      • Ken

        Actually, no. Those teeth you have, called incisors, those are for tearing through meat. The human body is designed to eat meat. Thousands of years of evolution has brought us from scavenging forests for nuts and berries to eating animal meat.

        Any real doctor would tell you that you’re full of shit.

        Coming from a meat eater with a body fat index of 6%.

        • Actually, no Ken. The onus is on you to prove that your incisors are “for tearing through meat”. Most meat-eaters use the word “canines”, however. This has been debunked so many times, it’s a wonder you don’t do a simple google search for “real canines”. Those 2 inch long teeth that gorillas have? Those are called canines–and unlike humans’ (which were named so by scientists for location similarity only) they are true canines. Guess what gorillas use them for? To tear into the flesh of fruit. These gorillas, our closest living relatives genetically, eat a ~98-99% Vegan diet on average as an entire species. And chimps? Next closing living relative eat animal flesh (mostly insects as “animal flesh”) on average of only 9 days out of the year as a species. That’s 356 out of 365 days they’re not eating it, which is ~98% Vegan. All of the primates in fact are a Vegan or primarily Vegan species–no other animal besides human animals exploits animals like we do for the body parts or secretions of another species, nor live in a way that systematically destroys all life on its planet. Going Vegan is the #1 thing a person can do for their health, environment, ethics system, and to end world hunger.

          “Thousands of years”–most all evolutionary data shows our ancestors ate a primarily fruit and nut diet.

          Two very easy things you ought to research:

          Peristalsis. Real omnivores and carnivores (lions, tiger, bears) require ZERO fiber in their diet in order to have bowel movements. Herbivores require fiber for bowel movements. What does that say about humans? And who is constantly constipated? Not Vegans! haha

          Atherosclerosis in herbivores vs. omnivores and carnivores. You can give true omnivores and carnivores animal flesh in the amount of the 50 times what a typical human eats in a lifetime, and they will STILL never get atherosclerosis. Herbivores? Will every time. What does that say about humans?

          A good starting point: “Vegans: On the verge of extinction?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBuGcAtLt7s

          “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30gEiweaAVQ

          • To be even more specific: herbivores are the only animals capable of developing atherosclerosis (with the exception of some genetically modified/bred dog breeds in their old age.).

            Comparative anatomy of eating:


          • Stéphane Lavergne

            At the risk of putting oil on the fire, I think you’re making a few incorrect assumptions:

            1. You assert that industrial grain-fed meat fat = wild properly-fed fat nutritionally. Our industrial food supply is completely out of whack from our nutritional needs and is environmentally disruptive, I agree, out of an unrealistic desire to eat a high amount of meat every single day at a dysmal price. There is however, room for properly sourced and fed meat in moderation in the human diet, and I contend (see point 2) that we need it for optimal health.

            2. While I really like your follow-up article comparing the anatomies of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, the conclusion of said article is biased unfortunately. Species can evolve into new nutritional patterns, and humans seem to fit the bill perfectly: herbivores a couple million years ago as small primates, and adapting into a omnivore diet as we conquered more diverse climates, started walking upright, basically became intelligent and what we’d call “human” today. Two main indicators of that to me are our relative digestive system and brain sizes compared to our mostly-herbivore cousins: ours intestines shrank to a third of theirs as we evolved and thanks to a much fatter diet, our brains were allowed to grow substantially. I find it fascinating that our digestive system shows clear vestiges of a herbivorous diet, but that doesn’t constitute proof in itself that we are currently supposed to abide by it. (By that logic, the tiny vestigial gills in our inner ears would indicate that we were still meant to live under water. ;) ) Your note on constipation further proves by point that we evolved into mere omnivores too, because yes the Inuit eating nearly 100% meat and fat are notoriously constipated; wouldn’t want to try that!

