Spectacular UFO Footage From NASA’s STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle

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When it comes to real footage of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission is definitely one at the top of the list. This footage is real, well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions. (1)(2)(3)

The video below shows as many as a dozen objects moving in unusual fashion. Apart from that, the most fascinating part is when we see one object at a point near the horizon, as a flash occurs, followed by another object or stream that moves rapidly across the field of view, the object shoots off into space.

Explanations have varied from intelligent extraterrestrial spacecraft, to space weather events and more. There is however, no definite explanation, and many of them don’t take into account the dozens of objects that are captured on film.

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any kind of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon” (4) -Dr Brian O’leary, Fmr NASA Astronaut, Princeton Physics Professor

This might be some of the evidence O’leary (quoted above) is talking about. I have personally had a craft sighting that looked exactly like this one, minus the flash of light. I saw the object travel towards me, stop and then shoot up into space at a ninety degree angle a second or two after it stopped.

Dozens of governments have declassified thousands of pages of UFO related documents within the past few years. As a result, we’ve seen high-ranking military and political personnel step forward and share what they believe to be true. Not long ago, Canada’s former Minister of National Defence said that there are “at least 4 known alien species visiting our planet.”

The UFO subject continues to gain some much deserved attention as we move through 2014 and beyond.



(1) http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_09_1_carlotto.pdf

(2) http://www.nicap.org/muj_kasher_sts48.htm

(3) http://www.carlotto.us/newfrontiersinscience/Papers/v04n04a/v04n04a.pdf

(4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO0T05kQkbs


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  1. UFO’S , glow with energy , no glow , no UFO .

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  12. trenton murray

    Oh about 7 years ago I saw star like lights in the sky doing amazing things in formation and I was sober and it was in the north of eastern Western Australia.There is many reports in that area.No flying saucers or funny men though and I was like “wow” and as said in Hamlet “There is more in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your mere philosophies” ok gday to all and have a good one.

  13. Proves nothing – amateur , could be a fly in the lens or dust speck on the sensor .

    • Travis

      Nobody said it proved anything my friend, we only stated what we thought it could be. Learn to read before making small minded statements like that.

      • ozziealf

        PLEASE! More tact less accusation! :-)

    • It really is an interesting event, and widely misrepresented in the UFO subculture, but I’ve been circulating the prosaic explanation for years — but the UFO world ignores it.

      • Well don’t hold back. Please enlighten us with your “prosaic explanation” lest we spend our lives in ignorance.

    • right since an airtight cabin can allow flies to just fly in whenever they wish. remind you the shuttle is going 15,000+mph

      • jim oberg

        Chief, flying insects actually have gotten on board when the crew entered, a mosquito once tormented the sleep of an Apollo crew. But I haven’t heard of any recent repeats, they aren’t needed to explain this.

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  15. Besides looking like sperm moving around could this have been filmed with something other them the Big Foot camera. I have seem who knows how many video’s filmed in space and they are not fuzzy. The Apollo mission cameras were 1000 times better then this. Why is it every UFO,Big Foot ,Lock Ness and who ever else we can dream up always have fuzzy pictures. Show me clear footage or go away.

  16. This looks weird because it’s in outer space, but my own experience in Mission Control [including on STS-48] has led me to interpret these scenes as ordinary non-ETI events, as I explain on my home page:

    99 FAQs to Jim Oberg on ‘Space UFOs’

    specific cases starting with STS-48

    See especially 03/31/1999 – Purdue University (speech): The STS-48 “Zig Zag UFO” — A Prosaic Explanation (large 12mb file – smaller version coming soon)

    • While no doubt some objects are non-ETI, even as a lay person, I’m certain they exist. I’ve met a ‘Grey’ (in fact I bit it, because it frightened the crap out of me, LOL welcome to earth), I’ve also seen numerous craft, one of which was so large, either military tech is a 1000 years ahead, or it had to be ET made. Surely you must have seen something in Mission Control!? If not, I suggest stopping staring at screens and looking up at the sky a bit more ;) . I also got a lovely photo off a NASA live feed the other day, of an advanced shuttle shaped craft, huge, with interlocking plates on its undercarriage (for want of the technical term), it just drifted into the sunlight before they cut the feed. You must have had more screens and less censored ones to look at?

