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In 2011, Tad Lumpkin and Harold Uhl teamed up to create and release an animated short film entitled “The Collapse of the American Dream.” The film follows the story of Pile, an average American citizen hoping to achieve the fabled American Dream that so many of us to this day still strive for. Since its release, the film has received mixed reviews and feelings from its viewers. Most seem to agree that the first half has significant educational merit, as the film does effectively explain a great deal of the history and creation of the monetary system we still depend on to this day. The second half, however, drifts a little deeper down the rabbit hole and as a result has received the ‘conspiracy’ label from a great number of viewers and critics.

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Check out the film for yourself to see what does and does not resonate with you. (WARNING: The film contains a bit of minor coarse language and some mature subject matter that may be frightening for children.)

In my opinion, the short effectively combines comedy with information to deliver an educationally entertaining experience from start to finish. Even if only the first half resonated as true to you, it is a simple tool to help us all better understand the widely misunderstood monetary and banking systems. Another really enjoyable element was the number of classic (Back to the Future) and modern (300) film references that were made, making the already impressive animation even more enjoyable.

The one other detail I would like to comment on is the importance of receiving the message shared in this film as an awareness piece and not a trigger of anger or fear. As the great thinker Albert Einstein infamously said:

You can’t solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.

Use this information to help you consider the monetary system in a different light, or even let it be the starting point for further research. The American Dream may seem like the ultimate provider of peace and happiness, but is it really? Is it even attainable in today’s world?

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