            3. Artheriosclerosis. Unfortunately, I’ll bet there isn’t any data to show whether any human 100% vegan since birth developed it in their later years, given how strict and long that study would need to be. To be fair, that study would also somehow need to distinguish between wild game and our current mess of a commercial diet, because I have my theories on that front… :)

            With that said, of course these days we’re starting to know enough about nutrition to be able to substitute what fats and protein we would normally require from game meat in the wild, with novel plant sources such as hemp which are much less environmentally disruptive when cultivated intensively. I’m not countering your arguments to make a case for industrial farming here! Can’t stand those practices. I think however that saying we’re physically herbivorous is going too far back into our evolution to be valid: we need lots of imported fruits, seeds and nuts and some manufactured supplements year-round for optimal health on a true vegan diet (in my northern climate), which wouldn’t have been possible just 100 years ago. We can’t grow avocados in Canada but I sure can’t imagine my diet without them…

            In other words, I think veganism is a (valid!) modern-day solution to the modern-day problem of improper farming and overpopulation, but it is not a means to “eat what we’re designed to digest”. Therefore I personally still enjoy organic eggs and dairy, and a moderate amount of properly raised fish and the occasional land meat.

        • xyz

          to use your beautifull words “full of shit” are you because what you sustein about incisors..are not write on them or manual of use, you just asume, like Regardt asume, believe about vegetarians.
          Read more about mind power, yoga and others stuf, not only eating, material stuf..

    • Your Mama

      Jehina Malik, vegan since birth and world champion bodybuilder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgzOIROVVBI

      Torre Washington, vegetarian since birth, vegan for almost two decades, champion bodybuilder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-s1wwThvx8

      • Raimi Lagos.

        I think that in life, one can eat everything without any harm so long as you don’t eat 2 much cuz d body needs everything. Meat, fish, chicken, pudding, semolina, rice, bush meat etc, and leave the grass and leafs 4d animals.

    • go check torre washington….or varinder singh ghuman…

    • xyz

      this beacuse od culture, not because it is not possible! If culture would be to eat just vegan from baby..we could withiot problems, so, you did not met because poepple don’t do, think like that, not beause it is not possible.
      More than that yogins claim they could live just with prana, many thing we can do with our mind but wich can seems to be imposible, more and more appers, so..a lot of things we can do, but our way to think, believs stop us from developing, doing them..our mind, energy can do a lot!!!

  10. You should also have in mind the placebo effect, it would be impossible to know the placebo of vegan and vegetarian food.

    • Ryan

      I agree but the thing is IF, and I emphasise, IF placebo does work and has a positive measurable material effect on the body then that is even better (and fascinating). This shows potential that one can influence the body with the mind.

  11. Lisa D.

    Who cares what his face looks like? However, the fact that his body is in tip top shape for a man at any age is commendable. He looks great for 77 because most of us let ourselves go. Perhaps he didn’t have the money to take care of his teeth. Hell, if he could he may have bought some by now. He’s not a walking advertisement for anything other than healthy eating. Take it for what it’s worth.

  12. the witch

    1. show me one successfull sportsman/-woman who is vegetarian/vegan from birth or at least before he/she started training
    2. nobodys words are more valueable than science – I would like to see his blood results (and also the level of Fe)
    3. there is no information, that he is not using any artificial vitamins or proteins
    4. if you think that meat is full of chemicals and fruits ans vegatables are not – you have to be either blind or death… or maybe both…

    cows are eating GMO corn the same as vegans GMO soybean
    the only thing is the cows do not have choice but people do… and they are feeding animals with GMO

    Congratulations USA – it is mostly your work…

    • I second you witch! was about to comment the same thing myself.

    • Oh wow. Why not do a google search before asking strangers to provide research for you?

      1. Jehina Malik: Vegan since birth, 7-Time Champion Bodybuilder: http://veganbodyrevolution.com/?p=939

      A myriad of Vegan bodybuilders have been Vegan (and/or Vegetarian) since childhood, which considering our largely carnist culture we’ve been born into, is more than sufficient time to prove the health benefits and muscle gain: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/

      (PS–The longest living, largest and/or heaviest, and strongest animals on the planet: gorillas (98-99% Vegan diet on average as an entire species), elephants, oxen, buffalo, horses, tortoises, blue whales (eating zooplankton and krill at the highest sentience level as they filter eat and only eat what gets stuck between their teeth and blow out all the larger organisms) are Vegan.).

