Help Stop The Faroe Islands Annual Festival of Massive Whale and Dolphin Slaughter

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6The Faroe Islands are a group of islands just North of Europe, and are home to a tradition that sees whales and dolphins driven ashore by boats, in order to be tortured and slaughtered. Ironically the Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark, where whaling is banned. Unfortunately the Islands have laws that are independent of Denmark’s, which allow this type of thing to continue.

On August 8th, 2013 107 Long-finned Pilot whales were slaughtered in Sandvagur, on Vagar Island. On August 11th 21 were butchered in Leynar and on August 13, 135 lost their lives in Husavik. The “whale drive” tradition has a recorded history since 1584, and there are 23 whaling bays assigned to six districts in which the meat and blubber are divided.  The whales and dolphins are driven into a bay with boats and jet skis. 430 Atlantic White-sides dolphins were also murdered on August 13th.

Sea Shepherd has run campaigns to stop the slaughter since 1985, and during 2011 Operation Ferocious Isles was successful, not a single whale was killed while Sea Shepherd was on patrol. The more we bring awareness to this, the better chance it has to completely stop. Not to mention the consciousness of the planet is shifting, and not as many people desire to participate in these things as they did before.

Organizers and participants of the whale hunting event might still have to face litigation. Denmark, as mentioned earlier has banned this type of behavior, and the Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark. Although the Faroe Islands have some independence, they are still in violation of three conventions it has signed where it vowed to do everything within its capacity to protect whales. As a result, Sea Shepherd France is bringing the matter to the European Commission in order to compel Denmark to enforce these obligations and act to uphold them.

Take action, you can help to stop this tradition on the Faroe Islands. To do so, click here, it’s really easy and simple.

Apart from taking action you can also contact the Danish Foreign Ministry directly with your complains. Every little bit helps. The more the world opposes this, the quicker it stops. Whales and dolphins are extremely loving, altruistic and intelligent.

I do not want to go into detail of how this is done and the pictures we’ve presented are hard to look at. It’s extremely heart breaking, and can take you to a dark place. These dark places can springboard you into your light, and help us realize that there is always something we can do. It doesn’t do us any good to sit around and watch things we cannot bare. We have so much to learn from these animals and we are not meant to murder them like this. Co-existing in harmony and balance with others on this planet is vital if we want to move forward.



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  1. This ‘Article’ is twisted and false – on a large number of points. Facts are lacking, context even more so, points of language are abused – and in several areas, it is down right wrong.

    In this modern age, manipulation – by only presenting a limted amount of information – which amounts to lying, is rife.
    Faroese people have more care and compassion for nature and species that they exist than ANY ecological group or movement – so imposing false values on another culture is imperialism
    ps dont look back at your own cultures to see what butchery is going on in your own backyard – it is often FAR worse

    Please do NOT believe what is written here (as there is a large hidden agenda which raises a serious amount of money in a series of manipulations) – and hear more balance from those who understand the true nature of things – and not this childish misrepresentation.

    • What do you find false about this article in the time that it was written?

  2. Cris

    This is unacceptable

    • N-Jon

      There is no such thing as the “Faroe Islands Annual Festival of Massive Whale and Dolphin Slaughter” and never has been.
      But be my guest, keep on spreading lies about our people. Maby your leather shoes are made from platic cows and the meat in the supermarked from selfdead fantasy pigs.
      Have you ever tried to find out how expensive it would be to live in the Faroese if we had to eat english produced lamb, danish pig and american beaf?
      Tell me: How do you kill chicken, cows, fish and tuna fish in your country? Do you just convince them to just roll on their back and be dead???
      Life is different this far from the rest of Europe.

      • Im vegan so i dont eat animals at all!!! Maybe you should try it?? Those pictures sure look like a slaughter to me!!

        • Please explain to me Elaine why you are not focusing your attention on American, European, Russian, Asian, slaughter houses across the world. Where hundreds of millions of cows, sheep, pigs (to name a few) are suffering far worse??

          If numbers are important or significant to you – then these create far more suffering than this cultural activity – that husbands the enviroment

          By all means protest against the large fast food industry (where are you outside your nearest McDonalds/BK etc.?) which creates FAR more animal pain. Please show us some pictures of the massive demonstrations against that slaughter as well.
          – also where are the pictures of how these animals are being treated?

          If you (and the whole eco-friendly industry) are not is doing this – then the hyprocrsy lies with you.

  3. Rhys

    These animals are in some ways more advanced than humans. We have no right to be mindlessly killing them, however they have a right to declare war on us. Humans are the worst creature on this planet. Let’s be proud of that shall we…
    How about we make a conscious decision as we are capable of making conscious decisions.
    Humans can easily survive off plant matter, yet we still kill in the name of hunger.
    Killing cows is one thing that makes me unhappy, but killing these far more intelligent creatures is fucking retarded, these people may aswell call themselves primates. Let’s see how they liked being locked in a zoo with the other animals.

