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Wacoal Thailand, the Thai division of the intimate apparel company Wacoal, has recently filmed and released three powerful short films collectively entitled “My Beautiful Woman.” Each of these films are based on the true stories of women who went beyond the call of parenthood, love and community without the desire for any form of outward recognition. All three of the stories are emotionally powerful in their own respect and leave both incredible inspiration and several lasting messages for the viewer to take in.

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 The film below truly stood out for me as it is a reminder to not judge or assume the story or life experience of another.

All three of the films are viewable on the website that Wacoal Thailand has created specifically for the campaign, which you can view by clicking HERE. The site is primarily in what I would assume to be Thai (forgive me if I am wrong) and can be difficult to navigate for a primarily english speaking viewer. The videos do however come with english subtitles and have been reposted through the Wacoal Thailand YouTube channel both individually and collectively.

Other two films:

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In addition to being cinematically beautiful all three of these short films in my opinion do a wonderful job at delivering several very powerful messages and reminders.

Feel free to share, via the comment section below, any message(s) that stood out the most for you in any or all of the 3 films.

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