      My children are Vegan since birth (I have 2 and one on the way) with two of them being Vegan pregnancies, and one of the three, the first, being a Vegetarian pregnancy (before I went Vegan) and are not old enough yet to compete in bodybuilding championships (2 1/2 years old is the oldest). My son Landon is in the 98th percentile weight of age group–all muscle. At 10 months old, he weighed the same as some 2 year olds at 24 lb. He began walking at 10 months old, and when I went to workout, he easily lifted 2 lb. weights in both hands and began walking around with them out to shoulder level. At 11 months he can pick up my stock pot and walk around with it.

      2. Vegan friends I know post their perfect blood work as proof on fb often and even more report perfect results. Anemia happens in carnists more often because you can not absorb Heme iron, but the iron in plants is perfect, and we get more of it. Check out this video showing blood work by long time Vegan and marathon runner Durian Rider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O_A6Mh1J48, then read all the comments with Vegans underneath who talk about their perfect blood results as well. More perfect Vegan blood results:
      Matthew Armstrong’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcTioeozB_I
      Vegan ninja bunny shows studies on heme iron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBuGcAtLt7s

      My husband, 2 children (with 1 on the way), and I have been Vegan for the last 2 1/2 years (children have been Vegan their entire lives), I was Vegetarian for 6 years before that, and every year we always have perfect blood work. I’ve never bothered to upload mine or theirs; however, I’m going to start requesting copies of these medical records.

      3. What are “artificial” vitamins and proteins? They’re real–if people use supplements (and many healthy Vegans I know do not just because they don’t remember to and/or they get all of their nutritional needs from a plant-based diet), it’s often because of the depleted nutrients in soil, which are a direct result of the meat-eating lifestyle–if by a multi-vitamin and B12 you mean supplements, I took this before I went Vegetarian and I continue to because I care about my health and think everyone should as well. There are a lot of good educational sources about protein and amino acid content in Vegan food, like nutritiondata.com and from the Vegetarian Resource Group: http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/protein.php (I have researched and approve these as a Biology graduate and have taken cell and molecular biology). Essential amino acids are found in all complex starches, fruits and vegetables as a complete amino profile. Source: http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/105/25/e197

      Our bodies use amino acids as the building blocks of protein: our bodies are protein-making machines.

      An article with well-sourced credible studies debunking the “not all fruits and vegetables have protein” myth and the “you must carefully combine plants to get a complete protein” myth:


      4. If you think that toxins and dioxins don’t accumulate as you go “up” the food chain (so you have many times more increased levels of these in animal products instead of Vegan food), you are either ignorant about this well-documented fact and have not bothered to research this before making the statement, or are willfully misleading the public.

      Please read about the ecological energy pyramid of trophic levels (how it takes many times more land, water, plants, resources, petroleum dependence, is the #1 creator of pollution, to make a carnist vs. a Vegan), as well as the pesticide/herbicide/insecticide, toxins, and dioxins accumulation in animal products compared to plants.

      And what are the pesticides/herbicides/insectides created from? You might have guessed by now: as a “solution” to the meat-eating lifestyle to create bigger and more yields of crops on smaller plots of land, due to the unarable land (deforestation, desertification, oceanic dead zones, drought, destruction of top soil, #1 polluter of air, water, soil, and forests) largely from the carnist diet.

      5. ” vegans GMO soybean”

      More than 90% of all U.S. corn goes to livestock, 80% of all U.S. soy goes to livestock, and 70% of all U.S. grains go to livestock. Source: UN FAO fact sheet, http://www.tofurky.com/whyeatveg/meat_of_the_matter.html.

      While livestock is largely fed GMO foods and most soy is GMO (which is not right no matter who is getting it), it is not the Vegan human’s soy which is GMO–I challenge you to find any product containing soy for human consumption that does NOT say non-GMO and/or Organic.

