Domino’s, McDonald’s, & Wendy’s Are All Feeding You A Chemical Used In Silly Putty

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Polydimethylsiloxane, sounds tasty doesn’t it? Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s think it is at least. The chemical has been stirring up some discussion recently due to its appearance in fast-food menu items. It belongs to a group of polymeric compounds commonly referred to as silicones, and applications of the chemical range from contact lenses and medical devices to shampoo and conditioners (making the hair shiny and slippery), caulking, heat resistant tiles, polishes, cosmetics, silly putty, and the list goes on.

Caulking (1)


The FDA approved chemical is classified as “non-toxic,” even though it is non-biodegradable and its commercial use in breast implants has decreased due to “safety concerns.” Under section 176.200, polydimethylsiloxane is listed as a defoaming agent which is an acceptable additive to food:

Sec. 176.200 Defoaming agents used in coatings.


The defoaming agents described in this section may be safely used as components of articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food, subject to the provisions of this section.(a) The defoaming agents are prepared as mixtures of substances described in paragraph (d) of this section.(b) The quantity of any substance employed in the formulation of defoaming agents does not exceed the amount reasonably required to accomplish the intended physical or technical effect in the defoaming agents or any limitation further provided.(c) Any substance employed in the production of defoaming agents and which is the subject of a regulation in parts 174, 175, 176, 177, 178 and 179.45 of this chapter conforms with any specification in such regulation.

(d) Substances employed in the formulation of defoaming agents include:

(1) Substances generally recognized as safe in food.

(2) Substances subject to prior sanction or approval for

Surprisingly, the FDA also approved formaldehyde as a preservative for anti-foaming agents. Formaldehyde is recognized as a carcinogen by the CDC.

images (12)20101201-wendysfries mcnugget

Domino’s Pizza lists the ingredient in their breadsticks, cheese bread, as well as in their “garlic butter oil,” commonly used on most of their pizzas.  McDonald’s lists polydimethylsiloxane as an additive in their cooking oils, meaning that their infamous McNuggets and french fries are saturated in the chemical.  Wendy’s Also uses the ingredient in their cooking oils. The FDA states that anti-foaming agents are “generally recognized as safe in food. ”The term “generally” is an elusive one at best. The question begs, why is the FDA approving food additives such as polydimethylsiloxane and formaldehyde when the substances frequently find industrial uses?




Material Data Safety sheets state that polydimethylsiloxane (or dimethicone for short) degrades to formaldehyde under higher temperatures, a concern due to the chemical’s use in fast-food cooking oils. Another MSDS revealed  dangers associated with fires/explosions and polydimethylsiloxane, which can generate formaldehyde as a by-product of oxidative thermal decomposition at temperatures greater than 150 degrees C.

In 2006, The Milkweed released a report in their monthly magazine which singled out Leprino Foods, the main manufacturer and supplier of cheese for Pizza Hut, as using polydimethylsiloxane as an anti-foaming agent for their cheese. Leprino sent a letter in response stating that they received the patent for using the chemical but that  “many practices are often claimed in patents, but are not utilized commercially.”


The use of polydimethylsiloxane provides yet another example of a “trusted” governing body letting the public down by the unethical regulation of our food. As time goes on I trust we will see more of the corruption behind the FDA being exposed. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and avoid the aforementioned fast food choices. It is clear there is a war being enacted on our health, and ultimately the only person who can save you is you.

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  1. Vegetarian

    Dimeticone is sold as a OTC (over the counter) medicine in europe. Its for stomach gasses. In the packaging it says the compound doesnt break down in the body and leaves the body unchanged. So i guess if you eat it through food it may have the same effect as in pill- form.

    I personally think that, if dimeticone is safe, really isnt relevant when debating fast food. I just wanted to inform you all about this chemical.

    im against all the big fastfood-chains and really every big food company.. They all want to make profit. Your health is low on their priority list.