      • Did YOU get it off the NASA feed, or was it a CGI-modified video posted anonymously on youtube? Tell the truth now. And thanks for your advice on how to see UFOs.

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  20. Why dont they have some good cameras onboard??

    • Tyler

      It was 1991

    • robert

      exactly these billion dollar space ships, only have a really old low quality cameras… is this old footage , naw they just took the money and built a space ship outa donations to good will

  21. R. Blackburn

    Could it be a ricochet??

  22. Brian

    What do you mean this is not a UFO. Can you identify the object?? is it ice? is it an alien? If you dont know then its a UFO. This is pure evidence of a fly object that is not identified

  23. Travis

    Ice particles do not change direction like that…..you ought to look a little closer. Watch the whole video….ya missed it.

    • Humanze

      @ 34 seconds you can see a flash from a orbital positioning control thruster then the change in angle and velocity of objects, seems to me nothing here but i wish there was.

      • Travis

        Maybe I just don’t see what your talking about, guess the only way we could agree is if you made a video pointing out what your talking about.

      • Mr X

        agreed on the flash. it looks like debris and the directional change was from the thruster. people kill their credibility trying to jump on aliens every chance they get.
        Also: ANCIENT ALIENS!!!!!

        • Travis

          I still don’t see this flash from a thruster you guys are talking about. And your opinion does NOT mean that it’s not Aliens. It’s just your opinion, nobody has definitively said what this is. I see an object moving across the planet slowly. Then it suddenly changes direction at incredible speed to get away from the object that shoots out of the planet like a bullet. I’m sorry, but we don’t have anything (that the government is willing to tell us) like that. Not that fast son. That is a space craft leaving our planet at incredible speeds. The other object that changed course most certainly was not a shuttle thruster. We don’t have anything fast enough to accelerate at that speed that quickly, nor do we have craft that can make a turn like that at that angle so abruptly. The only craft that can do that is disc shaped. The only engines I know of that may be that fast are the electromagnetic hydrogen engines. Which to my understanding wasn’t even in development until a decade ago. This footage was taken in 1991. The facts basically tell you based on knowledge of the people that this was no ship of ours. So your thruster theory is basically BS. But that’s just my opinion, your entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine.

          • Travis, buy a new monitor. There’s clearly a flash at 34sec.

          • Travis

            Thank you for telling me at what seconds the flash hits. I did see the flash. But it doesn’t explain away everthing. If in fact that thruster flash blast is what affected the first object. What about the other one that seems to be leaving the planet? The direction it’s moving does not fit with the blast direction of the first object.

        • Mr. X is precisely correct, the firing of the exact thruster — “L5D” — is recorded on telemetry as precisely that time. The glare is the actual plume, since there’s no air or fog to ‘light up’ by a hidden flash. We’d see this all the time in Houston, in Mission Control. The stars don’t jostle since it was a gentle vernier thruster not powerful enough to cause motion that would show up over this short interval.

  24. This footage has been around for a long time. I do not discount the fact that there are UFO’s, but, this is not good evidence, We could be looking at ice particles illuminated by the shuttles lights and we could be seeing a thruster fired which could affect the trajectory of the ice particles. There is better evidenceout there than this.

    • those must be some strooong lights. Did you see the object change course and rapidly shoot off in a different direction at 30 seconds in? Evidence is evidence, do what you will with it but keep an openmind. Maybe instead of saying there is more evidence out there you should post a link?

      • See my links that you requested. Check them out and comment, please, about why UFO writers conceal the results from their audience.

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