      Every single product I have ever picked up containing soy has ALWAYS said non-gmo or organic (this is in the U.S.). Again, this goes back to complete ignorance of actually attempting to live a Vegan lifestyle, which it’s obvious you haven’t even bothered to do or read your labels and are simply spewing out rhetoric, and not from experience (unless you don’t live in the U.S. and I can’t speak personally for overseas products–however, U.S. Vegans hear carnists in the U.S. making this statement all the time, and if they’re making it and are clearly wrong about soy products for human consumption that are supposedly gmo, why should I expect that to not be the case somewhere else too?).

      While you didn’t mention this next one, many carnists appear to not like having to admit they know nothing about the actual health benefits of soy, so they go for the quickest rumor they can find. This article debunks all the ones I’ve heard: http://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

      Probably the most often stated myth, dispelled: “I will have increased risk of breast cancer if I consume too much soy.”

      Soy increases phytoestrogen levels, not estrogen levels. Phytoestrogen does not have the same effect as estrogen. Genistein is commonly known as phytoestrogen, which targets estrogen-mediated and androgen-mediated signaling pathways in the processes of carcinogenesis. Furthermore, genistein has been found to have antioxidant properties, and is shown to be a potent inhibitor of angiogenesis (blood vessel creation, which is particularly important to not have feeding cancer cells) and metastasis (spread of cancer from one organ or tissue to an adjacent part).

      Multiple studies show that the intake of soy may decrease risk of breast cancer, while none of the twenty studies I searched show increase for risk of breast cancer. Multiple studies that researched long-term benefits show that the sooner in life a person begins consuming soy, the greater the protective benefit.


      These are a few of the studies I posted on my profile last year.

      Feel free to show studies that show otherwise–I always like learning new info!

      • European


        You have to be very reach to use only organic products… What about other vegans??? I presume most of them are not reach enough to buy only organic…

        Thanks God I do not live in U.S., it is devil’s den when it comes to agriculture. GMO, BGH – it was all started by american “scientists” in your country…
        I am an organic farmer eating mostly organic (but not only) – meat and animal products, vegetables and fruits. I have no health problems and my blood results are perfect. Toxins and dioxins are mostly your (US) problem… I also wouldn’t eat any US-produced meet… You are the only country feeding most of animals with corn, which was not eaten by them naturally. All problems are caused by people wanting more and cheaper. The cows should eat grass, as before people gave them corn…

        I’ve meant protein powder to mix with water and drink – and it was a question about bodybuilders or sportsman, not you or your children… I am not interested neither about your health or habits… I was about sb. who needs more energy – even if for training instead of work…

        • hey European you sound a bit high on your horse. My wife works for a couple who raises grass fed meats. They sell at farmer’s markets and trade for Organic Produce. Our house is full of whole foods and meats and we are not from Europe. Who set the standards for Organic in the first place BTW? Not all of the US is bad. I have also been to Europe and I loved it. Europe has its issues though.

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  14. Debss

    point should be that every 1 should want the best for themselves, no matter what size, shape, ethnicity or class xxx

  15. He is primarily voicing what works for him and if he is in better health because of his choice, that’s to be celebrated. I’m 51 and have no conditions, diseases, illnesses and take NO medication. I was blessed to be able to reverse hypothyroidism about 10 years ago after eliminating dairy, significantly reducing meat (I bought organic at the time), increasing fruit, vegetables, water, added supplements, exercising, getting more rest and reducing stress. My allergies also went away. I keep moving toward vegetarian but haven’t made that transition entirely but there is definitely a difference in how I feel when I don’t eat meat versus when I do.

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  17. Playing devil’s advocate here…Ok his body is taken care and this is what works for him that’s great for him, he looks his age with muscles doesnt look any more youthful then the next 77 year old, and his teeth are not take care of could that be because of a lack of milk?? just an observation…I mean if you are going to advocate that one thing is better over another shouldnt you have your entire body from head to toe representing what you are advocating for??

    • Fari

      It clearly stated that he did not start a change in his diet till he was 50 so it would be reasonable to think that he had already aged to some extent. He looks healthy to me. His teeth have nothing to do with lack of milk as human beings do NOT require animal milk for nutrients. If the choices he made to change his lifestyle worked for him then that is great props to him on sticking with it as it is not the easiest path to take especially at 50

      • Chef

        @Fari: well said!