    I believe the three biggest problems in the products are sugar, fat and salt. Not that they are bad in themselves. But they become addictive in how fast foodchains blend them together in their products. They obviously know how to perfectly balance these three ingridients to evoke the biggest neurological chemical release.

  2. Brittany

    The use of this compound in these “butter” type liquids, is to keep them LIQUID. Naturally occurring fats such as butter and oil can be solids at room temperature. To ensure the “Speedy Service” everyone desires the fast food industry has to create products that are quick. Melting a pot of garlic butter is not ideal.

    Polydimethylsiloxane is a NON-TOXIC, BIOCOMPATIBILE polymer. It’s currently being studied for medical implants like screws and rods for broken bones. Unless you know what a compound is, don’t get all flustered. McDonalds would loose billions of dollars for feeding people toxic compounds, trust me they’ve done their research!

    • mark

      lets not forget all the chemicals that are not listed. Glyphosate is present in most any commercial wheat product. it is not listed as it is residue from farming. So how many other chemicals sneak in the food we eat. Not only that what is their interaction with each other? These chemical soups may be harmless to one person yet give another cancer. Biology is different for everyone and we as a society do not understand enough about all these interactions to sit and say the science is settled, GRAS (the G stands for generally, meaning most of the time but not all the time). And to this article do we really need silicone in our cooking oil? Did these restaurants really need oil that did not foam? it is probably because soybean oil foams more than sunflower, canola or the like. So use the cheapest oils (not to mention the hormone bending properties of soy) and just put some caulking in it, that will make it seem perform like more expensive oil. If God meant us to eat this stuff he would have put it in fruits and vegetables. We are creatures of Nature after all and if we don’t follow the rules we see the results (obesity, cancer, diabetes…) Pretty simple.

  3. Stewart Brend

    Does this apply to the UK as well or is it based on US research?

  4. SAJ

    The biggest mistake people make is in thinking the FDA is there to protect you. The FDA’s sole purpose is to ensure that no-one can make medical claims to their product. Period.

  5. royal winston

    I eat whole foods beans, quinoa spinach, brown rice, goat milk, coconut oil, all fruits, whole grains, sweet potatoes organic,alkaline water, less meat or grass fed. my number one rule be4 u purchase a product if u cannot pronounce it don’t eat it.

  6. I think if you were serious about your journalism, you’d spend a little more time on the chemistry/science behind the claims you’re making here. For example, formaldehyde is formed naturally in your body when you ingest tomatoes and certain citrus fruits/juices. Your body, in turn, is quite good at removing the very small amounts created. Using this as a scare tactic on an uninformed public does your blog a disservice.

    This reeks of Food Babe-type “activism”. You know, the blogger who falsely links aluminum-containing deodorants to disease yet sells a deodorant containing aluminum… the blogger who says compounds such as cyclopentasiloxane (sound familiar?) are dangerous–yet sells mascara containing cyclopentasiloxane?

    It’s easy to Google an ingredient followed by some dangerous word and write an article on the results. It’s much harder to UNDERSTAND the search results and present balanced information. That certainly was not done here.

    • Mo

      Mark – I think if you were serious about your health, you’d spend a little more time avoiding any and all chemical additives in your food. People have survived on unadulterated food for millennia. Since the food industry began “enhancing” their food with chemicals, the incidence of cancers and other life threatening ailments has skyrocketed. It would appear that you are the “uninformed public” that you speak of.

      • Joannes

        The fact that you talk about “chemical additives” doesn’t help for your credibility. Everytime you sprinkle homegrown rosemary over your homegrown potatoes you’re adding chemicals to more chemicals. The difference between a substance synthesized in a lab and a substance naturally occurring in nature exists only in your mind. An artificial chemical can be just as healthy for you as a natural chemical and a natural chemical just as toxic as an artificial one.

  7. It seems to me that every time we turn around, there is another fast food restaurant or 2 or 3 in the news with ingredients that are not meant for human consumption. So you have 4 children and you go to one of these places for 10 years. Then little Johnny gets sick and the doctor diagnosis is cancer. You had put your trust in the FDA and all of these fast food establishments not to poison your family. Now what? A child is suffering and his family as well. As I said, “Now what?”