    • You are disgusting, you will determine which animal is more or less inteligent to kill?? You remind me of Hitler he would also determine which people were more inteligent to live! disgusting. About the people in the Faroe Islands were to live on grass, so would many sheep die of hunger, it is such that there are 70.000 sheep in the Faroe Islands and all are free range, if there were more, they would be too lean because there is not enough grass for more, we’ve tried. All the local food we live by are free range, birds, sheep, geese, fish and whales. We eat all that God has given us to eat, also all kinds of fish, cod,salmon, pollock, herring, mackerel, whalefish, etc. You live in a Disney fantasy world.

    • Rhys that statement is terrifying
      “These animals are in some ways more advanced than humans.”
      whch ways?? Please define – which ways is this even comparable?
      “‘these’ animals are more advanced” – by implication you are suggesting that human life is not as important??
      Some enviromentalists have stated that they would have no problem with humans being killed above animals – would that be you?

      You follow this up with something that is also insulting “Human beings are the worst creatures on the planet” !!
      – with no parameters, no criteria – thinking of all the excellence that is in Gods design in our mothers, fathers children, medical people, peace makers, friendship, sacrifice, humanitarian efforts – how dare you state such nonsense.
      Some humans doing terrible things, most do noble things – your statements are indicative of a poor logic and basic rudeness.

  4. I honestly cannot believe I read some of these responses…..
    Why anyone should ‘rationalise’ this outright cruelty, especially in a developed country whose people are hardly starving I do not know.

  5. Karina

    Why dont people focus on more important things really like world hunger or wars

  6. sahara

    either way the fact food can be imported from many many countries now has helped plenty of people, this is a mass slaughter you heard the animals in, using their trust and then kill them in the masses, there is no need for this when food can be imported quite easily, you are not in the stoneage, and tradition or not it is still disgusting. beginning to wonder why mammals and dolphins even bother to save humans and protect them in the ocean when predators are near when people do crap like this.

    • Karina

      Have you ever been to the Faroe Islands

    • “When food can be imported easily.”

      First of all, food in the Faroe Islands is *very* expensive due to the nature of importation, so it’s nice to get a free meal when you can. Second of all, where do you think imported food comes from? These animals live horrible lives at farms, living in close confinement (to put it mildly), stepping in their own and others feces, pumped full of antibiotics to control illnesses. Whales live a free life until they are swiftly killed, by people who have great respect for animals in general. It’s the ultimate in free range meat. If you want to know some actual FACTS about whale killing in the Faroe Islands, try this one:

    • Where do you think imported food comes from?? Jes, from murdered cows, pigs etc. these victims are quite easier to murder and already have a miserable life, i think your thinking is? disgusting. you live in a Disney fantasy world.

    • Sahara – you opinions are befuddled by twisted meanings – which is understandable given who supplies the info

      Mankind harvests nature – and this is a simple exercise in this.
      Do you complain to the farmer when he kills most of his sheep for market?
      Do you complain to the fisherman who takes the majority of the shoal?
      Do you even think about vegatation which is often stripped completely out
      This species is NOT endangered, and is husbanded by old traditions which have proved to be effective and life sustaining on enhancing –
      For ANY creature to survive something has to die – including yourself – just because you (as many others) cannot understand the system we live in – please do not place false ignorant values on what is presented

      ps there is a deeper larger agenda here to twist you -

  7. Karina

    Now kathleen this article isnt even right. They cut the main vain so the kill is quick and painless. How dare you call them uncivilised you have no right of criticise them. Like you and others havent done something wrong in your life.

    • monique

      A good thing you do not live next to me , i would like to do the same to you , then you can tell me it is PAINLESS!!! as if these animals can tell if it hurts or not!!! you are uncivilised !!! get real girl!!

    • anca

      You are out of your mind. I hope no one will do to your child what they are doing to the dolphins.

      • peanut10butter

        oh you know what you make these replies to you it isnt like i have feelings. also there is no difference between this and killing cows or farm animals.

  8. Disgusting and these are NOT civilised humans!!! Its one thing to have and keep some traditions, but when it comes to pure slaughter and morbid murder and the murders enjoy inflicting unbelievable pain and confusion on harmless creatures, is NOT a TRADITION. MURDER as a right of passage to manhood is a barbaric act, that should have died with the past.

    • monique

      Kathleen you are so right ! hear hear !!

      • 라니아


    • “TRADITION that should have died with the past”

      Yes indeed it is a tradition to eat and we will continue to do, what about you?
      We eat all that God has given us to eat, in the air, on land and in the sea.
      It may well be that it is disgusting to eat, but people are forced to eat it is a fact.

    • Kathleen – the world that you inhabit – is a poor one.
      Using the word murder for animals, in the way that you have – is basically not acceptable & actually betrays a deeper hatred.
      Your emotion – whilst felt, is inaccurate and irrational – there are no boundaries on your statements and you (and others like this) would leave many appalling situations as a result – the lack of context and understanding based n very limited knowledge is avery dangerous thing.
      just becuase you dont like something is not really a reason to change the meaning of language –
      cruelty is one thing – but again it is a different discusion that the grind-cull is cruel (which I have witnessed 1st hand and say it is not!)
      The images that are presented are out of proportion and ‘framed’ for maximum negative impact. Without a deeper knowledge of what truly happens.