    • dee john

      I agree with your observations…and the sclera of his eyes give an indication that there is something wrong with his heart or his liver…

    • Bloopity

      RE: Lack of milk – unless he were drinking unpastuerized/non-homogenized milk, he could drink all the milk in the world and it’d not help his teeth. Same for you, and me. The process that pasteurizes our dairy also kills off the stuff that allows our bodies to absorb the calcium. If it’s been heat-treated (all milk you buy in stores) then it’s absolutely useless for calcium intake. Eating a large quantity of dairy will actually harm you – it WILL pull calcium FROM your bones. So much for eating dairy to prevent osteoporosis! Dairy (not incl. cultured or fermented dairy, which is Ph neutral) creates an acidic atmosphere in the body, and calcium corrects this balance – the largest deposit of calcium in our bodies being our bones – this calcium is used to neutralise the acidity and is leeched out through urine. So a diet rich in milk will actually create a calcium deficiency! Your bone density will be sacrificed in order to save your kidneys.

      The push for eating/drinking more dairy for calcium is a load of hogwash, benefiting the dairy industry and paying-off governmental handshakes. Vegetables have plenty of calcium – more than enough to provide our daily needs (provided we eat properly, not a ton of junk). Seriously, google the calcium levels found in common vegetables like green leafies and carrots.

    • Radar Eyes

      Lack of (cow) milk has nothing to do with developing bad teeth in adult age. Just Google it. Dental health is, to a certain degree, also genetically predefined. Point is: being vegan does not give you bad teeth.

      • It sure can if you eat a lot of carbs. Wheat and refined cards are a big cause of tooth decay.

    • Ryan

      Just a comment on the milk and teeth thing. Both my grandmother and grandfather were vegetarian (I’m not) since they were children. Never drank a drop of milk in their life but had perfect teeth until the day they passed away in their late 90s. I recall that they ate a lot of fresh green vegetable which probably supplied them with enough calcium, not a nutritionist though so that is just a guess.

    • He needs braces. That doesn’t have anything to do with nutrition. He needs an orthodontist

    • Nope

      You’re kidding me, right? Have you seen the average 77 year old? They look nothing like this dude. He has more muscle mass than 75% of the male population in their twenties in the States. That doesn’t mean he’s going to LOOK more youthful in his features. But respect due to his actual physical form- at his age that’s VERY rare.

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  20. omnivorous

    lol “you are what you eat [therefore] death, and pain, and fear… despair” as if we (meat eaters) all made the choice to buy cheaply raised and abused animal meat? awareness is a good thing for that, it opens you eyes to reality, and gives you an opportunity to choose wisely. i was a vegetarian for many years, and also a vegan for a couple. i was well informed, studied almost everyday about nutrients, quality of food, and ayurveda. it turned out veganism wasnt for me, and i found out I am lactose intolerant. i eat meat now. not everyday, but once every few days. its good for me. i know it, because i feel it. most of the meat i eat lived all its life in the wilderness, and took severeal weeks and alot of energy to catch. its a fare game. otherwise, i am lucky to live in an area where good organicly fed and well treated animals are raised for meat. and of course, I dont only eat meat! Like most meat eaters!!! I grow sprouts, and veggies, and legumes… and who knows, maybe when I reach aged 50, my body will tell me that i should stop eating meat!! and Im totally ok with that! but that’s not what it wants at the moment!

    by the way, if you’d studied anthropology, you would know that even our friendly vegetarian chimps and gorilla friends also eat meat (small monkeys, in this case!!!) once in a blue moon.

    the point of my rant is that its easy to make a judgement when you are ignorant or closed minded.
    how do you know that an apple tree doesn’t weep everytime it sees you bite into its child bearing apple?
    how do you think a plant feels when you rip its leaves out of the ground to make a fancy salad?
    maybe we should all just eat air and sunlight!!! oh wait… maybe it would hurt the sun!!!