  8. John

    Oh so let’s feed it to people.

  9. as far as I’m concerned, the FDA are just another American company. but why trust an American company to regulate food and drugs for the entire world. kinda sounds funny really. why is this not U.N. run. just leaving it to a American company might open the chance for them to have a monopoly on all food and drugs across the world. :P

  10. Mr truth

    Scare campaign! Dimethicone is very safe and will not turn to formaldehyde in cooking oil! Present the facts!

    • tommydamani

      The safest food is real food. I dare you to argue with my point

    • poo_bear

      And where did you get your degree in organic chemistry Mr truth? Dimethicone could very well produce formaldehyde and a whole host of toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures while cooking.

    • why would anyone in their right mind want to consume ANYTHING called… DIMETHICONE?????? I don’t care who calls it safe or anything else!!it is not grown in a garden!! Sad .. very sad.. you are defending chemicals for your natural body.

      • Someone Somewhere

        There are even bigger words in your tap water.

      • RFLatstone

        Probably for the same reason you ingest dihydrogen monoxide on a regular basis, despite the fact that it kills thousands of people every year.

    • RFLatstone

      If these people only knew how many “natural” foods contained dihydrogen monoxide – another chemical approved by the FDA and farmers spray it on crops!!

  11. Why does everybody gets scared about a chemical name? Did you know that dihydrogen monoxide is also on silly putty (lets see who gets it)? Also, polydimethylsiloxane is an organic compound, don’t people like organic things?

    • Chaunta

      dihydrogen monoxide is water.

  12. and either of the ingredients in salt is deadly in the smallest amounts too, so what is your point??

    • Cody

      don’t waste our time

  13. Wu

    U.S.A Best country for Fat and Cancers :)
    Guess Why…. ?

  14. Judas

    When you eat, you die and if you don’t eat, you’ll also die… so which is which? Just eat and be happy :)

    • i’ll eat ,MacDonalds, but i never did like the others. Wendy’s i tasteless, and i prefer papa johns. dominoes just doesn’t do it for me.

  15. Mev

    What’s with everyone going after McDonald’s!?! Like ALL THE TIME!

    • neil

      Did you not read the article? People go after McDonalds because the food is bad and unhealthy.

  16. Still loving it?

  17. Tom Anderson

    You will also find formaldehyde in decaffeinated coffee, if the coffee does not specifically state “naturally decaffeinated”. It’s how they take the caffeine out. Most restaurants serve decaf coffee that uses the formaldehyde process.

  18. simpson

    I just got off work and am going to go by McD’s on my way home and get a super size order of frys. Why, because they are yummy.

    • Cody

      somebody said the same thing when i shared this. of course they are yummy, open your eyes and do some research

    • that shit will cause you to die young. there are much healthier alternatives to McD’s!

  19. Spinach has nitrogen.

    Bombs have nitrogen.

    Your spinach could explode in your stomach.


    • Cody

      nitrogen is commonly found in nature, it makes up 70% of our air and it’s vital for life on earth. Polydimethylsiloxane isn’t found anywhere in nature, i briefly googled it.. this article is saying that Polydimethylsiloxane is only used industrially, so our bodies won’t know what to do with it and it will throw off some system, or cause cancer

      • Arteezy

        This is not how cancer works

      • Polydimethylsiloxane is compund made of Silica and Oxygen (both found in nature). So that makes it NATURAL. Now I would like to see the “sources” of this “article” Possibly food babe, dr oz or natural news. Nobody here seems to know basic chemistry.

        • Ethan Sauer

          Chemical compounds are made by man every day, things you can’t find “naturally”, things like silicon, as certain pre forms of it can be found, man treats it to become silicon; silicon is man made. Much like plastic, and certain metallic alloys. Simply being a compound does not make it natural. and, for the record, It’s silica, oxygen, hydrogen 6, and carbon 2., as C2H6OSi

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