      & to state again – as many have – and no-one seems to listen – there is NO ‘right of passage issue to manhood’ in this activity – beyond growing up in this society. You are severely mis-informed.

      Faroese people have more understanding and respect for nature, and how best to honour it, than ANY enviromentalist I have met, or heard from.

  9. alex

    This is an obscenity, and has no place in a civilized society. It must stop.

  10. Karina

    I say leave it and let them do what they do. It is tradition and when I actually get the chance to try whale I will enjoy it. The killing is quick and painless and there is a whole bunch of whales out there so they are not endangering any animal. The people who live there have heart they just need food because it is not as easy to grow food there. Even though it is wrong it is still for food. Whale is useful to them.

    • Are you kidding, did you even read the article? These animals are hit repeatedly with large grappling type hooks, causing severe pain and the Dolphins scream in horrific pain. It is a slow and painful death and you are either completely ignorant, or you want people to just react to your stupidity.

      • Karina

        Did you say dolphins?

        • Karina

          No I didn’t read the artical and I know this because I am Faroese

          • Sara

            Then, shame on you. Dont you know if people keep on repeating this deed, these mammals will become extinct? These are sweet creatures that save sailors and other people who get lost at sea… People like you should read more. Its obvious that your not deprived of the internet as you keep on replying to this discussion.

  11. We should send Michael Vick there. He could get his torturing animals fix legally.

    Seriously, this is not a “tradition” it’s an excuse to exercise the worst in human nature.

  12. this is absolutely cruel disgusting and stupid they are breeding the young children to enjoy every moment of this disgusting festival . they certainly don’t eat all of that meat , its not even healthy . these people are just savages and enjoy inflicting pain on the animals. THIS MUST BE STOPED

  13. j,biondo

    they dont do this for fun kill em and leave em,they use the eat them,etc…LIFE FEEDS ON LIFE,ALWAYS HAS ALWAYS WILL! if you eat then something died so you could live,beit animal or plant or both.

    • Rev

      People in the city need to see that as it is!!! This is just part of life… Just think how many cows are killed to feed you or how many plants and killed in front of you when you eat! Back off and get real! I would like to have a meal with people who post negative reviews on this topic.. Come see how much work it takes to keep you spoiled people fed in the city! We work hard ,,,, very hard and what do you think and say? “They kill for fun”! Come walk with us..

    • Rev

      J… Your right on, The people who post negative are people who never had to hunt for food. City

    • Karina

      You are so right

  14. John

    Reminds me of White Death by Clive Clussler SoS = Shepherds of Sea? Still need to finish reading it though great book.

  15. David H Wood

    This is primitive man at his worst with modern equipment….depraved people

  16. martina

    this is madness o.O :/

  17. How is this worse than what we do to cows?

    • What we do to cows is also terrible. How we treat animals on this planet overall drastically needs to change.

      • Karina

        It is all for food I mean animals eat other animals so what is the difference.

  18. Elizabeth Hastings

    Way overtime to stop this useless killing.

    • Maxim

      If by useless, you mean needed for food, then yes. They are on a friggin’ archipelago 200 miles away from mainland of any kind. Fishing/killing animals was the only way to survive! I am against killing for fun, but they are eating all that.

      • Rachel

        Please do your research Maxim. They don’t need these animals to eat or stay warm. There is plenty of credible evidence to support this. Their own government advises against the eating of this meat because of the high mercury levels. They are most certainly not “eating all that” and there is tons of documentation on this as well. For such a remote archipelago they have one of the highest living standards in the world. These aren’t starving, freezing people and it’s not their participation in this blood sport that is making that so.

        • “Their own government advises against the eating of this meat because of the high mercury levels” Wrong! The Medical Chief Officer advised that, the govern has’t issued any warning.

          “They are most certainly not “eating all that” and there is tons of documentation on this as well” Can you provide the so called “documentation”?

          “For such a remote archipelago they have one of the highest living standards in the world.” NO KIDDING? Based on what? Some statistics who supply a certain GDP, numbers that don’t reflect the reality? Just as a matter of fact, if the standard of life is so incredibly high, why 25 000 Faroese live abroad (almost half of the current population) in countries like Denmark or UK? Why is the Faroe Islands dealing in present with a huge work migration to Norway?

          And don’t even start me about the prices and cost of living!

          Rachel, I probably ask too much, but reading only what some people declare about Faroe Isands doesn’t make you an expert. Open your mind a little, try to understand and only then come and make statements. Argumented this time.

          • Harald

            the inhabitants of the island are therefore not in a position to survive without exploitation of nature ! a relocation of residents to the mainland would be the best for all involved. change the island into a natural reserve! those who do not want to go, get the opportunity to live as in the years 1548 . remove all standarts from modern age and we’ll see how many really live up to their tradition …and the inhabitants of the ocean could get there peace back ! depopulation of the faroe for a higher purpose!a step in the right direction, it is as simple as it sounds,…

    • Karina

      That is right

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