    seriously, be reasonable… make a sensible choice…and listen to your body’s call!! after that, I chose to eat local, that’s my priority, because i think the environmental damage caused by fuel in transport (and lets not get into economical issues here… i mean, really, do we need to buy carrots grown in mexico, when they grow perfectly fine here, in my east canadian garden??) is far worst on the GLOBAL entity we form, than anything else my choices involve. and i do my best at choosing what creates the minimum damage. therefore, we grow our own food, my partner hunts and traps and we look forward to raising our own animals.

    most people don’t even know how to eat probably and have little knowledge of food. how many kids have i heard say: im vegetarien because i love animals, yet all they eat is cupcake and cocacola. nice… heathly choice!

    and by the way we are not scavengers, we are omnivorous. and even if we were scavengers, they are a very important part of the circle of life. remember the lion king???
    cut the b*llsh*t, be reasonable, and listen to your body.
    as much as I agree with the peta movement for raising awareness and creating change, their campagne induces guilt and fear. that’s not a good fuel for healthy choices.
    we all come from variant genetic and cultural backgrounds. judging one for what they eat is just as bad as judging them for the color of their skin or the name of their god.

  21. I am 52 and also follow a vegan diet, mostly raw… I am 6’3 230 lbs with a 34″ waist – I am as strong and vibrant as I was in my 20s… I just wrote a post on My blog yesterday on this very subject – Synchronicity – http://stormwolfwords.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/life-or-death-alkaline-vs-acidic-your-choice/

    • shalonda skinner

      That’s incredible!!! #myinsiration

    • Bloopity

      WONDERFUL blog post, Storm Wolf! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. anthony

    i completely agree with your reply there gary

  23. Steve

    Put simply, during evolution, there were branches of early ancestors that were herbivores and eventually died out against their later evolved omnivore counterparts which became early humans. Modern humans are the most intelligent species today due to ways we have developed in becoming cunning predators on the land before civilization was developed. Otherwise we would still be in trees eating plants and fruits.

    • Ryan

      Very true but remember that is only one stage of our development – it was only when humans learned agriculture, mostly plants based food like grains, is when civilisation began to take off. I’m not against eating meat but it is my subjective opinion that unlike early humans who need to haunt and gather, which takes a lot of energy that can only be provided efficiently by meat, modern humans will probably benefit more if we partake a more predominantly plant based diet.

  24. It’s not the animal that’s bad! Natives were eating animals their whole lives and they thrived. The problem is these profiteers who are feeding these animals the cheapest gmo crap they could find, then because they have no empathy they line them up and butcher them in inhumane ways. Learn how to take care of animals and how to properly kill them and your meat won’t be so shitty! Here’s a great example. The average store bought egg contains 37 mg of omega 3. However, when chickens are fed a special diet that includes flax seeds so they can boost omega 3 intake then these same chickens start producing eggs with 660 mg of omega 3. Quite projecting blame on animals, it’s you people and what you feed the animals and how you treat them that determines the quality of their meat and other products.


      você olha apenas a questão dietética. E quanto a questão ética, ecológico, filosófica, religiosa? comer animais tem outras consequências.

    • tom

      Imagine… you have no wepon, no clothes, no shoes, no fire to cook, just bare hands.
      Would you be able to catch, kill and eat any animal?
      We are not designed to eat meat…

      • DWS

        The fact that YOU do not possess the ability to hunt, is only an indication of your ignorance – not that of the indigenous hunter-gather tribes who DID hunt for thousands of years, and enjoyed perfect health. Enjoy your short, medicated life.

      • GeorgeO

        We ARE designed to use our intelligence to use a weapon, to make clothes, to create shoes, to build a fire. That’s what distinctly separates us from other animals. You cannot take that away from us. Our brains evolved for that purpose. That’s how our early ancestors did it. They crafted spears and hunted. Some did gather fruits and nuts but we are omnivores. We have the enzymes to digest meat. There are sections of your GI tract almost specifically dedicated to releasing enzymes to digest proteins in meat. So yes we are designed to eat meat, vegetables, and fruits.

        While we may be the only creature that drink milk as an adult but we do many things other animals don’t. We are the only species that cook, bake, farm, etc. We do it the taste. Also since we are intellectual beings, we also know what nutrition we need. Milk provides a good source of calcium. You need this calcium to promote adequate bone density both as a child and an adult. However everything needs to be taken in moderation. Water can kill you, watermelon can kill you, so can lettuce if eaten obsessively. To get the protein you need for body building through consuming meat products, you are also ingesting lots of fat and cholesterol which are known to cause constipation and cardiovascular disease. Perhaps we were not built to eat meats in such a way. After all our ancestors had to work hard in the past to obtain scraps of meats.

        It’s fine if people go vegan/vegetarian and I respect it. However, do not judge other people for eating meat.

        Source: Healthcare Professional

        • Indeed!

        • xyz

          or, could be that way: we are designed to use our inteligence to learn that meat is not good for us, to find out eat is just for survival, and we must developed our spirit, soul (body it is just a temporary house). So..developing spirit, not way to kill..!!!
          We humans most of us are on a wrong path of evolution!

          • How can you have pudding?

            Yes we are designed to use our intelligence, so eating a diet rich in creatine (found only in animal products) is required if you don’t want to lose 7 IQ points like your average vegetarian. Furthermore, reading comprehension and short term memory are the first mental functions to be axed by a body in distress since they are it’s most superfluous functions. You can’t even SPELL intelligence dude. There are so many typos in this comment thread it is read you less.

      • Yes Tom i would ???? like we have done as a spices for centuries ????????
        and if we were only designet to eat plants we would not eat meat !!!!!
        we are designet to eat all that grows and all that is running.

      • Daniel

        Really? You can’t be serious. Humans not eating meat is a new thing. We’ve always hunted and foraged. Yes you can catch and kill a chicken for example. Besides, humans didn’t evolve as powerful behemoths, we evolved our rational faculties more and are able to use tools and our environment much more effectively than any other animal on the planet. Thats how we make weapons and thats how we hunt.

      • Norg

        Yeah but it tastes good, so your argument is invalid. Moving on.

      • Kenneth

        But we were blessed with the intelligence to create these things. Im sure your paleo books have made u convinced about what we were “designed” to eat, but please dont spread the stupidity.

        Melamede Follower is right. Make the organic choice every time.

      • oana de lucia

        “We ARE designed to use our intelligence to use a weapon”… “Humans not eating meat is a new thing. We’ve always hunted and foraged”…??? Holy crap!!! Where are you people learning this bullshit from??? Humans were gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years, they began to eat meat during the last glaciation… And that theory that says that brain evolved due to the consumption of animal protein is a totally bullshit, it does make any sense…Following this logic would mean that carnivorous animals are smarter than herbivores … and is not at all true….Elephants, chimps, gorillas, what about them, are less intelligent than hyenas or wolves?… And by the way, you are not even carnivores, you are scavengers … you eat animal corpses in state of decay (how else can you call the bodies packed on supermarket shelves, several days old)… And remember this: “You are what you eat”! And what you eat is DEATH, and pain, and fear….despair !!!…. Think about that!!!

        • Well, every vegetable that you eat,you kill it to eat it. You are eating death too. Plants are living too before you eat them.

          • True.All plants are alive. They absorb their
            food and grow. Who says that they don’t
            feel pain? One of the experiments to do is
            to get some simple seeds and plant them in identical pots. Water them. Put the pots
            in seperate rooms. After they are growing
            subject one pot to totally negative thinking
            to the point of hate, and play rock music to
            them. the other pot should be subjected to
            positive thoughts and music that is full of love. Any vegan who did this and saw the
            results would not want to eat veggies
            Where is the point where nature gets mixed up? The Venus Fly Trap!!!


        • Care to explain our bodies need for vitamin b12 which can only be derived from animal proteins or pharmaceutical supplementation??

          • ShamrockRagEll

            Not true. You can get Vitamin b12 from fruits that are not cleaned in an extreme manner as it is the standard in the western world today. Vegans in India for instance do not need to supplement b12.

          • Yes. True. B12 found in plants is not able to be utilized. They are deficient. Indian vegans are not known for long life and deformities are rampant in india.

        • GeorgeO

          You pulled one line out of context. We do many things with our intelligence and by no means our intelligence was for solely the consumption of meat. I’m no anthropologist but a quick google dates spears back to 500,000 years ago. Species in our genus have been eating meat since before our species even existed. Our species for the most part probably always ate meat when it was available. You can call people who eat meat whatever you want. However, turning the argument to some sort of philosophical debate doesn’t help your case. We can eat meat -sole purpose for this chain is to refute that people aren’t supposed to eat meat and other animal products-.

          Btw you are not vegan/vegetarian because you were born into it. Your mind for whatever reason decided that you want to be vegan/vegetarian. Or maybe it was your parents. Either way it was a conscious choice.

        • Continue to drink the kool-aid Oana, the high and mighty are proud of you! Humans are ONLY gatherers for thousands of years?????? The beginning of the world of ag is about 10 to 15,000 (at most) years old! Hunters AND Gatherers since the beginning of time! From the Masai to the Inuit, to the Native Americans,(who worshipped and valued their animals like no other people before or since), to the Hunter Gatherers, they have all consumed some form of animal products. Please people stay off these sites with your simple minded, biased, moral BS agendas and more importantly lack of true facts!! It’s really getting old! Really!

      • Stefan

        Ah but Tom, we do.

        • ALL I CAN SAY IS LOOK AT ALL THE OBESITY AROUND US! We have became “heathens” in our diets. Everyone should look at BMIs and re-assess their diets if necessary.

          • Obesity is caused by carbs not meat.

      • Thank you.

      • Your argument is weak and false. Bugs are meat. Grubs are meat. Turtles, frogs and many other animals are easy to catch. We also are able to make tools and traps. Our digestive systems are absolutely designed for meat.

        • Bruno

          Yes but not red meat. Our closest cousins, the chimpanzees, are omnivorous but their main source of protein is termites. They are able to catch a mammal once in a very long while. Before humans developed language, we were terrible hunters. We don’t run fast and don’t have fangs or claws. We are not built for eating large game. It tastes great because it was a very uncommon treat in the wild. Just look at our teeth. We don’t have fangs like wolves or lions. We have small square teeth, like herbivores. You don’t need any red meat or large game at all, nor dairy. Some oysters or shrimp now and then are fine.

          • how can you eat your pudding?

            Not designed to eat red meat he says! Grass fed red meat has absolutely no harmful effect on heart health and is the most nourishing food there is! It can remineralize your teeth! My human cousins and I are way closer to each other AND closer to becoming rocket scientists than chimps thanks to all the creatine in our diet. Human beings always had language, neanderthals did too. We aren’t just hunters, we are the most prolific hunters that ever lived. We are the most flexible primates on earth. Primates are the most flexible mammals on earth. See where this is going yet? (The average veghead has damaged their reading comprehension and short term memory so I am just trying to be thorough here, maybe even memorable.) Humans are so good at running, we can literally chase an animal until it dies of exhaustion or falls off a cliff. We are 400% more efficient at running than chimpanzees. 800% more efficient than a dog. We don’t need to eat anything specific because we are effing amazing! When our blessed ancestors (that these mighty vegetable slayers keep insulting) attained the technology of fire that could sterilize meat and make large portions of fat edible, our brains concurrently started growing in size at an unprecedented rate. Life feeds on life feeds on life. Get over your emotional immaturity already! Stop preaching scientific studies on grain fed, un-fermented-soy, antibiotic, x-lax “burgers” at mcdonalds and get your facts straight!

    • xyz

      “Learn how to take care of animals and how to properly kill them”,,asuming you are talking about asking forgiveness, like indiens done, le’s put it like that: some will kill you wihout asking forgiveness or “properly”(as you say), or just kill you, you will forgive, your vibrations and waves of mind, chemichal reactions form you boby will be others, and you meat will be good to eat? :)))) Chemical reactions will be same, fear, wakness, rage, balaming, vibrations of mind, etc, will be same even killing properly. It’s good to read, know more, but it is better to put tsose information together and think after that…

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